I like to imagine the narrator is speaking in an annoyed calmness with a hint of sarcasm at all times. A few lines she wouldn't be calm while saying in my head. Also, tried a different way of writing for this chap.

"So, let me get this straight," Leo said as he paced around the living room. "You're from an alternate universe and know pretty much everything about us?" He stopped in the middle of the room and eyed Grace curiously. Bree sat next to her on the couch, listening as she explained things more so than when she had first met her. Grace gave a slight nod of her head.


"Just one question then." Leo raised a hand to his chin, a slight smirk tugging at his lips before turning into excitement. "Am I the most popular?" Grace couldn't help the small chuckle that hath arisen.

"No, Marcus is most popular to my knowledge. Bree asked that, too, but that's beside the point." Grace activated her serious mode once more, standing in front of him. "Marcus is evil and we need to keep a watchful eye on him."

"How dangerous is he?" Bree asked, now standing as well. Grace looked uncertain for a moment before answering.

"He's bionic."

Leo's eyes widened in slight panic. "Wait, he's bionic?"


"What kind of bionics does he have?" Bree asked, rightfully worried.

"Well," Grace began, now pacing around the living room herself. "He has super speed, but is faster than you, super strength and I believe a tad stronger than Adam, and super smarts."

"What!?" The show dwellers semi-shouted at the same time.

"And he has lightning fingers." Like that additional information was going to make things better.

"Why didn't you say something earlier?" Grace shrunk in on herself, thinking for a moment before answering quickly.

"I didn't want to run the risk that he would figure out that I knew things and become unpredictable. The more people who know, the harder it is to keep a secret." She ran her hands through her hair in a useless attempt to calm herself. "I also know that you guys do eventually figure it out and win the fight anyway." She stood still, looking between the two. She couldn't tell if Bree was mad at her - at least a little most likely - but Leo was definitely thinking of something.

"We have to tell the others." He marched off toward the elevator, Bree following. Grace jumped in his way and his face, only a little, though.

"Not a good idea. Like I literally just said; that is a risk."

"Why is it fine if we know?" A perfectly good and rational question, Bree.

Grace took a deep breath, pointing a self high-five at the short one. "Leo, you're already suspicious of him due to your sixth sense so he most likely wouldn't pay any mind to how you act since it wouldn't really be too different from how you are now. Bree isn't as close to him as the other two are so it would be less noticeable if she started acting any different, though I hope you don't coz that can still complicate things. And he knows basically nothing about me." For whatever reason, she answered as though Leo asked.

"So, it's just us three against an overpowered bionic dude? We don't stand a chance." This time it was Leo.

"Except, and you seem to keep forgetting this, I know every little thing about him. That's our advantage. I know his plans, his abilities, his hobbies, and how much he wants his father's approval. But that last one is more of a fan theory with supporting evidence. Or my own theory. Dunno, it's been a few years." After realizing that last bit wasn't important, she shrugged and backed herself up physically after getting off topic. "Though, I can't remember every detail about the plot of this point in the show. Riley would know more, she was a bigger fan than me." Oh, my gosh. She actually remembered. It's a freaking miracle.

Bree and Grace do most of the talking here while Leo listens. I'll let you know when he speaks. Start with Bree."That would give us more of an advantage, wouldn't it?"


"What if we were able to somehow get in touch with her? Chase and Mr. Davenport could probably find a way to do that."

"There goes the plot of not telling anybody." Grace did a pouty face. "I was gonna write about this when I got back."

"Hey, you did say everyone will find out eventually."

"You're right, and this does seem better. One condition; you can't say you didn't know anything about me."

"But that was our deal." Grace crossed her arms and stared harshly at Bree as she broke their agreement. Speedy McGee looked to Dooley for support only to find him pleading her silently and excitedly. She crossed her own arms, rolled her eyes, and sighed. "Fine."

Leo jumped excitedly and fist bumped the air. "I can't wait to rub it in their faces that I was right all along. Score for Leo Dooley!" He ended his mini celebration in the Superman pose. Grace went back to the couch, sitting with a sigh.

"Davenport is gonna be the scariest one to tell."

Bree reassured her. "Don't worry, he's not that scary."

"How can you be scared of something that small?" Leo asked rhetorically. Grace looked at the pair.

"He has a brother and I will have to bring that up because it is important." She could tell they wanted to ask a lot more. They opened their mouths, but before they could get anything out she jumped up and stretched her pointer fingers out. "Nope! No questions! He'll ask questions about that and you can ask yours at that time to because some things he will have to explain himself. Now, it is very late, and you four have to save a space station tomorrow, or maybe not tomorrow, I'm not really sure what the timeline is. Point is, it's late and I need sleep." She took off in the direction where her temporary room was.

Bree and Leo stood speechless in the living room, very confused. After a few moments Leo broke the silence.

"That whole brother thing being important is gonna keep me up."

Grace, not actually at her room and instead perched at the top of the stairs, called down. "Tomorrow, if there's not a space station mission, we tell them everything." And in a fading voice, "rest and regroup or recoup or whatever the right word is."