Once upon a time there were the British Clans. Once a cat turned 6 moons old, it was old enough to be put in a clan. All cats with kits would move to the barn with their kits. There were 4 great clans of Mistyness. Only Misty cats were invited.

They each had their great leader: Ravenstar, Fluffstar, Adderstar and Lionstar.

The leaders had 1,188,990,827,361,723,4891,201,983 lives.

But one fateful day, at Blackfur,Lilyheart and Crimsonkit's house...

A very evil cat came, named Moldynose!

Moldynose killed Blackfur first. Lilyheart tried to save Crimsonkit but...

Moldynose killed her too. He sliced Crimsonkit's forehead, which bled a lot. But then, Crimsonkit called upon his Mother in Starclan and she blasted Moldynose and Gave Crimsonkit 3 lives. He now has 2.

Then a elder named Slivercoat Called Furryface to bring Crimsonkit to him.

Then Slivercoat named him Lightningkit because of his scar.

Hope you enjoyed the Prologue of: Lightningkit and Jayfeather's Stick