This is just an idea I had one day and I just had to scribble it down. It's not a deeply philosophical or heart-warmingly sweet piece; it's honestly just self-indulgence. I don't think I'll continue it.

Cover by Dattebay00 on DeviantArt.

Sasuke turned his head from side to side to let his mother examine him, shifting impatiently in the chair and crossing his arms. An impatient frown crept across his face.

"Good," Mikoto decided at last. "Your skin doesn't seem quite so pale now. I should congratulate Itachi on his skill with makeup; you'll never be able to pass as normal, of course, but at least you look like a human."


Mikoto sighed and moved to take his face in her hands. "You've already heard this a lot, but do try to speak up more at school. You won't make any friends if all you do is grunt."

"Why bother?" he replied, scowling and pulling out of her grasp. Every year she would try to convince him, and every year he would refuse. "They're all just going to die."

"And we're not," Mikoto replied patiently, "so it's important to spend all of that time in a meaningful way. And humans may be a little weaker, may live short lives, but where it matters they're just like us. They can make your eternity a little less dull. We love you, Itachi and I, but we're not always going to be around. You might not even see us every century after you turn eighteen."

"As you've reminded me," Sasuke said.

Exasperated, Mikoto reached out and ran her fingers briefly through his spiky hair. "I can't force you to do anything, but think about it, Sasuke-chan."

"Don't call me that," he responded automatically.


He huffed. "Fine. I'll think about it."

Mikoto gave him a sharp look that said she didn't quite take his words at face value, but she relented and stepped back. "Well, get your things. You don't want to miss the bus on your first day of high school."

Sasuke's scowl ratcheted up about three notches. He knew that there were reasons why he couldn't simply run to the school—good reasons, even—but that didn't mean he was happy about them. The thought of being trapped in close quarters with dozens of loud, aromatic humans and unable to kill or taste even a single one of them… Tch. Sasuke did, in fact, want to miss the bus, but he knew better than to give in to the temptation. His mother would find out—she always did—and there would be no escaping her wrath.

Maybe he was being a little melodramatic, but the end result was still the same: it wasn't worth it. He glared at the wall and resigned himself to his fate.

At 7:52 a.m., Mikoto pushed Sasuke out the door and waved him off with a smile—no, a sadistic, evil grin—as he glared down at his shoes.

"Have fun, Sasuke!" she called. "I love you."

Sasuke halted at the bottom of the steps and looked up at his mother from underneath his bangs. He might have smiled. "Love you too," he said quietly and hurried down the walk.

The wind swept through his hair and rustled his shirt, rich with the familiar scent of fallen leaves and human flesh. Leaves fluttered in the breeze. It made for an unnervingly cheerful scene. Sasuke was annoyed less by the cheer itself and more by the sunlight that bounced off the concrete into his eyes (seemingly with the sole purpose of blinding him). And also about the asshole who had just slammed into him.

"Watch it!" he snapped out almost before he collided with the ground. And collide he did, knees scraping painfully and wrists jarring from the impact. And what the fuck? What kind of crazy bastard was this guy who could knock a vampire down flat? Not a human, surely. He turned and—


Wide blue eyes filled his vision, and oh he was close enough to smell him, and oh, he was definitely human. The boy was saying something, mouth moving rapidly, but Sasuke didn't hear him. He inhaled deeply, then again and was about to lean closer when he caught himself. What the hell was he doing? No eating, Sasuke reminded himself. He repeated it a few times in his head for good measure. Then, sanity mostly regained, he looked back up at the boy.

"—really sorry, I swear. I can totally make it up to you—"

Sasuke wasn't listening. Yeah, he thought, no vampire looked like that. Spikes of unruly blond hair, skin tanned to goddamned perfection… And Sasuke couldn't tear his gaze from those eyes, bright and clear like the sky itself was opening up before him.

"—and I know a really good noodle shop by the school so maybe I could buy you ramen or something?"

"Um," said Sasuke. There was a hand in front of his face. Slowly, he took it and did not yelp when he was pulled to his feet with casual ease.

They looked at each other for a moment. Then the blond boy laughed sheepishly and took a step back so he was out of Sasuke's personal bubble. Sasuke was horrified to realize that he wanted him to come back.

"So… is that a yes?"

Sasuke's mouth moved without his permission. "Yeah."

"Cool!" The blond flashed him a thumbs up and a grin, and oh. Immortal or not, Sasuke nearly died right then and there. Of course this idiot's smile had to be the 8th goddamned wonder of the world. "My name's Naruto."

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