"What is going out there?!" Dende shouted, grabbing hold of a nearby boulder to steady himself. Ever since Majin Boo somehow broke out of the Room of Spirit of Time everything was getting crazier by the minute. Mister Popo threw him off the Lookout while he and the others were devoured, then Gotenks and Piccolo appeared, then what felt like Gohan before disappearing and then Gotenks started fighting Boo again and then stopped... maybe?

They were still doing something really close to one another judging by how their powers kept skyrocketing but from what Dende could tell they weren't fighting, even if their powers gave off the impression they were. Thanks to his keen Namekian hearing, he could ever faintly make out their screams from-off in the distance.

So what could they be doing to literally shake the whole planet apart?

"Water... Beer,..." A ragged voice close by said, making Dende jump back from the boulder. A pant and bark followed the man's voice, belonging to an Earth animal, a dog possibly. What was really incredible was the fact any Earthling was left alive at all!

With all the noise over there, I must've missed them! Keeping his balance in spite of the shaking, Dende peaked behind a nearby wall to where he heard them and spotted someone he never expected.

"M-Mister Satan?!"

The proclaimed champion of the world, looking haggard, slouched over and about ready to faint, turned his gaping head over to Dende. He blinked a couple of times with his dog companion doing the same.

"A green man...? Man, I must really be gettin' thirsty..."

"N-No wait!" Dende ran over to him when it looked like he'd keep marching through the wastes. "I'm not a hallucination, I'm real!"

"Ha! Yeah right! Next thing you'll tell me Bee's a dog! Hahahahahahahah!"

"...But he is a dog..."

"What...?" Mister Satan stared at the dog named Bee panting next to him, the little guy looking just as worn out as his owner. "Hmmm, you might be right..."

The constant rumbling underneath them suddenly spiked up with a powerful shake, sending the worn out Mister Satan crashing to the ground, luckily, Dende managed to catch him halfway down. Bee had a better sense of balance, even managing to growl and bark in the direction where Majin Boo and Gotenks were ratcheting up the fight.

"What-What is going on over there?!" Mister Satan shouted close enough to Dende's ear for him to cringe.

"It's Majin Boo! A friend of mine is fighting him to save the world!"

"Boo?!" Satan shouted even louder this time. "Boo's over there?! I gotta go help him out!"

"What?! Stop!" Dende grabbed hold of his arm. "You can't help him! I know you two became friends but it's too dangerous! He's not the same Boo as before!"

"That's a load of crap! Boo coulda killed me and Bee when he changed but he didn't! He remembers me!"

"What?! Are you certain?" How could he not have seen that? He and Piccolo observed their whole interactions. Then again, Boo almost immediately rushed to the Lookout after changing into whatever he was now. If it was true, it might break whatever stalemate Gotenks had with the monster now,...

"Fine, but if we're going, I need you to stick close to me and not do anything unless I tell you, alright?"

"I'm the world champ! Why should I listen toAAAAAGGGGHHH!" Dende, grabbing Bee too, levitated off the ground and started slowly flying towards the big battle. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Don't drop me!"

Over the past decades, Piccolo saw and partook in many battles, some difficult, others easy. He'd witnessed tyrants and time traveling monsters fall, even returned from death itself after the Saiyan Nappa killed him. He'd experienced fear, courage, anxiety, helplessness,... but of all the battles he'd done, none surpassed the one in front of him in terms of sheer, absolute, idiocy.

Bracing himself as again a stone wall backed up with a full-sized energy barrier, Piccolo stood near the epicenter of the storm of ki being blasted out in every direction by Gotenks and Boo. Like a tornado of blue and pink, their ki swirled around them, creating an impenetrable force of raw power around them, and the table.

Somehow, despite the pressure being put on it, the table he'd made was holding on while the chairs were blown away then incinerated when Gotenks and Boo upped the ante and stood up for better leverage. That was also when their combined power sent him flying across the field, face first into a boulder.

Then there was the screaming,...

"GGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Majin Boo shouted, releasing a cloud of smoke from his mouth.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Gotenks shouted back, his eyes going completely blank as throbbing veins popped out of his face's sides.

Just when I thought this couldn't get more foolish...! Piccolo ground his teeth, trying to block out their insufferable screaming with his hands. Still, he would give credit where it was due, Gotenks' idea would get Boo relatively still, allowing Gohan to find this hypothetical core and get rid of the monster's regenerative abilities without being squashed, punched, crushed and potentially vaporized in the heat of fighting.

He just hoped his old pupil could pull it off already,...

This borderline joke of a fight kept going for a while still until Boo's shape began to change. Most of his body started to shrink, while his right arm seemed to gain most of the new mass. The arm he was using to wrestle Gotenks with.

"W-What the,...?!" Gotenks stammered out before Boo grinned then used his strengthened arm to smash the fused boy's right through the table, along with the rest of him, right into the ground.

"HAHAHAHA! I WIN! SCREW YOU BRAT!" Majin Boo tried to pull a rude gesture with his mitten hand.

"You cheating scumbag!" Gotenks' practically blasted out of the ground and scowled at his opponent. "I wanna do-over! That's not allowed!"

"Nuh uh! All we ever said was to wrestle to see who was the strongest in raw muscle, not my fault you can't bulk yours up like me!"

"... PICCOLO!" Gotenks suddenly shouted at him, his voice going off like an explosion. "You're the judge o' this! Is that fair?!"

"W-What?! I'm not the judge! I never agreed to such a thing!"

"Why else do you think I asked you to stick around? You're supposed to be the judge to make sure nobody breaks the rules!"

"And how is the supposed judge being your friend fair?!" Boo shouted, changing back to his regular body shape and leaning down to glare at Gotenks from up close.

"What?! That's not even- I don't- S-Shut up! You cheated first so I can cheat now too!"

It was absolutely the wrong thing to say, a moment later Gotenks' depowered from Super Saiyan 3 to his regular self and another one later broke into a stunned-looking pair of Goten and Trunks. When another one passed, Piccolo was off the ground and leaping over Majin Boo and shoving his turban over the monsters head.

"RUN! Get out of here now!" He shouted to the boys, locking his arms and feet around Boo's chest, using magic materialization to create more and more of them over his face, sending the monster into a muffled, screaming frenzy.



"DO IT!"

Boo's mouth blast then release of ki blew Piccolo away, breaking through his barrier like it was nothing. He knew it was the only thing that kept him from being vaporized instantly.

Goten and Trunks, for once, decided to listen to him but Boo's stretching hands caught them both by the feet. The two of them screamed as he reeled them back and smashed them into the ground.

"Time to die, runts-" This time, Piccolo tossed his cape over Boo's head, sending him into another screaming frenzy. When the monster spun the upper half of his body around, the Namekian was already sending multiple image copies of himself around the battlefield. They lasted barely a second what with Boo blowing them away with more mouth blasts but it was just long enough.

"TAIYO-KEN!" Piccolo shouted, blinding Boo just-in-time to make his mouth beam fire off in the opposite direction. Then, he put up another barrier and hurled all of himself at Boo to break his hold on the boys. Majin Boo just swatted him aside, and this time, the hit almost knocked Piccolo right out.

"Nice try," Majin Boo grinned, his apparent confusion completely gone. "But that little midget friend of yours up there pulled that trick on my already, not falling for it agai-"

"Double Dodonpa!" A child-like voice Piccolo recognized even half-unconscious shouted, cutting through the back of Boo's head and through his eyes with a pair of yellow blasts. Boo growled in pain, holding his smoking wounds while Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks were levitated off the ground and away from him.

"W-What's going on?!" Trunks asked looking around. "Who's the weird kid?!"

"C-Chiaotzu?!" Piccolo stammered out when Boo growled again, his eyes healed.

"Another runt?! I'll squash you too-"

"SHIN KIKOHO!" Another stronger voice released an even more powerful ki attack at Boo, this time taking the monster by surprise and blowing him a ways off from them. It didn't take much for even the dazed Piccolo to figure out who it was.

"Quick! Suppress your ki! I don't think that'll hold him off long-" Tenshinhan was proven right unfortunately quickly when Boo literally blasted out of the ground, the upper part of his body twisted into a sick copy of a wind-up toy grinning at them.

"No more tricks! Now I'll destroy you and this whole-"

Do you have pigs feet?! A voice familiar to Chiaotzu, Tenshinhan and Piccolo suddenly shouted inside theirs and everyone else' heads.

"Who's that?" Goten asked while Boo just growled.

"What is it NOW?!"

Yes, I do! Wear shoes and maybe nobody'll notice! Heeheeheehee,...

Everyone just around blankly, until Trunks asked. "Was,... was that supposed to be a joke?"

What are you all doing? Piccolo questioned them but nobody answered.

Uhh, what does a comedian read?! COMICS?!

That's not how the joke goes, Goku! And you're just re-using old material anyway

So were you!

I don't work well under pressure, okay?!

"SHUT UP YOU WORTHLESS MAGGOTS! OR I'LL KILL YOU TOO!" Boo shouted, more steam gushing out of his head holes. While Goku, Kaio, and Boo bickered, Piccolo detected someone nearby, a familiar ki signature belonging to Kibito. Then it all made sense, they were distracting Boo with this so Kibito could get them all away! Unfortunately, if Boo's building up ki was any clue, it wasn't working.

Vegeta! Kaio shouted. Stop just standing there and do something!

I will have no part of this idiocy!

He's gonna kill Trunks if you don't!








... Yer really messed up, Vegeta.

Before anyone could comment or more importantly, get away, Boo started snickering, then giggling and finally cackling at the top of his lungs. His mouth getting absurdly bigger and bigger all the while. By the time he was laughing loud enough to be heard for miles and miles, you could fit a whole table into his gaping mouth.


This- This is it! Piccolo thought. Now we can escape-

While laughing, Boo's left hand stretched so fast it made Piccolo's and everyone's heads spin, right through the boulder where Kibito was hiding, grabbing the Kaioshin's assistant by the throat then using him as a human club to smash everyone else down with.

"I can smell Kaioshin anywhere," Boo grinned, returning his arm to regular length. Raising it over his head, Piccolo and everyone else couldn't do anything but helplessly lying on the ground, watching the monsters ki ball grow bigger and bigger.

"D-Damn it,..!" Piccolo growled, trying to get up but his beaten body wouldn't budge. On the corner of his eye, he could see Kibito lying unconscious, their last chance of getting away lost! His mind went back to Gohan, wondering where he was? Was he killed in all the craziness so far? Did Gotenks' wrestling match somehow get him killed? Did Chaiotzu accidentally cut him through with that Dodonpa?!

"C'Cmon,... guys!" Trunks said, failing to get back up too. "We can't let this creep,... win!"

"Y-Yeah!" Goten groundout. "We're not... finished yet...!"

"Fat chance, runts! This is the end! I'm the strongest in the universe now!"

"BBBBBOOOOO!" A voice Piccolo recognized well enough shouted from afar, once again interrupting Majin Boo from finishing them off. But unlike all the other times, Boo didn't react with anger or frustration, if anything, he actually,... flinched? "BBBOOOOO! IT'S MMMEEEEE!"

"S-Satan..." Boo growled, his teeth gnashing against one another as he spun around to face the so-called champion of the world.

"I-I don't believe it..." Tenshinhan said from the back. "That pompous... windbag survived,...?!"

"B-But how? He's just a regular guy!" Chiaotzu asked, and Piccolo knew the answer immediately. He and Dende witnessed the two of them bond.

If anything can give Gohan the time he needs to finish the job,... this may just be it,...

"Boo! What're you doing?!" Satan shouted, panting with a little dog yapping next to him. The dog, despite looking as haggard as its owner, happily barked and wagged its tail and Majin Boo.

"G-Go... away,...!"

"Not a chance! That green guy called Dende told me what you've been doing! Did you forget the promise you made about never killing anyone ever again?!"

D-Dende is alive?! Piccolo almost shouted when Boo scowled, making him and almost everyone else reflexively flinch, but Satan, against all good sense, looked like he didn't care. He either believes in Boo's good heart unconditionally,... or he's doing a terrific job masking his own fear,...

"I'll do what I want!" Boo shouted, stomping his foot like an angry child. "I'm the strongest so I can kill whoever I want!"

"Yeah, then why didn't you kill me, huh?! Or Bee?!"

Boo flinched again, with steam pouring out his head holes.

"Yeah! I know what you did! You killed everyone else on Earth, except me and Bee! That means you're not a total bad guy! So quit acting like one and let Dende bring everyone back, alright?!"

"NNNNOOO!" Boo shouted, his mouth elongating wide enough to swallow Satan whole, and this time, the Earthling and his pup flinched. "I'll destroy the whole world! So get outta my way and let me do it! P-PleaAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHH!"

Without any rhyme or reason, Majin Boo started screaming, painfully, at the top of his lungs. The force of it was so strong it was enough to blow everyone a decent walking distance away from him. Then he stumbled, fell to his knees and started grabbing the side of his head.

"N-No,... I-I ate him! He can't haveAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" He screamed even louder this time, managing to crack the ground underneath him. Painful veins starting popping all over his tensing body, steam once again left the sides of his head, but something came out of it this time around. A small pair of dots the size of glowing flies exiting Boo.

A second later, with a loud popping noise, the two dots changed into a haggard-looking Gohan,... and the original Majin Boo crashing onto the ground.

"Phew..." Gohan sighed. "I made it..."