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"I don't know why people feel the need to print this crap!" I vented. Dimitri and I were sitting in the waiting room of my orthopedic doctor for a check up as I read the latest article released about me from Tasha.

"I've told you to quit reading those. You know they're all lies," Dimitri said.

"Yes, but people believe it. People actually believe that I straight up told her I only came to LA to try to con my way into your life and steal you back!"

"Who cares?" he asked.

"I care because they're also talking about you. Saying you're a cheater and now she's saying we've been having an affair for years. First of all, if that's true I was here first bitch so you'd be the other woman," I muttered reading through it before it was yanked from my hands. "Hey I was reading that."

"Roza. They're all lies you and I and everyone that's important know that. Frankly anyone with half of a brain knows that it's false after your last performance. If they believe that crap then good for them. You and me and our friends and family, that's what matters," he said grabbing my hands.

"I just don't like all of the lies. What if people believe all of this and then they don't buy the duet album? That's not fair to Adrian or Sydney."

"Roza, People are so consumed by Adrian and Sydney's relationship that they'll buy it whether you're on it or not. Even if that wasn't the case, people still love you and are still on your side. Read these," he said handing me his phone. On it was a link to the article I'd just been reading but he had it pulled down to the comments where a lot of the comments were defending me and Dimitri. "See, don't let her win Roza. She's trying to get in your head and make you doubt yourself and me. She knows this publicity game because she thrives in it."

"I'm sorry Comrade. I know you cared about her," I admitted sincerely. I may hate her but he wouldn't have been with her for so long if he didn't. I know it bothers him that she's saying all of this and showing her true colors now. This is her third time speaking out against me trying to play the victim.

"She's shown that our relationship was all fake based on her actions. I'm just sorry she's dragging you through this," he said regretfully.

"It's not your fault she's psychotic. She played you and took advantage of you. Once we get back to LA we can show her she's not winning."

"Roza, you're not coming back with me," he smirked. "Nice try though."

"Just wait and see what the doctor says. When he says I'm cleared you're going to be eating those words," I smiled back. We'd been having this fight all week. Dimitri was needed back in LA so he was flying out this Sunday but when I informed him, I was going with him he told me I wasn't allowed. I know dangerous words, right? Now we've been arguing about it since. His hope is that the doctors don't clear me to leave.

"Rose," Called the nurse.

"Now we get to go see I'm right," I smiled standing up. My knee has practically healed. Stairs still give me a lot of pain and if I twist it just right so I'm still in a brace for now.

"After you," he smirked still confident he's right.

An hour later we were pulling into Olena's driveway. The doctor had cleared me and Dimitri wasn't happy about it. I jumped out of the car and made my way inside frustrated. I understood he was worried but this is extreme.

"You're son is an ass," I told Olena as I sat on a barstool in the kitchen.

"Why this time?" She laughed as she rolled some dough.

"Because he has to go out to LA and I want to go with him because I need to get back to work and I miss LA but, he won't let me because according to him I'm not healed enough! I already received all the necessary permissions from doctors and PT but he still is arguing about it. I told him if he doesn't let me, I'll just board the next plane leaving after his."

"Because that's the way to solve problems," Sonya laughed coming into the room.

"He's being unreasonable!" I said frustrated

"Because I don't want you to rush back into working after you just almost died, sue me!" Dimitri said coming into the room.

"That's an exaggeration. It was a concussion, broken leg and dislocated shoulder. I'm fine. Even all of the doctors said I'm fine. I'm even almost able to lose the brace," I said annoyed.

"You were in a coma! That's not an exaggeration," he said frustrated.

"Mama Belikova can you please tell him he's being unreasonable?" I asked turning towards her.

"Dimka you're being unreasonable. Roza so are you," she added at my look of triumph. My mouth popped open and Dimitri laughed.

"Ugh! I'm going to find Vika! At least she'll be on my side!" I huffed heading towards the stairs.

"You going to be able to get up there?" Dimitri asked smugly from the table. I flipped him off.

"Watch me!" I told him stubbornly knowing it really was going to hurt like hell to get up the stairs. My knee had almost completely healed but there had been some muscle and ligament damage that was still trying to heal so while walking was fine, stairs really were painful. I slowly started up the stairs. I was about halfway up when I heard Dimitri from the bottom.

"Hows it going?"

"Perfect. Almost there actually," I lied.

"Really? That was fast," he said smugly knowing I was lying. "I can come help you if you want."

"Nope. I'm fine. Really good practice for PT," I said though I was hoping my voice didn't sound as strained as I felt. Before I knew what was happening, Dimitri was beside me wrapping my arm around his shoulders. As much as I wanted to argue, him taking the weight off of that leg felt amazing.

"I had it," I muttered.

"I'm sure you did but I wasn't going to let your stubbornness risk injuring yourself further. I might be an ass but not that much," he smirked down at me. I laughed and rolled my eyes at him. by now we were at the top. "Got it from here?"

"Yep," I said popping the 'p'. He went to turn back around and head downstairs but, I grabbed his shoulder and turned him back towards me. He hadn't fully come up the stairs because of our height difference he'd been a step below me so now we were perfectly eye to eye. I pulled him to me and kissed him.

"You are an ass, I'm still going but, thank you and I love you," I told him after I pulled away. "Even though I had it."

"Of course, you did," he placated. "You're not going, you're welcome and I love you too."

"We'll see." I told him turning around and heading towards Vika's room.


"I'm not being that unreasonable," I said frustrated sitting back down at the table.

"Her doctors signed off which means they aren't worried about it, so why are you?" Sonya asked from beside me.

"She almost died. I feel like that gives me a small right to feel over protective," I said annoyed.

"Yes, it gives you a right to feel that way but you also have to understand where she's coming from. This is the longest she's ever gone not doing anything. I'm amazed she hasn't pushed to go back out to New York or LA sooner."

"She's tried," I admitted. About then the baby started crying in the monitor so Sonya left to go get her.

"Oh Dimka. I know you're scared, you just got her back and you're scared to lose her again but, she's been on her own for 5 years, she's already conceded a lot by taking your thoughts and feelings into account. Now you have to do the same for her," Mama said.

"We don't know if the accident was on purpose or not yet, what if it was and someone is still out there?" I asked voicing my real concerns. "She can't run yet, she can barely get upstairs, she can't defend herself."

"Then wouldn't it be better if she was with you so you can protect her? Besides, like you said, you don't know if it was an accident or not. What if it was just an accident?"

"I won't be with her the whole time. If it was, I'd rather be safe than sorry."

"Who's to say she's safer here? She did get hit while here in town."

"That is true. No one knows where the cabin is outside of close friends or family though so she'll be safe there."

"So, you expect her to stay there by herself for an extended amount of time and not leave?"

"Yes…no…I don't know," I said exasperated.

"Well that's something to think about," she said. By then, Sonya had brought Katya back in the room. She came over and brought her to me. I smiled down at her as she preceded to spit up on me.

"Thanks kid," I laughed


A little while later, after dinner, Olena and I sat on the porch watching Dimitri play with Paul and Zoya. It was killing me not to be out there with them but I was enjoying just sitting and watching.

"Ok I wasn't going to ask but how am I being unreasonable?" I asked Olena.

"Why do you really want to go out to LA with him?"

"I told you, I want to get back to work and I miss LA and my friends out there," I explained.

"And?" she persisted.

"And nothing. That's why," I told her. She just gave me that knowing look. "And I'm a little worried. I'm not sure why but I have an uneasy feeling about him going by himself. I'm not worried it will be like last time or anything it's just I don't know, I can't explain it. It is mostly for the reasons I gave but also that."

"You need to trust him and trust your relationship. Before you argue, I told him the same thing. He's just worried about you. Do you remember what he was like in the hospital? He barely ate, barely slept thinking that you weren't going to wake up. Of course, he's going to be overprotective of you after that. He always has been. He knows you're strong and capable but he hasn't seen just how independent you've become. Give him time."

"I've been giving him time. I wanted to get back to work weeks ago. I'm going stir crazy in that cabin by myself. Don't get me wrong I enjoy when y'all come and visit or when I can make my way into town but I'm not doing anything! I'm not a person that can sit still for very long. I mean I've written a few more songs but since I'm not allowed to do anything, I can't record them yet."

"I understand. I told Dimitri the same thing. I'm proud of you for it. But you have to see his point of view also. He's worried about you."

"I know. I just wish he had more faith in me. I may not be 100% but I know my limits and I know not to push it unless I'm trying to prove a point to him," I joked.

"You are stubborn as a mule," she laughed.

By now, Paul and Zoya were starting to get tired so Dimitri herded them back in. Paul came over and sat on my lap. Zoya went inside hollering for her mom.

"Roza, next time can you come play with us?"

"Maybe, we'll have to see where my knee is at. I know I miss running around with y'all too but hey Uncle Dimka's not too bad of a replacement," I teased.

"Hey now," Dimitri laughed.

"Eh he's all right," Paul shrugged.

"Paul it's time to head home," Karolina came outside with Zoya on her hip. He gave me a big hug before going over to Olena and hugging her, then doing the same with Dimitri.

"I think it's about our time to head out ourselves," I said standing up. Olena stood up with me and hugged me before turning towards Dimitri as I went inside. Vika and Sonya were sitting in the living room playing with the baby.

"Hey we're heading out," I told them bending down to kiss Katya on the forehead.

"Bye baby girl, I'll see you later!" I told her smiling at her. She smiled and flung her arms and I laughed. I went over to the door and grabbed my jacket as Dimitri met me at the door.

"See y'all later," I said heading outside. Dimitri said his goodbyes and followed me out. He went over and opened my door and helped me in. He'd had Sydney and Adrian drive his truck back down here so we didn't have to rent a car any longer. It had taken some persuasion to let them drive it but he finally relented. Unfortunately for me, it was a high step to get in and I haven't mastered it on my own yet. Getting out I'm fine. It's the getting in part that's the struggle.

We spent the ride listening to the radio, taking turns changing the station depending on what came on. Halfway through I spoke up.

"So, did Olena convince you I was right?" I asked.

"I see she didn't convince you I was," he teased.

"Nope, because you're wrong. I'm going. I'm sorry but I'm tired of being cooped up here."

"What if whoever hit you did it on purpose and they're still out there," he said.

"So, I'm going to be confined to the cabin until we find them? What if we never do?"

"Just until you can defend yourself again," he stated.

"Comrade you and I both know I can't live like that. You can't expect me to, I'll go crazy."

"You already are crazy," he retorted.

"Shut up," I said with a smile.

"I'm just worried ok. I just got you back, I don't want to lose you again."

"I understand that but I can't be locked up forever. Trust me, I don't want to risk re-injury or getting hurt again so I'll be safe. How about this, I'll stay here this week but next week I go back to LA. If there is any sign what so ever that this was done on purpose, I will take Abe up on his offer to hire a body guard. I love being here and I love seeing everyone here but I NEED to get back to work before you see what crazy really is," I told him as we pulled in front of the house.

"What if we make it two weeks?" He asked.

"What if I just go with you Sunday?" I countered.

"Fine, I'll think about it and let you know," he conceded and I knew I'd pretty much won. I smiled in triumph and he rolled his eyes and made his way over to my side of the car.

"You're a pain in the ass," he smirked as I turned towards him.

"Maybe but I'm your pain in the ass and you love me," I teased.

"Damn right you are, I wouldn't have it any other way," he smiled leaning down and kissing me as he grabbed me from the car, one hand under my knees and one around my back. We broke apart as he made his way to the house.

Hours later I woke up right in the middle of a nightmare. I looked around and found the bed beside me empty. I got out of bed and went searching for Dimitri. I had a feeling I already knew where he was so I made my way to the basement door. I opened it softly so as not to interrupt him and I heard a guitar playing. I smiled and softly made my way downstairs. Luckily for me, going down wasn't nearly as hard. Plus, after my accident, when we first moved in, Dimitri and Mason completely remodeled the stairs so they weren't the standard creepy basement stairs that are super tall and narrow. We decided after moving in to turn this into a music studio. It already had the concrete walls so it seemed like the perfect option. Right now, it's only halfway done but it's a work in progress. After the first few steps, the staircase opens up so you can see into the room. I smiled when I saw him in nothing but his pajama pants sitting in a chair leaned over his guitar writing on his paper. He didn't look up but he knew I was down here. He went back to playing and murmuring softly as I finished the trek down the stairs. When I got to the bottom I went and pulled up a chair next to him.

"I woke up to an empty bed," I stated. "How come?"

"Inspiration struck. I had to get it down," he said smiling up at me.

"Can I hear?" I asked.

"Nope. It's not ready," he smirked looking up at me. With his hair down, shirtless, holding a guitar, he was irresistibly hot.

"Just the melody?" I asked with a small flirty smile.

"A small clip of it," he relented and started playing.

"Hmm sounds beautiful. It's different than your usual," I said when he was done.

"More country. Like I said its not done yet," he said putting the guitar down. He grabbed my hand and pulled me onto his lap.

"Any certain inspirations?" I asked leadingly.

"Eh just this girl," he shrugged.

"Oh yea?" I asked wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Yea, she's kind of irritating, extremely stubborn and hard headed, but beautiful and made for me," he said running his nose along my chin softly.

"She sounds hot," I joked. He laughed and pulled back.

"She is, especially when her hair's up in a messy bun, wearing my sweats," he smirked looking me up and down. I looked down at my black tank top and his gray sweats I threw on coming down here.

"Eh I try," I teased.

"What woke you up?" he asked knowingly. I shrugged tired of the nightmares. They're lessened when he's in bed but still keep coming. "I'm sorry babe."

"I'm used to it by now," I admitted. I laid my head in the space between his shoulder and neck, relishing in his comfort. Here lately they'd changed from what they used to be, now they usually involved variations of the accident. Sometimes Dimitri is in them, sometimes he never shows up. Other times he shows up then leaves. "They're getting better."

"I wish I could take them away for you," he said kissing my head.

"They'll go away one day, hopefully," I said pulling back deciding to change the subject. I know he feels guilty about the nightmares. "Do you want to keep writing? I can go back upstairs and let you work."

"Nah, I'm done for the night," he said standing up lifting me with him.

"You aren't carrying me all the way to the bedroom," I said as he started walking towards the stairs.

"Watch me," he smirked. God, he was too sexy.