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"I am your husband, woman! Come back to the house immediately! You have to obey me!"

Magdalena ran as fast as her legs could carry her. But his angry gasps were coming closer, no matter how much she tried making her legs move even faster. It was hopeless. She had seen only sixteen summers and been indoors most of her life. Her father hadn't wanted to see his daughters running around outside. And so she was running now for the first time in her life, with neither the necessary physical condition to run from this monster, calling himself her husband, nor the knowledge of where to go.

Magdalena clearly felt that he was getting closer and panic flooded her body. But following an inner inspiration, she turned her steps to the grove and prayed to the goddess for a miracle; she knew that in his drunken state he would beat her until she wouldn't wake up again to see the next sunrise.

As she stumbled through the undergrowth, she lost her balance and fell to her knees. Her good skirt was now completely dirty and torn at the hem, but she didn't even notice that in her fear. Quickly, she wanted to straighten up again, but then she saw a spring in front of her and her eyes widened. High above her, the cloud cover broke open and the full moon sent down its silver rays through the leaves gently blowing in the wind. And in the shining silver light she saw a man with a young appearance kneeling on the bank washing his face with the sparkling water; dressed only in dark pants, drawings on his chest and arms and two long fangs shining through his half open lips. Her knowledge told her that she should be afraid of this creature, who straightened up, looking directly at her now. But her intuition flooded her with confidence and she bowed her head respectfully.

Then she heard her husband storming through the last trees and jumped up to step into the spring. Full of confidence, she turned her back on the strange creature and stared at the man she hated with all her heart, who was also stumbling out of the underbrush at that very moment.

"Woman! Get out of that water. Your behavior is absolutely undue and I will not accept it!"

Magdalena saw him jerking open his belt and knew what he was going to do with her. She closed her eyes and knelt down into the cool water of the spring.

"Oh goddess, my heavenly mother, send me strength, because soon I will go to my ancestors. This time he will not stop. I give myself into your hands, my goddess."

A second later, she then felt a breath of air and a gentle voice spoke to her from near her ear.

"The gods never answer, young one. If you want to see something done, then you have to do it for yourself. Mark my words..."

"Hey, who are you? What do you think you are doing? Keep your hands off my wife, strang-!"

Everything happened so fast. But Magdalena watched in fascination as the strange creature with the soft voice suddenly grabbed her husband by the throat and held him in the air without effort.

Magdalena, mesmerized by the play of his muscles in his intriguing body, couldn't keep her eyes away from him as he picked up the belt her husband had dropped. With a disgusted expression on his face, he sniffed at the leather and then growled loudly at the wriggling man in his grip.

"What kind of monster do you have to be if you beat your wife, that her dried blood still sticks to your torture instrument, even though she is no more than a child!"

Her husband tried to fight back, but he had no chance. Whatever this being was, it was much stronger and could only have been sent to her by her goddess. Magdalena sent a prayer of thanks to the heavens and startled slightly when she heard the cracking of his wind pipe, followed by a shrill whimper.

With a grim expression, the creature released her tormentor, who immediately sank to his knees and sullied himself.

"Pathetic human. You are not even worth it, that I take you into me through your blood."

As if time stood still, he leaned slowly down to the constantly whimpering something on the ground and grabbed his head with both hands. Then he looked at Magdalena, and with a satisfied glint in his eyes, he broke her husband's neck.

She knew she should be scared, shaking with fear. But all she felt was deep contentment and happiness to finally have escaped this terrible man. With proud eyes, she looked at the creature, which, with slow strides, came towards her now and crouched down in front of her.

"I thank you," she whispered to him and bowed her head once more. "How can I repay you the mercy you gifted me with taking him from me?"

"Are you not afraid of me?" The stranger wasn't even an arm's length away from her, and if she wanted, she could have reached out and touched those long, pointed teeth. But she didn't know if he would resent her, and so she stayed back.

"No, I'm not scared anymore; you freed me from the monster I was afraid of. I am in your debt. Please tell me how I can repay it. I would do anything."


Suddenly, he gripped her head with his right hand while burying his face in her neck.

"Here is a second lesson for you, young one. Always be careful with your promises. Always..."

Magdalena felt how he run his nose up her throat and then nibble gently on her earlobe. It was a gentle touch, without violence and fear, and she closed her eyes with a barely audible sigh. But in her mind's eye she suddenly saw her long-dead grandmother in front of her and remembered the stories that her grandmother had always told her when she was a small child. Stories of beings of the night that survived by drinking blood from humans. This memory conjured a smile on Magdalena's face and she made a decision.

"I know what you are, stranger. You are a vampyr... And I offer you my blood as a token of my gratitude for my rescue."

As she spoke these words, he let go of her ear and leaned back. He tilted his head slightly to the side and looked at her thoughtfully. For a brief moment he closed his eyes and became very still. Magdalena had once seen a drawing of a Roman statue, and when he knelt in front of her so completely motionless, he looked just as beautiful as this statue. Unable to ignore this magical attraction to him any longer, she touched his cheek and immediately his eyes were fixed on her again. When she wanted to withdraw her hand he grabbed her wrist and held her inexorably but gently.

Then she suddenly felt a strong breeze behind her and heard someone else step into the spring. Curious, Magdalena wanted to turn around, but the vampyr's gaze had captured her whole.

"You should know, fair maiden, that I share everything with my child. He is particularly hungry now because he has not found anyone that night who could satisfy all his needs. I am sure that you are the right one..."

"Maker, I assure you that she is just right," Magdalena heard a deep full voice and felt a hand, which slowly stroked her hair.

"Would you offer my son your blood as well, young maiden?"

"What about you? Will you drink from me, too?"

"Hmm, unfortunately, you are quite small and if both my son and I would feed on you, you would be with your goddess faster than you would like, dear child."

He brought her arm, still held by her wrist, to his face and kissed the back of her hand.

"But do not worry, dear child, as soon as my son is satisfied, I see your debt as settled."

"Will you tell me your names, strangers?"

Again the vampyr looked at her thoughtfully and then shook his head. Then the second knelt before her too and she could look at him for the first time. His appearance was different than that of her savior. Instead of delicate dark curls, the moonlight broke in on him on long blond flowing hair, which was held together with a hair band. His gaze, however, was just as intense and captivated her immediately, too.

"When you wake up tomorrow, you will not be able to remember us, beautiful maiden. But do not worry, until we take away your memories, you will enjoy this night like no night before."

Magdalena saw a cheeky grin on his face, but she felt cold inside.

"I implore you, leave me my memories. Secrets are not foreign to me and I will also guard yours. Nobody will ever know anything about you from me. I'd rather die first. That I swear by my blood."

Her oath seemed to make the two really think about it. But not for long, because a short time later, she was suddenly lifted by the giant and carried the few steps to the shore.

"Remember, my son, I wish for her survival that night," she heard a whisper as she was laid on the ground.

At these words Magdalena should really feel anxiety, but everything in her was a strange anticipation. She knew that she wouldn't be the same after that night and was looking forward to her new life. She watched with her rescuer as his son undressed and then he was suddenly over her and stroked her cheek.

"Tell me, my beauty, have you ever lain with a man?"

She couldn't help her flinch and with a tortured expression, she looked in the direction of her dead husband. Hearing her rescuer say something in a foreign tongue she then looked back to the man who was still stroking her cheek.

"Forget him. After this night you will never get involved with such a stupid and cruel man. If you encounter one again, you will leave him immediately. Or cut his throat... That is up to you, depending on what the best decision in the situation will be."

Magdalena saw a devilish smirk on his face and shuddering at the thought of killing someone she also wanted to drop her eyes, but his magic did something to her. She felt exactly that he was sharing his very own magic with her and accepted it without saying anything. Deeply absorbing his magic, she relaxed completely and nodded gravely.

"I will do that."

"Gooood," whispered the man, kissing her with a fervor she had never experienced before. When he demanded admission with his tongue, she granted it without thinking. At the edge of her consciousness, she heard her rescuer humming a soft tune she didn't know. But soon she was distracted by his son again as he pulled away from her mouth, only to bury his face into the crook of her neck a second later. As he bit her gently with his normal teeth, she felt a surge of hot energy that seemed to flow directly into the center of her femininity. She didn't expect such a strong reaction on her part, and startled she squeezed her legs together.

"Ah ah ah..." Magdalena heard the whispering voice of the blond vampyr at her ear and then her legs were gently but surely opened wide. Under her skirt she felt a cold hand move up the skin of her thigh, approaching her center. At the same time he nibbled more at her neck and the humming in the background lulled her more and more into a constant bliss.

Magdalena was by no means a virgin; her now dead husband had made frequent and extensive use of his right to sleep with his wife. But it had never been pleasant to her in any way. This was the first time she shuddered at a pleasant and intoxicating feeling and so she gave herself completely to the sensation.

When a groaning moan escaped her lips, her skirt was gathered up to her waist and she saw the vampyr lie down on her. His weight was pleasant on her and connected her more strongly with Mother Earth on which she lay.

She knew what was coming and full of anticipation she wanted to close her eyes. But then she felt another hand on her cheek which moved slowly down to her chin – her savior turned her face in his direction and looked at her with night-dark pupils.

"Do not close your eyes, dear child. Let me see it in them when my son takes you."

His words left Magdalena panting with pleasure and then she felt it... At the same time as he entered and widened her, the chains of the spell that her mother had imposed on her a day before her wedding were also blown away.

She lived in a dangerous time and no one was ever allowed to know that both her grandmother and mother as well as herself too could use the magic provided by the great goddess. She had heard about the witchcraft trials that took place all over the country and therefore asked her mother to cast a spell over her that she could no longer use her powers and couldn't by chance be spotted by her husband. But now he was dead and she embraced her newfound freedom. She vowed silently to herself never to have her powers imprisoned again.

It was such a great sensation and so overwhelming that she saw only blinding lights as the vampyr bit right into her neck and began to drink her blood. Magdalena tried to comply with her savior's request not to close her eyes, but she couldn't have sworn that she succeeded with it. She was just a jar full of raw energy, and as the son of her savior steadily increased his energetic rhythm, she could only clench her hands firmly on the ground, hoping not to lose herself in this incredible feeling. Then her inner pressure became too much and everything exploded in a cascade of dazzling brightness and relief.

Only marginally did she notice how her body arched and undulated under this experience and that the two vampyrs spoke again in that foreign tongue. As her breath slowly calmed, she saw again the face of her savior, looking at her with an unfathomable expression.

"You have my gratitude, dear child. Thank you," he said and then suddenly pressed his lips onto hers. They were velvety soft and demanding at the same time. And unfortunately he broke away too fast from her, which for Magdalena tasted like a goodbye kiss.

And she should be right. When she sat up a few moments later, the man who had just shown her how it could be when a man and a woman lay together was fully clothed again and already standing on the other side of the spring next to his father.

As fast as her slightly shaking legs permit it she then stood and looked after these mysterious men. Her magic still flooded her uncontrollably and that gave her an idea. With a firm voice she called after her savior.

"I will never forget your kindness, creature of the night. With the holy spring before me, the full moon above me, and the magic given to me by the goddess, I swear that I will hold you dear as long as my heart may beat within my chest. My magic will always accompany your steps from now on and should you ever get into a situation that threatens your life, you will find yourself protected by my magic. It will enable you to escape and take on a new perspective to face the threat."

When she had begun to weave her spell, he and his son had stopped their walking and turned around again, eyeing her with intense gazes. She curtsied and nodded goodbye to them.

"Whenever you need a sanctuary, both of you are always welcome in my home and that of my descendants. I am Magdalena Clarke, and that I swear by the blood of my family."

When she looked up again, she saw how the vampyr also nodded and then just a blink of an eye later he and his son were gone. She would never see them again, but hopefully her magic would be strong enough to assist him whenever he needed it...