Closing the door, he sighed and shook his head. "That's the third time this week, McIntyre."

Trapper shrugged as he walked to his desk and threw his bag down beside it.

Henry finished marking his tardy and looked up to his student. "One more and it's a detention."

"Aww, c'mon Henry!"

Henry glared at him as he sat the clipboard by his filing cabinets. "Since when have we been on a first name basis?"

Trapper shrugged. "Sorry."

Henry sat back down at his desk. He knew it was going to be a rough school year. He was teaching a class full of sophomores basic high school anatomy and he couldn't deny it, this period was always testing his patience. And it was only the third week of school.

As he searched his computer for the class work to print off today he became increasingly more agitated as the noise in the classroom steadily increased. Everyone went from quiet whispers to full volume conversations in under three minutes.

As the papers began to print, Henry stood up and adressed everyone else. "Can you guys keep a lid on it for three seconds!?"

Everyone went quiet. For about three seconds. Henry sighed and picked up the warm stack of freshly printed papers of from his desk. "They don't pay me enough for this kind of work," he thought to himself.

He began to pass out the papers to the first row of seats when he noticed Hawkeye sitting in the back, hood over his head, fast asleep.

Henry tucked the stack under his arm and walked over to Hawkeye.

"Hawkeye." He waited for a response. "Hawkeye wake up and pay attention for once."

"Five more minutes, dad..."

"There's no hoods on or sleeping in class, how may times am I going to have to repeat these rules?"

As Hawkeye pulled his hood off, Henry sat the papers on his desk.

"Here, finish passing these out. That should keep you awake."

Hawkeye grudgingly took the stack and passed around the rest of the papers as Henry walked over to the whiteboard.

"Alright. Today we'll be going over the different body systems. You know the drill, no cell phones, food, or talking when taking notes."