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Summary: Harry moved in with her to help with Teddy directly after the Battle of Hogwarts. Andromeda could not manage the death of her husband and children, she takes her own life four months later. Harry cannot deal with the sorrow of the wizarding world, he breaks up with Ginny, and retreats from everyone except on holidays, raising his godson in the muggle devoid of the trouble magical realm, what happens when he makes a trip to the bank that brings him back to a time not just of war but a time before he is born? Time Travel. No Bashing. Light but Badass Harry.

Warning: Name changes, but no original characters, just secret identities, like King T'Challa, or Diana Prince, or Carol Danvers. Harry Potter is a superhero name. Challenged by Waka.

Harry is twenty-one, Teddy is three, Nymphadora is three, Remus is fifteen, Narcissa is twenty, Andromeda is twenty-four, Bellatrix is twenty-five, and Regulus is thirteen.

Narcissa/Harry - Narcy

"There is nothing I wouldn't do anymore!"

-Narcissa Malfoy

Chapter 1 - Gesundheit

"Come on, baby," Harry begged, reaching for the child that had managed to not just lock himself in the car but was holding the keys.

It wasn't as if Harry Potter needed the car, but to keep up appearances. 'Playing muggle' was harder than it should have been. He had spent more of his life without magic than with it, but then maybe it wasn't pretending to be a muggle that was so hard, maybe it was just being a single dad.

"Is there a problem, Mr. Peverell," Ms. Adams asked from behind.

Harry spun, stepping in front of the toddler in the car. He held his hand behind him and wandlessly accioed his key's through the open window.

Teddy immediately began crying, Harry winced at the sound that put his ever sense on edge. Today had been hard for the poor fella, Mazy -a pretty brunette girl who was a year older than him, had said she hated him because he didn't have a mommy. Harry wasn't completely sold on that logic and suspected strongly that Mazy came from a troubled family -but Teddy had taken it to heart.

Mrs. Adams smiled up at him with a smile so sweet it made his teeth ache, "Oh, Theodore sounds upset. Do you need any help?"

She was always asking him if he needed help, in fact, all the assistant teachers and mothers offered him 'help.'

"No, thanks," he said, just as he always did. Mrs. Adams was -among other things, married, and he wanted nothing from her. "I just need to get him home."

He turned and unlocked his tiny car. He probably shouldn't have boughten the small baby-blue bug, his legs barely fit in the car. But Teddy had been two and had spoken, babbling on and on about the 'lil-bu-bug,' and Harry hadn't been able to say no. Teddy was an extremely quiet child, happy for the most part, and certainly kind spirited, but quiet.

"Henry," Mrs. Adams called.

He turned and glared at her, he was done for the day and Mrs. Adams, the pushy, busty, married woman who was in her early fifties was getting on his nerves. Last month she had corned him in the supply closest and tried to force herself on him. He was nearly six-feet tall and she was just over five foot, it wasn't going to happen, but she had made it very difficult to get away from her and not hurt her.

Harry was one of the supervisors at the daycare Teddy attended, it was a way to both stay with him and let him be around other children, and he had made it clear to everyone, that he be addressed by his surname, although the little kids either called him Rell or even Ell. But it was for the women he wished to get his distance from. He had no interest in dating anyone, let alone any woman who thought they could win him by stalking him.

"What?" he asked shortly.

Her fake smile dropped and she held out an envelope to him, "You're fired," she declared, "Your son has been expelled from the daycare."

"Excuse me?"

"Your misconduct from last month," she went on, "the board seemed to think it was inexcusable."

"My misconduct?" he asked in a low voice.

"Good luck finding another daycare in the country that will take you," she said in her sickeningly sweet voice. "Of course, I could talk to them and explain it wasn-"

He snatched the envelope from her and got in his car. He slammed the door and revved the engine.

Mrs. Adams, in her low pumps and low-cut blouse, stared at him for a moment, the got out of his way as backed out of the spot. He sped down the road, fuming. He opened the stupid envelope and glancing down at it he saw that she hadn't been lying. He discarded it to the passenger seat and looked in his rearview mirror. Teddy was quiet in his car seat. The tears were still fresh on his cheeks as he stared out the window. Harry had used a charm to keep Teddy's hair black and his eyes tawny brown like Ted Tonks' and he believed Nymphadora's had been.

Harry had changed both their names after Andromeda had left them and reporters, stalkers, ill and good wishes kept knocking. Henry B. Peverell and Theodore T. Peverell weren't names anyone in the wizarding world would be looking for in a phone book, muggleborn or no.

Did he feel bad about partially turning his back on his name and basically renaming Teddy as he likely couldn't even remember being called Lupin? Sure, but peace and safety were more important to Harry than carrying on dead people's legacies.

"You want to go to Gringotts?" Harry asked Teddy.

Teddy's head whipped around, and asked hopefully, "Where?"

"Gringotts," he replied with a smile. Harry would just have to homeschool him, Fleur had kids about Teddy's age now. They would make something work to keep Teddy away from his godfather's fame and Teddy from falling into a greater quiet.

"Dragons!" Teddy cheered loudly.

"No dragons anymore," Harry sang.

The three-year-old laughed into his hands. When he could speak again he asked his godfather for the story again, again, and again.

And Harry, obligingly, told the story over and over again -an edited version of the story that left out the Unforgivables and descriptions of Death Eaters.

Teddy laughed all the way to London.

"You have been using the name Peverell," the goblin at the desk said roughly, glaring down at Harry.

Harry glared right back, "Is there a problem? He was one of my ancestors."

The goblin didn't so much as blink at him. "Follow me, Mr. Peverell," he sneered.

Harry hadn't made a trip to his vaults in nearly a year, he did not know who had told the goblin he was using a different name, but if it got out to the public, someone was going to be hurting. He would make sure of it.

As they loaded into the cart, the goblin asked, "Is Theodore Tonks Peverell your heir?"

Harry thought it might be a trick question, but he said, "Yes."

"Very well, Mr. Henry Black Peverell. Very well." The goblin said nothing else on their long, long way down.

"We just passed-" but Harry stopped speaking, the goblin looked determined. He pulled his Holy Wand, pulling Teddy closer and behind his legs.

Down and down they went, the light fading, the stone around them becoming rougher, water dripped, and somewhere in the darkness, Harry heard an underground river roaring. The temperature was dropping rapidly as well, and he cast a warming charm on Teddy.

They arrived with a clank of metal and the goblin led them to the largest vault door Harry had ever seen.

"Put your hands here," the goblin instructed, indicated a raised disk, "both of you."

Harry put his hand down on the disk, nothing happened, he then picked up Teddy who put his small hand beside his godfather's.

Sharp lanced his hand and Teddy screamed, darkness and folded around them. When they pulled back in the dark, the lights of torch fire sprang up in a circle around them. Teddy and Harry looked at their hands that no longer hurt and there was no mark, not so much as a red line. The room was growing brighter and a chandelier above them came to life. They metal looked aged and shambled as if it had once held direction. Now it was just a metal skeleton with floating lights.

There were inside the vault.

Around them were mountains of sparkling sand -or was it powder. Harry did not put Teddy down for an instant, he didn't even consider it. He had been in the wizarding world too long to trust a powder substance that looked snow, if snow could be made out of crushed gemstones.

On the floor, there was a stray piece of parchment. Harry accioed it to his hand, a stream of the sparkling powder came with it.

The note read simply:

Dearest Descendants,

If you have been brought to this vault, you and your heir, the non-humans of our world have decided they would like to see some change. Around you sits a denotation from my friends, friends so magical their dust has the power to undo the laws of time as well as those of reality. I am afraid there will be no way back, but I hope that will be more a blessing than a burdon.

Do better than those who came before you.

Signed by: Ignotus Peverell

Harry glared at the piece of paper, his Potter-Luck was raising the hairs on the back of his neck.

He needed to get them out of there.

Teddy sneezed.

The world seemed to catch its breath, and then they were surrounded by a cyclone of dust and light. He threw up a shield but the dust was unhindered. For a moment Harry feared the dust had caught fire, but then the light grew white hot like burning mechanism. And he had to close his eyes. He crouched on the ground, curling as much of himself around Teddy as he could. Teddy clung to him like a koala bear.

Then everything stopped, and then they opened their eyes to an empty chamber. The chandelier above them was the only source of light with an assortment of crystals twinkling merrily and casting shadows against the stone walls. The note on the ground was still there, the slightly less aged.

The mountains of dust were gone, not a single sparkle left.

Harry and Teddy looked at each other, and then Harry said -with the air of a man who has just been told that the inmates have taken over the asylum, "Gesundheit."

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