Long time no write.

So, a few things to note before I start this story: This is a rewrite of Pulled in the Show with some changes. I plan on writing an actual book in the future, but I need to practice my skills before I do. I have taken out the Grace/Marcus pairing completely as it seemed a bit weird to me rereading the original. I've also removed Crystal, the angelic wolf, for being unnecessary to the story. She actually made me cringe a bit when rereading her parts. Grace is 18 years old in this story, whereas before she was 14 I believe.

You do NOT have to read Pulled in the Show before reading this. As I said before, this is a rewrite. However, I will be leaving that story up.

This will also be up on Wattpad

Updates will be random.

The only other ANs in this story will be to respond to comments. Other than that no ANs.

A young woman, around 18, lay sleeping on her bed. Sunlight slowly seeped into the room through the window as the sun came up. Wait it just got brighter. She sat up, now awake, as the light had gotten too bright to stay asleep. Turns out her roommate sneaked into her room and was shining a flashlight directly at her face. She swatted the other girl's hand away.

"Riley, what the heck?"

"Sorry, Grace," the redhead said as she took a step back. "But I made something really cool."

Riley turned on the light and Grace could now see she was dressed in jeans and a red and white T-shirt.

"It's 3am," grace complained with a glance at the clock. "I see by the mud on you sneakers you've already snuck out."

"Yes, now brush that beautiful brunette hair of yours and get your glasses. This is something you'll want to see."

Grace did as she was told, though remained in her YouTuber merch pajamas. Afterwards, the pair of girls rushed out the front door of their small house and into a shed in the back.

"Prepare yourself for amazement!" the red-haired girl flipped on the light switch to reveal…something. It looked to be some kind of machine made out of junkyard scraps. Though she couldn't tell what it was, Grace was still impressed. Riley's hobby was building machines from junk, a hobby inspired by her dad.

"Awesome. What does it do?"

"No clue, but it does make the place warmer. So I think I may have made a heater?" Grace walked over to stand by her friend, feeling the warmth radiating from the device. She placed a hand on it, noting it wasn't actually hot. "Still gonna work on a few more things, then I'll show dad. But I really want to make something awesome!"

"Like the wormhole thing Davenport made?" Riley turned to face her, eyes wide in excitement.

"Exactly like that!" her face went from excitement to thoughtful. "But I'm only 19 and in my first year of college, so I highly doubt I'd make that. Wait, you still remember Lab Rats?"

"Heck yeah, dude." Grace now leaned fully on the machine, Riley seeming to not mind. "Though, it has been a few years since I've seen it." The look of excitement returned to the redhead's face as she stared at her friend, this time for a different reason.

"We have to watch it when we get back inside!"

"Well, I'm already awake and have no work tomorrow so I don't see why not."

"Then let's go!" Riley slammed her hand on the machine in excitement, causing it to send out a small shock into Grace's arm. Grace jumped back, letting out a small squeak.

"Maybe you should turn this off first."

"Oh, right."

After shutting off the device, the pair went back inside to start a Lab Rats marathon starting from episode one. They were only a few episodes from the end of season one when they dozed off. Though there were two girls that night when they fell asleep, only one woke up in the house with no sight on the other.