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Chapter 7

Greta wandered the building. She had no interest in going out to pizza and celebrating with the team. She had seen Jay and Lonnie split off from the crowd and headed in their direction, but she had lost them. She was determined to find them. She found the kitchen, the janitor's closet, the door to the roof, and the door to the basement. She was wandering upstairs and would just work her way down until she found who she was looking for.

She heard those cheerleaders talking and followed them up the stairs. The brunette girl didn't like Lonnie or Jay. Greta concluded that she was very stuck on herself and wouldn't be much help. The blonde didn't seem to like Lonnie much, but she had her sights set on Jay. Greta frowned at that.

"I could totally have babies with Jay. One boy, one girl, but not at the same time," Riley said as she giggled and flipped her hair back.

Greta rolled her eyes at that. As if she could pick the sex of a baby. What a dingbat! Who does this? Who thinks they can have babies with a guy they aren't even dating? The only one who would be having Jay's babies is me! Greta thought to herself. She wandered off in the opposite direction. She would find her own way around.

She wandered aimlessly through the dorms on the upper level. Several of the doors were locked, but she did come across a few that weren't. Greta could only describe this bedroom as "pig pink"; everything in this room, from the bedding to the curtains, to even the carpet and walls were the same bright shade. It looked like several litres of Pepto Bismol had exploded in the room.

Greta went to the dresser and began rummaging through the drawers until she found something interesting: the jewelry box. That was where she stopped and took her time. She carefully examined all of the pearls and beads and gold earrings and charms. She pocketed the gold watch, but that was really the only item that interested her. This selection was just too posh and uptight for her, so she frowned and moved on to another room.

The next room was a bit more normal, if she could say that about anything in Auradon. The colours were muted blues and pinks, and not as overwhelming as the first room.

It didn't take her long to find that special jewel she was looking for. It was simple but elegant. Its gold chain and a tiny serpent-like creature with little legs as a charm were perfect for what she needed to do. Greta knew that it was lucky for her to find this. Jay had an affinity for serpents, so this necklace would be a perfect token of affection from Jay for Greta to show off to his little friend. Greta flashed a wicked grin.

That first kiss was just a taste of what Lonnie could do, and Jay wanted so much more. Jay gave Lonnie a moment to breathe before he leaned in and kissed her again. His hands gently pulled her closer as he nudged her to lay back on the bed. He wanted a better angle to get to her. The quick taste he had of her was definitely not going to satisfy him for very long. Jay deepened the kiss as he leaned over her. His hands roamed up and down her sides and back.

Lonnie sighed softly as she wondered if she should be enjoying this as much as she should be, or if she was even entirely comfortable with what they were doing. They had only been officially dating for about a day. Her thoughts became jumbled as Jay's lips moved over her face and neck. Her head leaned back as he began kissing down her neck. This was exactly what Jay wanted with her tonight.

"Jay…" Her voice was hesitant and came out as a soft and desperate whisper. Jay couldn't tell if it was a signal for him to stop, or to keep going.

"Hmm?" Jay continued kissing up her neck to just behind her ear, causing Lonnie to gasp. He hoped she just wanted more. He really didn't want to stop.

"Don't we… ha… have… to… to go?" Lonnie could hardly stutter the words out.

"I'm good right here," Jay whispered as hands slid down to her hips and he moved his body more on top of hers. Jay moved his head over and began kissing the other side of her neck.

Lonnie smiled softly as her body arched against his. "We have to stop." Her hands gently pushed against his shoulders.

Jay obediently rolled over and laid next to her, but he kept his arms loose around her and planted a kiss on her temple.

"Jacy and the team might start wondering what's taking us so long."

Jay propped himself up on his elbows as he looked down at her. Her face was bright red and her breathing was hard as he was. He remembered Lonnie saying that she wanted to take things slower, but he didn't realize how slow. He caught his breath and rested his forehead to hers. For the first kiss, it felt like they had been kissing forever. It felt so… natural. More natural than he had ever felt with any other girl, especially Greta.

He let out a long breath as he sat up, pulling Lonnie with him. Slow, Jay reminded himself. She needed him to go slow. It was just really hard when she kissed him back the way she did. Not that he was complaining, not at all. Her kisses were bringing him to his knees. He just didn't want to break her trust. Jay leaned forward and gently ran his fingers through her hair. He needed to control himself. She completely undid him.

"Was that okay? I mean, did I do it right?" Lonnie was concerned that she had screwed something up or offended Jay, judging by the way that he pulled back.

Jay smiled and laughed softly before he tenderly kissed her lips. He found it endearing, how innocent Lonnie was.

"Remember when I said that I needed to 'click' with a girl?"

Lonnie nodded.

"That was more than a click. That was an explosion. You destroyed me."

"And that's good?" Lonie still wasn't sure of herself.

"I think that was better than good. But we'll have to keep practicing, just to be sure."Jay leaned in and kissed her again. Softly at first, then slowly deepening with each kiss. Pulling back, he let out a long, shaky breath. "Yeah, we'll practice that a lot more."

Jay took Lonnie's hand and pulled her to her feet. Jay knew that he would have a lot more time to explore her, and he would have to hold back for Lonnie's sake. But this single moment alone with her, no interruptions, and having her to himself for this kiss, it was perfect. He gave Lonnie a sexy smirk and kissed her cheek. He could hear his and Lonnie's stomachs both growling and after that kiss, he was going to need to step back a little before he pushed her too far, too fast. He wanted to protect her and treat her with the respect she deserves. He couldn't afford to screw things up so soon.

"Let's go feed you," Jay said as he pulled Lonnie to his side. He needed a distraction so that he could calm down. She had gotten him so aroused, he could hardly breathe.

They headed out of the room hand in hand and walked out of the residence. Jay felt content for the first time in a long time. He had finally found a girlfriend, a partner, that challenges him, argues with him, and drives him crazy. Not to mention, she could kiss better than any girl Jay had ever kissed before, and he'd kissed more than a few girls. She was everything he had been searching for. Lonnie still seemed a bit nervous about their relationship, but he knew she would become more confident about them as time passed. They just needed more quality time as more than just friends.

They talked about the demonstrations, and Lonnie began to relax as the conversation moved into more neutral territory. Jay questioned her more about that flip she had done and also began to wonder if there were any other stunts she could do. Lonnie smiled and decided to try flirting with him. She has never done that to Jay and wasn't sure how he would take it. Or how well she could do it.

"So what else can you do that I haven't seen?" Jay asked as they walked down the road leading away from the school. The pizza restaurant was close enough that they could easily walk.

Lonnie bit her lower lip and smiled softly at him from under her eyelashes. "There are a lot of things I can do. You'll just have to discover them for yourself."

Jay smirked and blushed slightly. He liked seeing this flirtatious side of her. He was going to have a lot of fun learning more about Lonnie. Stopping just out of view of the restaurant, he pulled Lonnie against his chest and kissed her softly. "Well, I guess I have some discovering to do."

They walked into the restaurant and saw that their teammates had saved them seats and were entertaining Jacy and Fletcher. Jay kept Lonnie's hand in his as they walked over. Several girls waved and called out to Jay. Jay politely smiled and nodded to them, but kept all of his attention on Lonnie.

"We thought you guys got lost. What took you so long?" Jacy asked innocently as they sat down on the bench.

Lonnie sat next to Fletcher as Jay straddled the bench next to Lonnie with his back against the wall. Wrapping his arms around her, he gently nudged Lonnie closer to him. Her hip was now tightly pressed against him and her body was nestled into his. He could enjoy the rest of the meal with her in his arms.

"I had to make sure that Lonnie and I had some things straightened out before we left," Jay replied as he gently ran his hand over Lonnie's back.

"You're all good, right? Cause Jay, she needs to celebrate. This one," Jacy pointed at Lonnie with a grin on her face, " is the destroyer of the night. I don't think I've ever seen a girl take you on and destroy you the way she did!" Jacy said with a wide smile. She wanted to learn every move Lonnie knew with those swords.

"Yeah, man!" Tyler exclaimed. "You gotta teach us that one!"

"Absolutely! I want to learn that, too!" Aziz agreed.

Jay smiled softly and nuzzled against Lonnie's neck. "Yea, she destroyed me all right." As well as every wall I've ever built around my heart to protect it, he thought.

"Hey Lonnie, can you do two swords at a time, too?" Fletcher asked as he became more interested in this warrior woman.

"Oh, I haven't really done that in a while. My mom taught me a long time ago. I guess I could if I worked on it again. I would need someone to practice with me," Lonnie said as she glanced at Jay, who smiled at her and kissed her temple.

"You have to do it!" Tyler encouraged her. "After that flip tonight, you are the bomb!"

Tyler looked up and saw Charlie looking around the room for a place to sit. The place was packed and seating was very squished. He looked at Fletcher, who hadn't seen her come in, then nudged Aziz, who was sitting in between him and Fletcher. Their new friend needed the help of some wingmen.

"Hey, Charlie! Come on over! We'll make room for you!" Tyler called across the room.

Charlie Charming. Her name is as cute as she is. She had inherited all of her mother's kindness and good looks, from her long, silky blonde ringlets, to her bright blue eyes, to her slim figure and her bright smile. She was everything a princess was supposed to be. She was smart, compassionate, nurturing, and graceful, but also strong and tenacious. She could easily put the other more selfish princesses to shame just by being herself.

She smiled and greeted everyone as she made her way through the crowd to Lonnie and Fletcher. Aziz motioned for Fletcher to make space and Charlie waited to sit down.

"Lonnie, you were amazing today. Every time I see you do stuff like that, you make me want to join the team, except all of the spots are already taken." Charlie said quietly.

"Join anyways! I really want some more girls on the team. I'm trying to recruit some auxiliary players so that in case anyone has to miss a match for whatever reason, we'll have some backup." Lonnie said. "Charlie, these are three of the new kids from the Isle. This is Zevon, Jacy, and Fletcher." Lonnie pointed to each person as she listed their name.

Charlie greeted each with a smile and a wave and focused on the handsome young man beside her. "Fletcher, are you joining the team, too?"

"Maybe..." Fletcher could feel his nerves start to get the best of him. He just hoped he didn't say something too embarrassing in front of his new friends and this pretty girl. Luckily, Tyler jumped in to save him and began telling the new kids everything he would need to know about registering for classes or finding out their timetables.

The whole group talked and laughed as the evening wore on into the night and Lonnie's eyelids began to droop. It was so comfortable to snuggle into Jay's chest and close her eyes. Jay looked down and smiled softly as he held her closer. His fingers ran gently through her hair and down her back. Lonnie smiled against his neck.

"This was nice," She whispered softly to Jay.

"Yeah, it was," Jay replied as he cupped her face and lifted her chin for a soft kiss.

Jacy looked up and grinned at her cousin. If Jacy were slightly less mature, she would make some jibe to Jay about snuggling before marriage. She was seeing the soft side of him, which she didn't often see on the Isle. The difference was that they were in public and he only seemed to be this way with Lonnie. She remembered his toughness on the, and the way that he defended those important to him. He was so relaxed here, but she could sense that the protective side of him was dormant, waiting to rise and protect someone.

One by one, the party began to wind down. They each started heading off in smaller groups as they made their way back to the dorms. Carlos and Jay escorted Jane, Lonnie, and Jacy back to their rooms while Tyler and Aziz led Fletcher and Zevon to theirs. Jacy was roomed with Greta, right across from Lonnie and Jane. It didn't go unnoticed that Greta never showed up for pizza, but Jay was thankful for the break. It gave him the chance to be with Lonnie, Jacy, and their friends without worrying about Greta interfering.

They headed up the stairs and Jacy smiled as they reached their rooms. Tonight is her first night at this amazing school. It all felt like a magical dream. She had learned so much today, met new friends, reconnected with her cousin, and for the first time in her life, felt hopeful about her future. She just hoped that Greta had already gone to bed; she wanted to end the night on a happy note. Jay nodded to her and smiled.

"Good night," Jacy called over her shoulder as she slid her key into the lock.

"If you need anything, Jand and I are right here," Lonnie said with a smile as Jacy waved and closed her door behind her.

"We're gonna walk dude," Carlos said and guided Jane away so that Jay and Lonnie could say their good-nights in peace.

"Are you worried… about Greta? She didn't show tonight at pizza," Lonnie whispered, seeing Jay frown as he looked around the hallway.

Jay took Lonnie's hands and stepped closer to her. "She wasn't really on my mind tonight. I was thinking about other things."

"Oh? Like what?" Lonnie smiled as Jay nudged her back against the locked door, his body gently pressing against hers.

Jay just let out a small sigh and leaned in, his lips softly brushing hers. "This." He moved closer and kissed her a bit harder. Lonnie leaned her head back and wrapped her arms around his neck. "And this." His body was pressed firmly against hers as his lips left a trail of kisses down her neck. "More of this."

"You had a lot on your mind." Lonnie giggled softly and ran her fingers through Jay's hair.

His voice got husky as the tension grew inside him. "If we go inside, I can share more of my thoughts."

Lonnie blushed deeply at the thought of what Jay was implying. "I'm tired… and Jane will be back soon… and you have a test tomorrow morning, remember? It's been such a busy day…" Lonnie had to stop her nervous rambling before she said something stupid.

Jay just pulled back and smiled at her, but still held her tight. He knew that this was her gentle way of telling him no and that today he had taken her farther than she had ever gone before. Plus, they had only just started dating. They had all the time in the world to do more. Kissing her soundly one last time, Jay stepped back and nodded for her to go in. He waited for the door to close and the lock to click before he turned and headed back to his room. Lonnie was right, it had been a long day, but it had also been a very good one.

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