Okay. So there is probably a number of you think I am making Ash too smart, but I am just giving him a sense of logic. Also If you think that I made ash seem OOC, let me ask you this: would you be willing to let anyone hold it knowing that if it were to hatch, it would instantly be attached to whoever it first looks at, making the chance that you would catch it collapse to 0? No? That's what I thought.

Also If you want to know why Serena isn't in the story yet, don't worry, I know what I'm doing.

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Currently, Ash was battling a trainer and his Ryhorn with Bulbasaur. Brock and Misty were off to the side watching. "Rhyhorn, use take down." He said. "Grrrgh." Rhyhorn then started charging towards the Seed Pokémon. " Bulbasaur, dodge and use leech seed." Ash instructed. "Bulba bulbaaa... saur!" he said sidestepping the rhino. He then shot a brown seed at it. When the seed touched the Rhyhorn, vines rapidly started to grow out the seed and wrapped around the ground/rock type. "Good, now use razor leaf." Ash said. "BulbaSAUR!" He shouted, firing a barrage of sharp leaves. The attack hit causing Rhyhorn pain. "Rhyhorn, use earthquake!" "Rhy!" It cried, stomping its feet on the ground, making the area to shift around wildly. Bulbasaur started to have trouble standing straight. "Now use horn drill." Its horn then started spinning rapidly, the it charged at the wobbling Pokémon. "Bulbasaur, protect. Then start charging." Said Ash. "Bulba" a green, invincible energy dome formed around the plant-dino keeping him safe while he started gathering sunlight. The Rhyhorn had crashed into the barrier, leaving it disoriented. "Now, use solar beam!" Ash commanded. Bulbasaur then prematurely unleashed the gras-typed beam of light point-blank. Since it wasn't charged for long, it didn't create an explosion that would hurt himself. After the dust cleared, it showed that Rhyhorn was unconscious. "Wow you're Bulbasaur is strong." He said. "Thanks." Ash said. The trainer had then walked off.

"Well Bulbasaur, you were great." That was when suddenly, Bulbasaur started to glow. "Woah, he's evolving!" Misty said. But then the glowing stopped leaving a panting Bulbasaur. "Buddy, why did you stop evolving?" Ash asked, confused. "Bulba, bulba bulba saur, saur bulbasaur bulba." He explained. "But that doesn't make sense. The whole point of evolution is to be able to deal with the amount of power in you, otherwise your body will release the excess power. Like an overflowing cup." Ash explained. "Bulba, saur bulbasaur?" He asked using a vine to point at Pikachu. "That's different." Ash said. "Bulbasaur." "I don't know, ask professor Rowen!" Ash said. Bulbasaur was going to say something, when Togepi came up to them "Toge togeprii?" He ask his daddy. "What did you say Togepi?" Ash asked. Togepi then started flexing is arms. "Oh, you want to train. Ok, we'll start off small." Ash said, agreeing. "But first let's check what moves you can learn." He said taking out his Pokedex. "Hmmm, your ability is serene grace, that's nice. Hm hmm, okay so you can learn...Holy grilled Arceus served on a stick, that's a lot of moves!" Ash said, startled. This alerted Brock and Misty to the area. "What's going on Ash? Are you okay?" Misty said, worried for Ash. "Yeah, we were just setting up lunch, when we heard you yell." Brock said. "Oh, well I'm fine. It's just, a Togepi in general is surprisingly versitile. In fact, they are capable of using moves like fire blast, to zap cannon." Ash explained. "Toge!" "Ok, ok. So how about we work on flamethrower. This is because I already have a Pokémon that knows that move." Ash told him. "Charizard, come on out!" Ash said, bringing out the fire starter. "Grruuagh" He said. "Charizard, I need your to teach Togepi flamethrower." Ash told him. "Gruaaa?!" He said, thinking Ash had finally lost it. "That was my reaction. Trust me the Pokedex doesn't lie." Ash told him. "While you two do that, I'll go help the others with setting up lunch." Charizard shrugged his shoulders.

pokéspeech on

"So boy, apparently you are capable of learning a lot of moves." Charizard stayed. "Mmmhmm" Togepi said, nodding his little head. "Well then, just watch what I do." Charizard said. He then took a deep breath, building up fire in his mouth. After he deemed that there was a big enough fireball, he launched it into the air, making sure it stayed in a stream. When he was finished, he looked back at Togepi. "That was a flamethrower.Now you try." After hearing that, Togepi closed his eyes and concentrated. "Mmnnngghhh..." He grunted. After a few seconds, Charizard was beginning to think he was about to do it. And so easily at tha- "Raaarrr" Togepi said cutely, raising his arms like a dinosaur. Nevermind. "How about this: Is there something you don't like?"He questioned. "Mmm. The scary lady. She keeps bothering daddy." He explained. "Are you going to tell her?" Togepi asked, worried. "Trust me kid, humans can't understand pokémon talk. I couldn't tell her even if I wanted to, which I don't." Charizard assured. "So does it make you mad?" He continued. "Mmmhmm. She's not my mommy!" He exclaimed. "Good, now imagine the burning fury it brings if the mean lady tried to be your mommy." Charizard instructed, fueling the metaphorical fire. When Togepi thought about it, he didn't like it. She was mean and wasn't nice. She was also weird. She always hit daddy. she... "Rrrhhh...AAAA!" He yelled, letting out a wave of flames. "Congrats kid, you learned flamethrower." Charizard said, impressed. "I'm hungry." Togepi said, his stomach letting out a small growl.

pokéspeech off

Ash had just gotten back when he saw Togepi execute the attack. "Woah, that was awesome!" Ash exclaimed. "Pikaaa" Pikachu said in awe. "Thanks for teaching Togepi, Charizard."

"Groough." Charizard said, accepting the praise. "Return." Ash said. "Okay Togepi, let's go back to the others." Ash told him. "Toge togeprii" Togepi said.

After having lunch, the three had packed up and left.

Later that day, the squad had reached a Pokémon center.

"Hello, welcome to the Pokémon center. How may I help you?" Stated Nurse Joy. "Hi, I would like you to heal my Pokémon. Also we need rooms for the night." Ash told the nurse. "No problem, here is the key. The room is the second door to your right." She told them. After Ash had given Brock and Misty the key, he then handed over his Pokeballs, and after Pikachu hopped on the cart, he looked at Togepi. "Okay Togepi, this is a Nurse Joy. She is going to take care of you." Ash told him. "Toge?" He asked, worried. "Don't worry. I'm not leaving you. She is just going to heal you with great care. After that, she'll give you back to me." Ash explained. "pika pikachu" Pikachu said to comfort him. "Toge-pi" Togepi said, accepting. So now that Togepi agreed to let Joy heal him, Ash decided to go outside to think.

When the raven-haired boy got outside, he sat on a bench. "Its funny. I always thought that raising something would be easy, but now that I have Togepi, I realized I can relate to how mom must have felt when taking care of me." Ash said. "Being a parent is hard." He summarized.

"You don't even know the tenth of it." someone said. "Hey Brock. What do you mean? Also, when did you get here?" Questioned Ash. "Ash, you have it incredibly easy. Pokémon are smarter than people when born; Babies and toddlers need attention nearly all the time while young Pokemon, to an extent, have basic skills at doing things. Also, I came outside for some fresh air." He explained. "Oh, well, thanks for telling me." Ash said. "Ash Ketchum, please report to the front desk." Nurse Joy said over the intercom. "Well, that's where I go." Ash said.

"Ash, your Pokemon are healthy and ready for battle, and your Togepi was well behaved." Nurse Joy said happily. "Thank you." Ash said,"I'm glad Togepi didn't give you any trouble." he said. After taking the Pokeballs, he went a little ways into the forest to try to get Bulbasaur to not be against evolution.

"come on out Bulbasaur." Ash said, bringing out the Gen-1 grass starter. "Bulba-saur" he said. "Okay, Bulbasaur. I know you think that you want to get stronger without evolving, but that's not an option for you." Ash explained. "Bulba?!" Bulbasuar asked, shocked. that is so unlike Ash. Has he changed? Ash continued. "I'm not trying to sound mean, its just that for Pokemon with basic evolution, evolving means they were at the max physical strength of their last form." explained Ash. "Plus I need everyone in the team to be as strong as they can, and you are right at the threshold to evolving. Also, If you are afraid that you will become a bully, don't worry, I'll just send you back to the professor." Ash said. Bulbasaur shivered at that. "Also, I want you to wield respect from everyone that sees you, and you can't get that if you are small, because you know why?" Ash asked. "bulba." Bulbasaur said, shaking his head. "Because of first impressions. There are a lot of arrogant assholes and even most regular people who think that small usually means weak and big means strong." Ash finished. "Bulba bulb!" Bulbassaur told him. "I know it doesn't. Still, you can only be so strong as a bulbasaur, and know this: it's okay to have ideals, so long as you have truth to remind you of how the world acts. Once you have that, you will have gained some wisdom." Ash said. "Bulba—" that's when it hit him. Ash is right, he can't get any stronger as a bulbasaur, he could feel himself getting weaker. It isn't very noticeable, but he could feel that he wasn't as strong as this morning. "Bulba saur bulba…" He admitted. "Hey don't feel bad, even if you can't be stronger as you are now, you can still become an Ivysaur and become even stronger," Ash tried. "how about this: we get you to learn a few more moves, then you should evolve. By then, it will be time for the indigo league conference," Ash suggested. "bulba saur bulbasaur!" Bulbasaur said in realization. he had totally forgotten about that. "It's okay that you forgot. No harm done," Ash said. After that, he returned Bulbasaur to his pokeball. "Okay guys, its time to go back to the Pokemon Center. So stop playing," Ash told Pikachu and Togepi. while Ash was talking with Bulbasaur, Pikachu was having fun with Togepi, playfully chasing him around, so that Togepi would be entertained. "Pi Pikapi," Pikachu said. "Prii togeprii" whined the baby Pokemon. "Togepi, it's getting late, so you have to go to bed," explained Ash. Then his stomach growled."Hehe, but not before we get something to eat first," Ash corrected.

When Ash got back to the pokemon center, with Pikachu on his shoulder and Togepi in his arms, he had entered through the door when...

"When will he be back? It took forever to track him down," the person asked. "I don't know, but I'm sure he'll be back sense it is getting dark. Plus he did arrive here with company, and they haven''t left." Said nurse Joy. "Oh here he is right now," she realized,"Ash Ketchum, you have someone that wants to meet with you," Nurse Joy yelled to the doorway. "Oh, well who is...it" he trailed off before he locked eyes with the newcomer. Standing with all their glory was "Serena?" Ash let out.