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-Sage will no longer be paired with Steven.
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-Kanto will have Contests before they were originally brought in. For all we know, in the Pokemon Universe, maybe Contests existed there, but because Ash wasn't traveling with people who cared about Contests to begin with, he never noticed them. Many argue that Contests started in Hoenn (Anime Verse not Game Verse) when it is a known fact that Dawn(Hikari)'s mother was a Contestant in Sinnoh during her travels. I think they started in Sinnoh, moved to Hoenn, then slowly took over the rest of them. At least, that's my theory.
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A Loving Family

A Year and a Half

It was storming outside. Lightning and thunder tore through the sky, disturbing many people's sleep, and scaring children. Quite a few homes had already lost power due to the lightning hitting a tower or two. It was cold as well, seeing how it was nearing midnight, and that it was mid-October. Many adults made sure to keep their families in side, and many Pokemon took refuge within caves or under a bridge in the town.

Delia Ketchum hummed to herself as she warmed up something to eat for her baby boy, Ash. The baby was fussing in his father's arms, unsettled thanks to the noise outside. The two adults shared smiles as he instantly happily babbled as he ate the mac'n'cheese. The three were just getting ready to head back to bed, when a thud was heard at the door.

Passing his wife his son, Red Ketchum rushed to the door, his hand gripping his faithful Charizard's Pokeball. He opened the door, expecting someone injured or trying to rob them. Or even Blue visiting with his son Gary. He got neither of those things. What he got twisted his stomach painfully.

A child, no younger than his son, lay motionless half way between inside of a basket. In the distance he could just make out someone running away. It was raining much too harshly to make anything out about them, other than they were tall, and wide. And they just left a baby on the ground, in the rain. With a heavy heart, he picked the child up and made his way into where his wife stood in worry. He offered a smile, picking the child from the basket before pulling out the letter left inside.

The freak is your problem now.

"Oh Red..." Delia whispered in pain as she looked the boy over. "We can't turn him away. Obviously he wasn't in a good home before." Red nodded, holding the child close as he went to the phone in the kitchen.

"Red, is something wrong?" Officer Jenny asked as soon as she answered.

"A child was just dropped on my doorstep. I want to go about adopting him, and had no idea who to call."

"I'll be over soon."

Five Years Old

"Don't do this, Red. What will I tell the boys? You can't just leave us!" Delia snapped at her husband as he stood in their doorway. "Sage and Ash need you. I need you!"

"I have to do this, Delia. You don't understand. If Giovanni returns to power in Team Rocket, the world is in trouble."

"You walk out that door, and our marriage is in trouble!" The woman looked ready to start crying. "Red, if you leave me, I will never talk to you again. I almost lost you all those years ago. I can't loose you. Please don't leave. If you leave, you may as well never return to this house." The woman was standing her ground, staring sadly at her husband. "Let the Police handle this. Please, Red. Don't leave us."

"I'm sorry, Delia. I love you." The man's eyes watered as he turned to leave. "You know my phone number. Call me if you need help. With anything."

"You shouldn't be a phone call away, you should be here, with us!" However, the man walked away, silent tears falling from his eyes. Delia slid to the floor, covering her eyes and sobbing. She could only be grateful that the boys were playing with their friends.

Or least, they should have been.

Sage was froze beside their porch, hidden by the shrubs, as his father walked out of his life. Out of their life. The boy started running, hoping to catch up to the man that was walking briskly away. Just as Red called out his Charizard, and Sage was about to call out, the boy tripped, biting his tongue. As blood filled his mouth, and tears spilled, Sage was helpless at stopping his father from leaving.

Seven Years Old

"Red, we need to tell him before he leaves for his journey! What if his parents see him on television, and try to take advantage of him? Doesn't he need to know the truth?" Delia yelled at her husband on the phone. She was supposed to be alone in the house, the boys out with Professor Oak's Pokemon Day Camp. Sage entered the house hesitantly, a scraped knee his prize for trying to out jump Ash.

"Of course Sage should know. I just don't see why I should be there, Delia. You told me to never come back."

"You idiot! I didn't mean it! I love you, and miss you, and the boys need their father!"

"And what would I tell him, Delia? That your parents didn't want you, and left you on our doorstep? We don't know how he came to us, Delia. We don't know his real name, or who his parents are. We have no leads despite what Officer Jenny has done. No one came forward with any information about him. Besides, why would he want me there, I left you all."

"They don't hold it against you! They love you and want you back. Please Red."

"Delia, I'm close to finding out what Giovanni has planned."

"Giovanni this, Giovanni that! I'm sick of hearing about it, Red! We are your family, and we miss you."

Sage blinked through his tears as he turned around and left the house. It was hours later that Ash found him, looking panicked. Worried because his brother had gone missing, and no one could find him. It felt like their father all over to him. Sage was apologetic, and promised to never disappear on him again.

Nine Years Old

Delia hummed to herself as she finished folding the clothing hanging in front of her. In the peripheral of her vision she could see her sons, Ash, and Sage, playing with Blue's boy Gary, just outside of the forest. In the yard next door, she could see Leaf also keeping an eye on their boys, and placing her own laundry away. Delia made her way to the fence.

"Would you like to come over for some lemonade, Leaf? I would love some company."

"That would be nice, thanks Delia!" The woman nodded with a smile. "I'll bring over the apples I just got for a snack. I'm sure the boys would love some."

"I'm sure they will. To think, just two more years. Boys! Boys go wash up! Time for a snack."

"Coming mom!" Her two angels called. Soon all five sat around the table in Delia's kitchen.

"So boys, just two years to go. What Pokemon are you hoping to get?" The boys shared a look between them.

"Squirtle." Gary finally said, smirking.

"Bulbasaur." Ash was nearly bouncing in his seat, but glaring at Gary.

"Charmander." Sage grinned, his sage colored eyes sparkling happily. He frown suddenly, confusing his mother. "Why can we only chose them, though? Do we have to start with Pokemon from the Lab?"

"Of course not. If you find a Pokemon that you bond with before then, you can start with that one." Delia assured. "Just make sure you don't over sleep, though. Otherwise you won't get a Pokemon at all." The women laughed at their sons' faces. "Go on and go play some more, Ash, Gary. I need to speak to Sage for a minute."

"Is he in trouble?" Ash asked, anxious for his brother.

"No. I just have something I need to talk to him about. He'll tell you if he wants to, but he needs to hear this first."

"Okay." The tanned boy agreed, frowning. "Don't take too long. Professor Oak said we could help feed the baby Pokemon later."

"It won't take long, I promise." Soon, it was just the woman and her son. "Come sit, Sage."

"What is this about, mom? Am I in trouble?" Wide green eyes, so green they looked like melted grass, stared up at her in worry.

"No, you're not. Sage, sweetheart, I wish your father was here to talk to you about this, but I can't keep this from you any more." The woman's eyes were haunted by what she would have to tell her youngest child. How she wouldn't be able to tell him anything except that he was left behind on their steps.

"This is about me being adopted, isn't it?" The woman stiffened, eyes wide in surprise. "I overheard you and dad talking about it on the phone a couple of years ago. It's okay, mom. I was upset, but I also know you love me, and that's all that matters. I already told Ash, too." The boy hesitated. "I just want to know why my parents got rid of me."

"I don't know sweetheart. I think it has something to do with how you can levitate items, and change others." Delia admitted. "It's different, but you are just unique, and I love you."

"Love you too, mom. Can I go find Ash now?"

"Of course."

Ten Years Old

Sage was exploring the woods a week after his birthday, the day that Delia and Red had found him on the doorstep, which made him two months younger than his brother. The ten year old couldn't wait until tomorrow, when he would be able to choose his Pokemon Partner. Ash, and Gary, had also chosen to wait until he turned ten to start their journey. All wanting to start the same time. Though Sage still didn't know what he was going to do.

As of yesterday, Kanto was among the regions that did Pokemon Contests, had a large Breeding Program, and the largest Pokemon League. Delia had just encouraged Sage to do what he wanted to do, and to stand up for his decisions. Ash was adamant, along with Gary, to join the league like their dads. However, both promised to support him in whatever it was he wished to do.

"Ruff!" Sage paused, looking through the trees to see a blue and white form bouncing around happily as it chase a butterfly. It looked up as he snapped a twig under his foot. "Ruff?" The Pokemon trotted over, sniffing Sage's pant's leg. A smile flashed across it's face as it began to bounce around the boy.

"Hi, I'm Sage. Are you lost little one?" The Rockruff's green eyes saddened before it shook her head and started to coo sadly. "Are you alone?" The Pokemon nodded. "Do you want to come with me then? I'm sure mom wouldn't mind getting you some food for the night, and you don't have to leave until you're ready." The boy and the Puppy Pokemon walked back to the child's home. Sage talking about anything that popped in his head.

Delia just laughed, welcoming the Pokemon into their home.

"I want Sapphire to come with me, mom. I think I found my starter." Sapphire perked up, cooing happily as Sage held her close. Ash grinned, while Delia nodded with a soft smile. "I should call Professor Oak, right?"

"Yes, you should actually go over there. Get your Pokedex and trainer card." Delia smiled as Sage started bouncing on the balls of his feet. "He should be at the lab still if you hurry." She made the call as he ran out the door so fast, it was as if he teleported.

Unknown to her, neither of Delia's sons would have the conventional Pokemon Starters. In just half a day, Ash would receive a Pikachu, as he would be late for collecting his Pokemon. What was also unknown, was the destinies that her two boys would have. She would only ever do what she did best, take care of her children to the best of her abilities. To support them, where others would tell them to give up. Believe that they would make the right choices, and live long happy lives.