"Mind if I sit here?"

Radar looked up to Hawkeye and nodded, "Sure, go ahead," he said, pushing aside a mound of papers.

Hawkeye sat his lunch tray down where the papers had been and took a seat next to Radar. "Don't mind my asking, but what is all of that? Your teachers couldn't have given you that much homework... is it late work? Did you forget to do a project or something?"

Radar sighed, "Well it's-"

"Just forget about all that work and enjoy your lunch," he glanced at Radar's and his own lunch tray, "well... try and enjoy it as much as possible," he said with disgust.

"It's not mine."

Hawkeye raised an eyebrow, "Not yours... what?"

"It's not my homework."

"Who's is it?"


Hawkeye sat up a little straighter and frowned, "Why are you doing his homework?"

"He said he didn't understand it. I tried explaining it to him but he said it would be better for me if I did it."

"Better for you? But you've already got your own work cut out for you!"

"He said it would be better for me because if I didn't do it he'd knock my lights out."

Hawkeye angrily stood up and looked aroumd, "Does Zelmo have this lunch period?"

"I don't know... why?"

"Because if he does I'M going to knock his lights out."

Radar also stood up, "Oh no! Don't do that! You'll just get in trouble and make Zelmo angry!"

Hawkeye sighed and sat back down, "You're right. I'll just talk to him in class tomorrow."

"Really? Could you?"

"Of course, Radar. You shouldn't be worrying about anyone's work but your own."