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Chapter 2 – A Seer

Ronald Weasley's POV

Ron sat at the edge of his bed, trying his best to stop his hands from trembling. It had been over two years since that horrible night when he had witnessed his brother's death. Tomorrow he would finally know whether or not if he was just Ron or if he was far more special. He lay down in his bed and couldn't help but remember the last two years of his life. They had definitely been the craziest and he wouldn't even start Hogwarts for another year.

The healer had given him a perfect bill of health the morning after his dream of Fred's death and his parents were visibly relieved. They had kept their eyes on him constantly for the next few days before deciding that his outburst and headache were just a severe case of accidental magic. After all, he had blown his mother's prized kitchen to kingdom come. He decided not to tell his family about his dream or the strange force he felt enter his body when the kitchen had exploded. He didn't need them worrying over something that might just be a case of accidental magic, which is what his parents had told him. The twins and Ginny had walked on eggshells around him during those days, which annoyed him to no end.

The twins were always asking if he was all right and whether or not he wanted to join them in their room. They had never asked before and Ron couldn't bring himself to say yes. He couldn't bear to look at Fred. His brothers had noticed this soon enough and decided to keep their distance too but still watch out for him. It was clear to Fred and George that Ron just wanted to be treated as he normally would be. Not as someone who needed to be constantly cared for. Fred was against keeping their distance from him at first, but George knew how stubborn their little brother could be and thus managed to convince Fred.

Ginny on the other hand had not gotten the memo that Ron just wanted to be treated as he normally would be. She was constantly at his side, even when he was doing his share of the chores around the Burrow. She didn't help of course, but she wouldn't let him out of her sight. This quickly lost its novelty on him when she declared that she wanted to sleep in his room as well. His mother of course granted her wish and Ron found himself sharing his already small bed with his sister who always had a death grip on his one of his hands whilst she slept. It would be cute if he didn't wince in pain every morning after his sister had all but shattered one of his hands the night before.

It took four months for Ginny to move back to her own room, but once she had left, Ron had found himself missing her. They had gotten even closer to one another over those four months after Ron had decided that Ginny was just scared to lose him. That thought alone made Ginny's constant presence around him sweet and even enjoyable. Oddly enough it was their mother that convinced Ginny that Ron wasn't going anywhere and that she had to go back to her own room. Ginny had moped and pouted and whined all day, but in the end, she moved back to her room.

Four months had passed since his dream about Fred, but Ron could still recount every detail of the dream. He found that strange, and disturbing to an extent, as he never remembered his dreams before let alone remember them perfectly even after four months. It had taken him these last four months but now he could be in the same room with Fred without staring at him or ignoring him completely. Things were finally starting to look like they would be going back to normal. His mother and father were back to their usual behaviour of not seeing Ron and doting on Ginny.

The twins had started playing pranks on him again, which is why he currently had a green tongue. Percy and Charlie had also come home last week from Hogwarts, which meant the Burrow was packed again to near bursting. The only Weasley missing was Bill because he had taken a vacation to France with his friends from school. He had said something about Veela the night before he left which had earned him a death glare from their mother. Ron would miss Bill because Bill was probably his favourite brother. Not only was Bill the coolest, kindest and most loving towards everyone, even to Percy who was probably even more of an outcast than Ron was, but Bill also had a way of making Ron feel safe and protected. Bill would always be up to play a game of chess with Ron, and would even kill any spiders Ron saw without teasing him.

Percy was back to his pompous ways by the end of his second week back and had already begun studying for his next year, claiming he had to get great results in order to become a Prefect in his fifth year or his life would be ruined. Ron was just glad that the twins' focus was now moved towards Percy rather than him. He knew how selfish that line of thinking was but he didn't care a single bit about it. The twins were terrifying and they never showed mercy to those they targeted. Better him than me. My tongue is still green. It was during the next family dinner that Ron heard something that both frightened him, and also made him grin ear-to-ear in excitement. Percy was having a discussion with their father about his run in with the Divination Professor at Hogwarts and Ron had been eavesdropping, he was just curious that's all. "I'm telling you father, Professor Trelawney isn't fit to teach. She might even be mad!" Percy huffed, Ron could tell he was agitated and maybe even a little angry.

"Percy, don't be disrespectful!" Arthur scolded. "Trelawney is gifted and Dumbledore trusts her completely. Which means so do I. You should have a little more faith son." Ron didn't know this Professor so he grew excited. Why would perfect Percy ever talk like that about a Professor?

"Father, she claimed that I didn't have the 'gift' because I was too busy putting my head through books for something I would never achieve. All I did was question her about reading tea leaves and if those omens even came true. Then she goes and embarrasses me in front of the whole school by saying I would never be able to achieve my goal of being Minister of Magic. How could she even know that? It isn't like she is a seer." Ron's ears perked up when he heard that. Seers could see the future and make prophecies. Ron had a fleeting thought that he might be a seer after his dream but in the end he decided that he wasn't. He was just Ron and he was fine with that because deep down he knew that he didn't want to be a seer because that would mean Fred would die, and he couldn't stand the thought of that happening.

"Perce, listen to me; it's true that Dumbledore believes in her visions and prophecies even though why he does so I can't say, but you can be anything you want to be. You're hardworking and you have a good head on your shoulders. Those two things alone will take you far. And prophecies aren't set in stone. That's why we lock them away in the Department of Mysteries. If someone knows the future, that means they can change it. Which makes this kind of knowledge dangerous. Listen to me son, I just want you to be happy, and I want you to know that we love you no matter what you do for a living after Hogwarts. But just because she said you won't achieve your goals…" at that his father sighed. "What I'm trying to say is that your future is in your hands." Arthur put his hand on Percy's shoulder and smiled at his third son. The boy was ambitious enough to be in Slytherin but Arthur knew his heart was in the right place because the Sorting Hat had put him in Gryffindor.

"I just… you're right, father." Percy grumbled after a few seconds. "She is still a professor and I need to show her proper respect." For a minute I thought Percy was going to become cool like Bill and Charlie… so much for that. At that moment Ron finished up his dinner and got up to put his plate in the sink. Neither Percy nor Arthur noticed that Ron was listening in and that Arthur's words had sparked an incredible idea in his mind which had then put a massive grin on his face. Change the future. My future is in my hands. Fred's future is in my hands.

Ron ran upstairs to his room whist ignoring his mother telling him off for running in the house. He quickly moved inside and closed his door. Can I do that? Can I save Fred? Bloody hell, I'm not even sure that I am a seer. Maybe it was just a dream and I'm going nutters over it for no reason. But I can't do nothing… Ron spent most of the night jumping back and forth about what he should do and whether or not he should even believe that he could be a seer. In the end though, his need to be more brilliant than his brothers won out and he decided that he would act as though he was a seer until he could prove to himself that he wasn't. With that he began forming a plan. A plan to save his brother. A plan to save Fred. A plan to become a hero and finally be seen as something other than a shadow of his brothers.

He still had his doubts about being a seer the following morning but that didn't stop him from marching into Percy's room right after breakfast and knocking on his door with too much enthusiasm. Percy's door swung open so fast that it made Ron yelp and jump back in surprise. "You two better…" Percy stopped as soon as he began. The twins weren't there. Just Ronnie looking sheepishly at him. "Ronnie?"

"Ugh… Hello, Perce… Can I come in, please?" Ron had no idea why Percy was in a foul mood but he could take a wild guess. The twins…

"Of course." Percy said shaking his head and moving aside. He smiled at Ron to make him feel more welcome. Percy had always felt as though Ron was his only sibling that could possibly understand him. They were both on the outside after all. "Here sit down and tell me what you need." Ron quietly sat down on Percy's bed and smiled back at his brother. Percy moved over and sat next to him. Here goes nothing.

"Perce can I ask you for a favour? It's nothing too big but I don't know who else to ask" Ron spoke clearly but his voice was a little shaky. Something that Percy picked up on and was now wondering what this favour could be. Was Ron in trouble?

"Yes Ron you can ask me, you know that." Percy was clearly trying to be comforting but it wasn't working. He was too stiff. Good, good. Well here we go.

"Do you have a spare journal? I've seen you writing in one and you said that it helped you a lot and it gave you perspective." Percy choked and stifled a laugh. He meant perspective but he didn't know how to say it. Adorable.

"Do you want to write in a journal too? I have a few spare ones that I got as gifts from father."

"YES… I mean yes, can I have one please? I want to study and be more like you… You got really good grades this year and mum and dad loved that. So I wanted… to try."

Percy beamed and was on his feet so fast that Ron didn't even have time to register what was happening. He was now being hugged very hard by Percy who was laughing and saying incoherent things. Percy then stepped back and regained some composure but his smile was still threatening to split his face open.

"Of course Ronnie, here I'll give you two." With that Percy ran to his cupboard and flung it open and started searching frantically for the journals. Why is he so excited? Percy then marched back and put two journals on Ron's lap. "OH, you'll need quills and ink too! I have some spares you can have!" Percy then moved to his desk and started gathering things and he was grinning like a mad man all the while. Didn't think my plan would work… wow. Percy is all right! Percy couldn't find any spare ink so he decided he would just give Ron his own and refill later. His studies could wait because his brother had come to him for help. To him. No one ever came to him for help, especially his younger siblings. "Here Ron, you can have these." Percy put an ink-pot and three quills on top of the journals on Ron's lap.

"Thanks Percy! You're the best." Ron put his things aside and got up to give a hug to his brother. Percy returned it and was smiling even more than before somehow. Brilliant it worked, now I can make notes on my vision and write it all down so I don't forget. Ron picked up his new belongings and left the room without looking back. If he had looked back, he would have seen Percy trying to clear his misty eyes.

Ron put one of the journals in his desk drawer and then closed the drawer and sat down in his uncomfortable chair. It was Bill's old chair and it was too high. Ron's feet were dangling in the air but at least now he could sit down and use his desk. He quickly opened the journal on his desk and jotted down his name on the first page. Then he turned the page once the ink dried and wrote down his dream. Every single detail he could remember, he wrote it down. On the opposite page he wrote down his notes, things like the age they might have been, the physical condition of those around, and so forth. He was in his room till dinner, still writing down everything he could think of. For the first time in his life he had skipped lunch and didn't even notice it, this was too important.

"Ronnie! Dinner is ready." his mother's voice rang out from the kitchen. Ron smiled, feeling proud of himself, and tucked his journal under his bed for safe keeping. He didn't want anyone to know what was in it. There were only two scenarios he could picture if someone read this journal. The first being him locked away in a padded room in St. Mungo's Hospital, and the second being people trying use his gift for themselves. Being locked away sounds more likely… even I don't actually believe I'm a seer.

He washed his hands as best he could but some ink stains wouldn't fully disappear. He shrugged and walked down to the dining table and sat down in his chair. Everyone was already there and they had all begun eating. Ron had starting piling food into his plate when Ginny gasped and grabbed his hands. "Woah Gin, what is it?" Ron was bewildered at his sister's odd behaviour.

"Why are your fingers all blotchy and black? Mum, look!" she exclaimed. Her eyes were wide and she was a little pale, well paler than usual.

"Relax, Gin, it's just ink." Ron said as he pulled his hands out of hers. "No need to go barmy." He went back to filling his plate while Ginny relaxed. Ron looked up to see everyone looking at him with a variety of expressions. The twins had their eyes narrowed in suspicion, his mother stood there gaping while his father was frowning. Ginny was smiling a little, feeling calmer than before he guessed. Charlie just stifled a laugh and went back to eating. Percy just sat there grinning, but his eyes held a proud look. Why is he looking at me like that?

"Ron did you spill the ink in my study again?" His father was still frowning.

They didn't really have a study, it was just the corner of the living room that their father used for work stuff.

"No dad, I was just writing some stuff in my journal." Ron said softly, feeling guilty over his previous accident at the start of the year. At that Arthur relaxed and smiled at his boy.

"Oh, good. What kind of stuff were you writing about? And where did you get a journal?" Arthur now had a playful tone. He was surprised that Ron was writing something seeing as his boy hated the studies his wife had tried to teach all her children. But he was even more curious about where Ron could have gotten a journal and ink to use.

"Not…nothing much really… ugh… just my name." Ron stuttered. Why did I mention the journal…? I'm bloody mental. "Also Perce gave me two of his journals and some quills and ink to use. I thought…" Ron couldn't think of an excuse and his ears were turning red, he could feel it. Oh come on Ron think…

"Ronnie was interested in focusing on his studies, father. He asked me for a journal and I assume he plans to write down any charms and spells he may learn and find useful." Percy spoke with pride laced in his voice, making everyone look at him in disbelief. Everyone but Ron who had a relieved smile on his face. Thank Merlin for Percy. Never thought I'd say that.

"What?!" The twins stood up and stared down at Ron. They were clearly not too pleased about this. What's their problem?

"You're trying to turn him into a pompous twit just like you." Fred accused, pointing his finger at an annoyed Percy.

"And we won't stand for it." George added but his eyes were fixed on Ron, who was now slinking into his chair.

"That's enough." their mother shrieked and the twins immediately sat down. They didn't stop staring at Ron and Percy though. At least Percy sneered back, but Ron was terrified of the twins. I shouldn't have said that. I'm such a moron. I need to learn to think before I speak… "Ronnie dear, I think that's wonderful. I'm so proud of you." his mother cooed. Ron looked up to see her smiling at him and he couldn't help but smile back. She's proud of me.

Dinner then continued as normal. Well not normal at all actually. The twins shot daggers at him while they ate in silence. Charlie had found this all very amusing and had offered to teach Ron some brutal hexes which had earned him a quick playful smack in the back of his head from his mother. Arthur also told him of the importance of studies but then quickly contradicted himself by saying fun was more important. Percy had never looked happier and had offered to give him some pointers and even his old notes from his first year of Hogwarts.

Ron wasn't too keen on that idea, but faked enthusiasm because Percy had really come through for him today. Percy bought that of course because he was too busy feeling proud of his little brother, and probably himself. Ginny just ate her food in silence but Ron could see something was bothering her. She always fidgeted with her hands when she was upset. Now what's wrong? I'll ask her after dinner I guess...

Dinner ended and the twins were the first to leave for upstairs. But not before they turned to Ron and gave him a dark look. I'm buggered. Ginny was next and she was still fidgeting with her hands as she went. Percy ruffled his hair from behind but it felt awkward to Ron because Percy had never done that. He was still beaming of course, and he told Ron that he would get him the notes by tomorrow night after he sorted through them. With that Percy skipped upstairs in a happy mood. Charlie and his father retired to the living room to relax and talk about muggles and magical creatures as they always did. His mother began casting charms with her wand to help clean the plates and pans.

That left Ron on the dining table with his own thoughts. I really need to be more careful. I almost spilled my secret for no reason. It's like I want to be locked away in a loony bin. From now on, I'll think before I speak. Also what am I gonna do with Percy's notes, I don't want to study… When Ron couldn't think of an answer to his problem he decided he would deal with it later. Right now he had to deal with Ginny.

Ron walked upstairs towards Ginny's room and approached the closed door. He went to knock but then stopped himself before his knuckles hit the door. Do I really want to deal with her? I have so many other problems right now. All she is going to do is sulk and complain anyway. He turned around and decided to go back to his room instead. Before he took even one step he heard something that made him turn around and start knocking on her door. She was crying, he could hear it through the door. "Ginny are you ok? Gin, I'm coming in." with that he slowly opened the door and stepped inside. She was sitting on her bed with her knees covering her chest. She had her head tucked in between her chest and knees. When she heard the door close she looked up and her eyes were puffy and there was some snot hanging from her nose.

"What do you want? Leave me alone." she muttered and then sniffled loudly.

"Gin what's wrong? Why are you crying?" He ignored her question and approached her bed quickly before sitting down next to her slowly. She didn't answer but instead wiped her nose with her sleeve. That's a new jumper… "Gin-Gin… please tell me." She was quite for a moment and then she looked at him and he could see hurt and confusion in her eyes.

"You…" she sniffled loudly again, "You always try to do things without me. First it was with… with Luna. You two talked and talked and never included me or asked me anything. Every time…" her voice broke and she stopped and looked down at her knees. "Every time she comes around you act like I'm not there anymore. Now… now you're going off with Percy and you want to study all the time… no one plays with me or includes me…" she started crying again and every now and then her tiny body shook because of her sobs. Damn you Percy…

But he couldn't really blame Perce for this, he knew that. He had involuntarily caused this because he wasn't careful. He had blabbed about his journals like some moron and nearly gotten himself caught. Perce had just relayed to the family what Ron had told him earlier. And now he would have to go through with it because it was his cover for having those journals… I'm such an idiot. Ron sat next to her for a few minutes while she cried. When her sobbing started to slow down, he put his arm around her and pulled her close to him. She resisted a little at first but then put her full weight into his side. Has she always felt like that? Is that why she was being a brat when Luna came over for my birthday? I need to say something to show her it isn't like that. But what should I say…?

"Gin, I'm sorry… I didn't think about you when I decided to… start studying." at that he blanched. I didn't think at all. "Why don't you study with me? We can learn some cool hexes from Charlie and maybe even learn something really smart from Percy. And then we can spend our spare time together playing exploding snap or doing anything you want to do." He softly hugged her closer.

"Do you… do you promise?"

"Yes, Gin I promise."

"We don't…" she sniffled again "have wands. We can't do any spells."

"That's ok, because when we do get wands we'll already know more than everyone else in our classes at Hogwarts. And maybe we can even prank Fred and George." At that Ginny snorted and hugged him back from his side. She was quiet for a minute before she spoke again.

"I love you, Ronnie." she said softly. He couldn't help but smile.

Ginny was his responsibility. But more than that, she was the one person he would always look out for. No matter what. She won't cry because of me again. Never again.

"I love you too, Gin-Gin." She didn't say anything more, instead she simply tightened her hug. Ron was about do the same but he couldn't move his body. His entire body felt as if it had no weight and he became extremely light headed.

He closed his eyes and when he opened them he instantly froze.

He was standing alone, in a black and white corridor. The corridor was grand, lined with moving portraits and suits of armours. Not again… this can't be happening. He heard two people talking loudly at the end of the corridor. He couldn't make out what they were saying but it was clear they were rose his in his chest as he slowly started forward towards the voices. As he got closer to the voices, he could make out a few words. It was a boy and a girl, and the boy was clearly more upset as he yelled while the girl only spoke in between his screaming in a softer tone. He stopped just before turning the corner where the voices were coming from.

"IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT HIM WITH YOU GINNY! HARRY THIS AND HARRY THAT!" the boy was shouting, and Ron heard the girl whimper. Ginny? "I'M SICK OF IT!" The girl sniffled loudly, and hearing that Ron turned the corner quickly and came face to face with the two people. The boy was in black and white but the girl was in colour. She had red hair like his and he remembered her as the girl who had hugged George from his last vision. Gin-Gin? She looked around the same age as before but he determined she was a year or two younger because she was shorter than she was in his last vision. Her eyes were puffy and she was trying to touch the boy's arm soothingly but he jerked himself away from her. Who's this tosser? Ron didn't usually curse but this was his sister that this arse was screaming at.

"Dean please just listen." she whimpered, still trying to put her hand on him only for him to jerk back again. "I was… I'm sorry ok… I won't mention him again I promise." Her voice was shaky and her lower lip was quivering. Dean…? Who the hell is Dean? And who is Harry?

"YES YOU WILL!" Dean bellowed, his face pinching in anger. "HARRY POTTER IS ALL YOU THINK ABOUT! I'VE SEEN YOU IN THE COMMON ROOM, ALWAYS JUST STARING AT HIM AND WATCHING HIM! I'M YOUR BOYFRIEND AND YOU DON'T EVEN LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!" Dean was hysteric and Ginny recoiled away from him, and now started crying in earnest, but Ron just stood there frozen. Did he say Harry Potter? THE Harry Potter? Ginny knows Harry Potter? Then another thing clicked in his brain. Common Room… They are in the same House…

Ron looked hard at his crying sister who was hiding her face. Gryffindor badge… He was shaken out of his thoughts when she rushed towards him still covering her face and openly sobbing. On instinct he opened his arms to embrace and comfort her but she went right through him as if he was a ghost. Of course… He heard her footsteps get farther and farther without turning back to look at her. There was too much information to process and he was too upset at seeing his sister like this to think through it properly. It's all his fault. Ron glared at the boy in black and white.

"Dean…" Ron spat and gritted his teeth. The boy in question was tall and dark of skin. He holding his head in his hands and his eyes were stormy as glared in the direction of where his girlfriend had run off. Then he yelled something incoherent and turned on his heel, marching down the hallway in quicksteps. Ron felt anger burning through his body like fire and he moved to start following the boy but all of a sudden he was lightheaded again. He stopped and shook his head as his vision started to get blurry. He shut his eyes tight and rubbed them.

When he opened his eyes again, he was back in Ginny's room, his sister holding him tightly from his side and humming. Another vision… I'm not mad… Or maybe I am, I don't know… He slowly gazed around the room and everything was in colour again. He felt his sister loosening her hug but he moved quickly and hugged her back with more force than necessary. He wanted to comfort her and he never wanted her to feel like she had in his vision. Ginny gasped at the actions of her brother and decided not to break away.

"Ronnie…? What's wrong?" She was confused and maybe even a little scared. Ron could tell because her voice was shaky and alarmed.

"Nothing Gin, I… I love you that's all…" he sighed. That was just the vision Ron, it hasn't happened yet. Relax. It might never even happen. He broke his hug and looked over to his sister. She was smiling and cleaning her eyes with her sleeve. He smiled at her and then after a moment he stood up without breaking his vision on her. I have to write this down now. Before I forget. "Goodnight Gin, it's getting a little late and I'm really tired." With that he turned around to leave but she seized his left hand from behind.

"No wait… can you sleep here tonight? Please…" Ron turned around to decline but when he saw his sister looking at her little feet, and with her ears a bright shade of red, he found that he couldn't say no.

"Ok Gin, let me go and get changed into my pyjamas." She looked up grinning ear-to-ear. Did she just… trick me?

"Ok I'll get changed to!" With that she ran over to her cupboard and Ron left for his room. He joined her in her bed later and she quickly grabbed his right hand in her signature death grip. OUCH… bloody hell how did I forget about that? He didn't sleep for a few hours at least. Even as he lay there listening to her shallow breaths, Ron found himself reliving his vision in his mind. Thoughts of Harry Potter and this Dean wanker were swirling around his head constantly. What could that particular vision mean? Could he see things that weren't all that important like a fight between two people who were dating? Her boyfriend Dean… that tosser isn't going near my sister… I'll hex him to hell if he does.

His first vision had held so much weight but this vision wasn't as emotionally scarring. He decided in the end that it was still important enough to write down though. For one he had learned that Ginny was going to be in Gryffindor and so was THE Harry Potter. He felt himself getting excited about that. Maybe he could be friends with Harry? They would be in the same year if he could believe his parents' stories about the Boy-Who-Lived. They had told him that they were around the same age. Secondly, he knew that he would find this Dean and keep an eye on him throughout his Hogwarts years. And if he ever spoke to Ginny, Ron wouldn't hesitate to hex him. He recalled his sister's sobbing and her fading footsteps as she had run away. It was the last thing he remembered as he finally drifted into a deep slumber.

Ron woke up the next day and immediately winced, his right was throbbing. Blood hell Gin. Thinking about Ginny made him look around for her and he found that she was gone. Probably at breakfast. He stifled a yawn and hopped out of her bed and made his way back to his room. I need to write down the vision. "Well, well look who it is." a voice spoke from behind him. It was laced with malice and it made Ron shudder. He turned to see Fred looking at him with a blank face. "Ickle Ronnikins. Pompous Percy's pet." Fred sneered at Ron. Ron felt his temper flaring and he could feel his face getting flushed.

"Go away Fred." he sneered back. I don't have time to deal with you. "And stop making fun of Percy." Fred's face also flushed at hearing that and he scoffed loudly.

"Listen here you…" Fred began but then stopped, looking up at someone behind Ron. Ron turned and saw Charlie standing at the end of the corridor. He was scowling at Fred.

"Fred leave him be." Charlie said in a low menacing tone as walked up behind Ron. Fred sneered at Charlie but then sulked off downstairs. Charlie looked at Ron and a small smiled formed on his face. "Ronnie, I'm really proud of you." he said softly as he knelt down to Ron's height. "Defending Perce like that, and deciding to focus on your studies. I think it's great." Ron beamed and hugged his brother. Charlie chuckled and hugged him back. Charlie had meant what he had said. He was proud of Ron. "And I meant what I said last night. I can write down some pretty nasty hexes for you in your journal if you want. I've got a lot of spare time today, if that's fine with you." This is great. I'll give him my other journal.

"Thanks Charlie, I'll go get it now." Ron quickly ran past Charlie and towards his room. He ran in and opened his drawer and took the spare journal out. This can be my journal for hexes and other spells. Maybe I should ask Bill too when he comes back. And Perce, I bet he knows some great stuff if his grades are anything to go by. He turned around and saw Charlie at his door, and his brother had mischievous grin on his face. Like the time Charlie had set the ghoul in their attic free inside the Burrow. Ron chuckled at the memory, his mother had gone absolutely mental. "Here you go Charlie!" Ron handed the journal to his brother. "Please write the best ones you know." he grinned, "And anything else you think is useful." he added quickly.

"It's no worries Ron." Charlie laughed as he took the journal. "I'll give this back to you tonight, yeah? You should probably wash up and get down for lunch." Then Charlie marched off downstairs. Lunch? How long did I sleep last night? That explains why Ginny was gone when I got up.

The rest of the day went past quickly for Ron. He spent the day with Ginny just as he had promised whilst doing his best to avoid the twins who were no doubt coming for him. Both Percy and Charlie came into his room after dinner with a journal filled with hexes and jinxes, and with Percy's old notes from his first year at Hogwarts. Charlie explained that he had even put detailed explanations of the hexes and jinxes, and proper wand movements needed, to help Ron understand when and how to use each. Percy had told him that he would happily walk Ron through his notes anytime Ron needed his help. Ron was shocked to say the least, and filled with joy though he would never admit that. Men don't talk about their feelings.

So Ron thanked them both with quick hugs and bid them goodnight. Once they left his room, Ron quickly got his vision journal out from under his bed and wrote down his latest vision and all the information he could decipher from it. While he was doing that he finally decided that he would take his studies with Perce seriously. He had never liked studying before because it was time consuming and boring to him, but seeing his brothers put so much effort in for his sake made him think about it from a different view point. I can't let their hard work be for nothing. They'd hate me if it was. And it'll help keep my cover for why I have these journals. Part of Ron was upset about his family's finances when he really thought about it. If they had more money, he could have just bought them with his own pocket money without anyone being the wiser. But because they were so poor, his parents kept a keen eye on their family's spending. It didn't matter in the end though because he now had the journals and even a legitimate reason as to why, it's not like he could do something about his family's wealth anyway.

Over the next seven months Ron continued his studies with vigour. He received as much help as he could from Percy before he had to leave for Hogwarts, and the two had bonded quite a lot. Much to Ron's surprise he now felt as though he had finally come to understand Percy a lot more than the rest of his siblings did. Percy's drive to be successful came from his frustrations with the family's financial problems, his need to stand out from Bill and Charlie's shadows, and most importantly because he wanted to be recognized as more than just another Weasley. He wanted the world to know that he was his own man. Ron couldn't help but sympathize with Percy once he learnt these things, because he too felt the same way. They both just wanted to be accepted as their own selves and be respected for it. And so Ron found himself anticipating every lesson with Percy, much to his brother's joy.

This of course led to a few other problems and benefits with the rest of his family. For one, the twins had decided to treat Ron as just another Percy. They were cold and bitter in their interactions with him. Worse was the fact that he had been pranked more times in the next three months than he had in his entire life. One of those pranks left him with a broken wrist which had made their mother spit fire. However, it was Percy who had truly lost his temper and broken George's nose while also kicking Fred between the legs with such force that Ron had gagged at the squeal Fred had made on his way to the ground. They left him alone after that. Charlie, after a month of pushing, had finally convinced Ron to physically train with him and to join him for morning runs and some other workouts like pushups and sit-ups.

"It doesn't matter how good of a wizard you are, Ron, if you can't cast a few spells without losing yer bloody breath, you'll never hold your own in a fight." Charlie had joked. But Ron could see that his brother was right. Charlie after all was the toughest of the Weasley children, of that there was no doubt between any of the siblings. Ginny had joined him for his studies with Percy for a month before she decided it was too boring and not worth her time. She would just play with her Ronnie after he finished his studies. She did however join Ron and Charlie for their runs and exercises up until Charlie left for Hogwarts. That was when their mother had put an end to that because it wasn't ladylike. Whatever that meant, Ron wasn't sure he'd ever know.

When he continued his studies and exercises everyday even after Percy and Charlie's departure, his parents had been overjoyed. Molly would always ask him to show her his muscles, which he did quite proudly (even though there wasn't much there, but he didn't know that), and she would always cook him a hearty breakfast after his runs in the morning. His father had taken him to Diagon Alley at the start of November and bought him a brand new set of quills, three new journals, and ink that was of higher quality than even the one Arthur himself used. He had then taken Ron to Madam Malkin's Robes and had new training garments made for him that were enchanted to grow with his size. His father had never spent so much on him before and Ron had cried from joy and gratitude when they got home. Arthur had held his son tightly and told him that he could not be more proud of Ron's new attitude. If everything else hadn't already cemented his new attitude, then his father's word did.

By the time his ninth birthday came around Ron had all but forgotten about his visions. He hadn't had one since his night in Ginny's room, and he had become far too occupied with his own busy schedule to think too much on this. After all he had to incorporate his studies, his exercises, his time with his mother and father, his time trying to dodge the twins and their pranks, his chores, and the one activity that took up most of his time awake, playing with and watching over Ginny, all in one day, every day. Though it was overwhelming at first, Ron had persisted and as such learned to deal with it all without going mental. It also helped quite a lot when Fred and George finally decided to let up on their crusade against him. Watching him spend so much of his time with Ginny made them realize that their little bro wasn't going to start acting pompous and too good for his family like Percy did. Once they figured that out, they slowly made their peace with their brother and things finally fell back to some semblance of normalcy.

All that sense of normality went out the window on his ninth birthday. He was just about to start cutting his cake, as his family and the Lovegoods (Mr. Lovegood wasn't there again) sang the birthday song, when he started to feel really lightheaded. The knife slipped from his hand and fell to the floor, and he shook his head hard to get rid of the fog that was starting to cover his mind. He blinked rapidly as he heard words of concern from everyone that was around him, but the words felt as though they were being spoken from far away. And then he was in a room which was all black and white.

Bloody hell! Another vision? He was confused momentarily but quickly regained his focus, something which he had got a lot more of due to his new disciplined lifestyle. Focus and look for the person this vision is about. Ron looked around his surroundings. He was in a wide and circular room, there were arched windows, chairs and tables, there were bookcases filled with books covering the walls, and when he looked up he saw that the ceiling was painted with stars. Even in black and white this room was beautiful and Ron was in complete awe. There were a bunch of teenage girls occupying the chairs but they were not in colour so Ron ignored them. Where is the person I'm looking for? And who is it? Ron found himself growing excited, it had been ages since he had a vision and he had begun to fear that he had lost his power. Or that he was just going crazy the first two time around… He heard a door open behind him and he turned to see who it was. She's in colour! The vision is about her!

Ron looked at the girl who came skipping into the room while she hummed loudly. She was a teenager, had dirty blonde hair, pale silver eyes, and a thin figure. Luna…? She looked even more like her mother than before. He observed her clothing and noticed the Ravenclaw emblem over her robes. Just like her mum. Then he noticed something very odd as she got closer to him. She had a faraway look in her eyes and wore a smile that didn't reach her big buggy eyes. She also had no shoes on and a necklace made of butterbeer corks around her neck which really dumbfounded Ron. As she went through him and past the girls sitting on the chair, the girls sniggered and called her Loony Lovegood.

"Lost your shoes again Loony? It's such a shame that the Sorting Hat let you disgrace the good name of Rowena Ravenclaw." sneered one of the girls, who Ron thought was possibly the leader of this gang. Loony? Disgrace? Luna didn't stop her skipping and humming though, she simply went towards a white marble statue of a woman Ron had no clue about. The other girls laughed loudly at the girl's comment. Ron followed Luna as she marched up the stairs and stopped as she closed the door to her room in his face. Great… now what? He stood there for a few moments before he remembered he was like a ghost in these visions. Guess I'll have to test this out and see how it goes.

He closed his eyes and slowly walked towards the door. As he went through the door, he had a queasy feeling in his stomach but it passed as soon as he was fully through. Bloody hell, that was so awesome. He opened his eyes and looked around the room, it was dark except for the moonlight shining through the windows which slightly illuminated the room. Luna stood at the end of a four poster bed with her back to him. There were four other poster beds just like hers around the room. He approached her from behind and looked over from her side to see what she was staring at. It's weird being shorter than Luna. He found a trunk which was opened and the clothes inside were packed in a disorganized manner.

Upon closer inspection he could see that the clothes were damaged. Luna leaned over and picked up a dress from her trunk. It was a strange sundress with a giant moth attached to its right breast, and it had tears all over it. Why is her dress…? But before he finished his thoughts he realized something horrible. Loony… Disgrace… the girls laughing behind her back… They're bullying her. Her bare feet… Anger rose in his chest so fast that he had to clench his teeth just so he wouldn't scream. Those… those bitches! He looked up to Luna's face to see if she was okay, and he found her smiling her weird smile. It jarred him. She… doesn't even care?

She then put the dress back in the trunk and started to hum as she walked over to the side of her bed. She then started to disrobe while humming, and when she began unbuttoning her shirt, Ron quickly turned around and slapped his hands over his eyes. BLOODY HELL SHE IS GETTING NAKED! He ripped his hands away from his face and started marching towards the door, his cheeks were burning and he knew that his ears were so bright red that they could be mistaken for beacons. But he stopped just before he got to the door. His heart was beating fast and his breathing had become uneven as he heard Luna throwing her discarded clothes on to the floor. He began debating if he should turn and look.

Curiosity won in the end and he slowly turned around to gaze at Luna. She's... she's naked… Luna stood there, naked as the day she was born with the moonlight shining off her pale skin. She was thin, but not skinny, and he gazed over her slight curves. She had small but firm looking bumps on her chest and small pink nipples. Ron stood in complete silence, mouth hanging slightly open, as she made her way into her bed, and in doing so, gave him a good look at her buttocks along the way. After she was tucked in, she stopped humming and closed her eyes to sleep. Ron just stood there like a statue. A perverted statue... I shouldn't have… but I did… I saw a naked gi... naked Luna. Shame quickly flooded his brain and he turned back around to face the door. His cheeks were still burning and his heart beat even faster than before. He put his hands over his face slowly, covering his eyes. Bloody hell... if Luna ever finds out I saw her, she will murder me. Maybe she should…? I'm such a pervert! When he removed his hands and opened his eyes, he was back in his dining room with an uncut cake and a whole lot of people looking at him in deep concern. It's over…

He felt lightheaded and had to grab the table to steady himself. His mother was already at his right side and had her hand on his shoulder in comforting way. "Honey? Are you alright? You look a bit green." his mother said, concern evident in her voice.

"Yeh mum… I just feel sick." he lied. He felt guilty and ashamed, but how was he supposed to explain that he had been peeping on his childhood friend not even one minute ago. "I just need to lie down."

"Alright honey you go lie down on the couch and mummy will bring you some cake ok? Ginny take your brother to the couch please." Ginny quickly came over and grabbed his left hand.

"Come on Ronnie." she whispered as she led him to the couch. They both sat down and in a moment Luna joined them on the couch. Ron's guilt flared up again and he looked down at his feet.

"Ron are you ok?" Luna spoke softly as she sat down next to him. He nodded his head but didn't look up. I don't want to look at her… She'll know… Then Luna began rubbing circles on his back with her hand. Ron tensed at her touch but then slowly relaxed. It felt nice.

"What are you doing Lu?" Ginny questioned. Luna didn't stop though.

"When I'm sick, Daddy always does this for me and I feel better. So I'm doing it for Ron." she answered. "Do you feel better, Ron?"

He did feel better.

"Yes." he whispered. He had never felt more ashamed as he did right in this moment however. Luna was comforting him and he had peeped on her like some creeper. Then he felt another hand from his other side rubbing his back as well. Ginny. They sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes. Well comfortable for the girls anyway. Ron still hadn't looked up from his feet. Pandora and Molly then came inside with three plates of cake. Ron and the girls ate in silence. Ron wasn't really hungry, which surprised him because he was always hungry, but he didn't stop eating.

"Luna sweetie, I think we should head back home. Your father will be coming home soon and Ron needs to rest" Pandora said in her airy and carefree voice. He could feel Pandora's piercing gaze on him though and it turned his stomach. Don't look back at her… Don't look. Luna nodded, and after hugging Ron, both mother and daughter went back home via floo. Ron soon went to bed after that himself, feeling tired and guilty.

He woke up the next morning to find his nightstand littered with sweets of all kinds. Sugar quills, Bertie Bott's every flavour beans, licorice wands, and his beloved chocolate frogs. Who would give me all these? He thought for a second before realizing who. The twins. That made his heart swell and a grin broke out on his face. They still loved him. The day moved on and he slowly began to feel normal again after he had written his vision down in his vision journal. His guilt also left him eventually, and it was replaced with a small sense of pride for the strangest of reasons. He had seen a naked girl! Even if it was Luna, it still made him feel like more of a grown up. Charlie always said it was a milestone every man had to cross no matter what, and he had done it. In a really weird way, though.

The days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, and Ron kept up with his schedule. He had already finished his first year studies by the time Percy and Charlie came home from Hogwarts, much to Percy's joy and Charlie's amusement. They both tested him as well to see if he had cut corners, and were shocked to find that he smashed through their tests. Percy noted that Ron had done exceptionally well on Potions, Charms, and Defence Against the Dark Arts while his Herbology still needed work. Charlie was also very happy to learn that Ron had managed to memorize most of the hexes and jinxes, including their specific wand movements, and had decided to add some charms and even a few curses to the journal.

Ron was ecstatic with Charlie's decision and promised his brother that he would make sure to learn them. This had made Charlie chuckle and roughly ruffle Ron's hair. Percy told him that he had brought his second year notes for Ron, and Ron could sense that Percy was unsure about his decision. When Ron asked Percy when they would start excitedly, Percy had embraced his little brother with a massive grin threatening to split his face… again. He really likes helping me? Perce is great! I shouldn't have teased him all these years… Ron felt a pang of guilt at the thought but quickly shoved it down. I can't change the past… but the future… the future is in my hands! His father's words were a comfort to him. On the off chance that he really was a seer, those words meant the whole world.

The next year went by much faster, and Ron's continued efforts on his studies and exercises became a normal thing to his family. His mother still boasted to her friends about her youngest son, whom she claimed would turn Hogwarts on its head, much to Ron's embarrassment. By July of 1990, Ron was ten years old and he had already completed the first two years of Hogwarts schooling. He was keen to start on third year but Percy had stopped him. Percy explained that too much information would only hinder him if he hadn't perfected his first two years yet. Ron had been a little upset but in the end had agreed to go with Percy's plan. He hasn't let me down yet.

So Ron decided that he would spend the year before joining Hogwarts brushing up on and perfecting everything he had learned so far. That included everything in his ever growing journal of charms, hexes and jinxes as well. Bill had also dropped by a few times at the burrow from his new job and had been very surprised by this new Ron. On Ron's request, Bill had taught him a few things about wards and what it was like to be a curse breaker. Bill had also bought Ron a "Guide to Wards for Amateurs" handbook with his own money the very next day. Ron had read quite a bit through it but he had understood very little, and so he decided that he would come back to it one day when he knew more about complicated magic.

In the year in which had turned from nine to ten, Ron had found himself in three more visions after seeing a naked Luna. None of them held much meaning to him but he still recorded them in his vision journal. The first one was with a teenage George running around in a dark hallway with a strange parchment in his hands. Ron had noted that the parchment had become a map of sorts when his brother had said the words "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" and tapped it with his wand. Ron thought that was pretty cool but when his brother said the words "Mischief managed" the map had disappeared, and it left Ron in awe. The second vision had been with Ginny, in which he saw her snogging with her 'boyfriend' Dean. Ron had been shaken by the sight at first, but he had quickly gone into a blind rage.

He had thrown himself at Dean, yelling obscenities, only to find himself going right through the bastard and landing face-first on the cold floor. I'll kill that tosser, I SWEAR IT! With these words, Ron had cemented his hatred for Dean deep in his heart. His third vision had been the weirdest of them all though. It was just his mother doing the dishes and giggling to herself about something. He had no damn clue as to why she was giggling like a child and he didn't even know what to do with that, but he had learned a nifty trick during this vision. He had by chance glanced at their family calendar and clock (the normal clock), which in turn had sparked an idea in his head. If I find a calendar and a clock in my visions, I can pinpoint where and when they will happen. He knew this would be useful in the future if he did turn out to be a seer. He was still unsure about being a seer though. It sounded too big for him. He had never been anything brilliant, unlike his brothers, and now he was thinking about changing the future with his 'visions'. It was just too big and it scared him. It scared him a lot.

At the end of the first week of September, the Lovegoods had joined them for dinner. Only Arthur, Molly, Ginny, and Ron were home at that point. The rest of the Weasley siblings were at Hogwarts while Bill was in Egypt for his job as a curse breaker for Gringotts Bank. Ron had finally smothered his guilt about seeing Luna without any clothes by then, and was now happily chatting with her and Ginny about Hogwarts. Luna was excited for Ron but Ginny was greatly upset that her Ronnie would leave her this time next year. Mr. Lovegood was there this time around and was chatting with Ron's father and mother about some new terrifying creature he would soon be leaving to find. His parent's listened and nodded but Ron could tell they didn't really believe in this new creature. Mrs. Lovegood was smiling lovingly at her husband as he explained this new creature with gusto. Feeling Ron's eyes on her, she turned to him and beamed.

"Ron, are you excited for next year? You'll soon be sorted into Ravenclaw." she teased, her smile was mischievous and Ron caught on. Pandora was trying to rile up his mother again. It had become a hobby of hers and she seemed to always succeed. Ron didn't mind though because after she would leave, Molly would dote on Ron like some mother hen that had felt threatened. Ron liked the attention.

"Yes." he said with his voice dripping with fake excitement. "I can't wait to join the house you grew up in Mrs. Lovegood. I already know mostly everything that will be taught for the first two years of my schooling." Pandora actually found her interest rising. Was he telling her the truth? Molly had also broken away from her previous conversation and was quietly listening in on her son's conversation.

"Is that so, Ron?" Pandora's voice was now tinged with genuine curiosity. "And how did you learn all this?"

"Percy and Charlie taught me." Ron answered quickly. I have to be careful not to tell her too much. She always figures me out somehow. Ron was a little wary of Mrs. Lovegood. He feared her odd ability to always know how people around her felt. He couldn't let her find his secret. She would tell his parents and that would complicate everything. The chance to change the future might be ripped from his hands all together.

"Really? That's… very interesting Ron." she said slowly and during that her smile faded completely. Her silver eyes bore into his, and his heartbeat quickened. He forced himself to smile and not to show any sign of the fact that he was clearly hiding something. But he knew his cheeks and ears had turned red. Pleasedon'tfigureitout… Pleasedon'tfigureitout… Pleasedon'tfigureitout… He found himself thinking quickly and repeating those words in his head. "Molly, is this true?" Pandora turned her gaze from Ron's and towards his mother.

"Yes, Pandora it is. Ronnie has been studying and exercising every day for the last two years." his mother said proudly. Is she puffing her chest out? "I could not be more proud. He will surely make a great Gryffindor!" Ah… there it is. It was no secret that the Weasley clan had become notorious for only being sorted into Gryffindor for… well forever, if he could believe his mother's stories. So it was no shock that his mother lashed out at everything and everyone that said otherwise. Especially when it was about her babies.

"He clearly demonstrates intelligence and even wisdom from what you tell me. Those are Ravenclaw traits. Wouldn't you agree, Ron?" Pandora was clearly back in teasing mode, and Ron wouldn't waste that opportunity. Better mum getting mad than me getting caught…

"Percy thinks that as well, Mrs. Lovegood." he replied, a small smile fighting onto his lips. "He says it was a very wise choice to begin my studies early." His emphasis on the word wise made his mother take in a sharp breath.

"Well, I think it was very brave and daring of you Ronnie to tackle such advanced studies." his mother almost shrieked. "Those are Gryffindor traits. Wouldn't you agree, Pandora?" The tension in the room was palpable. His mother had a challenging and defiant look on her face whilst Mrs. Lovegood had her usual aloof and calm demeanour. Her smile made it clear to Ron though that she was loving pulling his mother's leg.

"Of course I agree, Molly." Pandora spoke softly. His mother huffed in response. "But with Ron's affinity for chess, and now his studies, I cannot see him going anywhere else but Ravenclaw. Our house always has a place for those with a sharp mind." This made his mother's face flush red and Ron could swear that she was shaking with rage. Mrs. Lovegood took it too far and now we are all screwed… Ron waited for the end-of-times with bated breath but before his mother could explode on the dinner table, his father spoke quickly.

"Well, we will love Ron no matter where he is sorted." his father said, all the while staring at his wife. "Won't we love?" Ron admired his father's ability to diffuse his mother's rage. It was the reason why all the siblings would go to their father first if they did something unbelievably stupid. He would always end up comforting them instead of giving them verbal lashings like their mother did. The only time he had seen his father truly furious was when the twins had almost made Ron do an unbreakable vow with them.

"Of course we will." his mother answered hastily, shooting a glare at her husband. "But it doesn't matter because Ronnie will be in Gryffindor" she added quickly, which made his father sigh. The children in the room were dead silent during this and they concentrated on what was on their plates instead. This included Ron. No way am I gonna get involved in this… Mr. Lovegood, of all people, noticed the children.

"It doesn't matter yet, friends." Mr. Lovegood declared. "For now all that matters is our fine dinner." at that Molly nodded with gusto, "and that we enjoy each other's company." Pandora smiled at her husband and Arthur quickly agreed. Dinner proceeded again and soon enough the conversations were back. While Ron was stuffing his face at an alarming speed, he could still feel that Mrs. Lovegood would occasionally look at Ron from the corner of her eyes whilst she spoke with the other adults. Does she know something? I bloody hope not.

"Ron can you pass me the salad?" asked Mrs. Lovegood. Ron reached over and grabbed the bowl and passed it along to her. For a mere moment their fingers grazed against one another. Ron's body felt weightless and his head became light, and then he was no longer in the dining room.

Ron found himself in a black and white cellar of sorts, or was it a basement. Either way he couldn't really tell. He was just about to look around for clues when he heard a sound that sent a deathly chill throughout his body. Someone behind him was gurgling, as if choking on water. He turned slowly, and his body began shaking slightly. What kind of sound is that…? A person can't make that sound. What he saw made him scream and fall on his backside from sheer terror alone. There, in a pool of blood, lay Pandora Lovegood.

She was still moving, but barely. Her already pale skin was ghostly pale now, and most of it was covered in her own blood. Her dirty blonde locks were slick with dark red blood. Thick streams of blood oozed out from her mouth as she was trying to breathe. As she was trying to call for help… Ron turned his head away and retched hard. His throat burned from the bile and his eyes stung. The gurgling sound never stopped. Tears spilled onto his face and he let out another scream before crawling away from the dying woman. NO NO NO NO! NOT THIS! NOT ANOTHER DEATH PLEASE! He shut his eyes tight and blocked his ears with his hands. He couldn't bear to hear that disgusting sound, if he did he knew he would vomit again. Mrs. Lovegood… no… He began sobbing in full force and his body heaved. He couldn't breathe. "Mummy! Mummy, are you down in your lab? I'm coming in" rang a child's voice from upstairs. A child… LUNA! Ron was on his feet in a flash and looked over to the stairs leading out of the lab.

"NO! LUNA STAY OUT! DON'T COME DOWN HERE!" Ron cried, his throat still burning from bile. The door leading outside swung open slowly. "LUNA PLEASE DON'T DO THIS! DON'T COME HERE!" He was completely hysterical now. She can't see this… she… His eyes widened in horror as she came into his view. She was smiling and humming as she came down the stairs. She looks exactly the same as now? WHAT THE HELL IS THE DATE? Ron jerked his whole body around, looking for a calendar. There was no calendar around. When he heard a girl shriek it turned his blood into ice. Not this… please Merlin.

"Mummy…?" Ron looked at Luna. Her eyes were wide and her mouth hung open slightly. Her lips were quivering and her small body was slightly shaking. Tears then fell from her eyes and left marks on her small face as they went. She walked towards her mother slowly, as if in a trance. "Mum… Mummy what's wrong?" Even louder choking sounds were the only response Luna received. Ron moved to shield Luna's vision on instinct and when she passed right through him, he let out a scream in anger. BLOODY HELL… I have to find a calendar now!

Determined, he ran full tilt up the stairs and into the Lovegood's kitchen. A small part of him had just wanted to get out of that room. He could hear his heart beating in his ears as he frantically searched for a calendar, or anything that would tell him the damn date. He didn't find one so he moved on to the living room. He saw one as soon as he entered the living room, and with a clock right above it no less. FINALLY! He quickly ran over to it and started looking for the date first. Saturday the thirteenth, 1990… today was the fifth… eight days… He looked up at the clock. Just over half past one… I can't forget this. A loud wailing sound pierced the house, and it made Ron jump. LUNA… He ran back down to the cellar as fast as he bloody could, all the while repeating the date and time in his head. The wailing continued even as he reached the end of the stairs and then he looked over to Luna.

She was clutching her mother's face and was just screaming her heart out. "Mummy… get up… what's wrong with you…? Tell me." she managed to say in between her crying and screaming. Ron approached them and his gaze fell on Mrs. Lovegood's face. She had stopped making that wretched sound and was motionless. Her eyes were wide open and glazed over. Her eyes… they're… empty… When he had seen his dead brother, Fred's eyes were closed. This… this is… Seeing those eyes, Ron felt as though they were pulling him in. His knees just gave out and he started to hyperventilate. I can't… breathe… she's dead… what is… Luna… Ron tried to grab Luna, but as he passed through her, he lost his balance and fell face down on the floor. He just lay there trying to breathe, trying to not die there and then. This is what death felt like. He just knew it. His own body was going through both Luna and her mother but he just lay there. This is hell… His eyes closed by themselves. He was so tired… He just needed some sleep…

When he opened his eyes, he was back on the dining table. He looked up to see a confused and concerned Mrs. Lovegood staring back at him. He slowly looked at the table and saw that he had dropped the bowl. He looked back up at the woman who he had seen die just a moment ago. Her mouth was moving but there was no sound coming. Actually there was no sound anywhere… at all… What… He felt vomit rising at the back of his throat and he stood up abruptly, shocking everyone on the table, and bolted towards the toilet. As soon as he reached it, he retched straight in. Just when he thought he'd finally stop, he'd retch again. He didn't even notice as his father knelt down next to him. After he had finally stopped, his father put his hand on Ron's back. Ron flinched hard and shrank away from his father, whose eyes widened with fear as he stepped back quickly. Ron looked back up to his father and saw fear in the man's eyes for the first time. His vision blurred and then it all went dark.

He woke up in the evening the next day. His body was exhausted and it ached while he moved out of bed. His thoughts were a mess. He didn't even realize what he was doing as he found his vision journal and started writing down his newest, and most terrifying, vision. The vision of Fred's death was bad, yes, and it had completely jarred him. But this… Seeing a woman he knew slowly die as her daughter wailed over her corpse… And then to find himself sitting right in front of her again… As if nothing had even happened… It was too much. There was so much blood. What could do that to someone? By the time Ron finished he could smell dinner. He packed his things and hid his journal. He went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

The boy staring back was pale, much paler than he remembered. There were dark bags under his eyes, and those eyes looked hollow. He felt hollow. Like there was no strength left in him. He didn't want to be a seer anymore. Not after seeing that. If he was one… then Mrs. Lovegood was going to die in just a few days… and Luna would find her. In that moment, he didn't care if he was never considered brilliant. He didn't care if he never got to be a famous hero. He didn't care. All he cared about was that his visions never came true. He went to turn on the tap so he could wash his face, and he saw that his hands were trembling. He clenched them into fists to stop it. It worked. He turned the tap on and washed his face. The cool water felt divine. He looked back at the mirror and made a silent promise. He would stop this. All of it. And to do that, he had to be stronger. In body and in mind. Just as his brothers Charlie and Percy had taught him. And so he put a smile on his face that never reached his eyes, and marched downstairs to eat.

The next few days passed slowly for Ron, and he felt his dread rise with every passing minute. His family had been shocked to see him up and about. And smiling no less. They told him that the healer had diagnosed Ron with an acute stress disorder. His mother had uncleaned tear tracks over her cheeks and his father looked buggered. Ginny just looked worried and scared on his behalf. His parents forced him to promise that he would slow down. That he shouldn't take on so much study and extra activities all in one day. They have no idea… Good. Thank Merlin for that. And before he knew it, it was the night before the thirteenth. This was the last night that Mrs. Lovegood might see. Tomorrow he would know the truth. Tomorrow he might save a woman's life. Tomorrow…

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