There are times in life when you should neither give up, give in, nor give out.

This is something that flew through Ash Ketchum's head when Brock Slate snatched an egg Ash had found out of his hands.

Currently, Ash and his friends were in a place called Grandpa Canyon where Ash found an egg after an ordeal involving an ancient Pokemon called Aerodactyl.

"Hey! Give it back!" Ash demanded. "Don't worry I'll take care of it." Brock assured. That's when Misty Waterflower added, "You would have broken it anyway. Besides, the girl in the relationship always takes care of the child." Misty said while blushing, "At least I wouldn't use it as a punching bag if it so much as annoyed me." Ash jabbed. He then snatched it out of Brock's grasp and took off with his partner Pikachu. "Hey wait up Ash!" Brock yelled as he tried to keep up. "Yeah wait for us Ash!" Misty shouted.

After a while of running ash decided to slow down.

"Ah finally, *pant* I got some time to *pant* put the egg back *pant* in the incubator. I was *pant* beginning to think you were right, Pikachu, about wasting*pant* my money on it." Ash said while panting "Pi-chuka Pikapi" Pikachu dismissed. By now Brock and Misty had saw him and Pikachu a few meters away and slowed down to a walk. Brock was the first to speak up, "Hey, don't rush off like that you'll get yourself lost doing that." "Yeah, and you could have dropped the egg while running, you idiot!" Misty shouted. "You're still focused on the egg, Misty?" Misty blushed from embarrassment, "Well, you're really clumsy." "No, I'm reckless there's a difference." "Pika chu pi" Pikachu confirmed. "Anyways, let's drop the subject, I'm hungry from all that running." Misty sweat-dropped. Brock, however, liked the change of tension. "That's a great idea, Ash. I'll make us some dinner. Misty how about you get some firewood. Ash you get some water for the stew." "Fine I'll get the stupid wood." Misty grumbled as she walked away. "Ash, why aren't you leaving to get the water?" Ash had sat down and was tending to the egg when Brock asked. " What, oh yeah water. Squirtle, come on out." Ash said while releasing the Tiny Turtle Pokemon. "Could you please use a gentle Water Gun in the pot for dinner?" "Squir-tle!" He replied in mock salute. He then spat a stream of water into the metal container until it had a decent amount of water in it. "Good job Squirtle, return.", and with that, Squirtle was encased in a red light, sending him back into the pokéball. "Wow, why didn't I think of that before." Brock realized. "Because you don't have any water types." Ash reminded him. "Oh yeah." "Hey guys, I'm back with the wood." "Thanks, Misty. Guys the food will be done in about twenty minutes. "Okay, Brock I'm gonna go train Bulbasaur a little." Then Ash took the incubator holding the egg and the ball containing the aforementioned grass starter and walked off.

After everyone ate with their Pokemon, they recalled them and went to bed.


Right now, the three were in a town nearing a Pokémon Center. "I'm glad to be in a town again." Misty said. "Yeah, it also gives us a chance to replenish on supplies." Brock agreed. "And it gives me a chance to check on the condition of my egg at the Pokémon Center." Ash added. When they eventually arrived, the nurse spoke. "Hi, welcome to the Pokémon Center." "Hi, could you heal my Pokémon. Also could you check on my egg, please. My name is Ash Ketchum." That's when Brock suddenly pushed him aside "How about you check out my heart, for I'm suffering from loving you—AUGH!" And that's when Misty grabs his ear and pulls him away "Or I could check out your skull, for you're suffering from empty-head syndrome" she remarked. "Anyways, could you please help?" Ash asked. "Of course, I'd be glad to." "Thanks." Ash then decided to call Prof. Oak to tell him about his egg. "Hey Professor, how is it going?" "Good, in fact, I have been meaning to talk to you about a new Pokedex upgrade. It can now tell you more about a Pokemon, tell you what any of your Pokemon's moves are, tell you what moves it can learn, it even has a new voice." Oak told them. Misty and Brock had came back a few minutes earlier. "That's really cool." Ash said, amazed. "All you have to do to get it is update your Pokedex in the settings." "Thanks. Also I found a Pokemon egg." "Good for you Ash. Make sure to care for it. Bye now." And with that, the call ended.

"Ash Ketchum, please come to the front desk." Ash walked to Nurse Joy. "Yes?" "Your Pokemon are fine, and the egg is in excellent condition and could hatch at any time." "That's Awesome!" After that, Ash, Brock, and Misty went to a restaurant to eat.

At the table they were having a discussion about Ash'a next gym battle when they started talking about the egg. "Hey Brock, do you know what it's going to be ?" Ash asked. "To tell you the truth, I don't know what it is." Admitted Brock. "So it could even be a Tentacruel?" Misty suggested. She then daydreamed of her shaking a Tentacruel's... well tentacle. "Probably. I hope it's a Golem." Brock thought. "Oh, imagine if it was a lovely Lapras." Misty said dreamily."Guys, eggs don't hatch evolved Pokémon, that's not how biology works. Like, nobody's born an adult. Also, I'd hope it's whatever the egg pattern indicates, because if it isn't then that would be worse." Ash explained.

Close by, we see team Rocket eavesdropping.

"It looks like da twoips are hatching a Pokemon." Comments Meowth. "I think he said a Golurk." Said James. "No, he said a Golem." corrected Jessie. "It don't matter what it is, we should get our hands on dat egg for da boss." Meowth said. "But don't forget that we haven't even captured that one little Pikachu. We have a proud tradition of failure to uphold!" announced James. "Then you fail!" Yelled Jessie while drop kicking him. "And we'll win." Meowth finished. "Now hears da plan." He whispered to Jessie. "Huh? Wha?Let me hear, please? Please? I can break tradition!" James begged.

Back with the heroes. Ash was very aware of the Rocket trio but decided to ignore them.

After Brock paid for the food, he, Ash, Pikachu, and Misty left. Then they started talking. "So Ash, can I see the egg?" Misty asked. "Sure, you can look, but don't touch." He agreed, pulling out the incubator. "Wow, it's real shiny." She said while grabbing for it. Ash caught on to what she was doing so he quickly put it back in his book bag. "So Brock, how far is it to Cinnabar Island?" Ash asked. "It looks to be really far—" Brock was then interrupted by what appeared to be two women both dressed in a dark red dress with a white skirt and blue chest. They also have light blue bonnets that cover their faces. Lastly they were both holding baskets of phony eggs. "Hello everyone." Says the disguised Jessie with a fake voice. "Good day."said the cross dressing James, in a feminine tone. They then proceeded to do a little dance, leaving the three stunned. " I don't believe my eyes." Ash manages to say. The pair of stalkers then started giggling. "We kick up our legs. So you will buy our eggs?" They said together. Misty then picked one up one. "What kind of Pokémon eggs are they?" She asks, confused. Jessie then gets really close to her. "Just wait until they hatch to find out." Then James gets up close. "Will you buy our eggs? Please, please, please?" He asked. "Well, not to be rude, but we already have an egg of our own." Brock told them. Even though they seem odd, he didn't want to offend them. The two creeps then got into their space. "Will you show us? Please show us." Disguised James insisted. "Okay." Brock agreed. He then took the spotted egg out of ash's backpack, much to his protest. "Hey, give me that." He was going to take it out of his hand, when both Jessie and James tossed the fake eggs at them. This caused the egg to get knocked out of Brock's hand, then Meowth catches it immediately. "What the hell?!" Ash shouts. "Hahahaha!" Jessie and James laugh, while throwing off their disguises.

"Prepare for trouble" Jessie started.

"And make it double" James finished.

"To protect th—" was all Jessie could say before she was then cut off by Ash, who was angry. "Give me back my egg now or else!" He threatened. "HEY! Why'd ya have to interrupt us for?" Meowth complained. "No need to pout" James said."We'll just let ourselves out." Jessie finished. They then proceed to run off yelling "Later suckers!". This sent Ash over the edge. "Charizard I choose you!" He said throwing the pokéball. This shocked his gym leader friends "Ash, wait don't!" Misty tried to say . Out came the disobedient dragon who then let out a flamethrower at Ash who easily avoided. "Charizard, I don't have time for your bullshit today. Team Rocket just stole my Pokémon egg, and you are going to get me to them before it hatches." Ash commanded with "Gruaargh" Charizard growled with a smirk full of, surprisingly, respect. He never actually thought he was too good for Ash, he just wanted him to realize that most large and/or powerful Pokémon want a respectable leader. Seriously, Ash saved him from certain death and an abusive trainer. Ash, though surprised, was glad. "Thanks, now let's go get back our soon-to-be teammate." So with that, Ash climbed onto Charizard with Pikachu getting in his bag. Then Charizard started to go after the Rockets, having Ash guide him,flying through the sky. Although, not without a bit of difficulty for a few minutes, what with not being used to carrying a person on his back.

In a cabin somewhere in the forest, Jessie, James, and Meowth are celebrating. "We did it." Meowth cheered. "A complete success. It was because I made such a cute egg seller girl." Jessie told them. "yeah, maybe." Meowth said, unconvinced. "So should we cook it over easy? Or maybe we can scramble it. Oh, I know, we could have fried rice!" James listed off. That had gotten him a frying pan to the face from Meowth "Your not cookin' it, 'cause I'm hatchin' it." he said. "How are you going to do that?" Jessie asked. "By warmin it wit my body." Meowth said. Unfortunately for him, that was when the door, and a large portion of the wall, exploded. "Great job on that solar beam, Bulbasaur." Ash complimented. "Bulba saur." Bulbasaur thanked. "Aaah! How'd you find us? And so fast?" James asked, startled. "You left a trail of eggs, you idiots. Also I had a little help. Come on out Charizard." He said, releasing the fire beast. "Grooaaauugh!" Charizard roared. "We're not givin you nothin. Gooo!" Meowth said defiantly. Go Arbok!" Said Jessie. "Wheezing, go!" Said James, both calling out their Pokémon. "Wheezing!" "Chaaar-bok!" the two cried. "Wheez.." it groaned, using smokescreen. "Pidgeotto, Bulbasaur, come on out!" Ash said. "Pidgeoo!" She screeched upon release. "Bulba, Bulbasaur." The Seed Pokémon said. "Pidgeotto use gust to blow the smoke away. Bulbasaur use vine whip to take the egg." Ash instructed. Pidgeotto then flapped its wings harder, blowing away the smoke. Then Bulbasaur shot its vines out, taking the egg from Meowth. "Hey, gimme back my egg!" He demanded. "Up yours. Pikachu, use thunder wave. "Piiiikaaa!" Shouted Pikachu, paralyzing them. "Charizard, use your new move dragon tail!" On the way there, Ash had tested his upgraded Pokedex on Charizard and found out he had learned dragon tail when he had evolved yesterday. "Gruaaagh" he growled. His tail then lit up with a teal hue, then swung the fire tipped tail at the three. This caused them to crash through the roof and go flying into the sky. "Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off agaaaiiinn!" They yelled. That's when Brock and Misty showed up. "Ash, what happened?" Misty asked. "Yeah." Brock said. "I just explained to them just how much they screwed up." Ash said nonchalantly. Behind them, as if to prove a point, the cabin had suddenly collapsed. "Brock, could you remind me to never upset Ash." Misty asked. "Okay." He agreed. Suddenly, the egg had started to glow. Ash recalled his Pokémon, except for Pikachu. "Guys go hide. You too, Pikachu." Ash told them. "Pi." Pikachu said, getting into his bag. "But-" Misty tried to say. "NOW! Get. Go!" Ash yelled, shooing them away. "Fine ok. Come on Misty." Brock relented taking Misty with him. That's when it kept brighter, until it dimmed down and the top started to crack open. "Let me see" Misty said, coming out from hiding. "NO!" Ash yelled shoving her away. The top of the egg revealed to be a cream-colored top that opened up into spikes. Two small, stubby arms grew from the sides. It also had a pair of two toed feet. Interestingly enough, the rest of the egg didn't come off. It had then opened its two eyes. "Togepriii!" it squeaked happily. Ash took out his Pokedex and scanned it.

Togepi, the Spike Ball Pokemon. It absorbs feelings of happiness and can store it up to share with others. This Pokémon is male.

Type(s) Fairy

[moves known: headbutt, charm, counter]

Ash then remembered something. He took out a picture and showed it to Togepi. On it was a honey blonde haired girl in a pink dress with a red horizontal stripe. She was also wearing a straw hat. Next to her was a boy. It was Ash who was holding her hand while wearing a goofy smile on his face. When Togepi saw her, he thought she was his mother. "Priii" He said hugging it. "That's Serena. She was my best friend." He explained. 'I was also in love with her' he thought with a small blush and a sad smile. "Okay, guys you can stop hiding now." Ash announced. Brock then came out of the bushes and Pikachu came out of Ash's bag. Misty spoke up. "So who's going to keep Togepi?" She asked. "Obviously me." Ash said. "Ash you're too immature to take care of him, besides Brock needs the experience to be a great breeder." Misty argued. "Misty, breeding is making Pokémon, not caring for them." Ash explains. "Well then I should keep him." Misty said."No, he already imprinted on me, he thinks of me as his dad." Ash countered. "I bet he thinks I'm his mom." Misty said, blushing with a smile. "Already taken care of." Ash said showing Misty his picture. Togepi had fallen asleep a minute ago. "And who is she suppose to be?" Misty asked, with a pang of jealousy. It's not like she's special. "That's Serena. I met her at a summer camp when I was six years old. I had found her in the woods with a scraped knee. I then helped her out of the forest. After that, we became best friends." Ash explained. "But a year later, she had to move away. I haven't seen her since." He finished, trying to hold back a tear. "Well, now that my mood has been ruined, we should get going." Ash said. And with that Ash and friends were on their way to get to Ash's next Gym battle at Cinnabar Island.