Deadly Belladonna: Professor Harry Potter, a proud new grandfather, had never in all his life been so happy, so naturally it's about to be tossed into the fire when he's thrown back in time with his younger self living through the hell of fifth year and the task of saving the Black family, including Bella. [Older Harry Potter/Bellatrix Lestrange] [Younger Harry/Luna Lovegood]

When the Dragon Spoke to the Moon: HP/Lord of the Rings crossover, Luna Lovegood in Middle Earth followed by Harry the Black. Is an alternate path and sister fic to Deadly Belladonna.

Mischief Far From Managed: MCU/HP crossover. Loki breaks from under Thanos's thumb mid-Avengers movie, the Winter Soldier is kidnapped to Asgard while attempting to kidnap Loki for Hydra. Complete Alternate universe. Four years later Loki magically adopts him from a separate universe and Harry ends up being classmates with Spider-man, it's a clusterfuck of epic proportions.

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Lily and James Potter did indeed marry, they had one daughter who they named Dalilah Evans Potter, she was much beloved by her family, including by her older brother and sedo-uncle Harry Peverell.

In addition to Teddy Peverell and their adoptive son Helix Shacklebolt Peverell, Harry and Narcissa had two beautiful girls, Lyra Black Peverell and Danica Bell Peverell. The four may or may not have burned down London, started a minor war in Underhill, restarted another goblin war, and resurrected the Lost City Atlantis from the bottom of the ocean.

Teddy's daughter, Magnolia Naomi Peverell, of all Harry's descendants, was most like her grandfather and led a major revolution in Scotland.

Epilogue - Narcissa Black Peverell

Lives like stories have endings, as surely as the sun rises it sets. This story began with a father's love for his son, and many a magical society coming together to save themselves and their people, no matter the cost. This dream ends with the fulfilling of long cherished dreams.

"Mr. and Mrs. Peverell, I now pronounce you husband and wife," Eirick Evans declared and Narcissa looked up into the wizard who had earned her heart, who had become her world.

In those emerald eyes she saw love, devotion, and the strength of a man who would always put her children first.

He would never hesitate, doing everything and anything it took to keep them safe and fight for them. It was a security that she had never known, and as Harry bent to her, his soft lips claiming her with a gentle tenderness that broke and remade her heart, she finally trusted this happiness. Trusted that this life was hers and that for him, for Teddy, for Helix, for the baby just beginning in her womb, she would remake the world to keep them safe.

Harry pulled her in at the waist and who she knew that wicked grin of his meant trouble, she dug her nails into his shoulder as a warning but he spun her anyway, her skirts flared.

The uproar was stupendous and it was her sisters' eyes she met when Harry tucked her into his side to begin their journey down the aisle.

Bellatrix with Kingsley at her side grinned with wild, unlady-like abandon, Kingsley looking at Bella the way that Harry looked at Narcissa. Then Andromeda smirked, with a knowing light in her dark eyes.

It was supposedly bad luck for a groom to see his bride before the wedding, but technically, she and Harry had already been handfasted for over a year now.

Harry had been the one to help her into her dress this morning.

Andromeda, who had been shooed out of the changing room, knew that the flush in Narcissa's cheek was not rouge.

Their father, Cygnus Black, thankfully did not know this as he shook hands with Harry and kissed Narcissa's cheeks, again giving his blessing.

Uncle Orion did the same, "Welcome to the family."

And so it went on, greetings and well wishes.

Hagrid pulled Harry into a bear hug and nearly sobbed, "I'm just so happy for ye, no one deserves it more, Harry."

It was a long time before they got to the reception and the toast.

She didn't eat much, purposely planning her own meal to be more about flavour than fullness, a choice she didn't regret as Harry led her to the dance floor. It was surreal, to have everything she ever wanted, if not the way she expected, then at least she could always claim that her wedding day (not the handfasting) went exactly as she had planned.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known," Harry told her as he pulled her into the first dance, dipping his head to say in her ear, "a beauty of the heart."

"I've been called a frigged bitch my entire life," she rebutted, her own worry about things in the future being incapable of topping today, raising its ugly head.

Harry pulled back to meet her gaze, his worry turned to something softer, more tender. He smiled as he bent his head down to rest his forehead against hers, and hummed in her ear, "That's alright, I know the truth of you." And he pulled her closer to him to prove his point.

She relaxed then, giving into the hope and the promise that the joy of this family would always be hers.

When she and Harry finally took a break from the dance floor, they sought out Teddy who was suspiciously missing, only to find him surrounded on the other side of the gathering. A large group of kids were gathered in a small, benched area surrounded by fairy lights and roses.

Teddy and Nym were seated side by side, the second oldest group within eye shot. Remus, Sirius, James, Lily, Severus, and Helix, who was seated in Sirius's lap, were keeping an eye out on the younger group but paused in their conversation as Teddy began in a dramatic voice, "It begins with a brutal murder."

One of Teddy's audience, a boy with red hair, gasped.

Nym, Teddy's partner in crime, held up a yellow fruit and the kids who had already heard this story began to giggle.

Teddy paused dramatically, before going on, "The most important lesson of all, is no step on snek."

Narcissa and Harry exchanged a fond look, their lives were utterly absurd.

And they wouldn't have it any other way.

Chapter 28 - The Greatest Magician

Narcissa was shepherding two non-contagious werewolves and three other children away from the Cats Caverns, where her husband was battling a mythical would- be goddess.

When the Dark Lord showed up, eyes red, brown hair swept back in a classical style, she was beyond done with this night.

"What have you done!?" the Dark Lord shrieked.

Narcissa raised her wand, she couldn't apparate everyone and she wasn't about to leave anyone behind.

She let out a deep breath, readying herself for anything. She could hold him off.

However, it was James Potter who acted first, not giving the Dark Lord a chance to attack, "Vocatio Citreo!"

Sirius repeated the spell, and suddenly they were surrounded by lemons.

She knew they were good at transfiguration, summoning matter from nothing however was no easy feat.

But lemons?

"Seriously?" Tom Riddle asked, confused as Narcissa was.

Sirius grinned, "Nah, that's just my name, mate. These are lemons."

"Why?" Narcissa asked.

Lily Evans began spelling them, whispering the incantations so she couldn't hear what they were.

"Don't touch the lemons!" James roared before punting one of the encouraging lemons at the Dark Lord's head.

Tom Riddle flicked his wrist, deflecting the lemon easily, only the moment his spell hit, the lemon exploded.

Narcissa took the opportunity to send a curse at him, and from that moment forth it was chaos. She shoved Teddy into Lily's arms as she, Sirius, and James began bombarding the Dark Lord with curses and hexes, and the occasional lemon.

The lemons themselves were tripping Tom up, breaking his focus as they began to spawn off each other exceptionally, exploding at odd intervals.

One lemon burst close enough to Tom's face that he screamed as the lemon juice splashed into his eyes. Narcissa took the opportunity to send several stunning spells at him, the killing curse requiring too much focus as Sirius and James spared at her side.

She hit him thrice and he fell into a pile of lemons, that set off like little rockets as some exploded.

Everyone went quiet as they waited for Tom to emerge from the yellow pile of citrus.

Slow clapping had her spinning on her heel, and relief overcame her as Harry grinned at her.

"Professor Rell!" Sirius, James, and Lily exclaimed, Remus and Teddy wuffing in happy greeting.

Harry wiped an imaginary tear from his eyes as his emerald gaze twinkled upon seeing the ever growing pile of lemons, burying Voldemort alive in them, "I'm so proud."

Narcissa let out a huff and Harry vanished the lemons.

"How come Voldemort couldn't do that?" Lily asked.

"That lemon summoning is specific and requires a specific counter curse."

She shook her head, walking toward Tom with every intention of murdering the monster where he lay.

Only a wash of magic chose then to explode from Underhill.

Narcissa turned to Harry, "What did you do?"

He smiled at her, "I killed Morgana and freed magic."

He said it was like it was an obvious thing to do.

Tom Riddle pushed himself to his feet, "You fool!"

Harry raised his wand lazily at Tom but before anything else could be done, Tom's giant python rose behind him as if to strike.

Instead, however, from the head down, the snake transformed into a woman. Tom turned to her slowly as her hand cupped his face.


And the naga smiled as she snapped the Dark Lord's neck.

Tom dropped lifeless to the ground and Harry threw an incendiary spell at the body.

Nagini inclined her head, toward Harry, "Thank you."

"I never thought I would meet a naga," Sirius said.

Nagini shook her head, "I was born cursed with the maledictus curse," she looked at Harry, "I've never had enough magic of my own to counteract it. You do realize what you've done, Peverell?"

"Pushed the scales off a steep cliff?" he answered.

Nagini laughed, "You just pushed humanity into true competition against the other races. Without Morgana to direct the magic it will remain wild and change the world as it sees fit."

Harry shrugged, "Magic doesn't need a gatekeeper."

The hill the caves were under exploded and they all dropped to the ground as a large energy source, a growing black cloud shot through with rainbow lightning gathered and bloomed upward. As it grew, the sound of it…

Animal cries, fairy songs, the roars of dragons, scaled tails flicked into visibility by the coloured lightning, and winged horses rose on the crests of clouds.

There was more, more than Narcissa could rightly comprehend.

"What is that!?" James shouted into the gusting winds.

"Magic," Nagini answered.

"Is it coming for us?" Narcissa asked as it rose above them, coalescing over them.

Harry pulled his broom from his pocket and unshrunk it, "It's coming for me."

"Yes," Nagini agreed, watching him with an inhuman gaze as her lower half coiled tightly beneath her, keeping her grounded in the growing winds that was nearly blowing Narcissa off her feet.

"Take the kids and go," Harry told her.


He pulled her into him and kissed her with a passion that had her toes curling, "I love you."

"I love you too," she breathed.

"Love you, Teddy," Harry said, stopping briefly to kiss the top of his son's furred head, before he allowed his broomstick to carry him upward toward the growing storm.

He straddled the broomstick in the air and as the storm seemed to notice his presence, reaching for him. He zipped away into the night like a bolt.

The magic paused, then let out an unholy sound that deafened her for a moment, before chasing after him.

Narcissa pulled Lily and Teddy to the ground as the others followed. Remus's wolf form curled against James's side. She suspected he and Teddy were whining but he couldn't hear them.

The ground was damp from night dew, and she looked up in time to see the storm give chase to Harry.

Her heart tightened, she didn't know if Harry would survive this night, or if he would come out of it as the same person.

The light from Tom's pyre blew out, leaving only ash behind.

Harry had rarely flown so fast for so long as he raced over the Irish countryside.

The storm, the wild magic, and what he was suspecting was tantamount to the legends of the wild hunt.

His own magic rose inside him at the sound of magic coming alive, but over the sound of the wind, those sounds began a strange sort of song, rising and falling. As he tired his magic became more present in his mind.

He began to see things, of differing realities, of possibilities.

The Wild Hunt chased after him, and he knew that this wasn't all magic, this was but a facet of it rejoining the world. This wasn't the same magic of other countries, this was the magic of the isles that had been contained unnaturally.

Voldemort had been afraid of this because he knew it was beyond control for any one person, that the release of this magic would mean more muggleborns, more magical creatures, the land and seas gaining more power than he could ever hope to have.

Naomi hadn't released this magic, this magic that had belonged to Underhill, belonged to the fae, that belonged once to the Lost City of Atlantis, that belonged to the muggleborns, and magical creatures that had been driven by humans to extinction.

The Statute of Secrecy was in part unnecessary, because for those who didn't want to understand they couldn't see, for those who would never believe would explain it away by their own expectations of reality.

Humanity had grown past believing in the wonder in the world.

Harry Potter made the decision to give it back.

He turned in the air, crossing over open water, magic sweeping out behind him as he led it toward the city that he had first seen the reality of magic.

His world had been turned over so many times, time itself had been rewritten, and his soul sundered. But had it all been worth it? His poor excuse for a childhood? The war? The loss and the fear and redoing it all? Had Teddy been worth it? Had the memories of Naomi been worth it? Had falling in love with Narcissa been worth it?

To that Harry had only one answer; yes.

As magic followed him, as the wind embraced him, the sky above him, the sea below him, he laughed all the way to London.


London woke to the rising of the sun being eclipsed by a storm cloud full of fantastical lightning and…


And flying horses and dancing luminescent figures that danced on the wind.

People gathered in the streets to gape at the spectacles unfolding above them. Sirens went off but very few people panicked. There was after all, magic and music unfolding above their heads as spectacular as the northern lights or as enchanting as one who sees a star filled sky when once all they had ever known was the garish light of the moon and artificial hope of passing aeroplanes.

Some saw more than others, some only saw a particularly nasty storm forming and hid away, and others… it was as if they could breathe in full breath for the first time in their lives.

The ledger for the list of potential students at Hogwarts grew twice, then thrice, and then quadrupled its original length.

For the magical creatures who witnessed the return of magic there was joy. As Morgana's death became known and the magic stayed, they would learn that magic was as much theirs as it was their human counterparts.

They had never needed Morgana, she had never been a goddess, all they had ever needed was the world to be brought to greater balance.

Earth needed magic, the heart of magic needed to beat, to light up the laylanes and holy places where their ancestors had once known wisdom beyond their reach.

The wizard who freed them, the one so many had banded together to bring back to him, the descendant of Ignotus Peverell who had died before he had learned how to help them landed upon the tallest clock tower in London.

There the magic condensed and flared open its maw. The raw power of magic that coalesced into the appearance of rainbow lighting intensifying as it headed toward the man that had unleashed it.

Such forces should never have been contained so long, such forces could not be wielded for not but destruction even if its very nature was creation.

Yet such a wizard as Professor Peverell was, he did not attempt to control it or wield, instead, upon that great clock face he opened the way to Underhill, returning the magic to its home. He kept the doors open making it another world and not a prison, a place where dragons and thunderbirds could roam unimpeded by humanity. A world apart though infinitely tied together.

As the storm clouds dispersed, the magic present but no longer visible, the image of a man silhouetted against the face of Big Ben, with a broom stick in hand, would forever be remembered by magical and mundane persons alike.

Professor Peverell held out his arms before taking a sweeping bow, his dark robes billowing behind him, as he declared to London, to the globe, "I am Harry Potter, the World's Greatest Magician!"

To those who wanted to believe in magic, a world of hope and wonder had been, and those who didn't would forever ponder the science behind either the British Isles most fantastical magic trick or the strangest weather phenonium in their history, but the name Harry Potter, the World's Greatest Magician, was never forgotten.


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