Grampa Canyon

Today the trio came to a place called Grampa Canyon. "I've heard of this place;" said James "it's said this is where people can find pokemon fossils here". "So are we going fossil hunting today then?" asked Meowth. "That we are" said James. Selina remembered the secret hidden underground cave where some fossil pokemon lived in the 'attack of the prehistoric pokemon' episode. "You know boys," said Selina, putting up her acting, "I've heard bizarre stories that there's like a hidden secret cave here in Grampa Canyon, where wild pokemon live in". "Really?" said James. "Yes so I suggest we check it out first before we dig for fossils" said Selina. "That's a good idea;" said Meowth "since it's a hidden cave, then there might be some rare pokemon in there". "Okay let's do that then" said James. "Hold on a minute you two," said Selina "as we don't want anybody to know what we are doing, we have to do this secretly and not to attract any attention. Understand?" "Yes" said James and Meowth together. "First off we need to change into archaeologist clothing, so no one would know who we are" said Selina. The trio quickly changed into archaeologist clothing and they set off.

Selina led the way to where the entrance to the secret cave was; she remembered the location from the anime. "Phew this is quite a long walk" said James, while they were walking down the hill. "Long walks are good for you," said Selina "you'll thank me for this once we find the hidden cave". James didn't complain anymore and continued walking. The trio walked down all the way to the bottom of a canyon. "This is it boys," said Selina "the hidden cave is supposed to be located right under the ground". "Okay so how are we supposed to get underground?" asked Meowth "don't tell me we have to dig all the way down there?" "No we don't" said Selina. She presented five pokeballs. "I borrowed five Rhydons, which know horn drill, from headquarters. They will be doing the digging". She released the Rhydons. "Meowth go and keep watch in case people are coming this way, we don't want anybody to know what we are doing". "Rodger" said Meowth. While Meowth went off to keep watch, Selina had the Rhydons dig into the ground. "Say Jessie, what pokemon do you think live in this hidden cave?" asked James. "All I can think is James that these pokemon maybe vicious," said Selina, putting on an act, "so whenever a pokemon turns up, don't ask questions and freak out. Just attack it with one of your pokemon". "Right" said James.

The Rhydon's drilled and drilled in the ground until at last they opened up the ground and revealed a big hole. "This is it, this is the entrance to that secret underground" said Selina. James stared in amazement. "How do we get down from here?" he asked. "Mr Starmie and your Weezing will give us a lift" answered Selina. Selina and James called out Starmie and Weezing and they helped their trainers enter the underground. "Blimey you weren't kidding about a secret underground cavern being here Jessie" said James. "Have I ever been wrong James?" said Selina. James replied no. "There's a good chance the pokemon in here will be rock type, so James use your Tangela because grass type moves work on rock type pokemon" said Selina. "Oh okay" said James.

Suddenly eight pokemon appeared. There were two Kabutos, two Kabutops, two Omaytes and two Omastars. "Quick James attack before the attack us" said Selina. She released Exeggutor and told it to use solar beam. James released Tangela and told it to attack with vine whip. The eight fossil pokemon fought back and they were tough even if they got hit by solar beam and vine whip. "Quick James we need to use stun spore on these pokemon" said Selina. She and James ordered their two grass pokemon to use stun spore. The stun spore hit the eight fossil pokemon and they were paralyzed at once. "Now's our chance to catch them" said Selina. She and James threw some pokeballs and they caught the eight fossil pokemon. "I don't believe it," said James "did we really just catch some fossil pokemon?" "Yes James," answered Selina "we caught Kabutos, Kabutops, Omanytes and Omastars. And this saved us from searching for fossils". James couldn't stop cheering for joy.

Suddenly there was a growling noise. "What was that?" said James. "I think I know" said Selina. She returned Exeggutor and sent out Gyarados. At that moment an Aerodactyl appeared. "Quick Gyarados use blizzard" said Selina, remembering Aerodactyl's weakness was ice type moves. Gyarados blew a blizzard attack and Aerodactyl was hit by the attack. "James throw the pokeball now while it's distracted" said Selina. James as he did as he was told and caught the Aerodactyl. "Phew" sighed Selina, sitting down onto the ground, "that was a scary experience". "I'll say," said James "I can't believe we really just did that, capturing a real Aerodactyl. I've only seen those Aerodactyl skeletons in museums". "Yeah, well we did," said Selina, getting up off the ground and returning Gyarados, "as we're here we might as well go see if there any other pokemon down here". Selina and James searched for any more fossil pokemon in the cavern, but couldn't find anymore. "What shall we do Jessie?" asked James "there doesn't seem to be anymore pokemon here". "You're right, so we'll just get out of here;" said Selina "if there are no more pokemon here then there is no point staying here. Besides I don't want to stay in this creepy cavern any longer". She got out her Starmie and had it use teleport to get out of the cavern.

Selina and James were teleported to the entrance of the hole. Meowth was there waiting for them. "What happened down there?" asked Meowth. Selina and James explained about their capturing's of the fossil pokemon. "Wow," said Meowth "this will please the boss for sure and it sure saved us looking for fossils. So what now?" "We need to cover up this hole to avoid suspicions" said Selina. She ordered James and Meowth to find lots of boulders and rocks so they could cover up the hole. While James and Meowth were gone Selina quickly walked away from the hole; she remembered Togepi's egg from the anime. She released Arbok. "Arbok I think there is a pokemon egg around here somewhere, can you help me find it?" she said. Arbok replied with a yes. "Oh when you do find it, be very gentle with it because eggs are very fragile" said Selina. Arbok understood. Selina and Arbok looked around on the ground for the egg. Just then Arbok arrived, carefully carrying a white egg with blue and red markings around its tail. "Ah that's it well done Arbok" said Selina, petting Arbok on the head for a job well done. Selina took the egg from Arbok and remembered Togepi. "We must take this egg to those kids, Arbok go hide yourself with this egg and don't come out till I call you alright". Arbok understood, took the egg back from Selina and went to hide.

At that moment James and Meowth came back with Nidoking and Geodude, carrying lots of big rocks. "Good work boys," said Selina "now we need to cause some sort of earthquake or avalanche or something that would help cover up the hole with all the rocks". "Leave that to me" said Meowth. He presented a small bomb from out of nowhere. "Where'd you get that?" asked Selina. "Oh I carry some of these babies from time to time in case of emergency" answered Meowth. 'I'd rather you didn't' thought Selina; she feared they would cause an accident. Meowth lit the bomb, then he and Selina and James quickly took cover. The bomb went off and the hole got completely covered up with rocks. "Now that Jessie?" said James "people will be coming here to see what the commotion was about". "Leave that to me" said Selina.

It wasn't long till all the people in the canyon came over to the area; they heard the explosion and came to see what was going on. Selina told everyone a big lie about some wild pokemon around here was fighting each other because they were upset with everyone digging up Grampa Canyon for fossils, and the explosion was caused due to the attacks. Everyone believed Selina's lie. Officer Jenny was soon on the scene, when she heard about the explosion from a phone call from someone in the canyon. Selina told Officer Jenny the same lie and Officer Jenny believed her. After hearing that wild story Officer Jenny decided that due to the accident, digging up for fossils in Grampa Canyon was now forbidden. Nobody knew what really happened, so Team Rocket were let off free and they were happy with their capturing's of the fossil pokemon. Before anyone left the canyon, Selina quietly and sneakily had her Arbok hide Togepi's egg in Misty's back pack while she wasn't noticing anything. James and Meowth knew nothing about the egg, because Selina didn't show them.

That evening Team Rocket was having a campout. James was contacting headquarters for a delivery pokemon to come keep up the pokeballs that contained the fossil pokemon. Selina was writing a letter; as Aerodactyl was very aggressive, she thought it would be a good idea to warn the boss about it just in case. "I still can't believe you two caught an Aerodactyl, Kabuto, Kabutops, Omanyte and Omastar" said Meowth. "Yes well we did," said James "I wonder how much we'll get from the boss for this?" "I'm hoping for some hot cash" said Selina.

At that moment a carrier Pidgeotto from headquarters came for the pokeballs, carrying the fossil pokemon. James handed over the pokeballs and Selina handed over the letter. "Be careful with these pokeballs and don't lose them," said Selina "and make sure you give this letter first". Pidgeotto flew off for headquarters right away. Then the trio had a lovely supper of fish and chips to celebrate. "I got to say Jessie, the rumours you heard about that secret underground with wild pokemon were right" said James. "That's why you two should leave the thinking to me," said Selina "remember I'm the leader here and my plans have never failed us so far". Meowth and James couldn't argue with that.

There's no way i'd change the story part about who get's Togepi. Besides I can't even imagine Jessie ever using a Togepi or any of its evolutions. Ash's Charizard will appear later.