Dear Readers,

This is my first attempt at fan fiction. So, please be kind! Lately, I have been devouring all fan fiction for Boys Over Flowers' Jan Di and Ji Hoo after watching that series just recently, last November 2018 to be exact, and falling in love with their characters. I have not watched these series or any other kdrama except for Jewel in the Palace in the early 2000. I felt badly at the vague ending, so I comforted myself with the fan fictions and stories that kept them alive.

My attempts at writing was inspired by this community of fellow JanHoo fanatics especially Mandy of JHsgf82 and NerwenT who has been kind and written me for my review of their works and messages.

This particular story has been inspired by my conversation with Mandy over Ji Hoo's hotness. It may be a little OOC for Jan Di, as she had been portrayed oblivious to Ji Hoo's charms. But for a normal 18-year old woman with raging hormones, I find it hard to believe that living with an attractive man, with that look, with that smile and that selfless and kind, that there's no tension between them (or it may just be me who won't be able to resist Ji Hoo). I do appreciate the other writers who portrayed them with passion and desires (cheers to akuryo whose stories are so hot) but I do appreciate all JanHoo stories.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. Let me know your review and suggestions.


The story is from my own imagination, whose fantasy is for an attractive man who likes to read poetry.

I just incorporated that fantasy with the swoon-worthy image of Ji Hoo wearing glssses.

BOF characters Jan Di and Ji Hoo are obviously not mine and were a product of someone else's creativity whose gift I wish to have.