What gave me The Angel's Diary idea.

I jumped. I fell. I flew. And it was amazing. I grinned as I flew higher than any human ever has before, above even the highest of planes and felt the beauty of life as I let myself freefall down, down, down.

Adrenaline coursed through my system, and I ignored the shouted warnings and let myself almost crash before pulling up and swooping just above the abandoned area. I laughed as I flew about, doing loops that I shouldn't know how to do, flying recklessly and succeeding at every stunt I pulled. I flew higher and higher, barely able to breathe, and I let myself almost black out before free falling once again, zooming down and down and down. Let me tell you, humans weren't supposed to fly for a reason. But it was fucking amazing when you could.

It wasn't like being in a plane, no. There wasn't the fear of crashing or falling or exploding, no matter how small the fear was, no. It was like running. Were you afraid of falling when running? Or walking? No, you weren't. Aren't. Because you know you can catch yourself. Having wings and flying was the same thing. Physically taxing, and absolutely brilliant once you get past the burning of the lungs and the physical exertion. You'll never meet a runner who hates running. Even the ones that were lazy assholes who hated running at one point in time. I haven't yet met a person who hated walking, either. Flying was the same analogy.

I blinked in shock when bullets flew by me and I let myself freefall, making it seem like I was shot. Holy hell, don't scare me when I'm thinking of good analogies for flying! I frowned, letting myself drop to the ground with a few good flaps of my wings. My grey wings.

My … unnatural acquisition, I supposed. Yeah, I had wings. No, no one else had wings. I was in the United States, too, so the government would happily rip me apart for the sake of science… Oops, didn't think of that. Was a bit busy feeling awesome. Hmm. Okay, that's a problem. I hide my wings, and am confused when they vanish. Retractable wings? How did they fit in my back? Or… Did they just literally vanish? Oh no! Did I lose my wings? I just got them! I calmed down a bit when they reappeared for a moment before vanishing again. Oh, good, okay, they're just hiding conveniently.

I look around, confused when soldiers surround me. I wondered why they were surrounding me. I mean, I was just a random person in a forest. No wings in sight. So what did they want with me? Their guns pointed at me, a man stalked forward. He wasn't a soldier, no. Soldiers don't wear suits. Or converse. I tilted my head at him, curious. Who the hell was he, and why did those soldiers think he was the leader.

"Hello! I'm the president of the world. You can just call me the Doctor." He stated, and I shrugged. Right, like he existed. President of the world? Doctor? That man was part of a TV show, not reality. The man -who really did look like David Tennant, now that I thought of it- scrunched his nose at me.

"Oh, that's new. No one has ever shrugged at my introduction. Even when I didn't add that I was president of the world…" The man, that I'm refusing to call the Doctor, said amicably. I liked the Doctor, he was cool and amazing and nonexistent, unrealistic. So I refused the facts. I looked closer at the soldiers. They looked… Cliche. Like what you'd expect American soldiers to look like if you weren't from America. They looked like a mix of FBI and riot control. Unrealistic, really. I scrunch my nose while looking around.

"Damn, this is a dream, isn't it? Wings, flying, cliche idiotic American soldiers, and the Doctor. I wonder, I bet I'd be shot if I so much as took a step, because of the trigger-happy American cliche?" I frowned at the Doctor. I walked forward, all the soldiers aiming their guns at me. I stopped, an irritated look crossing my face.

"Tell your dogs to lower their guns, Doctor. I'm not the threat here." I snapped, like the irritated teenager I was. Was I nineteen or eighteen? Dunno, but I certainly wasn't twenty.

"Oh, er, lower… your guns." The Doctor said lamely. He had been blatantly gaping at me for my entire spiel. Don't know why, but he did. My face went back to its relaxed frown, as per usual. I walked towards the Doctor, stopping barely a foot away and observed him.

"You… Are… Yeah, okay, this is a dream. So, what do you want?" I asked, backing away to a more acceptable distance of five meters away. Introverted I may be, but that distance put me away from the soldiers. I was in the center of the circle once more. Yay, firing squad.

"You had wings. You fell out of the sky. You aren't human, what planet do you come from?" The Doctor asked, authority in his voice. I blanked. I wasn't human? Since when? Hm. This is a dream… I had grey wings… Curly hair… What alien had grey wings, curly hair… Oh! Oh, this'll be fun!

"I'm actually part human, I'll have you know! I'd be stone if I weren't, actually." I commented, giving the indicator for the Doctor to pick up on. He looked extremely confused, and I shrugged. He didn't know the alien yet? I'll give him another hint. My grey wings appeared behind me, and I comically lost my balance. I was already leaning back, add a few extra pounds and I fall. I snickered at myself, standing up and brushing myself off. Guns were pointed at me because of the flailing limbs and sudden movement. I flexed my wings.

"What species are you from? What did the humans mate with this time?" The Doctor asked. I screwed my face up, looking around at the humans. Ugh, humans. If I wasn't a human I'd say all of them were bad. As it was, I still thought all humans were bad. I smiled.

"You know them. Come on, Doctor, think. Or blink. See what happens then." I replied, walking forward and reaching out slowly. His eyes looked into mine and I could see his thoughts whooshing past, being seen and disregarded in the same moment.

"Blink? Stone? What…" And then it hit him, and he stumbled back, my fingers almost having brushed against him. Damn, that would've been funny. Except when nothing would have happened, since I wasn't actually part Weeping Angel. I still found it highly amusing, though, as the Doctor panicked.

Guns were focused on me and I looked around, amused. I slowly walked back to the center.

"Keep your eyes on her! She's- don't blink! Don't let her touch you!" The Doctor called, eyes staring intently at me as his panic rose when I smirked at him, waving.

"Sorry, Doctor, if I may ask, what will not blinking do? I can already move, and I am part human." I asked, voice raised and confident even as adrenaline rushed through my veins. I stretched my wings out slowly. I could flap them at the speed of fast, so I was sure I could fly up before they could shoot. And by sure, I meant hoping. Desperately hoping, because the Doctor was panicking and American soldiers usually shot at whatever made their leader scared.

"Oh, oh ew! Humans! They- wow, I didn't think Weeping Angels stooped that low, oh that is disgusting." The Doctor stated, walking forward once more as his face twisted in disgust.

"Oi! Don't diss my parents!" I called, "Plus, if you really think that Weeping Angels would mate with a human you're more stupid than I thought you were."

It didn't register for a few moments before the Doctor frowned at me, "That's rude, I was panicking. I never panic. You made me panic!"

I shrugged, grinning. "Sorry mate, couldn't help myself. It was the only alien race I knew with grey wings. Plus, your reaction was worth almost getting shot at." I laughed, "Yeah, I'm human. With wings. I'm a genetically modified human, I guess." I shrugged once more before my grin faded.

"If you're human, how do you know about Weeping Angels?" The Doctor asked. I shrugged, and tilted my head.

"Dunno, because this is a dream and I know everything in my dreams? Or maybe it's because I came from a place and time where they were in a TV show and weren't real?" I suggested, and the Doctor gaped at me for a moment more. Disbelief showed on his face.

"A dream… Why would this be a dream? What would make you think that this was a dream?" He asked, and I hummed.

"Hmmm, let's see… I "woke up" on the edge of a… thing… I jumped, was falling, suddenly gained wings and started flying. Got shot at, the bullets conveniently missed. Then you appear, and you don't exist. The Doctor doesn't exist. Well, I mean, he isn't real. He's just a character in the show Doctor Who. Which sucks for me, because he's always a sexy, clever, rude Time Lord who really should just get over himself. Or herself. Unsure if I should really count her as "The Doctor" when the end of Peter's Doctor said that he let that title go… Whatever." I ranted, wondering when I'd wake up. It was silent before I perked up.

"Oh! Oh! It's starting soon, too! The season! Ooh, I should wake up soon, so I can- so I can… Ah, this isn't a dream, is it?" I suddenly stop myself, looking around and feeling the breeze. I can feel some things in my dreams, but wind? No chance. I sighed heavily.