Tokyo, Japan

Upon the team's return to JFA's headquarter, Hajime Moriyasu got a break to meet Saitama, who had some interests to meet with the boss.

Saitama wondered why wasn't Hajime intended to play more aggressive against Qatar, since he watched the whole match anyway.

"You could have won it, really."

"My target, was for the Copa América. It might be hard to understand, but that's my goal."

"I would prefer more from you, man. Do you think, you can explain to those supporters in Brazil with this failed final?"

"I'll have my way to handle it."

Hajime Moriyasu tried to calm the view of Saitama, and Saitama was smart enough to not use his super punch, because it would give unwanted damages, anyway.

"But, do you know what are you intended to do?"

"Saitama, I hope, but it will depend on situation like." Hajime breathed: "Hope the God bless us."

When Hajime planned to walk away, suddenly, Saitama gave the question last:

"So, Mr. Hajime, do you, really, understand what would have costed next?"

"Huh?" Hajime got a bit surprise: "What did you mean?"

"Copa América is in a higher level and I respect your opinion. But what about World Cup? You can't give them a feeling so normal and quiet like this. Are you serious enough?"

Hajime turned his eyes, and he soon responded, coldly, but full of determination.

"I shall. Trust me."

By that point, Saitama saw a determined face from Hajime. He guessed, it would be it …