Another note

I have some challenging news. I had to get a new phone, and because Kellygirl46 deleted her account, I cannot find nor download her stories onto my new phone, which will make writing more difficult.

Fear not! I will do my best to type up as much of the remaining stories as I possibly can. The only challenge is that my old phone keeps on freezing and shutting down every few minutes. I cannot promise that I will repost every single story that Kellygirl46 ever wrote, but I will do my best.

Kelly, if you ever read this: I hope and pray that you are doing well. It would really mean a lot if you could try to contact me and send me the documents of your old stories so that I can continue your legacy. I know that the last time we talked, I did not want you to send me your documents, but I need them know. This would mean a lot to me and our readers