The Contract

Chapter 2

The goblins not only sent an Owl to him, but he learned as he read the missive that there was another means of magical transportation. Apparently it was called Portkey, and it was five o'clock in the morning, they evidently didn't sleep. The Dursley's wouldn't be up for at least two more hours. Hopefully that would be long enough for him to get his answers. He had no idea what would happen afterwards, if he would have to come back here or not. Biting his lip as anticipation mixed with worry, he hastily got dressed in his best clothes, best being the least big and ruined. How Dudley managed to get holes in his clothes Harry had no idea. He didn't do anything, all he did was sit around pigging out or playing video games.

"Trerx," Harry murmured, and the letter glowed very briefly before Harry felt a tugging at his naval as he was yanked. Harry literally felt like he had been yanked out of his body before being slammed back into it. Embarrassingly he fell immediately upon landing. Grunting, he scrambled to his feet, his cheeks flaring red as he observed two goblins in the room.

"Good morning, Trerx," Harry said, "Griphook," remembering both of them well enough, Griphook had taken him to his vault just days before. He'd also been the one to tell him what happened to anyone who tried to break in.

"Good morning, Mr. Potter, my apologies for the long wait," Trerx stated, giving no excuse for the wait he'd had to endure. Not that it was a secret, unfortunately, the news was splashed all over the papers. Gringotts had been broken into the very day Harry had come, but he knew it was nothing to do with the teen. No, it was all because of the blasted stone which had been entrusted to them merely a week ago after being delivered from Paris, France. Nicolas Flamel was entrusting it to Dumbledore apparently, bad idea that, frankly he would be surprised if Nicolas ever saw it again, Dumbledore was up to something.

"It's okay," Harry replied, his tone demure, quite honestly, he hadn't expected to really hear from them. He was just so used to being let down by everyone around him. Called a liar or just being made out to be one, he'd all but given up on anyone actually keeping their word. The fact he had, endeared him further towards the goblins. Stretching down, he plucked the letter from the floor and slid it into his pocket.

"Take a seat," Trerx said, and both goblins took a seat on the large ornate desk.

Harry noticed right away, that this was a different room from before. It was small, warm and cosy, evidently an office of sorts judging by the silver metal file containers that lined the room. Once again though, they had dozens upon dozens of weapons affixed to the walls. The fireplace was roaring cheerfully, and Harry's stomach growled loudly when he spotted the food on the table along with files that he saw had 'Potter' on them in a perfect elegant scrawl. Not that he paid much attention, most of his was on the food, unobtrusively he thought, but the Goblins were paying considerably close attention to him. So, of course, they noticed.

Shaking it off, he slid into the seat, which was nicely padded and even felt warm too. Completely different from the sterile environment he had sat through the last time. He wondered if this was one of their offices, it would make sense for it to be. "Did you find a way?"

"Griphook and I looked through everything conceivable, normally we would tell you to find that out yourself and not to just trust us." Trerx informed him seriously, "Wizards have a propensity to trust everything they are told and not double check the findings." Griphook snorted in obvious agreement.

Harry stared at them in barefaced disbelief, not buying it for a second.

"Not all, just the majority," Griphook admitted with a grunt, it was quite disgusting to see them signing documents just because they told them what they said without fact checking everything. They drummed it into their customers to never sign anything without first signing it yourself.

Harry nodded, "So, what way did you find?" wondering if he was going to like this or not, he did feel a little alarmed at the grim looks of determination on their faces.

"There are two ways in which this can be handled, Mr. Potter," Trerx informed him, sitting forward a little. "We can gather the evidence of abuse you've suffered from the Dursleys and go to the Ministry with it. Understand this, not only what you went through would be splashed across the papers, there's no guarantee it would get you out from your magical guardians control. He ultimately has the last say where you would go, and since he hasn't seen you, he cannot be charged alongside of the Dursleys,"

Harry grimaced, in other words he could be put in a worse situation or barely better than the Dursley's. Clearly Dumbledore only cared about what sort of power he could get from the Ministry of magic from him. Not giving a shit about him as a baby or a boy. "And the other?" quite frankly he wasn't holding out much hope at all.

"That…will require a lot of explaining," Trerx said, and since the boy knew nothing, it truly would. He couldn't blame him either, from what they'd dug up on his school grades the boy was smart at least. He should pick up the information quickly enough. "Did you read through the books I suggested you buy?"

Harry's cheeks warmed yet again, shaking his head, seeing the look of annoyance on the goblins face, he hastened, "My uncle took my trunk and put it in my old bedroom…erm the cupboard under the stairs."

As quick as the annoyance appeared it was replaced with barely concealed fury, "I see," Griphook said, a bite in his tone. The stupidity of humans knew no bounds, especially Muggles.

"Then let us explain," Trerx informed him, going easy on the youngster, which wasn't something they normally did. Considering their client, and who he would grow to be, it didn't hurt to get on his good side anyway. With the Potter and Black estates well, he was going to become the wealthiest client they had here in the Gringotts British branch. "Help yourself to whatever you like, while we go over this…it will take time."

Harry didn't need to be told twice, he immediately scooped up a plate full of the goodies and scooted his chair closer. Despite the food, he paid particular close attention to both goblins, the food was merely an afterthought for his grumbling stomach. Most of his food had been going to keeping Hedwig fed, giving him less than normal.

"Do you understand the concept of a Betrothal?"

"Betrothal…as in marriage?" Harry stared blankly, he'd only heard the term in those godawful movies Petunia liked so much. The period costume movies that she watched when Dudley hadn't commandeered the TV. Usually while he was at school, he had to do chores and remain off school because of visible bruises when it was apparent it wasn't Dudley that beat him but a man's fist or hand. For as stupid as they were, they were extremely careful where it mattered.

"Engagement," Trerx automatically corrected him, "A promise,"

"Okay, what does that have to do with my situation?" Harry asked, a cautious look on his face, which seemed to please the goblins judging by their looks of satisfaction.

"Signing a betrothal contract would enable you to get out of Dumbledore and the Muggles control." Griphook explained, a smug smirk curling at his lips. "It would in essence give your partner say in where you go, he would become your magical guardian due to you being underage."

Harry narrowed his eyes not liking this the least. "So I could be replacing one bad situation for another?"

"No, you see, Dorea Black-Potter, your grandmother was a very smart witch, and very independent. She wasn't a Black for nothing she ensured that the contract was quite fair and most definitely in her favour." The Lestranges back then would have done anything to be part of the Black family, so it wasn't surprising really.

"He has no control over your seats, your money, you or the heirs conceived in the marriage," Griphook explained, watching Harry blanch at the mention of children.

"Not that this matters, it's a betrothal, it doesn't mean they have to get married, at the end of the courting period the engagement can end without repercussion to yourself." Trerx interrupted Griphook before he scarred the young boy. "You'll have full access to your estate, can decide what to do with your seats, which by the way are currently being presided over by Albus Dumbledore, even if you cannot use them yourself. You can hire someone to sit in your stead until then."

"You understand you would both just be using each other for your own ends, yes?" Griphook introduced Harry to the idea.

"Why the hell would anyone agree to that?" Harry asked, he could see why he'd get something out of it but what would his partner be getting out of it? "Who exactly would I be engaged to?"

"The contract is for someone in the Lestrange family," Trerx, seeing the blank look on his face, they knew he didn't know them, not surprising really. "Corvus Lestrange set it up, he has two sons, Rabastan and Rodolphus Lestrange, now Rodolphus is already married so it leaves only Rabastan Lestrange."

"Uh-huh," Harry murmured narrowing his eyes waiting for the shoe to drop. The food settling uncomfortably into his stomach.

"Rabastan Lestrange is thirty-one years old," Griphook informed him, causing Harry's eyes to budge out in shock. "He's currently an inmate at Azkaban prison."

"P-prison?" Harry gaped, forget the name, the fact he was in prison was the most shocking.

"Indeed," Trerx replied, "Now as a newly engaged wizard, he would find himself with more liberties than he had before. You would be able to visit him, company is seriously lacking on the island which would be the only enticement one needs."

"Doesn't he have family to visit?" Harry asked blankly.

"It's very difficult to get approval to see those sentenced to Azkaban for life, especially in the highest level possible. Corvus Lestrange is only able to get approval once a year to visit his sons." Trerx explained, the Ministry was quite frankly monstrous to do such a thing. "You would be entitled to visit him every week, and the Ministry could do nothing about it."

"That's it? That's all he'd want?" Harry asked doubtfully, it didn't seem like much.

"We wouldn't know until we visited him, I have taken the liberty of setting up a meeting today, should you wish to see it through. Together you'd come up with your own stipulations and come to an understanding." Griphook revealed, and Rabastan was probably already in the 'waiting area' recovering from the dementors drinking hot chocolate in attempts at making him lucid.

"And why exactly is he in Azkaban prison?" Harry asked, giving them suspicious looks.

Trerx nodded his approval, good he was asking all the right questions, "Do you know anything about Lord Voldemort and your part in the events that occurred on all hallows eve?"

"Hagrid gave me a simplified version," Harry replied, "Apparently I killed him after he killed my parents,"

"He said kill?" Griphook asked, quite cautiously.

"Well…no, he used the word defeat, why?" Harry asked confused.

"Because defeat doesn't mean kill, Mr. Potter," Trerx explained seriously, "Lord Voldemort was defeated, but he has never been considered dead. The wizard went to extraordinary means to evade death. His spirit endures. His followers, who are named Death Eaters, knew this and went to any and all means to find information or Voldemort himself after what happened that night."

"Lovely," Harry uttered sarcastically, exactly what he needed. His heart was pounding dangerously in his chest, the wizard who had killed his parents was technically still alive. He didn't understand the logistics of it, but he was out of his depth anyway. He knew nothing of the magical world so it wasn't surprising. He vowed to himself that he would learn absolutely everything he could in order to educate himself.

"After Voldemort's downfall, Rabastan, Rodolphus, his wife Bellatrix and Barty Crouch Junior participated in the torture and permanent incapacitation of Alice and Frank Longbottom and were sentenced to life imprisonment in Azkaban." Griphook explained.

Harry's stomach rebelled, torture? "And this is the wizard you want me to engage myself to?" he squeaked out.

"He's in prison, Mr. Potter, he cannot harm you, he is quite frankly defenceless," Trerx explained bluntly, "At least while they are on the island of course." And he wouldn't put it past someone to escape. It seemed to be a reoccurring theme as of now. Gringotts, the so called safest place was broken into, what was next? Hogwarts? Azkaban?

"Added to the fact all engagements are automatically…private, nobody can discuss them, lest you inform them of whom you are engaged to. Not even someone as powerful and influential as Dumbledore would get the answers he sought." Griphook added, "Nobody need know a thing except the immediate families of all involved."

"And if I went through with this I could go where I want? If I play my cards right with him…I'd be able to go wherever I want?" Harry needed confirmation.

"Not exactly," Trerx said slowly, "It would probably be required to be someone in the Lestrange family or related to them at the very least."

"Lovely, if you want me dead you could you know, just do it yourself," Harry said dryly, while Griphook let out a bark of amusement, so goblins could laugh, good to know.

"They would do nothing to you while you hold a way for Lord Corvus Lestrange to communicate with his sons," Griphook explained after gaining control over his amusement. "Lord Corvus Lestrange adores his boys, he raised them himself after his wife passed a year after Rabastan was born of Dragon Pox. To see them only once a year is torture, and it's a supervised visit and he's unable to give his sons anything due to the 'danger' of it being a portkey." In other words, no food, no letters, no comfort, not even something as basic as shower gel or shampoo.

"Nothing?" Harry asked grimly, understanding the meaning more than any eleven year old should.

"Nothing," reiterated Griphook. Harry could hand over anything and they would need to allow it after checking, due to the fact they couldn't interfere with the courtship. Couldn't prevent engagement presents to be given or taken, they'd done their homework, this would work in Harry's favour.

"When's the meeting?" Harry asked resignedly, he wouldn't get anything done if they just sat here. So, if he wanted to see this through and see if it would work they needed to speak to this Rabastan.

"At six thirty," Trerx explained glancing at the clock, in exactly twenty minutes, the portkey had already been sent to them. They'd been awfully accommodating, obviously finding it amusing that anyone would want to be engaged to a wizard who was serving a life sentence in Azkaban. "There is something you must know about the prison before we proceed."

"Which is?" Harry asked, wondering if he was going to like this.

"Azkaban is guarded by Dementors," Griphook said.

"A Dementor is a gliding, wraith-like Dark creature, widely considered to be one of the foulest to inhabit the world. Dementors feed on human happiness and thus generate feelings of depression and despair in any person in close proximity to them. They show us our deepest darkest memories until we are lost to them. They can also consume a person's soul, leaving their victims in a permanent vegetative state, and thus are often referred to as "soul-sucking fiends", rendering a person an 'empty-shell'. Dementors are closely associated with Azkaban, and are employed by the British Ministry of Magic as the prison guards."

"They sound…horrific," Harry murmured, shivering at the mere mention of them. The way the goblins described them definitely didn't paint a pretty picture at all. Sure, he deserves to be locked up for what he did…but that didn't sound like just locked up…it sounded as if he was being tortured every day.

"It is," Griphook, quite honestly the Goblin system was preferable, death was preferable than going to that island.

"I'd like to make a withdrawal and do some…shopping," Harry replied, you drew more flies with honey, so he might as well make a good impression, especially seen as he wanted something from the wizard. Who might by the way, say no, after all he was a Death Eater, he probably hated him for something he had practically nothing to do with. It wasn't as if he actually defeated Voldemort for goodness sake, he was only a year old. It was impossible for him to have defeated Voldemort. Still, it might not go in his favour, he realized this, but if it was the only way he could legally do this, then he would do whatever it took.

"Very well, if you'll follow me," Griphook stood, moving around the desk towards the young wizard.

"And Mr. Potter?" Trerx added, as he begun to peruse through the parchment on his desk, "Chocolate is very good at combating the effects the dementors have." Giving him a knowing look, this boy was probably destined for Slytherin, he was learning very quickly or perhaps he'd always been that way. First chance he got, he was looking for a way out of the Dursley's household and Dumbledore's magical hold.

It didn't take long for Harry to have a bag full of galleons and quickly stalking towards the shops. His mind mulling over everything he'd heard and trying to figure out the best way to go about this situation. The goblins liked to make him think he had the upper hand, but the reality was he didn't think he had. Either that or they genuinely thought he did have the upper hand here. Why would Voldemort's followers want to help him? it made little to no sense. It had led to their imprisonment, they'd been looking for Voldemort when they were arrested apparently. It would probably give him a great deal of amusement to know he was being beaten.

He'd find out soon enough.

His trip to the shops took all of ten minutes, he was only getting what he needed to entice the thirty-one year old wizard. Bloody thirty-one, he was old enough to be his father for goodness sake. Not that his age really mattered, they didn't have to get married, but he'd be taking a copy of that contract – after reading it before signing – and re-reading it repeatedly.

With boxes filled with chocolate goodies, biscuits, fruit and basic care products like shower gel, shampoo, soap and a few magazines and books that had just been released – whether he liked them or not Harry didn't know – if not well that wasn't his problem, he didn't really care at this point. He made his way back towards Gringotts at a swift pace, grateful that nobody seemed to recognize him. He had a feeling that if he was recognized it would get back to a certain someone and that was definitely out of the question. The only reason he knew what to put in the care package is the damn movies Petunia liked to watch. So, something good had come out of those godawful things.

"I trust you have everything you'll need?" was the first thing Griphook asked upon his return to the bank.

"It will have to be," Harry replied, shrugging carelessly, to Griphook's dissatisfaction. "This might all be for nothing, he went after the Longbottoms after he was defeated and the world believe it's because of me. He might get enjoyment out of me being stuck with the Dursleys and in Dumbledore's control." Until everything was signed, sealed and delivered well, he wasn't going to hold his breath or get his hopes up. He was used to disappointment so he wouldn't be surprised by it, if it went his way then brilliant.

Griphook grudgingly nodded, "But its always best when going through negotiations to endear yourself. Pureblood's respect that sort of practice." Corvus Lestrange would be there as well, to oversee the contract due to the fact he was the Lord of the Lestrange family. Even if he had no intentions of letting it go through, he would still get to see his son, so he would most assuredly be there. Not that he could stop it per se, but he could forbid Rabastan from signing it.

"Tell me about me, my family," Harry asked, he didn't know a single thing.

And so in the ten minutes they had before the Portkey left, Trerx who had heard the question as he entered began to tell him everything. What family he was born to, what he was viewed as – A Half Blood apparently – the things the Potters did, what his parents did – nothing guess the Dursley's had been right about that – their affiliations in the Order of the Phoenix, a group of civilians (mostly) attempting to stop the Dark Lord in what they termed was more of a civil war between them. The dark and light sides, their goals and belief's and the great deal of neutral parties who just didn't want to get involved with it. With wizards having their own belief's as well, which sort of got what they were attempting to do lost in the ensuing chaos of it all.

They didn't spare any feelings, they were blunt and it was obvious that the goblins were neutral as well. Completely unbiased as if what happened didn't affect Harry's life.

Harry began to understand… that was exactly what he needed. The truth was unbiased, it just was.

"It's time," Trerx stated seriously, and before long the disgusting boot was placed between the three of them. Harry grimaced at the sight of the disgusting boot. He was meant to touch that? "The Ministry like to use items that are inconspicuous, every day Muggle items that people wont want to touch."

"Muggles can use these?" Harry stated, shaking his head, well, he supposed it was a good thing, but he could imagine people being curious, or wanting the item especially homeless people who were desperate.

For the second time today, Harry felt the jerking sensation behind his naval, but this time he was prepared for it. To his immense satisfaction, he remained steadily on his feet, sure he wobbled, but for his second time it was alright. Better than falling on his ass. The second thing he realized was he was absolutely freezing cold, before blackness claimed him.

"-Sir, Sir!" Harry woke up to noise and two goblins staring at him in surprised concern.

"Fuck," Harry murmured, shivering in cold and fear, how the hell did anyone endure this place? Knowing what he did about Dementors, his mind was able to figure out what he had heard and seen. His mother's death, her scream…he was able to put pieces together of what exactly had happened that night at least part of the puzzle.

"Eat," one of the goblins demanded, as he shoved a piece of chocolate into his hand. With wizard guards around, they were not going to use his name. Not until the contract was complete, then they wouldn't be able to say a damn thing about him or his visits here. Not even those within the Ministry of magic. They had placed a concealment of sorts upon Harry so nobody could identify him.

"I apologise, I didn't foresee your…extreme reaction to the Dementors," Trerx apologised.

"It's fine," Harry shook off the effects as he gobbled down the chocolate. Only once he was feeling marginally better did he stand up. If this was how he was affected without them nearby, he definitely didn't want to meet one face to face. He felt slightly sorry for anyone stuck on this island with those things.

"The meeting is through that door, it's a conference room, primary used to question wizards," Griphook informed Harry, giving him every piece of information they could to educate him. "There will be two wizards, Rabastan and Corvus Lestrange, they might not be…overcome at see you."

Harry gave a quiet chuff of amusement, "Yeah, I got that," he didn't need them telling him that. He wasn't stupid, even if the Dursley's liked to try and force him to be because their oaf of a son was stupid.

If this wasn't his only hope to get away from the Dursley's and Dumbledore…goddamn it, he wouldn't be doing it. He did wonder if it was something he would do, actually go through with, if marriage had been the only outcome…could he have screwed up his entire future to get out of there? Probably, because they were furious he knew about magic and honestly…Harry had to wonder if they wouldn't go too far one day. Marriage was preferable to death, at least to him, "One last question…I guess divorce isn't an option?"

"No, it is not," Trerx stated seriously, "Magical marriages are until death," although depending on how ironclad the contract was, they could have partners outside of the marriage after having an heir. Back in the day it was usually only the men allowed, but women were becoming more shrewd and making sure they left wiggle room for their daughters, having more say in things in wizarding society.

"So noted," Harry murmured, thanking whatever deity out there that this contact was merely a betrothal contract and not a marriage one. "Well, let's get this show on the road,"

The wizard at the door cleared his throat, stepping in front of the door.

Trerx handed over the paperwork giving him permission from the Ministry to be here, signed and sealed.

"Hand over your packages," Griphook grunted as magic washed over them to ensure they had nothing else upon their person. The two goblins realised right there and then that Potter didn't even have his wand on him. They felt like strangling the stupid wizard. Unless, it was with the rest of his things locked away from him, which was the worst sort of thing to happen to a wizard.

They had to wait until each item had been meticulously inspected before the packages were returned very grudgingly.

"Don't think I've not noticed the lack of my name being used," Harry murmured quietly to the goblins, wondering at the reason why. Nearly every second sentence they would call him Mr. Potter, but they hadn't since being on the island, instead calling him 'Sir' at least he was assuming so, he'd only heard one sir as he woke up.

"Privacy is paramount." Trerx commented.

"You have an hour," the dour wizard grunted as he opened the door, allowing the two goblins and unnamed wizard entrance.

Harry didn't hold it against him, he'd be dour if he had to work here all the time.

Harry barely heard the door banging shut behind him as he stared at the two wizards. There was no mistaken they were father and son, although the son was most definitely malnourished. His prison suit was falling off his lanky frame, hair greasy and quite frankly disgusting. Corvus Lestrange stood, but he didn't let go of his sons hands which were shaking just like the rest of his body. The relief and despair coming from Corvus Lestrange was palpable.

As for Rabastan Lestrange, he barely looked up. He quite frankly, looked as if he was still lost in his own world…his own horrific memories. Harry had experienced only a moment of that, and despite what he had done, Harry felt for him. It helped because he didn't personally know the people he'd hurt.

The goblins quickly dropped the disguise on Harry.

There was no surprise on Corvus Lestrange's face, "Mr. Potter," he said with deceptive mildness.

"Potter?" Rabastan snarled, sounding like a rabid dog but just as quickly as he was energized he deflated like a balloon. Just shouting that word had exhausted him beyond compare.

Harry walked forward, putting the two packages upon the table, plucking out a bar of Honeydukes finest chocolate and slid it over to the wizard. "Yes, let's dispense with the pleasantries shall we?" he informed the wizard, "But do not pretend to know who I am, I am not James Potter."

Corvus' lips twitched despite himself, a kindling of respect shooting through him at the boys tenaciousness. This had nothing to do with his Lord, the sides in the war, this was something private so he did not allow his own allegiances get in the way.

Rabastan grabbed the chocolate bar, and unwrapped it, almost ready to scoff the lot before he remembered himself. "What do you want? Why are you here?" better yet how the hell had he managed to get in here to visit him? His father hadn't told him a damn thing. Not that he'd asked, instead he'd spent the five minutes they had clinging to his father, the warmth he exuded and the fact he was getting to touch another person, see another person – that wasn't a guard – in what he'd learned was an entire decade. Ten whole years since he'd seen his father.

The goblins stood to the side, clearly leaving it to Harry to explain.

Harry realized they were testing him.

Well, who was he to let them down? Shoring himself up, he began, "I believe we can help each other out."

Rabastan would have scoffed if his mouth hadn't been full of chocolate, which was helping better than the damn disgusting hot chocolate they'd shoved at him before his father showed up. It tasted like hot water with a little bit of chocolate thrown in.

"How so?" Corvus Lestrange enquired finding himself intrigued, not just by what was happening but the boy himself. He took a seat on the same side as his son, giving Harry the entire other side to sit without needing to feel threatened or anxious.

"The betrothal contract," Harry stated surely, speaking to Rabastan, "Sign it, and I'll visit you and bring in things you desperately need, company, and a chance to get away from the dementors."

"Why would you desire to be engaged to my son?" Corvus questioned, there was something he was missing. That contract had been drawn up just after he became Lord Lestrange after his father's death, between him and Dorea, who had just gotten engaged herself. It had long ago been forgotten as battle lines were drawn up. Until he received the missive this morning, then he knew something was up but he couldn't investigate anything due to the time restraint he was on in order to get to the prison on time. Plus, he already had someone of Black blood in the family, although he didn't believe they'd have a child…Bellatrix certainly hadn't entertained the notion during the years before she was incarcerated on the island.

"It's mutually beneficiary for both of us," Harry replied, seeing the uncompromising look on Corvus' aged face, Harry knew he would need to reveal at least some of the why. "Look it's the only way I can get myself out of Dumbledore's control, and have a say in where I live."

Corvus' eyebrows rose in shock, almost tempted to ask the boy to repeat himself, "And where exactly do you live that you find so unappealing, Mr. Potter?" there had been so many rumours about the boy, about where he was living and who got custody of him. Did he dislike living in an ordinary accommodations after finding out he has manors and properties all over the world?

Harry gritted his teeth, "For the past ten years since my parents death I've lived with the closest living relatives I have. My Muggle aunt and uncle, and needless to say…they despise having a wizard living under their roof. When Muggles are afraid they lash out." Giving them the blunt uncensored truth, hoping against hope that they would take pity on him enough to sign the damn contract and help him out a little and he in turn would help them.

Complete and utter silence followed that revelation.

There we go! So will the Lestranges be innocent? Or did they actually attack the Longbottoms but leave them there still sane and someone else have finished the deed? Will we make Dumbledore extra evil in this one and him responsible or just have the Lestranges as bad as they are portrayed? Just like they are in Embracing His True Self but with more to them? Or will we make Dumbledore his usual well-meaning but manipulative self? Will Harry move in with Corvus and learn the way of the pureblood's with Corvus not even attempting to sway Harry letting the boy do as he pleased? Realizing he was not going to be Dumbledore's puppet? Or will Corvus send him to a neutral distant relative? Will Dumbledore even realize Harry isn't at the Dursleys anymore? Figg isn't the most observant after all…or will we see a rare one that Rabastan turns neutral himself and remain with Harry? Or will we see both become dark? (Dark NOT evil!) Read and Review please! If I keep getting reviews like this first chapter you'll find this being updated as frequently and as long as Embracing His True Self!

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