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The Aftermath

Light peered through the bedroom window as Bugs Bunny peacefully slept with the Warner siblings close by. As the light reached his face, he let out a small tired and disgruntled groan. He opened his eyes and glared at the window, noticing the birds out on the tree branch as the light poured in.

" I ought ta replace those curtains", Bugs muttered as he slowly got up, careful not to disturb the sleeping children.

His heart melted at the sight. They looked extremely adorable and innocent asleep... small and fragile. Something he'd probably never allow any scum of life to ever lay eyes upon.

They were his kids... and he'd die trying to make sure they stayed happy for a long time.

Bugs quietly walked out of the room, closing the door before letting out a sigh. He stretched his back until he heard a pop, sighing in relief from the previous stiffness. He made his way downstairs, letting out a loud yawn as he walked down the stairway.

The doorbell rang and Bugs gazed up curiously.

" Who is it?", Bugs exclaimed.

" It'sh your beloved brothersth, Kit"

" Open up Bugs, it's chilly out here!"

Bugs grumbled under his breath as he opened the door to see the rest of the Looney Tunes, looking extremely chipper and mischievous.

" It's too early for you lot to look so chipper", Bugs grumbled.

" Well, someone woke up on the wong side of the bed this mowning", Elmer stated with a raised brow.

' More like I couldn't move in case I squashed the Warners', Bugs thought, not saying his thought out loud for in fear of a ruckus.

Call him selfish, but he wanted to keep the Warners to himself a little longer. He loved his brothers and took all his childhood selflessness lessons to heart, but he believed he could get away with this for a little longer.

" Bugs!", Lola squealed as she jumped to plant a kiss on him.

Bugs tried to hide his cringe as he stopped her by her arms," Eh, mornin' Lola", he said pushing her back to arm's length, therefore pushing away her advances.

It wasn't that he didn't like Lola. He loved her a lot. But not in the way she liked him, or believed to like him. Her excitement and energy reminded him too much of Clyde, Buster and the Warner siblings for him to even TRY to see her in a romantic light. Besides, he found out quite early in his life that he preferred older women... and cats.

" Stho, did ya make breakfasth yet?", Daffy asked walking inside.

" I just woke up. No breakfast made unless you want leftover pizza", Bugs said with a lazy grin.

The displeased look on Daffy's face spoke a thousand words already.

" Do you even have groceries in this place?", Tweety asked," You're not giving me a lot to work with here, big brother".

Wile sniffed," Is someone from the studio here?", he asked after smelling the air.

Bugs' breath hitched for a millisecond but pulled kn a calm expression," Plotz was here yesterday. Two of us had a sort of... disagreement on certain circumstances", he said casually," He's on the No-Fly list now".

Sylvester looked up in surprise," Really?", he said utterly flabbergasted.

The No-Fly list was essentially people the Looney Tunes were no longer allowed to be even on joking terms with. While many of them had qualms with certain people, it was rare for Bugs to pin someone on that list, especially someone they worked with.

Mindful of Lola in the next room, Daffy leaned forward and whispered," The last perp you put on that list was Trickster Fox. What happened?", he asked concerned.

" Like I said: it was a disagreement on certain circumstances", Bugs said waving them off," I handled it but I think the maroon should really learn his lesson a bit further", he growled," Anyway, since he was mentioned, did you find anything Sly?".

" Uh yeah, Sleazy and Psycho came to me at the precinct the other day, saying they spotted him near Cool World", Sylvester said calmly," Spotted him with two Tijuanas, serves to say he definitely got something outta that night".

" So long as its not her, I'm fine", Bugs murmured softly.

Pepe bit his lower lip," Since we're speaking about her as well, Penelope told me they saw her the other day. Her and Petunia", he said, looking at Bugs hesitantly.

" Oh", Bugs said quietly," How is she?".

" They don't know but she was crying when they found her", Pepe said hesitantly," Well more... Lola tripped her into a mop bucket...".

Bugs stood up but Daffy sat him down again.

" Cool it, bunny. Petunia told us it was an accident. Lola didn't see her", Daffy said sternly," I do not want to have to suffer with her crying after you yell at her again".

Bugs huffed and stood up on his own accord, ripping himself out of Daffy's grip.

" I'm heading out to the grocery store", Bugs announced," Stay out of my room until I get back!".

On his way out he made a quick detour up to his bedroom. Opening the door, Bugs peeked inside to hear the Warners still sleeping peacefully. He smiled a little before closing the door again and making his way to the front door.

" I'm heading out. Remember fellas: Stay outta my room!", Bugs exclaimed before slamming the front door shut.

" I'm telling you all. I still think I smell someone from the studio", Wile said frowning.

" Maybe ya sniffer's broken", Yosemite said entering the kitchen.

" Maybe. Mind sthmellin' my socks, Wile?", Sylvester asked smugly, pulling out an old hole-filled sock that a green air to it.

" Get that DISEASED thing outta my face, Sly!", Wile screamed, clogging his nose," Granny, help!".

" I'm a bit busy at the moment, dear!", Granny called from the living room.

" C'mon, is it really that bad?", Sylvester asked as Wile backed into Pepe who caught whiff of the smell.

Pepe gagged," Oh mon Dieu! Sylvester, when was the last time you washed that dreadful thing?", he said ill.

" Okay, if Pepe sthays it'sth bad, it'sth bad. Sylvester, burn those socks of yours", Daffy said shooing him out of the kitchen," When do you even wear sthocksth?".

" He can't burn it! What if it's highly flammable!?", Tweety said," For all we know we can cause a mini Hiroshima in LA".

Marvin walked past and shook his head," I want to disown some of you", he said nonchalantly before walking on towards the backyard.

" I hate this family", Wile muttered before Pepe cleared his throat angrily," Okay. I hate some of you. You're not included", he said, earning a satisfied hum from the skunk.

Meanwhile, the Warner siblings slept on, blissfully unaware of the chaos below them.

Wile walked upstairs, sniffing the air as he wandered around. His nose had never failed him and something in his gut told him to follow it.

His nose led him to Bugs' bedroom, where his older brother strictly told them not to enter. Wile pursed his lips and leaned his ear against the door. So technically, he was not defying his brother's rule.

He could hear snoring.

Wile's eyes widened and he immediately sped downstairs. He nearly ran Lola and Roadie over when he reached the entrances of the kitchen and game room.

" Woah there, Wiley", Daffy said surprised," What happened?".

" There's someone in Bugs' room", Wile rasped.

" What?!", Lola shrieked," That little-".

Foghorn pulled her back," Woah, now hold on there, girlie. We don't got the whole picture yet", he said sternly," It could be an enemy.

" Or some creepy Tijuana that found out where he lives and masturbated in his bed before falling asleep in it", Tweety said darkly.

The Looney Tunes looked at him with concern, earning a confused look from Tweety.

" What? Has that never happened to you guys?", Tweety asked confused.

" We'll talk about that later", Daffy said looking at the canary worriedly before turning to everyone else," But it could be someone dangerous. Wile, you said the perp was sleeping, right?".

" Knock right out", Wile confirmed.

" Then the best thing we can do is a sneak attack", Daffy whispered," All we gotta do is quietly get into the room, sneak over to the bed and BAM! Flat as a pancake. We throw them out and bing batta boom! We're heroes! Sound clear to everyone".

" As clear as the summer sky, Daff!", Wile said firmly.

" Then as my dear old protege once said: Let's get dangerous!", Daffy hissed," Tune Squad away!".

You can easily imagine the amount of goofiness pooling through as they all 'sneakily' made their way over to Bugs' bedroom. Daffy was the first by the door, putting his finger by his beak as he slowly opened the door.

Everyone stepped inside quietly and headed towards the bed stealthily. The perpetrator laid soundly asleep as the Looney Tunes loomed over them.

" Okay fellasth. On the count of three, we rip the blanket off and smash", Daffy whispered as he and Wile grabbed hold of the blanket," One... two... three!", the blanket was ripped off as mallets raised high above their heads but. their stance faltered when they saw the real perp.

The Warner siblings cuddled close together, their snores amazingly in synch. Wakko's leg jolted for a few seconds before it stilled.

" They knew our weakness", Foghorn said quietly," Children".

" Must resist temptation to coddle", Sylvester murmured stiffly.

" Look at the little angels", Granny crooned," They're even more cuter than they were in the pictures".

Dot had let out a small whimper and shivered in her sleep, making the Looney Tune's hearts melt further.

" Pull the blanket over them, you nincompoops", Pepe scolded," They're getting cold", he said sternly.

Wile and Daffy pulled the blanket back over them, tucking them in comfortably before standing back.

Dot had let out a tiny purr as she snuggled deeper into the blanket.

Sylvester sucked in a breath," Temptation's growing stronger", he said stiffly.

" Alright fellasth, let'sth sthlowly back away from the kits", Daffy said quietly.

" Wait, are we missin' somebody?", Yosemite asked.

Suddenly Tweety flew over them with a sadistic smile on his face," EAT MALLET, BITCH!", he exclaimed.

" TWEETY NO!", The Looney Tunes shrieked as they all dived for the crazed canary and dragged him to the floor.

Unfortunately for them, with the combination of Tweety's scream, their screams and the sound impact on the floor, the Warner Siblings jolted awake.

" Who's there?!", Yakko said as he and his siblings looked about fearfully.

" Bugs?", Dot called quietly.

The Looney Tunes slowly poked their heads from behind the end of the bed, looking at the siblings sheepishly. Tweety flew up from the slacked grasps and landed on the bed.

" What's the big- oh my sweet feathery toosh, they're adorable", Tweety gushed as he flew over to the stunned Warners," Look at you! I don't know what you are but I know I want you. Can we keep them, Sylvester?".

" I think Bugs got first claim", Sylvester murmured.

" Fine, I'll be the fabulous uncle. Creator knows none of you fit that bill", Tweety said sassily before turning to the Warners," You okay, cuties?".

The Warners were rendered simply speechless, Yakko included. They mostly stared at their famous audience before them in awe.

The Warners took their stares away from the men before them and looked at their predicament. They were currently in Bugs Bunny's bedroom, in his bed being watched by the very toons the Warners idolized to the point of obsession.

" We're in Bugs Bunny's bed. Meeting out favourite idols and getting complimented by said idols", Yakko murmured stiffly.

" We are in Bugs Bunny's bed. Meeting the Looney Tunes, our heroes in every sense", the Warners murmured until they looked down at themselves," IN OUR PAJAMAS!", the siblings shrieked in utter mortification.

Wakko and Dot practically sped out of the room while Yakko took to hiding under the blankets. Wakko ran out into the hallway while Dot ran into the connected Master bathroom.

" This is embarrassing", Yakko muttered.

" Nonsense, it's not that bad", Wile said sitting on the bed.

" Hey , I'll have you know I met George Burnsth in my underwear when I wasth a little kit", Daffy said reassuringly.

Yakko peeked out from under the blankets and the adults had to stop themselves from cooing at the adorable sight.

" Really?", Yakko asked curiously.

" Oh yeah. Never left the sthudio for weeksth. Leon stharted getting real annoyed with me hiding out in histh office the entire time", Daffy replied chuckling.

The bathroom and bedroom door opened and Wakko and Dot peeked inside curiously afrer eavesdropping on Daffy's confession.

" We never met George Burns. Is he as funny as in the studio's films?", Wakko asked curiously.

The Looney Tunes grinned as their eyes lit up at Wakko's question, multiple stories already coming up in their heads.

" Oh let usth tell you kiddosth", Daffy said grinning as Wakko and Dot made their way to the bed to listen to Daffy's story," He wasth a real hoot at sthudio partiesth!".

Bugs hummed as he entered his home but stopped when he noticed the lack of occupants on the lower floor. Then there was some laughter and Bugs instantly felt his mood sour.

He travelled up to his bedroom and paused at the sight before him. The Warners sat on his bed, laughing their lungs out at his brother's jokes and pranks. Just the sight of them happy made him smile.

But then there's the mood ruiner

" I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU ALL TO STAY OUTTA MY ROOM!", Bugs shrieked, frightening some of his brothers.

" Bugsth!", Sylvester said nervously," You're back already, brother".

" Of course. I don't trust you lot with my human world house alone, ya might break something", Bugs huffed before smiling at the Warners," Morning kiddos. Sleep well?".

Wakko smiled," Uh huh! You've got a soft bed", he said sweetly.

" I'll see if the store I bought this from has more then", Bugs said, deliberately ignoring his brothers.

" That's not nec-"

" Yakko, I swear to the creators that if you pull that charity case bullshit again, I'm gonna get mad", Bugs said sternly," What's the use of that psychiatrist of yours if ya got a low self esteem?".

" Low self esteem!", Pepe gasped.

" Who hurt you? Who does Uncle Tweety have to kill?", Tweety said crazily.

" N-Nobody", Yakko stuttered.

" Thaddeus Plotz", Bugs replied smugly.

" Bugs!", the Warner yelled.

" Consider it done", Tweety said," Sylvester, fetch me my rocket. We got a dwarf to blow up!".

" That's too easy on him", Bugs scoffed.

" He'sth right. Wile, you sthill got that nuclear bomb plan?", Daffy asked.

" NOBODY IS KILLING PLOTZ!", Yakko exclaimed before sighing," It's really not as bad as it sounds. He was stressed and it is our fault for not telling Steven ahead of time about the carnival".

" But that's not the problem, Yakko. He neglected you three. THAT'S my- our problem", Bugs explained," Just because a kid broke something, doesn't mean they shouldn't get any new clothes. You're kids, you're bound to break something!".

" Bugsth isth right. It'sth unfair and downright neglectful. We've all seen your work along with your costarsth. You're all pretty talented. Stho it really sthouldn't matter whatever you broke, the sthudio still getsth a lotta money, Animaniacs is pretty popular, so we bet the studio's getting tonsth of cash outta all of thisth", Daffy said reassuringly.

" He's right, y'know", Wakko said quietly.

Yakko was quiet and leaning into Bugs slowly. He didn't say anything for a few seconds until," I wouldn't mind having a new bed", he said quietly.

Bugs grinned," That's the spirit kiddo", he said happily, making Yakko giggle at the rabbit's silliness.

" Now that that's sorted. There'sth justh one minor thing that'sth on all our mindsth", Daffy said with a humourless laugh," What do you mean you weren't allowed new clothes?".

The Animaniacs cast stared in disbelief at the scene in front of them. Daffy Duck, a toon who could blow a gasket if some toon lesser than him so much touched him, was laughing as Dot touched him with her paint-covered hands, messing up his jacket beyond repair. Marita and Minerva had let out shrieks akin to pterodactyls when they found out the jacket was of the Armani brand.

Crates among crates of toys and furniture were moved inside the water tower that Monday morning. Everyone at the studio had come to a short halt as they heard Yosemite Sam, YOSEMITE SAM of all toons, smile happily at a paint-covered Yakko and Wakko.

And were those new clothes the Warners were wearing?

" Warners, what even?", Slappy said as the siblings nearly pass by them.

" Oh morning guys!", Yakko said cheerfully.

" Can we ask?", Rita said, still a little struck at the sight of the Looney Tunes being civil and dare she say... soft.

" Uh... I think it's better if you don't", Yakko said chuckling sheepishly," I'm still trying to wrap my head around this myself".

" We're a little flustered", Dot said sheepishly smiling at them.

Minerva hummed," Well at least you're getting spoiled. I honestly always thought this tower was too dull for you three", she said approvingly,

Slappy frowned," Y'know, toons would kill to be in the Looney Tunes' good graces. There's gonna be a lotta pettiness around", she warned.

The Warners smiled," Good thing we know know how to fight back, huh", they said smugly.

The cast was taken back by their reply. They weren't expecting such unwavering confidence from the kids, especially Yakko, who had been second-guessing his choices lately. They all smirked proudly at them.

" Looks like you three got a much needed self esteem boost", Minerva said smirking.

" Indeed", Wile said walking over," It was a piece of work but we managed. Be prepared though. We may have created little sass masters", he said chuckling fondly.

" We'll be the judge of that", Pesto said confidently.

" Will you be judging before or after your little gay squabble with Squit", Dot said sassily folding her arms with a raised brow.

" Oh snap", Skippy squeaked while Slappy snickered.

" Are you just gonna let her talk to you like that, bud?", Bobby said smirking.

" I'll let it slide for now. Not because she's right or anythin'! There's just a really scary coyote right behind her", Pesto said scoffing but averted his gaze away from his costars.

Wile snickered a little before his attention was caught by something else. That something else being a certain blonde mink.

" Well hi there", Minerva said flirtatiously.

Wile smirked," Well hello there yourself, gorgeous", he said sending her a wink before turning," Warners, if you need me, I'm installing those new closets in Dot's room".

" Okie dokie", The Warners replied.

Minerva grinned as she watched Wile walk away. Rita sighed as she saw her friend's eyes light up.

" Rita darling, hold my purse, 'cause I just found myself a tall glass of wine, sass and financial security", Minerva said grinning.

Rita sighed," Whatever suits you girl", she said shaking her head.

Dot giggled as she watched Minerva walk in the direction Wile went.

" They'd make a cute couple", Dot commented.

Bugs passed by and eyed the Animaniacs cast with a raised brow.

" Eh Warners? Daffy asked for a bit of help with painting Wakko's bedroom", Bugs said softly.

The Warners smiled," We'll be right there. Later everyone", they said before hopping away.

Bugs smiled softly with a lot of fondness as they left the front room. But when he turned to what was left of the cast, his demeanor changed. He dropped his smile and hardened his gaze, sending chills down everyone's spines.

" What are you blokes gawkin' at? What are you doin' standin' around here? The only toons gettin' special treatment here is the Warners. NOW GET TO WORK!", Bugs exclaimed.

" Yes Mr Bunny", everyone squeaked fearfully.

From the corner of the room, the Warners sighed with exasperation.

" He'll warm up to them soon... hopefully", Yakko said.

" The creators can't do such huge miracles, Yakko", Dot replied

" C'mon, let's go help Daffy with the painting", Wakko replied.

" Phew! I am beat!", Daffy said collapsing onto Bugs' bed.

" Well we did just decorate and arrange an entire home", Bugs said chuckling.

Daffy chuckled," True. Very true", he replied softly," Y'know, they remind me a little of you, the Warnersth... from back when we were younger. You alwaysth usthed to get paint sthmeared on Papa's and Dad's clothes. They couldn't even be mad. You were justh thisth excitable little kit who loved the world justh like they do".

Bugs smiled," But Leon would blow up at the sight of wasted paint", he said wistfully.

" He could never sthay mad at usth too long though", Daffy recalled," Neither could everyone else. We were innocent souls. We didn't know how cruel the world would be".

" Yeah", Bugs said softly," I'm afraid something bad will happen to the kids someday, that they'll finally see what cruelty looks like. I just wanna keep them innocent".

" Naivete is what gets toons like them killed every time, Bugs", Daffy said sternly.

" But the kids will have us", Bugs stressed.

" But we can't be everywhere, Bugs", Daffy said frowning.

" I know", Bugs said dejectedly.

Daffy sent his little brother a small smile," Cheer up, Kit. The Warners are strong kids. They'll no doubt send some danger packin' to Antarctica in record time", he said reassuringly.

" I hope you're right", Bugs said softly," Y'know, I'm surprised you didn't blow up at the fact I kept the kids from meeting you for as long as I did", he said.

Daffy laughed," Oh I'm hardly angry. Not even frustrated. But do you know who will be when she finds out you've been holding out on her?", he said.

" Who?"

" Mom", Daffy answered.

" Oh Schlesinger", Bugs cursed, much to Daffy's amusement

" But I understand a little. You always were a selfish type at times. I wouldn't be surprised if you were their only parent", Daffy said.

" Not true", Bugs scoffed before turning his head to look at a photo of him and one familiar cat," There's at least one toon I'm willing to share that title with...".

Daffy smiled sadly as he stared at his heartbroken brother. He never told the rabbit that he had met her at Betty's the other day, with the intention of dragging her tail with him back to Looneyville. But then they talked it out and he found out why she left in the first place.

While he wasn't happy with her answer, he understood at the very at least. He had voiced his wishes that she could've talked with him, with them, it would've made years of grief much less for everyone involved.

But everyone will their things out sooner or later and life could be grand again. Daffy smiled as he mused of sunny days and picnics every second Sunday like they used to. But until then...

He could wait another 2 decades.

The End

Phew! Finally finished this. And before Christmas. Just like I planned. I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!