"What is it NOW?!" Majin Boo shouted, and Gohan had to agree with him. To say his trip inside this old monster was bizarre would be really underselling it. On the long trip through Boo's chest, throat and finally into his head area, Gohan went on what most might call the craziest carnival ride of all time.

He'd been thrown around, punched, kicked, burrowed into Boo's body, squashed, spun around so fast he would've thrown up if he'd eaten anything, and probably got thrown up on himself. It was the only explanation for the weird puke that sent him back down to Boo's stomach when he reached the throat the first time.

Making up for lost time it didn't get any easier. Boo started shouting and powering up, making his inside feel agonizingly hot and suffocating. If it wasn't for the barrier saving him again, Gohan was pretty sure the heat would've vaporized him.

On the plus side, it got him to stop moving around for a while, and it got the puke stink off me...


What is he laughing about out there?! Gohan cringed, covering his ears and flying mercifully away from Boo's throat where the sound was especially grating.

"I can smell Kaioshin anywhere,..."

"Kaioshin...?!" Gohan said, wondering what he could possibly be doing out there?

"Fat chance, runts! This is the end! I'm the strongest in the universe now!"

That struck Gohan like a good punch across the face, got him to speed up his ascent through Boo's head and what might've been passing for his nostrils. By the time he reached what must've been the brain area, the monster said something that shocked Gohan for a whole lot of different reasons.


"What?!" He shouted, gaping back down through the tunnels. The fact Mister Satan survived after everything Boo had done was surprising by itself but the fact Boo sounded actually... afraid of him of all people... It might've just been the craziest thing he'd heard all day!

Still, there would be plenty of time to figure out the hows and whys: he had a core to find and destroy.

Floating across the head of Boo, Gohan couldn't find anything resembling a brain whatsoever, much less some kind of core keeping him together.

"Darn it! Did I just do all this for nothing...?!"

Glancing around frantically, he tried to find something to prove his doubts wrong, but no matter where he looked, the feeling he'd wasted his time only grew bigger and bigger.

"I'll do what I want!" Boo shouted, making Gohan's ears ring. "I'm the strongest so I can kill whoever I want!"

"N-No! No, you won't-" Just as he was about to power up and blast through his head, Gohan saw something tucked away in a corner. Something being suspended in the air by two of those vines sticking out from the ground and ceiling. Flying towards it, Gohan noticed how chunky it was and gasped when he saw the reason why.

"T-The original Majin Boo...!" He gasped out, staring at the face of Boo's old self, the one who'd almost killed him and started this whole mess in the first place. "B-But why is he here? C-Could he be the core-"

"NNNNOOO!" Boo shouted again, louder than he'd ever done it before. "I'll destroy the whole world! So get outta my way and let me do it! P-PleaAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHH!"

Right, no time for hows and whys! Flinging himself towards the cocoon, Gohan grabbed hold of it tightly than with all his strength, pulled and yanked it right from where it was supposed to be. With a loud thud, they both landed on the ground and for a second, Gohan thought he'd made a mistake.

But just a second, because when Boo started shouting like his insides were being torn apart, he knew some damage had been done. He just hoped it was enough.

"Time to leave!" Grabbing hold of the original Boo by a cacoon strand, Gohan flew as fast as he possibly could to get out, but when the tunnel leading back to the throat area sealed itself off, he was forced to fly back up for another route.

"C'mon! Where're those side holes of his?!" Avoiding the randomly expanding then squashing tunnels, Gohan grit his teeth and prepared to risk just blowing his way out when a rush of steam passed over him, giving him a clue to his exit.

He smiled and followed where the steam was going. "Bingo!"

Sure enough, it led outside and he managed to squeeze through it just a second before it closed in on itself. Seeing the sun again along with feeling some fresh air again was enough for him to immediately let himself relax, just for a little bit. By the time he landed on solid ground and was back to full height. Gohan was just about ready to kiss it.

"Phew..." Gohan smiled, wiping some sweat off his forehead. "I made it..."

"G-Gohan!" A whole bunch of familiar voices shouted all at once, the owner of one immediately flew towards him for a big hug. "Y-You're okay!"

"I sure am Goten..." He hugged his little brother back, feeling like he hadn't seen him in a million years instead of just a few minutes.

"You've certainly grown kid..."

"Boy ain't that the truth..."

He looked over to see Tenshinhan and Chaiotzu there too! "Hey, guys!" He waved at them. "It's been a long time-"

"AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!" Majin Boo's shout blew them all a ways back as his body started to change again. It was shrinking but bulking up at the same time, and the tail on his head grew absurdly large, along with his ki...

"We've got to end this, now!" He turned around towards everyone there. "Attack him with everything you've got guys! Now's our chance!"

"RIGHT!" They all shouted, collectively powering up to their absolute highest strength level. Boo was too distracted by whatever the change had done to him to defend himself, and Gohan knew how effective this could be to turn the tables of a fight. He just hoped it all went right for them, finally.

Once Chiaotzu telekinetically moved Boo's cocoon, Mister Satan and Kibito away, everyone flew up and gave Boo their absolute best shots.







The spot where the agonized Majin Boo kept screaming was soon swallowed up by the joint ki blasts, his screams eventually being drowned out by their collective shouts and the massive explosion of energy being pummeled into and going off all around him. Gohan wasn't sure how long this went on for, but it wasn't until his arms went a little limp and his throat got rough that he, and everyone else, finally stopped.

Once the smoke cleared, the place Majin Boo was standing on was nothing but a giant, bottomless looking chasm. Nobody said anything, instead just staring at it, feeling out if they'd done it.

"I-Is it finally over..." Trunks broke the silence, dropping out of Super Saiyan along with Goten.

Nobody said anything again until a voice Gohan wasn't expecting to hear for a while again spoke to him and everyone else there.

You guys did it! King Enma just told me Majin Boo's soul popped inta his office! He's dead fer sure!

Not surprisingly, Goten and Trunks were the first ones to start cheering.

"Aw yeah! I told that creep we'd beat him, right Goten?!" He offered Gohan's little brother a fist bump.

"Sure did pal!"

"And it only took a few lucky breaks, as usual," Piccolo chuckled out, looking pretty beaten up now that Gohan got a chance to look at him which his old master must've noticed. "Don't worry about me kid, I've survived worse than this."

"Don't worry, Kibito'll fix you right up when we wake him up."

You guys were awesome! I knew you could do it!

Yes, it was a truly great display. Gohan's eyes widened when he heard Vegeta too; he was about to ask him what he'd been up to when Tenshinhan got their attention.

"Not to rain on everyone's parade," Tenshinhan grimly spoke up. "But we're not quite done yet."

When they looked over to what he meant, they spotted Mister Satan back on ground level, trying to get Majin Boo out of his cocoon with a little dog helping him out.

"Mister Satan! Get away from him!" Gohan practically screamed out, rushing over to Videl's dad, but when he tried to grab him all he got was a smack across the hand.

"Don't bug me, kid! I gotta help him outta there!"

"Are you nuts old man?!" Trunks shouted, glaring at him. "He tried to destroy the world! We gotta get rid of him!"

Trunks is right, even with diminished strength that creature is far too dangerous to be kept alive!

"As strange as this feels to say," Tenshinhan reluctantly said. "I agree with Vegeta. What's to stop him from going crazy all over again!"

"M-Me!" Mister Satan suddenly hugged the cocoon close with the little dog standing in front of it, growling at them. "Boo's not bad! Not this one anyway! He just got mad when Bee and I got hurt is all! But I'll keep im from changing back into that monster! I promise!"

"Mister Satan is correct, this Majin Boo did go through a change of heart," Piccolo, surprisingly enough, took Satan's side. "Dende and I witnessed all of this occur, its only severe circumstances which made him turn hostile again."

That Boo's not a bad guy, he's just a kid who didn't know no better s'all.

Damn it, Kakarot! Don't make this more difficult than it has to be!

"Well, I guess if you guys saw it, then its fine." Chiaotzu agreed with Gohan's father and Piccolo, getting an annoyed glare from Tenshinhan. "Hey, you, me, Piccolo and Vegeta were bad guys too and we're fine, why can't he be too?"

"S-See! Some of you guys agree with me!" Mister Satan kept pleading with the pup barking to back him up.

Goten, Gohan noticed, was staying surprisingly quiet for once. "What do you think?"

"Hrm, well..." He scratched the back of his head, looking even more like their dad than usual. "If mister Piccolo and dad and you say its fine, I guess I'll give im a chance too."

"Guess that makes me the tiebreaker then..."

"I-I'll let you go on a date with Videl!" Mister Satan blurted out so fast Gohan almost didn't understand him.

"W-What?!" He stared at him, trying to keep his cheeks from going totally red. "I-I don't-"

"Oh c'mon kid! I've seen the way she looks at ya! You telling me you don't like her back?"

This time, Gohan's whole face went red. He was trying very, very hard not to look at everyone else. "I-I-I g-guess we should give him a chance...?"

He felt so embarrassed for saying it he almost wanted Boo to wake back up and blow him to pieces. Tenshinhan was the first to break the silence with a long sigh.

"I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree... Fine, I'll give him a chance too."

Don't blame me when this all goes horribly wrong. Vegeta chided him from the afterlife then growled when a loud slap sound vent off.

Aw! It'll be alright Vegeta! Now, whadda ya say we go at it for a few rounds! Maybe you'll get Super Saiyan 3 too?

Are you mocking me you lying bast-

I'll call New Namek for you guys in a bit, we'll fix up everything Boo wrecked in no time.

With that their link to the afterlife stopped, leaving them standing there in the middle of nowhere. As promised, the Earth and everyone on it was restored about half an hour later. Dende joined them once he realized everything was safe, exchanging greetings with Gohan, Piccolo and everyone else.

On the flight back to the Lookout, they all watched life come back to Earth with cities being fixed and confused looking people being brought back to where they died. Tenshinhan and Chaiotzu said their goodbyes but promising to stay more in-touch from then on.

The Lookout, which Gohan figured must've been wrecked in the fight too, was back to pristine shape, and so was everyone there. While Dende and Piccolo walked up to a restored Mister Popo, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks found themselves first rushed into crushing hugs by their moms and Grampa Ox-King before needing to calm everyone down over Majin Boo being there.

Eventually, a beaten up looking Vegeta joined them with Uranai Baba there, it didn't take long for him to get crushed in a few hugs too. He looked kinda annoyed by it at first then just smirked. That didn't surprise Gohan nearly as much as the thumbs up Vegeta gave him.

They weren't the only family hugging it out either, Mister Satan practically slobbered over a giggling Videl with lots of kisses all over before finally letting her introduce herself to the pup Bee.

While she did this, and everyone else was too distracted by watching Goten and Trunks reenacting the whole fight with Boo, their eyes met and the two couldn't help but blush at each other. Then he managed to pick up enough courage to wink at her.

T-That was cool... I hope...