Hello, All! This is just a little drabble that I submitted for the Dramione FanFiction Forum's Trimmimg the Tree, Christmas Drabble Challenge. The prompts each submission had to contain were: Tinsel, Mistletoe, Fairy Lights, and "You're not putting that there, are you?" It's cute and fluffy and I adore it. Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

"You're not putting that there, are you?"

Draco barely contained his sigh. "Where do you want it?"

"The doves should be higher."

"Any higher and they will nearly be touching the angel." Draco pointed out.

Hermione just smiled at him, indicating that was what she wanted, so he moved the doves even higher on the tree. This wasn't their first Christmas together, but it was their first time hosting, if you could even call it that. Hermione was nine days away from her due date with their twins... twins! And Molly was doing all the cooking, while Narcissa did most of the decorating. Hermione however insisted on doing the tree herself, which meant that Draco was doing the tree himself, while she watched. Planning Christmas for the Malfoy's, and the Weasleys, and the Potter's, and the Granger's was exhausting!

Everything had to be perfect, that's just the way Hermione was. She'd been zipping around the house, cleaning every surface, and Molly assured Draco that that meant the babies was coming soon. Wanting to give his wife a break, since she would be doing all of the work in having his children, he let her boss him around when it came to their Christmas tree.

"Where do you want the fairy lights?" Draco asked.

Hermione thought about it from her spot on the couch. "Hanging from the ceiling I think, it will look more magical that way."

Draco could have groaned. Maybe he could get away with doing that later. "How about tinsel? I know how much you love tinsel."

"No tinsel. Remember, James kept pulling it off the tree last year? What a mess it was!"

Draco did smile at the memory. A chubby James running around with fist fulls of tinsel. The kid was fun, Draco had to give him that.

Draco continued to decorate the tree, to Hermione's exact specifications, which took him nearly three hours. Their house looked like a winter wonderland. His mother had outdone herself this year. Their tree was perfect, the angel was lit, and Draco finally plopped down next to his wife.

"It really is magical." Hermione said softly.

"Yes, it is." Draco leaned over and kissed her cheek.

"Do you know what would make it even more magical?" Before he could respond she was telling him. "Fairy lights."

Draco's lips curled into a smile, then he froze. "Did you hear that?"

Hermione stilled, but she couldn't hear anything. "Hear what?"

Draco turned his head around the room. "There it is again."

"I don't hear anything."

Then Draco looked at her stomach and placed his ear right on top of her belly. "Mhm... Yes... oh, I know. Right. Okay, I'll tell her."

"Draco, what are you doing?" She giggled.

"Scorpius says that the house looks magical just the way it is, and he very much wants his Daddy to relax."

"Uh huh." She smirked. "Well, Rose told me that the fairy lights aside, we are still forgetting one thing."

"And what would that be?"

Picking up her wand from the end table she pointed it at a box near their fireplace. "Mistletoe." She breathed.

It hovered above them and Draco gave her a loving smile. "I believe Rose is right." He kissed his wife slowly, savoring these little moments.

The fairy lights were long forgotten.