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Chapter 1

8 Years Ago

She waited alone in the darkness of the driveway. What was she going to say? What would he say? Was she too late? Her thoughts rolled over and over in her head. She looked up and saw Sian come back out in his Batman costume. She smiled at him and sighed as she walked over to his car.

"Thank you for doing this. I think the hardest part was just being here at the castle. Every memory I have of Jay is here, you know. I just see him everywhere, even at the library." Lonnie took a breath and waited for him to open the car. "I just need to tell him how I feel. Then we'll deal with everything else, right?"

Lonnie turned and looked at Sian. She didn't understand why he was just standing there and not unlocking the door. She frowned at him and took a step closer to him. "Sian? I need to find him. I need to tell him how I feel."

"You just did," Jay said as he pulled the mask off his face. Lonnie felt a weight lift from her shoulders. A smile slowly crept across her face as she muffled a giggle with her hands. She ran into Jay's arms and wrapped herself around him, kissing him with everything she had. Jay smiled as he rested his forehead against Lonnie's.

"I thought you were leaving today?" Lonnie asked, running her fingers over his cheeks.

'"Yeah, I was going to, but I needed to see you one last time. Then, Sian came up and told me that I couldn't leave you like this." Jay whispered as he ran his thumbs over Lonnie's jawline.

Lonnie smiled and saw Sian standing behind them as their friends joined them one by one.

"What about Triton's Bay?" Lonnie whispered softly.

Jay smirked softly as he shrugged his shoulders and wrapped his arms around her waist. "I don't wanna talk about that right now. I wanna know, what it was you wanted to tell me?"

Lonnie sighed and tried to get her nerve up. "Standing here, in front of…" glancing over Jay's shoulder, Lonnie could see that her brother and all of their friends were watching them. "Everyone… I'm telling you that I love you."

Jay relaxed and leaned closer to her. "And I love you."


The black and white car waited outside with its lights flashing, but no siren, as the officers left the front door. It was one of the worst parts of the job, but somebody has to do it. Lonnie just wished it wasn't her door they were at.

"I'm sorry ma'am. If we find out anything else, we'll notify you immediately." Those words repeated in her head. "If you hear from your brother, please have him call us."

Lonnie quietly nodded and thanked the officers as they left and she locked the door. Lonnie slumped down in the chair, her chest heaving as she tried to process what she had just been told. The glass she was holding dropped to the floor, shattering at her bare feet. She looked around the empty room. Photos of everyone that was important to her were lined on the mantle. She was losing each of them, one by one.

They said it wasn't an accident. They found evidence that the car had somehow been tampered with. Lonnie had to wonder who on earth could have done this. They had been the heroes of China. They protected their people. They fought for what was right, and now, they ended up like this. Lonnie stared blankly at the family photo in the middle of the mantle. All five of them with stupid smiles on their faces. It was taken the last time Lonnie saw them, just a few weeks ago. The picture on the end was the one that now caught her attention. She remembered that moment clearly. They rode the motorcycle for hours, just to get away from their hectic lives. Lonnie took the selfie of the two of them the moment they stopped and removed their helmets. Jay was grinning wildly at the camera as Lonnie planted a kiss on his cheek. This photo was tucked behind the others so she didn't have to see it every day. It was taken back when they were happy. Before he broke her heart.

It had been five long years since she last heard Jay's voice. Five long years since he held her and told her he would always be there if she needed him. Lonnie looked at the picture of them on the motorcycle and bit back a sob. She had tried to handle his departure with her head held high. Jay never knew how much it killed her when he told Lonnie he was leaving. He promised to come back for her, but he never did.

Jay had been asked by Ben to return to Auradon and work as a drill sergeant for the army he was building. Bringing more children over from the Isle was a good thing, but it also brought up some concerns for national security. Some of the villains still held grudges and might try to seek revenge through their children. Building a standing army addressed these concerns. This job meant a lot to Jay, and Lonnie refused to be the reason he walked away from it. It was Triton's Bay University all over again, only this time there was no third party trying to save them.

Loving each other had never been an issue. They found jobs and an apartment and struggled through school. Jay struggled more. The stress of juggling schoolwork, a menial job, and social life was a lot, but Jay did it for her. He wanted to give Lonnie the world and so much more, but he was still and Isle kid back then, and his pride took a lot of hard hits at Triton's Bay. Lonnie saw it and tried to reassure Jay that he didn't have to do any of it for her, but Jay's pride stood in his way.

When an offer came up for a well-paying job he was sure to enjoy and excel at, Jay took it without hesitation. He wanted Lonnie to come with him, but Lonnie was doing much better than he was in Triton's Bay. She was studying to become a teacher and was doing very well in school. She had a job which wasn't her passion, but it paid the bills with some money left over. Jay told her he'd go get situated as soon as possible, and then they could be together again. That day never came. Lonnie knew Jay didn't believe he could compete. No amount of reassurance from Lonnie could convince him otherwise. In the end, she lost him to Ben's offer.

The princes that were constantly surrounding the otherwise happy couple paid no mind to Jay and constantly tried for Lonnie's attention. The calls, despite Lonnie telling them to leave her alone, and the flowers and gifts, which they knew Jay couldn't afford and which Lonnie was always returning or donating, were annoying and were a knife in Jay's heart. Those were painful things for Jay to see. Jay always told Lonnie that she deserved the best, but he couldn't give her the best. What Jay didn't understand was that Lonnie never wanted the flowers or gifts. She only ever wanted him.

She had been alone in Triton's Bay for the last five years. The bed they had once shared now constantly felt cold and empty. She didn't date. She kept to herself and rejected all of the men who wanted her. Her heart would always belong to Jay, even if he didn't want it.

Lonnie went into a state of shock when she got the knock on her door late at night and heard about the progression in the case. Her parents were in a car accident on Thursday evening. Her father died upon impact and her mother went missing. This, she already knew and was struggling to accept. What was more upsetting was the thought that the 'accident' wasn't an accident after all. She and the police had tried to reach Sian several times, but were unsuccessful. Lonnie sat there; scared, alone, and with Jay's promises to her repeating in her head; that he would always be there when she needed him.

Her breathing was ragged and out of control. Her life just got turned upside down. What was she going to do now? Lonnie ran her fingers through her long, dark hair and looked around the dark apartment. She was alone. For the first time in her life, she had more than she could handle on her own, but no family to lean on. She could feel her world spinning out of control. She has too much at stake now to lose what little control she does have. Lonnie knew exactly what she had to do.

Lonnie shuffled over to the small table on the other side of the living room and grabbed her phone to call the one person she had been able to count on for support so many years ago. Lonnie had never called him in the five years since he left. She hesitated before she dialled the number. What if he had moved on? Would he even remember her? She struggled to maintain enough composure to speak. She had cried so much in the last hour by herself in the dimly lit room, she didn't know if she could handle another round of tears.

Lonnie took a long, shaky breath and bit back the tears. 'Life sucks,' she thought as she pressed the buttons. She sat back down and waited with tears in her eyes, hoping he would answer the phone. She hoped that even after all this time, he meant what he said all those years ago and would still be there for her. She had no one else to turn to.

Jay nearly jumped out of his skin when the most obnoxious ringtone blared through the dead silence of his bedroom. He fumbled cringed as he turned on his bedside lamp and picked up his phone. He didn't even look at the caller ID, nor did he recognize the ringtone, as he placed the phone to his ear.

"Hello?" His voice was rough and tired. Jay scratched his head and looked at his alarm clock. Who on earth would be calling him at two in the morning? If this is Tyler or Aziz playing another one of their pranks, he would kick their asses.

"Jay…" For a moment there, he couldn't breathe. Jay felt his chest tighten. Even after so many years, Jay could recognize her voice in a heartbeat. "I'm sorry to call… so late, but… you said to call if… if… I need you. I need you, Jay, I, I don't know… what to do." Lonnie managed to choke out between heavy sobs.

Jay was wide awake the moment Lonnie said his name. He threw the covers off and sat on the edge of his bed, holding his breath. After all this time, she has finally called. He thought he would never hear that beautiful voice again.

"Lon? Where are you?" Jay didn't care what time he had been woken up at. It was Lonnie, the girl he had been longing for the past five years. His heart was pounding in his chest. He would always go to her. No matter where she was or what was happening, he would drop everything and everything for her. Everything he had once felt for her came flooding back to him at the sound of her voice.

"I'm at the app... a… apartment. I nev… never moved. Jay, hur… hurry pl… please." Lonnie could barely get the words out, everything hurt so badly.

"I'm on my way. Just hold on, baby. I'm coming." Jay said, jumping out of bed. 'Why on earth did I choose to move three hours away from her?' thought Jay. He continued to talk to Lonnie as he grabbed his old gym bag and started packing. "Lon, are you alone?"

Lonnie sighed and bit her lip as she glanced down the hallway, wondering how on earth she was going to explain everything to Jay. "Yes, well… no. Sort of. It's hard to explain."

Jay froze. He felt like he just got sucker punched in the gut. He slumped against the dresser. He had waited too long and lost her. She had moved on.

"Jay? I need you. You promised that if I ever…" Lonnie was consumed by her sobs.

"I'm coming, baby. Are you hurt?" Jay couldn't keep the panic out of his question. If this lover of hers hurt Lonnie, he would kill 'em. His question was met with silence. "Lonnie, are you hurt?" he repeated with a little more urgency.

"No, I just… It's bad." Lonnie struggled to get any words out.

Jay had no idea what he was getting himself into, but he didn't care. Lonnie never cried. Ever. If she was crying and calling him for help in the middle of the night, it must be terrible. "I'm coming, Lon. Just hold on for me. I'll be there soon." He hung up and began to get dressed.

Jay paused grabbing clothes from the drawer when he saw the small velvet box. He squeezed it in his fist and tossed it into his bag. He held onto it for all this time, hoping she would forgive him. He hadn't heard from her in five years, yet, all the feelings he felt for her so long ago came flooding back as soon as she spoke. He sighed and rubbed his face. He broke her heart and yet, she still called him. Whatever was happening to her had to be unbearably bad.

Jay had been overflowing with excitement when he told Lonnie about the position Ben had offered to him. They could return home. He could finally take care of her. Jay never considered that she didn't want to go. It had never occurred to him that Lonnie was happy there. Triton's Bay had been good for them at first, but Jay had been constantly frustrated.

Not being able to pamper her, nevermind buy her a decent ring, frustrated him to no end. Lonnie would tell him that material stuff didn't matter to her and that she was happy living a simple life. She said this as royal assholes tried to court her. She turned them down; hanging up or ignoring their phone calls, getting rid of their gifts, and burning their letters. Jay knew she deserved better, so he gave her the only two things he could give; his heart, and her freedom. He zipped up his bag and sent a quick text to Tyler: 'Call in the boys. Heading to Triton's Bay now. Meet there ASAP.' He didn't wait for a response. They would all come to help and somehow, Jay would figure out how to win her back.

"Who were you talking to?" The little girl asked softly as she rubbed her eyes. Her big, brown, sleepy eyes looked around the dimly lit room. Her long hair was messed up from sleeping. She was wearing one of Jay's old t-shirts for a nightgown.

"A friend, honey. Go back to sleep." Lonnie whispered reassuringly as she brushed her hand over the little girl's head and gently nudged the child down the hall and back to bed.

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