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Starlights new life

Scene earth somewhere around Nevada

Normal pov

A car was driving down a road, the driver was saying to herself "I cant believe him, he just left me after I just got out of med school all the things I did for him and just got up and left me like I never meant anything to him I will never trust another man again." She was driving down the road when fate had a different plan, what looked like asteroid crashing near the road that the driver was going down.
The driver saw what looked like a asteroid but the size of it was big but not as big as a aeroplane but whatever had crashed might need help. The driver nurses instincts kick in like a slapping a hand around the back of a head. And when the driver got closer to the asteroid she found it to be looking more like a pod than a piece of rock.

"What the?" The driver questioned as she got closer to the pod.

She got with in a few feet from the pod and a blue beam come over her than a hologram played and it also caused her to stumble backwards from shock.

"My name is Onyx prime it might be possible that I'm dead when you see this. When you see what is in this pod it is my son, my little Starlight. I would like you to treat him like he is your son, name him if Starlight is not a common name in your world, you can change it but keep in some way his original name in someway, now Starlight has some gifts from his aunt Solus prime with them being in the form of a necklace that I ask he wear as often as he can, a shield, sword and a hammer that I ask he gets at the age of sixteen of your world and he has powers besides his gifts he will have how to learn how to use them for he will need all of them to defeat his barbaric uncle Megatronus. Now as you are probably curious about that blue beam of light that scanned you all it did was make Starlight look like your race and as much like your kind as possible, his true form will come out in the moons light he is a gift of primus treat him like your son thank you and have a good and long life." The hologram said as it vanished leaving just the nurse and pod alone.

"that's a lot to take in but this kid will need taking care of and I always wanted a son that I could call my own." She said to herself.

June's pov.

The next thing I knew the pod open revealing a baby boy and he was crying something happened to me and I redacted by starting to rock him. 'I guess no matter what mother instincts work for everyone human or non-human.' She mused in her thoughts.

"I guess you're my now little Starlight what should your name be hmm." June said as she thought over a bunch of names before one had stood out to her. "Your dad said you were a gift from Primus that sound like the name Jackson and I can start word at a hospital in the near town to get you a birth certificate and your birthday will be the day you came to earth." June had proudly stated before she got in her car with Jackson.

Time skip four years June Darby pov jack is four at this time.

Four years had past since I got jack and I loved every day of it. No powers have showed yet and Jack has wore that necklace every day since I gave it to him. I haven't told him that he is not from this world yet.

"Mommy look at what I could do!" A child like voice exclaimed behind June.

I looked and little jack was lifting a table that was hard for me to lift on my own.

"Jack please put that down." I asked and he did.

"Jack how long have you been able to do that?" I asked with curiosity.

He said for a little bit. "Am I in trouble mommy?" Jack asked.

"No, you just need to practice and I found a place where you can practice but you may have to bike there." I told him.

"Oh man I hate riding that bike." Jack whined as I laughed.

"I know you do my little Starlight." I said after finishing laughing.

"Mommy where did you get that name from?" Jack asked.

"I will tell you when you get older just not right now." I told Jack.

"You promises?" Jack asked.

"I promise." I said.

"Jack, why don't we go for a drive I think it's time to take you to that place I told you about." I said with Jack jumping with excitement.

Time skip thirty minutes not to far away from jasper.

June pov

"Where I'm taking you Jack you cannot tell anyone EVER. Got it and never use your powers out in the open." I said with utmost importance.

"Ok mommy. Where are we going?" Jack asked even though I already told him.

"A place called an oasis as I like to call it." I said.

"You can train here and I'm not even sure your not done yet so you just tell me if anymore unique gifts show up." I told Jack.

Time skip three years had past since Jack's first power came up, Jack is seven at this time.

June pov

Three years had past since Jack got his powers, nine years left to go before I give him his gifts and so far only super strength Is the only power that has shown.

"Mom." Jack called from the living room.

I looked and Jack was on the ceiling. "Jack what are you doing up there?" I asked as I tried to keep myself from laughing.

"I learned a new power, I can fly!" Jack exclaimed with excitement.

"Cool so how did this happen and how you do you get down?" I asked.

"When I was in the oasis, I was thinking about flying and it happened and all I have to think about is being on the ground and it happens." Jack explained.

time skip three years Jack is ten at this time.

Jack pov.

"Mom can I ask you something?" I asked.

"What is it sweety?" Mom said.

"Do you remember when you said where the name Starlight comes from and you were not surprised when my powers started coming in." I hinted towards.

"I remember why?" Mom asked.

"Today at school I got mad since Vince was bulling someone again and out of nowhere my hands started burning from the inside but not hurting me and when I touched Vince it had left a mark on his shirt." I explained.

"oh dear are you and him okey?" Mom asked worriedly.

"Yes he's fine." I said. "so where did the name Starlight come from?" I asked.

normal pov

"What I'm about to tell you is the truth and you may want to sit down for this." June said

Jack did as his mom asked.

"Ten years ago I was driving down a road and an asteroid crashed down near the road, I went to go look at it and it was a pod with you in it." June started.

"What is my name? Who's my mom and my dad? Why did they send me away? Why do I look human?" Jack started to fire off question after question.

"Your name is Starlight that's where your nickname comes from, your dad's name is Onyx prime, now what a prime is I do not know and I do not know what your mom's name is. I don't know why they sent you away when I found you a video played and said something about keeping you safe from your uncle Megatronus. Sweety now why you look human a blue beam of light scanned me and made you look human and that necklace your wearing was one of the gifts from your aunt and her name is Solus and there is three other gifts which your dad had ask me to keep till you are sixteen and that's all I know." June stated.

"Wow so I'm not human so what am I?" Jack asked.

"I do not know sweety all I know is there big metal beings that's all I know at night time let me show you something sweety." June said.

Time skip it is night time.

"Jack come outside with me." June said as she walked outside.

Jack did as he was asked and his appearance changed as he now looked all metal.

"I-im all metal." Jack said as he looked at his hands.

"Yes the first time I've seen you like this was in the moons light and you were so cute too." June stated

"can't I just go back to being your son?" Jack asked as tears fell down his face.

"Jackson Darby you will always be my son family goes more than just blood relatives and I will always be your mom now that you know the truth you have to practices daily for there may come the day that you have to face your uncle." June stated as they looked to the stars.

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