AN: I'm so sorry it has taken this long! I have no idea how time has gone by so fast. It seems like the days drag on but the weeks are flying by if that makes any sense. Sorry I haven't been writing more, I've been struggling with a lot of migraines here lately so it makes it hard to write but hopefully they will be better soon. Next chapter will be more dramatic I promise. This one is one that probably should be saved in a deleted scenes bank somewhere but I loved it so here ya go. Also you can see how long I've been working on it since its set before Halloween. SMH. Sorry again guys. Hopefully the next one won't take near as long.

Song used later in chapter is 'Wow' by Zara Larson.

I glared over at Dimitri as I huffed and adjusted the pillow yet again. Of course, he's sleeping just fine while I'm over here tossing and turning. I'm not going to lie, I'm really resisting the urge to throw a pillow at him. If I cant sleep, he shouldn't get to either. After all it's his fault I can't sleep. Him and his super sperm that didn't just want to have one baby but two. Ok, yea I'm happy about it but you know what would make me much happier? If I could freaking sleep.

"Ugh!" I huffed before climbing out of bed. Dimitri didn't even move. I made my way down stairs and plopped on the couch. I'm only 22 weeks, it shouldn't be this uncomfortable this early should it? I flipped the tv on but turned the volume down so I didn't wake Dimitri up. 10 minutes in I realized I was hungry so I went over to the fridge and grabbed the ice cream out of the freezer. As I shut it, I looked up and saw the picture of us from our honey moon.

"You're really not going to tell me where we're going?" I asked. "Hold on, the airport is the other way."

"We're not flying," he stated, a hint of a smirk playing on his lips.

"Well tropical beach is out…ok, is it somewhere on the east coast? Like are beaches involved at all?"

"You'll have to wait and see," he smirked. "You'll like it, I promise."

"Have I been there before?" I asked inspecting his face for a reaction. His eyebrow twitched just slightly. "I have! Hmmm…Was it somewhere we went on tour?"

"I'm not telling you anything," he laughed. "You'll figure it out soon enough."

A little while later I woke up to feeling super nauseous.

"Hey comrade, pull over," I said grimacing. Luckily, he could read me well and already knew why. He pulled over to the shoulder as I hopped out. When I was done throwing up, Dimitri was beside me with a bottle of mouth wash and a water bottle. I quickly used both, the mouth wash three times just to be safe. That's when I finally looked around.

"Hold on, this looks like the mountains…Are we going to the resort we went to in high school?" I asked excitedly. His grin told me the answer and I excitedly hugged him. "This is perfect."

"I figured you'd appreciate it. I don't plan on much skiing or snowboarding but, I got us a cozy little private cabin in the woods. I know how much you love the snow" he grinned.

"Comrade, that's awesome! I love it!" I told him hugging him again. I really wanted to kiss him but hello, puke breath is not attractive. He leaned down and kissed my forehead, probably on the same wavelength as me. "Come on, let's go see snow!"

The picture on the fridge was from the next day when we decided to go for an evening walk in the snow. We were next to some cliffs so I wanted a picture of us with the background. Dimitri was being his over protective self and was semi grumpy so I decided at the last second to surprise him by kissing his cheek, he however had the same idea. We ended up with a burst of pictures of us kissing then laughing. I had the one of us kissing framed upstairs but the one of us laughing is the one on the fridge.

"Back when I wasn't super fat and annoying," I grumbled. Then I mimicked Dimitri's speech from two days ago, "'You're not fat Roza, you're just growing two Russian babies. You're beautiful.' Beautiful my ass. I'm a whale and I'm barely half way through."

"I really hope I don't sound like that," Came Dimitri's voice from the entry way. I gasped and turned around.

"Gah! Give a girl a heart attack!" I said. We were back at the LA apartment finishing up my solo album and starting on Dimitri's first ever solo album himself. He chuckled and walked into the kitchen behind me as I opened the ice cream.

"Can't sleep?" he asked rubbing my shoulders as I ate ice cream from the container.

"Gee what was your first clue?" I smarted. He stood behind me rubbing my shoulders. Then he leaned down and kissed my neck softly as he rubbed. "Sorry I'm just tired and grouchy."

"I get it. Want to go watch a movie in the living room?"

"A few more bites then I will," I said before popping another spoonful in my mouth. Then I decided to be nice to make up for being bitchy and offer him some. I held a spoonful up to him. He quirked an eyebrow like he was surprised I was sharing. "You going to make your pregnant wife eat ice cream alone at 3 in the morning?"

"Nope," he smiled taking the spoonful I offered him. Then he cringed. "What flavor is that?"

"Honey jalapeno pickle, Adrian brought it back for me from his last trip to Denver. Said it sounded like something a pregnant chick would like. He was right. Delicious right?" I laughed.

"Or something," he choked out. I closed the lid and snuck by him putting it in the freezer.

"Alright lets go put on a movie," I told him heading into the living room. "It's October so how about something Halloween…not scary though…"

"Hocus Pocus?" he asked.

"Perfect!" I smiled pulling it up on the tv. Dimitri pulled me down to lay in front of him and slid a pillow under my belly to relieve some of the pressure. I started the movie but then pulled up my phone.

"Thought we were watching this?"

"We are but I just want to see what people are saying real quick," I told him pulling up twitter. We had released a single picture of us from the wedding after we got back from our honeymoon just to announce that we'd gotten married but we'd been pretty silent since then. We eventually decided to announce the twins by doing an article with People magazine. They'd given us the first copy to approve first so I'd already seen it all but, I was excited to see the fans reactions. In the article we'd talked a little bit about the wedding and then how Lissa surprised us with the reveal. We also gave them a few photos from it, none that really included anybody not famous, mostly just pics of Dimitri and I. One of Adrian officiating, one that included us and Lissa and Vika during the paint war. We kept the more intimate details to ourselves, the vows, me singing to Dimitri, the toasts, etc. We did include a picture of us during the cake smash, one of us dancing and a couple poses we did after the wedding. The photographer had taken a few photos of the reception area, and wedding area before people were there so we included a few of those as well.

"What does it matter what they think?" he asked. "Will it change your opinion of it at all?"

"No but, I'm excited to see if they love it as much as I did. Besides the first part of this movie is boring," I told him.

"It sets the scene for the movie, gives you background," he laughed.

"Not if I can already quote it, then it's pointless," I told him reading some of the comments "We're trending"

"You can quote the whole movie, does that make the whole movie pointless?"

"No, just the beginning," I told him. I snorted reading one, "Here ya go 'well at least now we know why she's so fat!' Dude, like it's not obvious I'm pregnant. Go troll somewhere else."

"Asshole," Dimitri muttered reading over my shoulder.

"But not wrong, I'm huge," I shrugged.

"Shut up," he growled. He hates anytime I talk bad about myself.

"Well for the most part everyone thinks you're the most romantic man in the entire world and no man will ever compare…they don't have to hear you snore," I chuckled.

"I don't snore," he defended.

"Comrade, I was this close to smothering you in your sleep earlier," I told him turning towards him. I still love you though."

"I should just go back to bed if I'm going to be abused like this," he teased.

"Don't you dare move, I'm comfortable finally and if you move I might murder you in your sleep," I warned.

"Glad to know what I'm good for," he laughed.

"Well that and your back rubs and foot rubs and when you cook for me," I teased still looking at the comments. They were pretty much overwhelmingly positive and supportive. Lots of well wishes on the twins. Needless to say, with Tasha out of the picture, my popularity has risen. Dimitri shocked me by grabbing my phone and putting it on the small table we have sitting behind the couch. "Hey!" I exclaimed.

"No more phone, its time to watch the movie and relax. You need rest," he said sternly. I rolled my eyes but resisted smiling at his over protectiveness. I rolled over facing him, he tilted his hips and shoulders at a slant so my stomach could rest comfortably on his. I laid my head on his shoulder as he started gently rubbing my back and running his other hand through my hair as much as he could. It wasn't an easy feat since I was laying my head on his arm.

"Thought you wanted to watch the movie?" he asked.

"I am," I told him. I listened to the scene that was on TV and said the next line "With tights or no deal!"

He laughed. "Is there a movie you watch that you can't quote the entire thing?"

"Hmmm there's a few. Happy Gilmore."

"That's because you don't like Happy Gilmore as much as the others. You only ever really watched it because I liked it."

"You asked, I answered," I sighed, slowly relaxing into him as he continued to run his hand through my hair and rub my back. Dimitri started humming softly as I started slowly drifting.

"Roza," came Dimitri's voice in my ear.

"Sssshhh I'm sleeping," I slurred cuddling up closer to what ever I was holding on to. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew it was Dimitri but I was trying to keep all reason out of my brain so I could keep sleeping. I felt him chuckle under me. "Don't move."

"Babe, I let you sleep as long as I could but it's time to get up. We have that meeting with your team in an hour."

"Can't we cancel?" I murmured still refusing to open my eyes.

"Tell you what, we go to this meeting and you can come back home and sleep or you can nap on the couch in the studio while I work on the album," he reasoned. "And I'll get you donuts on the way."

"With chocolate?" I asked cracking an eye and looking at him.

"As long as you drink some milk to get some nutrients and promise to eat a healthier lunch," he compromised.

"As long as its chocolate milk," I grinned finally opening both eyes. He rolled his eyes but I could tell he agreed. Like he didn't know that's all I drink with donuts. That's when I noticed we were still on the couch. "We're still down here?"

"You were comfortable," he shrugged. I figured even if he didn't move me, he would have at least gone and laid upstairs.

"Yea but I'm sure you weren't, I was on your arm all night," I said lifting up.

"It was worth it, I'm fine. You know I can sleep anywhere and I wasn't going to risk moving you when you were finally comfortable. I told you, you need rest."

"Sheesh. How did I manage to end up with you? You're too sweet sometimes."

"I'm the only one that can handle your mood swings and super pleasant demeanor," he smarted.

"I lied, you're an ass," I laughed standing up.

"Yes, but, I'm your ass," he teased back. I rolled my eyes as I made my way up to the bedroom to get ready.

"Obviously we won't do a full tour but, we do want to try and maximize the release by doing at least a few shows. It will be in a couple of weeks so not towards the end of your pregnancy but, we will make it as stress free as possible for you," My manager Paul explained.

"You do know as much as I hate to admit it, there's a high chance I may be put on bed rest. I'm already high risk and with twins your chances of early labor increase…"

"We've already taken that into consideration, all the dates we have tentatively set up our from your 25th week to the 30th but we do have emergency plans prepared if that happens. We have limited the press expected to promote the album and most of the interviews we have planned are remote. There are a few in person interviews but they can be switched if need be. You and the babies health are the most important thing."

"Ok, then sounds good. Just wanted to make sure you were aware that it's a possibility. God hope it doesn't happen though," I said holding my hand up in a fingers crossed position.

"Later this week, we'll have a meeting to discuss album art and new merchandise. The old merch sold really well, we're hoping new stuff sells even better. The release party is already being planned for next week. We have you out of the studio for Friday and Monday. We'll be expecting a lot more paparazzi showing up with the court date approaching so we have tightened security," Paul stated. At that I looked at Abe.

"Don't worry, you're safe. Don't talk to anyone though," He assured then warned.

"Ok, sounds good."

"Also, until the trial is over, I'm keeping Butch and as you like to call him, Chuck with you. They won't go into your condo and once you're there, they will leave but if you leave, they need to be with you. I know you hate it but, tension will be high while the trial is going on," Abe explained. Honestly the stubborn part of me wanted to argue but luckily the rational part agreed with the precaution. Tasha's hearing starts soon. Friday Dimitri and I have to go give our deposition statements. The trial will start a week or two later.

"Alright well, that's all we have for you today. Dimitri is working on his own album today so you have a free day," Alberta said.

"Thanks guys. I really appreciate it. I really have the best team here," I told them smiling and standing up. I said my goodbyes and made my way down to the studio Dimitri was in. He was in the studio and hadn't noticed me come in so I just went and laid on the couch while he worked. Currently he was playing piano for one of his songs. I hadn't heard it before. It was beautiful though. I propped one of the pillows under my belly and the other behind my head. Before I knew it, I had drifted listening to him play.

"Thank you, Stephanie. You can take the rest of the day off. I know things are about to get pretty hectic so take all the time you can," Came Dimitri's voice from across the room. I cracked an eye to see Dimitri holding a paper bag and facing Stephanie.

"Have Butch take her home or wherever she wants to go," I told him closing my eyes again and snuggling into the blanket that I'm guessing Dimitri had put over me. Naps had become frequent enough in here that I kept a few blankets here now.

"No, I don't need that but thank you," Stephanie denied.

"Comrade, make her listen," I said not opening my eyes as I rolled over and faced the back of the couch. After a couple of minutes Dimitri had it settled that Butch was taking her home. I smiled. I've been trying to push her and Butch together more often. It didn't help that something was off with her, she seemed jumpy and more scared than usual so I felt better with him around her. I've tried to get her to see a therapist about PTSD from being kidnapped, even told her I was paying for it but she swears it's not because of that and that a counselor won't help. I'm hoping eventually she'll open up to Butch or me.

I started drifting again when I felt Dimitri sit behind me. I felt a hand on my shoulder but it didn't feel like Dimitri I quickly glanced up to see someone with long black hair I gasped and jerked away as Tasha looked up at me and gave me an evil smirk.

"Told you it wasn't over," she smiled lifting a giant knife above me.

"NO! Stop! Don't do this!" I yelled as I struggled against the hand on my shoulder. My eyes shut as I started flinging my limbs anywhere and everywhere trying to get away. A part of me realized it was a dream but I couldn't help the terror that ran through me.

"Roza!" came Dimitri's voice from behind me. I gasped and my eyes popped open only to see the back of the couch again. I quickly turned to see Dimitri sitting beside me on the couch looking worried. "It was just a dream."

"More like a nightmare," I panted still trying to catch my breath. Against my will my eyes started watering as Dimitri pulled me up and into his lap cradling me in his embrace as he leaned back against the couch. He stroked my hair singing softly as I tried to get my breathing back to normal. Every time, I closed my eyes all I saw was her face with that look of pure evil so instead I focused on the buttons of his button up. When that became boring, I grabbed his hand that wasn't in my hair and started playing with his fingers, running my fingers along his, intertwining my fingers with his then letting go just to do it again, tracing the veins. He just sat there humming softly letting me do what I needed to calm down knowing I'd talk when I was ready. Finally, after my heart rate settled and I was breathing normally again I let his hand go and just laid against his chest. He quit singing knowing I was good now.

"I'm sorry Roza," he said softly against my hair. He wasn't an idiot, he'd realized my nightmares had started coming back thanks to the trial coming up.

"It's not your fault. You didn't go psycho, kidnap me and try to kill me," I murmured.

"No but, I'm the reason she did all of it," he said with a voice filled with guilt. I hated that he beat himself up for her actions. I pulled away gently as I straddled his lap. Luckily, I wasn't big enough for this position to be awkward, yet.

"You did not make her go crazy, that was some malfunction in her brain. The only thing you did was give her a friend, love, and support her. You are not responsible for her actions. Plenty of people get dumped without going psycho."

"Yea but I should never have dated her."

"I mean I wont really disagree with that," I said with a small smile. "I don't know what you found redeemable in her but, there obviously was something because you cared about her. There's nothing wrong with that. Now, can you please quit beating yourself up over the she-demon because enough of my thoughts are filled with her, I'd rather not keep talking about her. She's responsible for her actions. Not you."

"I got you food," he smiled faintly changing the subject. I smiled back at him.

"Comrade, you certainly know the way to a girls heart. How healthy is it?" I mock glared knowing I'd have to eat healthy today since he let me have donuts this morning. Ever since the pregnancy started he's tried to get me to eat as healthy as possible to 'get all the necessary vitamins and nutrients the babies need to grow big and healthy'. Luckily I'm persuasive so it's been a good balance of junk and healthy foods. I pretended to hate it but, I loved how much he took care of us.

"Roast beef and cheddar sandwich but, I added a side salad and some fruit. And because I'm amazing, I added a chocolate pie for you," he smirked. Of course, because of hormones my eyes watered. I didn't want Dimitri to see so I leaned down and hugged him hiding my face in the crook of his neck.

"Are you crying over pie?" he asked and I could hear the smile in his voice.

"No," I said petulantly. Then I decided to be a smart ass. "I'm crying because you got me a salad instead of fries."

"Mhmm," he laughed pretending to believe me. Once the tears faded I leaned up and kissed his neck then his jawline all the way up to his mouth.

"I love you," I told him. I didn't want to get into why I was crying because I knew it'd probably make me cry again so I just summarized with those three words.

"Even though I make you eat salads?" he teased.

"Because you make eat salads," I smiled.

"Gotta take care of my girl and my babies," he smiled putting his hand on my stomach. Of course, that didn't help my plan to not cry so I laughed and stood up.

"Ok enough of the sweetness because my hormones can't handle it. Let's eat," I laughed pulling him up. When I turned to go to the food he grabbed my hand and turned me back towards him.

"I love you too," he smiled kissing my forehead softly. I hummed happily.

"I love that," I smiled saying my usual line. It's true. My favorite photo they took of us at the wedding was a semi-posed shot of him kissing my forehead with one hand on my neck and one on my stomach while I smiled softly with my hands on his sides. I actually had it enlarged and hanging in our bedroom at both the cabin and the condo here.

"I know," he smirked. "Now let's get you some food."

"Speaking my language," I laughed.

While we ate, I told him about my meeting and he told me about how his album was going. As we finished up Sydney came in.

"Hey am I interrupting?"

"Absolutely not, what's up?" I asked.

"Well, I've been working on a song but I'm a little stuck. I was wondering if you would help me with it?" Sydney asked nervously.

"Absolutely. I'm not doing anything for the rest of the day so, I'd love to," I said excited. It was rare for Sydney to ask for help.

"Awesome. I'll be in studio B whenever you want to swing by," she smiled.

"Let me help Dimitri clean up this mess and I'll be in there," I told her standing up.

"Ok," she said heading back out.

"I've got this, go hang out with Sydney," Dimitri said standing up.

"You're the best!" I smiled kissing him on the cheek then heading out to studio B.

"That was fast," Sydney laughed. I shrugged.

"I'm excited," I laughed. "I love working on music. Though I'm curious why you didn't ask Adrian?"

"Well it's kind of a surprise for him. Plus, I needed another girl and you're one of the best so," she shrugged.

"Ok, Now I'm curious. Let me see it," I laughed. She handed me the page with her lyrics.

"Oh, I love this! This is definitely not your usual but I love it. What do you picture for the music to go with it?" I asked. She walked over to the keyboard and started playing a little. "Oh, I like that but, what if we dropped it a key?"

She played it again and sang along with it. I could see from the red in her cheeks she wasn't fully comfortable with the content but I admired her branching out. After a bit she stopped. "So, I kind of imagined it as soft and melodic during this part but then when you get here, we add in some more instruments then when you get to this part, the beat comes in, full instrumental."

"Girl I am obsessed. Are you releasing this or is it just for Adrian because I will be the first one in line to buy this and we're not even done with it," I laughed.

"Even if I don't release it, I'll give you a copy," she smiled still blushing.

"I get why you'd keep this private because this is content you're not used to but, this would be a huge hit if you release it. It would open you up to a lot more opportunities. Not to pressure you because if you don't, I get it."

"I think I will but let's finish it first and we'll see," she laughed.

"Ok well what if we changed this line up just a little bit…"

And so, it went. Five hours later we had a pretty decent single on our hands. It wasn't perfect but, it was good. Luckily, she pretty much already had it all planned out and it just needed a few lyric tweaks so it didn't take long. Usually getting a song this completed does not happen this quick at all.

"How would you feel if I took this to Dimitri to polish it up since he's an actual producer and can do it better than us? That way when you show it to Adrian its completed 100%."

"Sure, I think that's a good idea."

"When are you wanting to show it to Adrian?"

"When it's ready I guess," she shrugged.

"Tonight?" I grinned.

"He's busy working on his stuff, there's no way he can finish this up tonight," she said with a laugh.

"Oh, trust me, it'll be done," I smirked. "Take Adrian out to dinner or something and I'll let you know when it's done."

"Are you sure?" she asked hesitantly.

"Oh yes. You and Adrian have done so much for us, this is the least we can do," I smiled.

"Ok," she smiled like she still didn't believe it.

"Trust me. Now I'm going to take it to him and I'll let you know when it's done," I told her hugging her then heading back to Studio A with Dimitri.

"How'd it go?" he asked when he saw me come in. He was sitting at the sound board with headphones on.

"Ah-MA-zing!" I told him excitedly.

"That's awesome babe. Glad you were able to help her out," he said as I walked over and sat in his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"See about that," I smiled. He gave me a look like he knew I was about to ask him for something. "Would it be possible for you to take a break from your album for a little bit?"

"Why am I doing that?" he asked.

"Because Sydney and I are not world class fantastic music producers like you are and we have a really kick-ass single but it needs to be polished and finished and I kind of, maybe, told her that you could do it tonight," I smiled sweetly at him.

"And what if I can't finish it tonight?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

"Well, First off, you can do pretty much anything so that's not an issue. Secondly, before you decide, listen to it and then make up your mind. I promise it's worth it. Plus, you get it tonight, Sydney is happy and when my friends are happy, I'm super happy. A happy me is a lot better than a pouty me so, it really works out in your favor," I grinned.

"You realize I'm immune to those looks and your mood swings right?" he asked with a smirk.

"Are you though?" I questioned. Then I turned my face into more of a seductive smile. "I mean a happy me could really make it worth your while."

"You realize that since you've gotten pregnant, it's not hard to turn you on so it's likely that would be on the table either way," he countered.

"Very true but, I'm also extremely stubborn so if I say it's not happening then it's not going to happen."

"You sure? Because I can be very persuasive," he said leaning in and whispering in my ear. Unfortunately for my argument, my body is super responsive so it sent a chill down my body.

"Positive," I lied. "Like I said though, listen to the song then decide. Especially since you already decided at the beginning of this conversation that you were going to work on it tonight. You just like being a pain in my ass and arguing with me."

"Well, calling me a pain in the ass isn't a way to get me to do you a favor but, I guess I can give it a listen," he smirked again.

"Thank you," I smiled kissing his cheek.

"You know you can't use the pregnancy mood swings forever right?" he laughed as I got it set up to play.

"Eh then I'll just use my normal mood swings," I joked.

"Now those are scary," he teased back. I glared back at him. Instead of responding I pressed play. The piano started up slowly.

Baby, I'm not even in a gown
I'm just in a T-shirt on the couch
The way you want me makes me want you now
The only thing you have to say is (Wow)

And I feel this way with no chemicals in my system
Babe, it's incredible
When you're touching me, yeah, that says it all
You said it all (Yeah)

While the song was playing I was swaying softly to it, still sitting in Dimitri's lap, mouthing the words. He looked at me with a small smile as he nodded along to it. When the band started up, I started dancing a little more.

Baby, I'm not even in a gown
I'm just in a T-shirt on the couch
The way you want me makes me want you now
The only thing you have to say is (Wow)

Make your jaw drop-drop
Saying, my, drop-drop-drop
Make you say "Oh my god"
My, drop-drop
Make your jaw drop
Make you say "Oh my god"
And you never felt this type of emotion
Make your jaw drop-drop
Saying, my, drop-drop-drop
Make you say "Oh my god"
My, drop-drop
Make your jaw drop
Make you say "Oh my god"
And you never felt this type of emotion
Make your jaw drop-drop
Saying, my, drop-drop-drop
Make you say "Oh my god"
My, drop-drop
Make your jaw drop
Make you say "Oh my god"
And you never felt this type of emotion

By now I was dancing too much so Dimitri grabbed my hips to stop me. I laughed as I stood up and started dancing to it.

And you make me feel so fucking pretty
Take loving me to a new extreme
If I can't have you, I don't want no one
I don't want no one
As you make me dance in the middle of the street
On the hardwood floor, we should be asleep
If I can't have you, I don't want no one
I don't want no one, want no one, want no one

Baby, I'm not even in a gown
I'm just in a T-shirt on the couch
The way you want me makes me want you now
The only thing you have to say is (Wow)

Make your jaw drop-drop
Saying, my, drop-drop-drop
Make you say "Oh my god"
My, drop-drop
Make your jaw drop
Make you say "Oh my god"
And you never felt this type of emotion
Make your jaw drop-drop
Saying, my, drop-drop-drop
Make you say "Oh my god"
My, drop-drop
Make your jaw drop
Make you say "Oh my god"
And you never felt this type of emotion

Never, never, never, oh
Never, never, never, oh
Never, never, never, oh
Never, never, never, oh

"Great right?" I asked him as it ended. "Did you hear those wows's? Damn whoever sang that part has a great voice."

"You're insane," he chuckled at my antics. It was me saying the wow's we just changed the pitch electronically. "It is a really good song though. I can see you obviously love it."

"Uh duh. Who wouldn't love it? I told her whether she releases it or not I need a copy of it because I'm obsessed. Plus, this is so out there for Sydney and I love it for her."

"It definitely is different for her. You two did really good with it though. There's not much work for me to do. I can have it done pretty quick."

"You are amazing!" I smiled. I was excited for her to show it to Adrian because I know how much he's going to love it.

"I've got to be careful. You two may take my job soon," he said. "This is pretty good."

"It's ok, when I take your job I'll support you," I teased back.

"Oh yea? You gonna be my sugar mama?"

"Ew, I hate that term," I laughed scrunching up my nose. "But yea, you'll be the best kept man in Georgia."

"Gee thanks," he said rolling his eyes. "You realize I have enough money I really don't have to work? I don't spend much unless it's on you or for us so I've saved a pretty hefty amount."

"Yes, I realize that you are super rich but, let me live out my fantasies ok?" I laughed. He wasn't lying. I'd seen his bank accounts and needless to say my jaw dropped. He later told me he'd been sending Olena monthly checks even when they weren't talking. She'd been cashing them but he didn't know what she'd been doing with them. I'm guessing that's what she's been using to pay for the girls colleges. Knowing her she'd been putting the rest up in an account somewhere. She's a stubborn woman and wouldn't want to accept help from her son unless she really needed it.

"Ok fine. When you take my job and I become a bum I'll let you take care of me. Feel better?"

"Much," I joked. "Now this song…"

"I can finish it up tonight and pretty quickly but you're going to have to go away or something because I'm not going to be able to concentrate with you dancing in my lap and around me like that."

"Am I that distracting?" I laughed. He gave me a look like that was a stupid question. "Ok fine, I will sit in this chair over here, I won't dance, and I will only speak if its related to mixing the song. I just want to learn more and see what all you do to it."

"No distractions," he warned. I nodded. "Fine you can stay."

Five minutes later found me kicked out of the studio and roaming the halls. Adrian and Sydney were together. Looking at the clock, Lissa should be putting AJ down, Vika has a date and Mia's working so that left me by myself. I made my way back to the studio Sydney and I had been working in and pulled up twitter. Dimitri and I's wedding spread was still trending. For the most part it was positive but there were some negative comments. I tweeted out that I would be going live on Instagram in 5 minutes to get people's attention. Within 2 minutes it was flooded with likes and retweets which never ceased to amaze me. While I waited a couple of minutes I went through and liked and commented to a few tweets. When the 5 minutes was up, I switched over to Instagram and started the live.

"Hey everyone! So, Dimitri kindly kicked me out of the studio he's working in and I was bored so I wanted to stop in and chat with you all," I told them laughing as people continued to join in. A few people sent me wedding questions. "I promise I will answer some of the wedding questions but, I'm going to give it a couple of minutes so that I don't have to repeat it and so no one misses out. Yes, Dimitri really did kick me out of the studio but it's only because I was being distracting and he couldn't work. I took a pretty good nap earlier then I helped a friend work on a song and it made me so excited that I'm slightly hyper now. I would have kicked me out too."

I answered a few random questions that people were leaving me in the chat for a couple of minutes. Then I moved on to the wedding.

"Ok so a few people have asked how we planned everything, when Dimitri proposed and questions around that topic. I won't give full details because I do like to keep parts of our lives private but, I will say I kind of stole Dimitri's thunder by telling him we should get married. Him being the southern gentleman he is just could not have that because he had to propose. He teased me a few times by setting up perfect scenarios then not proposing to the point I was getting very frustrated. Then one day he surprises me with a girls spa day with all of my best friends and when we get back he informs me he's already planned the entire wedding with the help of my best friend Lissa and then he proposes. Lissa takes me into a room, shows me the gorgeous gown she hand crafted for me and we get hitched."

I see a few comments about me saying he can't be outdone so I address those.

"Maybe I used the wrong wording when saying I stole his thunder. Dimitri and I are both completely pro-women and if a woman wants to propose to her man I say go for it 100%. For us though, in high school while dating we always talked about him proposing, how I would want it, how he would do it and such so me jumping the gun took away that dream we had dreamed together. Plus, when I did it, I wasn't completely doing it for the right reasons. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love him and wanted to marry him even then but I was mostly saying it out of fear. Like I said, I don't want to go into too much details because a lot of it is very personal and emotional for us, especially me. For us and our relationship, it was right that he proposed. I'm still completely astounded that he and Lissa were able to plan the entire wedding without me ever catching on and they planned the most amazing and perfect wedding ever."

I paused, reading a few of the comments. "I'm so glad you all agree and that you loved it also. 'Do I feel any regret that I had no say?' No, not really. They planned it better than I probably ever could have. Plus, I've known both of them since I was in kindergarten. I've never been the girl that extensively planned out my wedding but over the years I had made a few comments about things I wanted at my wedding. When dating in high school Dimitri and I had talked about our future wedding once or twice so they definitely included all of my thoughts and opinions on it. I had always said I wanted a small fall wedding, not a super long gaudy dress, sunflowers and absolutely no roses. Little known fact but I actually hate roses. People always assume because it's my name I would love them but I feel its too cliché. Sunflowers are actually my favorite. Even though my colors were sunflower yellow and maroon/burgundy, they managed to not use a single rose. They planned it amazingly. Honestly, I've never been a huge planner and it probably would have just stressed me out. Dimitri is the planner out of us two for sure."

"How do I feel about the trial coming up? Honestly I'm not allowed to say much about this topic and really I don't want to. Dimitri and I are moving forward with our lives, we have the babies coming, new albums coming, we just got married. We're both just ready to put this all behind us and continue to keep moving on with our lives. We have so many wonderful things ahead of us, that's what I'm staying focused on. Speaking of which, my album release party is next week. Is there anything anyone is looking forward to with it?"

"Do I have a favorite on the album? Yes, I absolutely have a favorite but, I want to wait until it's released and see if you guys can guess. Is there a theme? So, I debated doing a few different themes the one I really went back and forth on was just my journey from the last 6 or 7 years but, that would be too much of a roller coaster and would have been way too long of an album. Maybe one of these days I'll go back and do that but for now this album is just a few of my favorites that I've either written or co-wrote on. I know when I say a few you're probably thinking it won't be too long but it's still 15 songs and some of the deluxe or exclusive editions have up to 20. There may even be a guest or two on there," I teased. That's when I got a great idea. I plugged the computer sitting there into the sound board and clicked the song we'd decided would be my first single. I fast forwarded it a little "How about a small tease? Don't tell my record company about it though because I have not gotten their permission for this yet."

I pressed play and the song started coming through the speakers pretty loud. I played it for about 30 seconds before stopping. We continued the live for a little longer, me answering random questions. I was playing another clip from a different song when Dimitri startled me.

"Couldn't help your self could you?" he laughed from the doorway. I smiled and paused it.

"Uh-oh guys, I've been caught," I playfully whispered into the camera. "Abort abort!"

"I don't think you can abort the mission after you've been caught, at that point it's just a failed one," he teased walking up behind me rubbing my shoulders softly. I playfully pouted into the camera. Before tipping my head up and looking at him.

"Hey babe, say hi to all da peeps," I smiled. he leaned down and kissed me softly before looking up at the camera.

"Hey everyone. I hope you have enjoyed your night with Rose. Thank you for keeping her occupied so she would leave me alone," he teased as I looked back into the camera.

"I wasn't that bad!" I laughed playfully slapping at his hip since it was the closest thing to me. in the camera I mouthed 'I was'.

"She lasted 5 whole minutes before I had to kick her out for distracting me too much. What's sad is I was doing her a favor," he smiled.

"Ok so it was kind of a favor to me but really it was a favor to a mutual friend of ours," I told them without naming names. About then I yawned.

"And that's our cue. Alright everyone, I need to take this beautiful lady home and get her some food then to bed," he said

"I won't complain about that," I smiled softly. I read some of the comments. "They want you to come do a live sometime too. What do you say?"

"I'll do one with you soon. Just not tonight," he said still rubbing my shoulders softly. I leaned my head against his arm suddenly feeling tired again.

"There ya have it folks. We'll go live again in the next few days. Maybe I can convince them to let me play you some more of the album…maybe we can even get a super sneak peek of dimitri's upcoming album," I teased. "Until then, it's been great guys, I'll talk to you later!"

I quickly hung it up then double and triple checked that I actually ended it this time.

"How'd the song go?" I asked.

"Pretty well. Like you said, it didn't take long. You both had it mostly complete. It provided a nice break because my stuff was stressing me out."

"Glad I could help," I smiled looking up at him. About then my stomach growled. "Do you have the digital copy that we can send to Sydney? Then we can get out of here for the night. I remember you saying something about food then sleep."

"Yes, I have the file, I already sent it to Sydney. Let's get you home and fed," he said spinning my chair around and helping me up.

"You are amazing. I want to listen to it in the car," I told him. as he wrapped his arm around me and we walked out. As we made it to his car I stopped. "Change of plans, what if we get ihop for dinner as a throwback to our first meal when I moved out here."

"You mean when you hated me and getting you to talk was like pulling teeth?" he teased.

"I didn't hate you. I just didn't want to let you in and I knew one real conversation with you and I would. And look I was right," I smiled.

"Counter idea, we have the food delivered and eat it while sitting on the couch and watching tv?"

"I'm completely ok with this but, why are you so opposed to going out?" I questioned leaning against the car and facing him.

"I just know that with the trial, the pregnancy, and work, you haven't been sleeping well so since we both have the night off, I want you to relax. Plus, I like just hanging out with you," he said leaning into me but putting his weight in his hands against the truck by my head.

"is it because I've been clingy and emotional today?" I laughed. It isn't a lie. I cried over lunch and if we've been in the same room unless I've been sleeping I've needed some sort of physical contact from him all day. Normally, I appreciate good amount of physical affection but, I can usually have a conversation with him and not be touching him the whole time. Today the struggle has been real. Luckily, Dimitri hasn't seemed to mind.

"That's usually when I can tell your anxiety is up," he admitted. "Not that I'm complaining. I like being a comfort for you."

"So what I'm hearing is I can go full koala and you won't complain?" I joked.

"Full koala?" he laughed. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck then lifted one leg around his hip so he'd know what I was wanting. He followed my cues and lifted me until both legs were wrapped around his waist. I kept my arms around his neck and buried my head in the side of his neck.

"Full koala. Like this. I just hang here while you go about the rest of your day," I smiled.

"I mean if it makes you feel better I definitely wouldn't complain. Makes it easier to keep an eye on you throughout the day. Might make it a little hard to work though," he teased.

"You mean you seriously wouldn't complain if I tried to make you work like this?" I laughed.

"Well first, I know you wouldn't do that even though you might want to. Secondly, I wouldn't complain but I'd probably only make it 20 minutes before just calling it a day and taking you home."

"So, what you're saying is if I ever want a day off from work I've just got to do this?" I smirked.

"Yes, but we both know you're too much of a work-aholic to do it," he teased as I tried to climb down but, he held me tight as he stepped back and opened the truck door and sat me in the seat standing between my legs.

"I might."

"Roza, the day everyone found out about Connor, it never even crossed your mind to go home for the day. You were shocked when I said that's what we were doing."

"You've got a point," I smiled looking up at him.

"Exactly. Besides if you're feeling that emotional, stressed or overwhelmed that you need to 'koala' for extended periods of time, then you don't need to be at the studio trying to work and I need to be at home with you because you're my priority."

"I hate you," I pouted. At his confused smile I laughed. "Because you're the biggest pain in my ass but then you say sappy sweet things like that and my stupid pregnancy hormones can't handle it so it makes me want to cry happy tears and I hate crying and you know I hate crying. Even happy tears."

"Right because Rosemarie Belikova can't show emotions. She's a robot," he teased. "I think you might be the only girl in the world that gets mad because her husband is too sweet."

"You try having your body betray you by crying at the stupidest things like a freaking salad!" I complained.

"Would you rather me be an ass all the time?" he smiled.

"Maybe! Then I wouldn't want to cry all the time," he raised an eyebrow at me. "Fine. No. I love that you're so good to me but would it kill you to not always be so understanding and annoying."

"I'll try my best," he chuckled.

"I know you think I'm being ridiculous!" I pouted again.

"No, I think you're being a normal hormonal pregnant woman," I could tell he was about to say something sweet again so I fake glared at him and he stopped. "Who's being overdramatic and whiny."

"Thank you!" I sighed in relief. This time he really laughed.

"Life with you is never boring, that's for sure. Get in so I can get you home before I say the perfect thing and you have a meltdown in the parking lot," he teased. I stuck my tongue out at him as he backed up and I turned the right way in my seat and he shut the door. As he climbed in, he handed me his phone. "Here order the food so it'll be there quickly after we get home."

"Can I order for you?" I asked with a grin.

"Not this again," he sighed dramatically. I smiled even bigger biting my lip in excitement. "Not fair."

"Rooty tooty fresh n fruity it is!" I said cheerfully pulling up the food app on his phone.

"I don't know how I put up with you," he said with a smirk.

"I don't know either but here we are!" I laughed.