In an apartment in a city a woman named Selina was spending the evening watching pokemon. Even though she was thirty she liked to watch pokemon. Right now she was watching the episode for ho-oh the bells toll where Jessie stupidly broke one of the crystal bells.

"I don't know about you kitty," said Selina, stroking her pet cat, "but that Jessie character is so stupid she gives other bad women in the anime a bad name. Seriously even though my life is filled with bad luck like Jessie's I'm way smarter than her. If I was Jessie I would make her get better pokemon for her and James, think of better plans and not keep going after that boy Ash's Pikachu". Her cat just meowed.

What Selina didn't know was she was going to make her thought come true.

That night Selina was asleep like normal. But when she woke up the next morning she noticed everything around her was different. She was in a dorm room instead of her apartment. And when she looked in a mirror she saw to her horror that Jessie from pokemon was in the mirror.

"What the?" gasped Selina. She grabbed her hair and saw she indeed have Jessie's hair and looked down to see she had Jessie's body. "I am really Jessie of Team Rocket?" she asked herself. She pinched her cheeks to see if she was dreaming, but she wasn't; Selina had indeed become Jessie of Team Rocket. "Oh my god!" she said.

After getting dressed into a Team Rocket uniform Selina made her way outside where a man with lavender hair and a cream coloured cat was waiting for her. It was James and Meowth of course.

"There you are Jessie," said James "we need to go the boss is waiting for us". 'Oh no' thought Selina. Selina remembered Giovanni the boss of Team Rocket from the anime. James and Meowth had no idea that Jessie was now somebody else in her body so right now Selina just went with them to the boss's office.

Giovanni was waiting for the trio when they entered the office. "There you are" said Giovanni. 'This man is creepier than when I saw him on tv' thought Selina. "I have called you three here because it is now time for you to start going around the whole region of Kanto collecting pokemon for me" said Giovanni. 'Start?' thought Selina "does this mean this is the beginning of the whole pokemon series?' "Of course sir," said Meowth, confidently, "we'll bring you lots of pokemon". "Good now leave" said Giovanni. The trio left the office.

It was clear to Selina now; she had somehow become the character Jessie from pokemon and it was starting of when Jessie, James and Meowth first went around Kanto (also the start of when Ash first became a pokemon trainer). Well there was nothing Selina could do now but just go through it, but this time make her team better than it originally was.

Before the trio left the headquarters, Selina said she wanted to do something first. Remembering TM's from pokemon games, Selina wondered if there were some TM's in the headquarters. She asked an employee of the headquarters and the man said there was a room full of TM's. He showed her the way. "Don't you dare lose any of these TM's if you are taking them with you, these were very expensive" said the man. "You can trust me with these things" said Selina. Selina took one of every TM there were in the TM room. (These TM's are only generation 1 TM's) and soon she was ready.

So began Selina's new life as Jessie of Team Rocket.

I've become a fan of the isekai manga, about characters somehow ending up from one world to another world. So I decided to do a story based on that. Instead of a character being Ash, I insisted on doing a character being Jessie. Sorry to those who don't like Jessie.