A/N:Welp here comes another Devil May Cry/RWBY crossover. After reading so many i decided to make my own. This story is just for the sake of me having fun and doing a crossover and sharing it with you all, as you can tell from the story i'm not the best of writers so there will be some hiccups but i hope you don't mind and enjoy the story. As far as story goes, i'll be sticking closely to the plot, won't diverge too much, might add some surprises i've been thinking up. Anyway i'll talk more about what else i have planned at the end of the chapter, Enjoy!

Chapter 1: The sons of Sparda

"Hey dumbass get up! We got a bullhead to catch!". The boy who had just yelled sighed in frustration. He rubbed his hand through his white hair evening it out while looking in the mirror checking out his blue eyes to make sure any remnants of sleep were gone. The boy grabbed his favorite navy blue trench coat and put it on over his red button down shirt. He grabbed his gun; A intricately designed silver revolver with a rose on both sides admiring the gun a bit before putting it in his holster near his hip before picking up a black box and proceeding to walk up the stairs of his dingy apartment. He stopped at a door with a sign that read "Dante" and another sign that said "Do not disturb". Nero ignored this and kicked the door open revealing a topless boy that looked similar to him with the same white hair and blue eyes. The boy looked to still be asleep. Nero growled, he looked to the left and saw one of the many weapons they had collected over the years from their fights. He grabbed a knife, flipped it once smirking before chucking it at Dante. Dante immediately woke up catching the knife with his hand, but catch would be using the term loosely. The knife had impaled his hand effectively catching it but also effectively injuring the boy. Dante merely yawned taking the knife out and throwing it back at the wall. The opening in his hand merely closed back up.

"Jeez kid, what's the rush?" Dante yawned sitting up.

"We got a ship to catch dumbass, and i'm not a kid" the younger white hair boy growled.

"Your only 16, that's pretty kiddish to me" Dante chuckled putting on a black short sleeved button up shirt leaving the first three buttons open revealing a bit of his chest. It matched his slim fit black jeans and black combat boots.

"Shut up and get ready, the bullhead leaves soon. Grandma would not be pleased if you were still here".

"I know sheesh, i wouldn't dare get that old lady mad". He went into his closet and grabbed his brown leather holsters strapping it across his body before throwing on his favorite red coat. He also grabbed his giant silver broadsword throwing it on his back holster. He reached over by his mirror checking himself out before picking up his two pistols on his stand kissing them both smirking in delight of his guns.

"Ebony, Ivory, hope you girls had a nice nap". He chuckled before putting them in their side holsters. Dante then proceeded in" Dante Fashion" kicking his bed to the side revealing his suitcase making Nero raise and eyebrow at him.

"You actually packed the night before?" Nero said surprised. Dante was never one to be prepared.

"Duh of course i did, were going to a huntsman school, we gotta be ready for anything" he said chuckling. Nero couldn't believe his ears, maybe Dante was finally growing up. "I can't go to a place like that without all my stuff, gotta be ready for the babes at anytime" Nero scowled at the older boy, why would he ever think Dante would change.

"Besides, shouldn't you be the one prepared" Dante said.

"What do you mean, i got all my stuff packed the night before" Nero showed him his suitcase and ticket for the bullhead.

"I'm talking about the hand you can't use to jack off " he smirked. Nero growled at him for that poor joke, but realised he had forgotten about his blue and scaly demonic right arm. He's had the arm for a long time since he was a kid, he usually keeps it under wrap with a cast so he doesnt scare normal people when he's out of his home. He flipped Dante off with his demonic arm before going off to put his arm in his cast. He wouldn't admit it but he was actually quite excited to be going to this school. Nero is not a people person so he wasn't looking forward to being around all those people, but the fact that he won't be stuck here would be cool. Sure he loves his grandmother but he's sick of being cooped up in the house, he can't even go out hunting Grimm without Dante or his other older brother Vergil with him. He finished putting on his cast for his arm and slipped his headphones around his head. Now he was officially ready. He walked downstairs only to see a note left on the table, it was from their grandmother.

"I'm on vacation for a bit since you boys are leaving for school, make sure to stay out of trouble. I don't want anyone calling me about you boys misbehaving, if i get even one hint that you guys are up to something, you'll wish hell would have taken you instead. Have a great first day!

Nero grimace as he put down the note, how she was able to convey her scary presence into a piece of paper was beyond him. Though he figured this was gonna happen, their grandmother was a very easy going person, that's definitely where Dante gets some of his personality from. Speaking of family, where the hell was Vergil? Nero turned his head to Dante coming downstairs with his suitcase and Nero's in his hand.

"Yo where's vergil?" Nero asked

"He said something about having to take care of something, so he'd meet us later at the school" Dante explained.

"How the hell is he going to do that?" Nero asked.

"I don't know, you know Vergil, always up to something and then waits till the last minute to tell us" Dante chuckled. "Now c'mon, we got a bullhead to catch, and on the way you can tell me about your adventure with that cute little red girl you have a crush on". Nero punched Dante in his shoulder eliciting a chuckle from the older boy as they walked out of their house.

A lone figure was seen standing across a mountain ledge overlooking a giant forest. He was clad in a a long blue coat with three coat tails, dark green pants and brown combat boots; under the coat he wore a black sleeveless vest with a blue ascot around his neck. He had blue eyes and white hair swept back bearing a striking resemblance to another white haired boy. He held his katana to the ground both hands on the hilt looking over the lush green forest. His eyes immediately looked to his left as he saw a man in black and white with red eyes walk up next to him.

"So today's the day huh" the man with red eyes said. He took out a flask from his breast pocket drinking it. Vergil looked away from the man and went back to looking at the forest. "Glad you took my advice" the man chuckled.

"I merely acted accordingly. There are certain things moving in motion and it all points towards beacon" the boy in blue said.

"Sure keep telling yourself that Vergil, your brothers are gonna be going to the school as well. You sure you just didn't want to watch over them, or maybe experience something normal for a change" he smirked. Vergil merely frowned at the man, their lives were far from normal, this isn't some game. The man sighed as he too looked upon the forest enjoying the scenery.

"I swear, you and Dante are twins but that permanent frown you have on your face makes you two look like completely different people. Then again, i heard girls like that mean boy look anyway" he joked.

"Listen Qrow, i know you didnt call me out here for idle chat. Now out with it." Vergil spoke annoyed. Qrow sighed before passing him pictures. Vergil looked at the pictures and saw it was a silver eyed girl with black hair and a purple eyed girl with yellow hair. Vergil merely looked back at Qrow wondering where he was going with this. Though he couldn't help but take a few more seconds to stare at the girl with silver eyes, that was something very uncommon.

"You already know about as much as i can tell you. The rest of the info will depend on whether Ozpin is willing to tell you. Just worry about your part, but i ask while you are at Beacon watch over my nieces" he said. Vergil looked back between the pictures and Qrow before pocketing the pictures in his breast pocket.

"They seem like capable young women, do you not trust them to protect themselves?" vergil asked.

"I do trust them, but like you said. Things are moving in motion, and Beacon is gonna be at the center of it all, which is why you have to watch over my nieces. You know me and my family seems to always end up in some sort of trouble" he smirked. "Promise me, you, Dante, and Nero will keep watch of them incase things ever turn south". There was silence from Vergil making Qrow sigh.

"Look, your father was a great man, someone i looked up too. He was an even greater man once i found out who he really was and what he did for our world. Please just do this for me, your father would have". Qrow didn't like playing the father card but he knew it would convince Vergil, he may seem like a grouch but he has his father's heart. Vergil gave an irritated sound before looking over at Qrow.

"Fine, i owe you that much, but i vow to uphold my father's mission. I won't hesitate to leave them behind if they hold me back from that" he explained narrowing his eyes at Qrow. Qrow chuckled at Vergil's response before taking another swig from his flask.

"Dont worry thats fine. Thats why theres three of you anyway" he laughed. Qrow motioned to take another swig from his flask but stopped as he saw something flying towards him and Vergil. He took one final swig from his flask before tucking it away into his breast pocket. Vergil grabbed his katana and unsheathed it from its holster.

"I'm probably going to miss the bullhead for school" Vergil started looking at Qrow.

"Its fine, i got u a ride, though you probably won't make it till the 2nd day, don't worry though, i'll talk to the professor about that, he owes me favors too. Just try to keep up". Qrow then unholstered his weapon as it transformed into scythe.

"Your the inebriated one, shouldn't i be the one telling you that" He scoffed."Dusty old crow" Vergil mocked.

"This old crow has been wupping your butt since you were a kid" he smirked.

"Last i remember, you couldn't walk right for 3 days the last time we fought" Vergil said back.

"I'll admit, you and Dante have gotten stronger, but you still can't beat me".

"That will change soon enough, now enough talk. This beast needs to be erased" Vergil smirked. Qrow couldn't help but chuckle a bit at Vergil, he's changed a lot from when he met that power hungry kid. He just hopes that him and his brothers can help stop whatever's coming. With that thought put behind him, he decided to focus on simpler things, that simple thing being this giant Nevermore.

"What's that one line Dante says whenever you guys are getting ready to fight" Qrow asked.

"I'm not repeating that foolish line" Vergil said before jumping into the air.

"Oh yea" Qrow said slamming a fist to his palm. He took to the air too bringing his scytche in for a swing.

"This party's getting crazy!"

"You say something?" Dante asked looking at Nero, Nero did not respond as he had his headphones in listening to his music. Dante sighed, him and those headphones, god forbid whoever messes with were on the bullhead heading to Beacon. They were able to make their flight and were now lounging around the wall waiting for the ship to land. Dante couldn't help the feeling that someone was talking about him, he thought it was Nero but he had his headphones on so it must have been nothing. Dante was bored, sure looking at all the students walking around, especially the ladies was intriguing but he honestly wanted to get off this ship already. So to sate his boredom, he decided to mess with his favorite brother. He knocked off his headphones electing a scowl from the younger boy. He was so easy to rile up.

"What do you want" Nero asked annoyed.

"I'm bored, tell me about the girl you met" Dante smirked.

"There's nothing to tell, she was at a dust shop, i was at a dust shop. Goons raided the place, so we fought them off and i left, there happy!" he said before putting his headphones back in. Dante sighed at him, well at least he got something out of him. He decided to go back to ogling the women on the ship. Dante had to give the recruiters for the school an A+, all of these girls were bonafide babes, he was definitely gonna have fun at this hunter academy. As he looked his gaze fell upon probably the hottest girl he's ever seen. She had long flowing yellow hair, purple eyes, was clad in brown clothing and man oh man, lets just say her 'assets' were very appealing. Though he stopped when he saw she was talking to a girl that looked much younger than the rest of the students on this ship, she looked a year younger than Nero.

"Hmmmm, i wonder". Dante nudged Nero getting his attention. Nero scowled taking one ear out wondering what his deal was now.

"Hey just curious, what are the chances this girl would be here at this school?" Dante asked. Nero merely raised an eyebrow at his brother before looking back on to the crowd of people.

"I don't know, don't care either".

"Could you at least describe her. Ya know just to sate my curiosity, i'll leave you alone for the rest of the trip and school day if you tell me" Dante pleaded. Nero thought about it, a whole day without having Dante around would be great, he might as well to get the annoyance off his back.

"Fine, she had black hair with red highlights, very pale skin-"

"Short, black and red clothes giving her that little red riding look along with, hmmmm. Silver eyes" Dante said looking at the girl closely, he's never seen silver eyes before.

"Yes, that's exactly right, how the hell did you know that?" Nero asked looking quizzingly at Dante.

"Cause your little red is standing right there" he said pointing to the girl. Nero followed his gaze and looked in surprise, he was right. She was standing right there next to a girl with long yellow hair.

Nero eyes widened, he did not expect her to be at this school . Dante looked at the shocked boys face smirking. Nero caught Dante's smirked and immediately put back on his frown realizing his brother caught him staring a little too long.

"Well well, i think i'm going to go introduce myself" Dante said getting up walking over to the two. Nero merely looked away and put his headphones back on, his brother was up to trouble again. As Dante got closer he saw the two were playfully arguing. He did take notice that they had some resemblance to each other in the face, must be sisters. The two stopped their banter as they saw Dante walked towards them, he winked to the two causing Ruby to nervously bush and look away while Yang merely winked back right at him. Dante smirked at that, he loved a girl with spunk.

"How you fine ladies doing" Dante said.

"Were doing fine, but sorry were not interested handsome" Yang replied back. She thought the silver hair boy that walked up to her was quite a catch, but he looked like a major playboy and that's someone she wouldn't want around her little sister.

"Woah slow down babe, i merely came to say hi. Doesn't mean i have some ulterior motive" Dante chuckled. Yang laughed at his comment, all boys had ulterior motives, they were boys.

"Sorry but from my experience, hi can mean many different things. Especially when it comes from guys like you." Yang said poking his chest for emphasis. She wouldn't admit it but flirting with him was kind of fun

"And what's a guy like me" he asked tilting his head. She put her hands on her hips smiling at him.

"Egocentric playboys". Dante faked mocked his heart breaking before he broke out into a laughter. Yang couldn't help but chuckle with him. Ruby could do nothing but stare at the two, seemed they got along well. She kept her gaze on Dante staring at him, he looked so familiar to her.

"You got me good blondie, but i can't help myself around beautiful women." he winked at Ruby once again since he saw her staring. Her eyes widened before she looked away blushing. "See something you like cutie". Ruby blushed even more now, she wasn't used to guys giving her compliments like that. Yang saw this and stepped in front of her sister giving Dante serious eyes, seems like she was in protective older sibling mode.

"Sorry but my sister isn't on the market, so back off" she said. It was one thing to flirt with her, but her little sister was too young for someone as old as him to start being hit on, you never know a guys intentions.

"Sorry, i mean no ill intent. Your very protective over your sister which is admirable, but she was staring at me. I was only seeing what was on her mind, these devilish good looks can do that to a woman". Yang was about to make him put his foot in his mouth until Ruby stopped her. Jumping between her and Dante.

"It's fine Yang! I was staring, i apologise….um what's your name?" she asked.

"Its Dante, and no need to apologise. My mouth sometimes runs a bit too much, so i can't help myself sometimes. Your a very sweet girl…." he stopped as he motioned for her name too.

"Oh the names Ruby!" she said shaking his hand. Dante couldn't help but smirk, she had a very bubbly personality, seems like the type can lift anyone's mood.

"Even more impressive is that your at this school despite your age" he said.

"Yep, i couldn't be more proud of her" Yang smiled at Ruby.

"Sorry about staring Dante but you look so familiar" she said peering at him again.

"Hmmm, do i look like a kid about ye high, and always seems to wear a permanent frown on his face" he chuckled.

"Yea! I met someone like that yesterday, remember when i told you about the boy with the really cool revved up sword!" Ruby said.

"Oh wow, you know the kid that helped out Ruby?"

"Yep that's my little bro". Dante motioned his head over to Nero who was looking the other way on purpose to avoid their gaze.

"Oh wow, you two do look alike" Yang said staring at him. "He's pretty cute" she smiled. Dante chuckled at that statement.

"If you think we look alike, you should see my twin, but im the better looking one though". He declared pointing at his face.

"Oh wow you have a twin! Is he here?" Ruby asked looking around for the Dante look alike. Dante shrugged his shoulders confusing both girls.

"Is he not going to the same school as you and Nero?" Yang asked.

"Nope he is". The two looked confused, Dante said that like he didn't have a worry in the world. If you miss the bullhead to beacon then how else were you going to get to school in time for the initiation.

"Then how is he getting here?" Ruby asked.

"Dont know dont care, the grump will find his way here". Yang and Ruby looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. He knows his brother best so if he's not worrying about it, i guess it's not a big deal.

"Anyway, you guys wanna meet Nero?" he asked the both but the question was mostly directed to Ruby since she kept on glancing back at Nero. Seems like the girl is very shy, she would get nowhere with befriending Nero acting like that. He motioned for the two to follow as he walked over to his spot with his brother. Ruby and Yang followed Dante. Nero looked up and saw the group coming, he gave a sigh knowing well that Dante didn't hold up to his end of the deal. He took off his headphones and glared at the older boy.

"I thought you said you wouldn't bother me for the rest of the day."

"Look i still am but look whos here" he motioned to Ruby and Yang. Ruby and him locked eyes. Nero still had that glare on his face staring at Ruby. Ruby nervously smiled and gave him a small wave. Dante frowned and saw that he was intimidating the poor girl. Dante hit him on the back of his head causing Nero to growl at the older boy.

"Stop making that face, your scaring her". Nero glanced back and saw the girl still had a nervous look on her face looking away from their dispute. Nero sighed and looked back at Ruby. He didn't have that mean glare on his face but he also wasn't exactly all cheers either.

"Dante its fine, it looked like he-". Ruby stopped talking as he saw he was holding his left hand out to her.

"Hey, i don't think we ever exchanged names yesterday. The names Nero, you?" he asked. Ruby smiled shaking his left hand back.

"Ruby, nice to meet ya, again" she giggled. Nero merely nodded before looking towards the blonde who was smiling at the two.

"Oh this is my sister Yang" Ruby said. Nero looked at the girl sizing her up. She was pretty average in height, Nero probably had about about 3 inches over her. He wasn't really short being 5'11 but living with Dante and Vergil made him feel like it, they were damn near 6'4. Now that he thought about it looking over at Ruby, she was a pretty small girl. The two didn't really look all that alike but you could tell they were related, it was subtle features in their faces that showed that.

"Nice to meet you" he said bringing out his hand to shake hers. She took his hand and Nero's eyes widened as she felt her strong grip. He narrowed his eyes at her, was she doing that on purpose. The shake didn't hurt, considering his….origins but it was surprising none the less. Yang in turn was surprised by how he was taking it, most boys she did that too always looked like they were gonna cry, but she did catch him by surprise, guess it goes to show that he's not a push off.

"Nice to meet the boy my sister wouldn't stop talking about" she winked. Nero looked back at Ruby who was red as a tomato yelling at her sister which caused Yang to start laughing at the girl. Nero looked at Ruby and raised an eyebrow at her causing her to look away.

"Anyway it's nice to meet you guys". Nero then proceeded to back on his headphones and sit back down like he was before. Yang looked back to Dante who merely shrugged sighing. Ruby looked down at him with a small look of dismay, she was hoping she'd get to ask him more about his weapons and maybe get to know him better, maybe even become a friend.

"Sorry he's very anti social, but give him time he will warm up to ya. Heck he doesn't even like talking to me and my brother like that"

"He have any other friends?" yang asked.

"Nope, well i can't really blame. Me and my brothers have kinda have had a rough childhood so we all havent really had time to make friends. Im hoping that Beacon could be a way of changing that". Dante brought out his hand to Yang smiling at the girl. She rolled her eyes and shook his hand back. Dante seemed like a really cool guy, definitely seemed like someone who knows how to have fun, but she also can see his playboy tendencies so she would have to be careful around him, strange enough though, something seemed off about him. She wasn't sure what it was but he didn't seem like an average guy, him or his brother. Either they seemed like good people, she'd just have to keep a watchful eye out.

"Well friends is a start" she smiled.

"Maybe something more later" he winked.

"In your dreams" she laughed.

"Then i guess they will be great dreams" he said back. Ruby rolled her eyes as she tuned out her sister's and Dante's flirting. She looked back at Nero again seeing he was just staring into space with that grumpy look on. Ruby didn't know why he looked like that, maybe something is bothering him, or maybe that's just how his face is. Either way it makes it hard for her to approach him, but she thought back to what her uncle Qrow always told her.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained" she walked over to Nero and sat down by the boy smiling at him. He looked over and took off his headphones.

"You need something?" Nero asked sounding annoyed.

"Um well, sorry to disturb you Nero, i um well how does your weapon work!" she blurted out the last part finally able muster the courage to ask. Nero raised an eyebrow at the girl, he wondered why she had such a hard time asking her a simple question like that. That's when he realized what Dante had hit him in the back of his head for before. He sighed and looked around his surroundings making sure the coast was clear before pulling out his signature gun blue rose. This cause Ruby's eyes to widen, for two reasons. One there not suppose to have their weapons on the ship, it's all in the storage, and two it looked like such a beautiful gun.

"Nero, your not suppose to have that on board" she whispered panicking a little looking both ways.

"Well if you keep on looking around like that, people will know" he said glowering at her. She immediately stopped and set her eyes downcast. Nero rolled his eyes and sighed, it was like looking at a sad puppy with this girl, which made him look like a jerk.

"Look don't worry about, i don't like not having my weapons off me but i didn't want to cause trouble so i gave them my sword but no way i'm leaving my blue rose" he said looking at the revolver. Ruby couldn't help but giggle which caught Nero's attention.

"What's so funny?" he asked confused.

"Oh sorry, its just pretty ironic" Ruby said. She motioned her hand to hold his revolver. Normally Nero didn't really allow anyone to touch his gun but something about Ruby made it seem alright with him. He gave her the gun as she looked at the intricate designs on the gun.

"My last name is Rose, so your gun being blue rose is why i found it funny" she chuckled. Nero smirked, he guessed that was pretty funny. She handed him back his gun, Nero holstered it putting out of sight.

"But what i really wanted to ask was about your sword, it's so cool, how does it rev, what do you use to give it heat, doesn't it hurt your hand when you-". Nero stopped Ruby with a hand in her face. She was talking at a mile a minute and he only caught a couple words of what was said.

"Geez why so interested in my weapon, your scythe gun looked cooler then myns". Nero honestly meant that thinking back to the gun switching weapon, seemed complicated to use but she was able to make it work flawlessly.

"Yea i like my weapon but its always cool to see different ones ya know" she shouted at him excited.

"Yea i get it, i'll show you my weapon. But only on one condition" he said. She nodded understanding, she really wanted to see that cool revved up sword again.

"If you don't bother me for the rest of the ride to Beacon, i'll let you see my weapon when the test happens". Ruby's excitement fell as she realized she would have to wait some time to see it. She slumped down next to Nero as he put on his headphones listening to his song. She looked back at the boy as he stared out into space again. She sighed and decided to just sit and wait. She looked back to her sister and Dante and saw how well they were getting along. She looked down disappointed, it had only been a couple minutes into the journey and it seemed that Yang had already made a new friend. Nero took notice of her sad state and couldn't help but sigh, he didn't understand why it bothered him so much to see her sad. He took of his head phones and touched Ruby's shoulder. She looked back at him surprised.

"I thought you-"

"Just listen to this until we get to beacon, i'm tired of that sad look on your face". He put the headphones on her ears. Shutting Ruby up, as she listened to the very loud music. She wondered how his ear drums didn't shatter from the volume. Nero turned it down for her as he realized the discomfort from her facial expression. She mouthed a thank you as she let the music play. Nero laid his head back on the wall and closed his eyes. Figured he might as well nap before they got there.

"Hey Nero?". Nero groaned and opened one eye looking at Ruby. "What?" he asked.

"Are we like friends now?" she asked unsure of where they stood. Nero looked at her a little bit before finally giving an answer.

"Sure whatever you want". And with that statement he closed his eyes once again. Ruby smiled to herself as she inwardly cheered. She had made a friend, maybe beacon wouldn't be such a bad time afterall. She hummed the song she was listening to happily, she really wasn't into this type of hard rock but this song that was currently playing was really growing on her. She took of her headphones to ask Nero another question but realized it was probably the best to not disturb him again. Instead she saw he left his scroll out, probably for her to change the music when she felt like it.

"Hmm, devils never cry" she said looking at the name. She shrugged and went back to listening to the music passing the time as they headed to Beacon.

"Wow, this is a pretty nice school" Dante said looking around at the school's size and architecture. Him, Yang, Nero, and Ruby were currently standing in one of the quads surveying everything that was going on around them. Ruby looked around in amazement at everyone's weapons. Funny enough she still had Nero's headphones on while she was gushing over everybody's weapons. Nero merely looked around bored, it was a cool school but he honestly just wanted to rest and get away from it all.

"Nero look at all the weapons, it's so cool" she said grabbing his arm. Nero was about to shove her off but her sad look clouded his mind and he held off on doing that. Dante took notice of two things, one Ruby wearing Nero's headphones, and two the close contact the two had. Seemed like Ruby was growing on Nero faster than thought. He was glad about this, Nero needed a friend and Ruby seemed like a bright light to his dark soul(AN: Had to sneak that one in lol). Well as much as he would love to tease Nero about his new found friendship, he made a bargain to leave him alone for the rest of the day.

"Well babes, i bid you adieu. Gonna go scope out the campus" Dante winked at them both before leaving. Yang rolled her eyes but gave him a nod. Ruby let go of Nero and waved exciting at Dante.

"Bye Dante! Maybe later you can show me your weapon!". Dante gave her a peace sign from behind him as he walked away.

"Nero where's your brother's weapons?" Ruby asked. She, Yang and Nero had got their weapons but she didn't see Dante get his. Nero didn't want to say that Dante could make his weapons appear at anytime, so he opted for a believable response.

"The dumbass probably forgot" Nero scoffed.

"He's a interesting one your brother" Yang said.

"I think he's pretty funny" Ruby commented.

"Well at least someone does" Nero said.

"Welp, seems like it's my time to go as well" Yang said. She made to move but felt a heavy weight around her waist. She looked down at her sister clinging to her making a sad puppy face at her older sister.

"You can't go yet!" Ruby exclaimed clinging to Yang harder. Yang removed her sister from her torso and placed her down.

"Ruby, you'll be fine." she said patting her head. Ruby twiddled her thumbs looking down at the ground with a sad look on her face. From what Nero could tell, she didn't want to part ways with her sister yet.

"But i thought you know we could maybe….hang out some more" she squeaked.

"Awww you don't want to part ways with your big sister" Yang said squeezing Ruby in a hug. The young girl smiled at her, this must have meant she would stay. While they were hugging Nero took notice of two things, a large crowd of people coming at a surprisingly fast pace towards them and a girl with white hair, he honestly thought him and his brothers were the only people with white hair who weren't old.

"ButmyfriendsarealreadyhereandyougotNerotohelpoutsobuy!". It all happened so fast Ruby didn't even hear what her sister said. She ended up spiraling due to the fast moving crowd into the white girl's suitcase knocking out the contents of her stuff. Nero raised an eyebrow at it, there was a whole lot of dust in there, just what kind of money did this girl have. Nero walked over to Ruby and offered his hand to her. She smiled at Nero and took his hand, he lifted her up to her feet effortlessly catching her by surprise. She fell forward into his chest. She quickly let go blushing, Nero also had a small tint of red on his face as well.

"Um thanks Nero" she smiled at him. He merely nodded before his attention was directed to the angry white head coming at them, or more precisely Ruby.

"You!" she shouted walking up to Ruby. she was about Ruby's height but had about a inch or two over her.

"Oh i'm so sorry i didn't mea-".

"Do you know how much this all costs!" she said interrupting Ruby. Nero watched as she shaked the glass vial. Dust spilt out slowly into ruby's face causing her face to scrunch up. Nero backed away realizing this wasn't going to end well, she kept on going and going not letting up on Ruby while shaking the vile. Then it all finally blew up….literally, Ruby sneezed and blew up the place causing a small crater to form. Nero walked up to the small girl who was still coughing from the small explosion. He saw his headphones were still fine, he gave an inward sigh at that.

"Wow wasn't expecting that, here" Nero said once again giving her a hand. She nodded gratefully as Nero lifted her up, a lot more gently this time compared to before so she wouldn't stumble.

"Thanks Nero". She shook off all the soot and tidied herself up. They looked back to the girl in white as she shaked the soot off of her and looked even angrier at her.

"You philistine! What is wrong with you! I-"

"Jeez shut up! How can someone so small talk so damn much, she already said sorry". Ruby smiled at Nero and mouthed a thanks for having her back. Nero merely smirked back. Nero was getting tired of her voice, it was really graining on his nerves. Some people just didn't know when to let go, though from the way she talked and acted, it seemed like she came from a place of high status. Good way of fitting the cliche then of rich people being assholes.

"Why i never, how could-". The girl stopped her speech as she narrowed her eyes at the boy. She got right up in his personal area taking Nero by surprise. She was peering at his face, though she was about as short as Ruby so she couldn't really be up on his face like that but it was still annoying. She reached up and grabbed his hair pulling on it.

"Ow, what the hell! Let go!" he took her hand moved it away from his hair. Ruby watched the whole exchange in awe and for some reason she felt a little weird about how she was all up on Nero.

"Why do you have white hair, only Schnees have that hair color, and i know for a fact that you aren't a Schnee" she said hands on her hip.

"Your not the only one with white hair princess" he said fixing his hair. Weiss was about to speak her mind but was interrupted by a voice.

"It's heiress actually". They all looked to the new voice. A girl in a black and white attire with long black hair an a bow. She walked up the group with a dust vial in hand.

"Weiss Schnee heiress to the Schnee company. One of the largest producers and exporters of dust in the world". Nero eyes widened at her status, she was a rich kid but he didnt know she was that big of a rich kid.

"But also infamous for its controversial labor forces and questionable business partners". The look on Weiss's face was enough to cause Nero to burst into laughter. Luckily he was able to hold it in, though the shit eating grin on his face couldn't be stopped. Ruby wasn't laughing but she was most definitely giggling. She swiped the vial from the girls hand glaring at all three of them.

"This isn't over!" she looked at all three of them letting her gaze wander on Nero a bit longer before she took off angrily.

"Um i'm sorry about the exploding thing!" she yelled at Weiss's retreating form.

"Yea i dont think shes gonna let that go" Nero said crossing his arms.

"Yea probably not, but hey at least i made ano…..ther friend?". Ruby looked back to see the girl in black was already gone.

"And here i thought, i was making progress" she sighed. She made to slump to the floor but Nero grabbed her by the hood and lifted her back up on her feet. He didn't feel like picking her up again.

"Hey, you guys look like you could use a hand". Nero and Ruby looked to the new voice. It was a blonde haired kid dressed in jeans and standard armor. Nero and Ruby actually recognized the kid, he was on the bullhead this morning, it was the infamous-

"Vomit boy" they both said at the same time. The kid sighed and dropped his head in defeat, seemed like nobody would be forgetting that

"How the hell did you already get close to getting kicked out of school already!" Nero barked at Dante. Dante merely shrugged at him smiling about what went down after he left the group. Nero scoffed and put back on his headphones, 2nd day and he was already stirring up trouble. Him, Dante, Yang, and Ruby were currently walking to the site of there initiation test. The 1st day had gone and passed and it was a pretty eventful one for Nero and Ruby considering what happened with Weiss. They also met up with the famous Pyrah Nikos, and had a interesting confrontation once again with Weiss and the girl in the black which they found out was named Blake when they went to sleep last night, lets just say that didn't go well either.

"Yea Dante, what did you do?" Ruby asked.

"Nothing good probably" Yang smirked.

"Look i may have came on a little too strong" he chuckled nervously.

"Geez what did you do this time you womanizer" Yang joked elbowing him in the ribs.

"Lets just say, she might have been too old for me" he said thinking back to yesterday.

"Wait did you hit on one of the staff?" Ruby asked surprised.

"Wow, nothing stops you does it" Yang chuckled.

"Look i won't make that mistake again, besides. What are chances i'll see her ever" he smirked.

"By the way, Dante could i please see your weapons!" Ruby gushed staring at the large broadsword on his back.

"Oh yea, sure kid". He took his sword off his back and handed it to Ruby. the second she took grasp of the handle, the swords tip immediately fell to the ground. Ruby couldn't believe the weight, it must have weight 5 tons. She could barely move it.

"Dante...what's….this….sword...made...of!" Ruby grunted trying to move it. Yang looked at the sword surprised. Now that she took a look, it was bigger than her, it looked about the size of Dante.

"Geez you compensating for something". Yang wiggled her eyebrows at him.

"Hey my weapons are a extension of myself, meaning. It also represents me...if you know what i mean" he said wiggling his eyebrows back.

"Ew gross!". Ruby sticked her tongue out in disgust at that crude joke.

"Let me try lifting it up, it's probably not even that he..avy". Yang gritted her teeth as she tried to lift Rebellion. Yang never really had a problem lifting anything considering she was naturally strong and her semblance would sometimes help out when she needed it, but this sword was crazy. Just how strong was Dante. Yang finally got the sword up in the air but was struggling to keep it up. Nero sighed and decided to relieve the girl of the pressure by swiping it from her hand effortlessly surprising her and Ruby, before throwing the sword to Dante. Dante merely chuckled at their shocked faces, there's a good reason why the sword is a lot heavier to others.

"Dante what kind of sword is that?" Ruby asked curios. Yang wanted to know as well, how the hell does he use that thing if it weighs that much.

"This right here is a sword passed down from my father, it's called Rebellion. As for its weight". He twirled the sword around effortlessly as if he was holding a one handed sword surprising the sisters. "Its like that so people don't use it against me, it's only weightless to people who have my family's blood in them"

"Oh wow, hows that even possible?" Ruby asked.

"Yea, almost sounds like magic" Yang said furrowing her eyebrows at him.

"Yea i don't know, i just took at face value and didn't think much about it." he shrugged.

"You have anything else aside from your sword?" Ruby asked.

"Oh yea, meet my twin pistols. Ebony and Ivory". He took out the two guns handing them to Ruby. She was a bit hesitant at taking the pistols but Dante assured her these were not like his sword. Ruby marveled at the weapons taking in Ebony's black design and ivory's white.

"Dante these are amazing, but i don't see a clip so how do they-".

"I use my aura, neat huh?".

"That is so cool!". Ruby squealed.

"I got a lot more weapons at home but i decided to just bring these guys. If were ever in town i can show you the rest" Dante explained. Ruby squealed and moved so quick to Dante she took him by surprise when she was clutching his arm looking up at him in excitement.

"Really!". Dante smirked before detaching the girl from his arms and patting her on the head.

"Stick with me kid, and i can show you a whole new world." he pointed his finger out to the skies in an attempt to make it dramatic which in turn Ruby was eating up. As she squealed in delight some more. Nero wasn't listening to the exchange cause of his headphones but he could tell that Dante was probably saying something dumb again.

"And that world, better have me in it" she said pulling Ruby back giving him an accusing look.

"Babe, you know im after your heart only". He gave Yang a bow before lifting his head up and winking at the girl. She giggled at his playful attitude. It was kind of hard to stay mad at him when he would act so goofy like this.

"Besides, i'm merely taking Ruby under my tutelage, us reds gotta stick together right". He and Ruby high fived over their new found friendship over the color red. Yang smiled at the two, guess she didn't really have anything to worry about with Dante. It seemed he got the message from before, then again she didn't ever think he was pining for her in the first place, but she had to be careful no matter what. Besides, she noticed that Ruby and Nero had gotten buddy buddy and it's only been a day. Nero didn't seem like Dante in terms of being a playboy but she would need to keep a watchful eye out.

"You guys done, cause were here" Nero said walking up to hill overseeing emerald forest. They saw that the other students were already there and a few walking past them. Ruby looked upon the hill and noticed the little white platforms everyone seemed to be standing on. She wondered what those were gonna be used for. Another thing she also took notice of was Nero's arm that was in a cast. She didn't know why she never bothered to ask him about that earlier. How was he gonna fight with that thing on? She tapped the boy on the shoulder gaining his attention.

"What?" he asked in his dull toned voice. It has only been a day but Ruby had quickly learned that Nero's tone and mannerism was just who he was, so it was easier for her to not read into his blunt responses.

"How you gonna fight with that cast on? Will they let you fight with it?" she asked the boy. He merely shrugged and continued his walk to the rest of the students. Ruby shaked her head at him. Fighting injured was reckless, she was about to follow him to let him know just that, but she was then stopped by a hand on her head. She looked up and saw it was Dante.

"Don't worry about him, he'll be fine" he chuckled before leaving to join the others. Yang walked up to Ruby and put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Dante's right, he wouldn't be doing this if he didnt know his own capabilities." she winked.

"Yeah i guess you're right, he does know his brother best. Anyway, wanna team up during the test?" she asked smiling at her sister. Yang gave her a nervous chuckle at that.

"Well actually i thought, maybe it'd be better if we teamed up with different people" she suggested. Ruby looked shocked at what Yang had suggested, it seemed like she was trying to get rid of her.

"Yang my sister who i would never betray". She said that part on purpose to make Yang feel guilty for suggesting the idea. Which worked since she winced a bit hearing that. "Are you trying to get rid of me?". Yang sighed, she had been afraid of this. There's no doubt in her mind that her and Ruby would make a great team but she needed to branch out and meet more people. She would benefit much from this, it's her duty as her older sister to make sure she gets that growth.

"Ruby, your a talented girl, you know it and i do. But you can't rely on me forever, i'm not always gonna be there. You and me being on a team would be great, but we both lead different lives, what happens in the future when were not always going to be around.". Ruby was about to speak up but stopped realizing her sister had a good point. Yang put a hand on her shoulder and motioned her head for them to move.

"Look, i'm sure you will do fine. Now let's go up with the rest so we can start the test alright". Ruby put on a small smile for her sister, still feeling a bit down knowing she was gonna have to be out of her comfort zone and the weight of Yang's words. She looked up and saw that a lot of people were being directed to square, she looked to her left and saw Dante had already took his place on one. He looked as bored as ever, he spotted the girl and gave her a small wave. She waved back, and then looked out for Nero. She saw there was a space right next to him that was empty, she quickly rushed to the square. She smiled at Nero, he only gave a gruff in response causing Ruby to giggle. His grouchy attitude was starting to rub off on her, she actually found it cute. She looked at the back and noticed he had taken his sword out. She was about to ask his weapon, but she had to hold that thought as it look things were beginning to start. Ozpin and Glynda stood before all the students gazing at the young faces here today, Ozpin in particular gazing at certain white hair students. He smirked at the freshman before stepping forward,ready to speak.

"For years, you have trained to become warriors, and today your abilities will be evaluated in the emerald forest". He took a sip from his coffee mug smirking at Jean who looked like he was scared for his life. Glynda decided to take over and explain the rest.

"A Lot of you students have probably heard the rumors of assigned "teams"." she looked towards the students who had on excited faces, probably at the assumption they will be able to pick who they want, sadly that is not the case. "Well, you shall have your answer". Ruby eyes widened in excitement. Nero merely rolled his eyes, as long as he didnt get anybody annoying he'd be fine, god forbid he gets his brother….he just realized how weird that sounded.

"The first person you make eye contact with will be your partner for the rest of your four years." Ozpin took a sip from his mug and smiled at the amount of shocked faces. Ruby looked like her whole world had just ended, the contrast between her and Nero was actually humours, he had a very nonchalant look.

"After you find your partner, just make your way north. Oh i almost forgot, you will meet opposition along the way, so don't die". Ozpin took another sip of his mug opting to look at Jean who audibly gulped at his last statement.

"You will be monitored and graded by our instructors, who will not intervene. There will be a abandoned temple at the end of the path with relics. Guard the item until the end of the trial and you will be fine, any questions? No good, take your positions". Jaune had raised his hand but it seems the headmaster did not see him. Yang cracked her fists together and got in position. Dante yawned and put his hand in his pockets waiting for something to happen. He looked to the tiger faunus girl to the left of him and gave her a wink. The tiger faunus gave a slight blush at the devil before taking her attention to the forest ahead of her. Still got it he smirked. Ruby got herself ready, glancing at Nero seeing he got himself ready as well.

"Nero, try to land near me so i don't have to partner up with someone else" she said to the boy. He opened his mouth to speak but stopped as he saw people being launched into the air. He watched as Dante gave him, Yang, and Ruby a peace sign before being launched into the air.

"Hope he breaks his neck" Nero muttered as Dante's body disappeared into the forest. "Oh and to answer your question, we will have to see". Yang was then launched with a resounding "WooHooo!". Nero was then launched after the next person into the air leaving Ruby up next.

"Please dont pair me up with someone terrible" she voiced before being launched herself.

"So by landing strategy? We need to figure out our own way of getting down?" Jaune asked Ozpin.

"Yep" he responded.

"You think maybe i could walk down instead of launching?" he asked still skeptical.

"Sure" Ozpin smiled knowing full well he didn't have time to do that. Jaune breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank you sir, i don't think i was gonna survive THAAATTTTTT!". Jaune had been launched in the air before he even had the chance to get off the platform.

"What an interesting young man" Ozpin chucked before sipping his drink from his mug/

"Speaking of interesting young men, the redgraves will be of particular interest to monitor" Glynda said. She brought up the profiles of Nero, Vergil, and Dante. That's when Glynda realized she hadn't seen the other brother.

"Yes they will be" Ozpin chuckled, thinking back to old times. They looked just like their father he thought fondly.

"Wait professor, where's Vergil?" she asked. Ozpin had been wondering that too, he should have showed up today, he was registered after all. Before he could respond he heard footsteps behind and saw a blue figure with white hair emerge from the back.

"Well speak of the devil". Ozpin watched as the boy with the permanent frown walked up to Ozpin holding a letter. Ozpin started reading the letter glancing back and forth between the letter and Vergil. Glynda analyzed the boy and was surprised that he was twins with his brother Dante. She hadn't seen much from the other brother but even she could tell that he seemed very different from his brother. She shook her head and stepped up to the boy, its already past the allotted time, even if he is the son of that man, rules are still rules. She was a bit taken back by his height, she was a tall women at 6'2 but this boy had to be at least 6'4. What exactly where they feeding these kids. Vergil stared back at the women sizing her up, she may have been a teacher but he knew this was a powerful huntress, not stronger than him of course, but strong nonetheless. He saw that she wanted to say something, probably to reprimand him about his lateness. Even if she did, it wouldn't stop Vergil. She'd merely be another obstacle waiting to be cut down….figuratively speaking of course.

"I'm sorry but you can not partake in the exam, you failed to show during the first day and came late the-". Ozpin put his hand up silencing Glynda. She wanted to protest but it Ozpin shook his head at her letting her know not to continue.

"Give Qrow my regards" Ozpin smirked taking another sip out of his coffee. Glynda looked back between the two surprised at the mention of Qrow's name. They hadn't seen him in a while. Vergil walked towards the hill looking upon the forest.

"You can use the launchpad to take off, your not too late that you can't make up time and find a partner" Ozpin said to the boy.

"No need, i'll do fine on my own" he said to the two before jumping off the edge into the forest.

"Sir why did you let him go? I know he's special but that doesn't excuse this kind of tardiness, hes 2 days late" she stressed.

"Its fine, seems our old friend Qrow is the reason for his lateness. Its fine, besides, that boy and his brothers are needed here" Ozpin said taking a serious tone. Glynda looked at Ozpin before taking a look at her data pad monitoring the students.

"I hope your right" she said before taking her leave. Ozpin merely looked on upon the forest lost in thought.

"Your son's will uphold your mission, i'm sure of it" he said before following Glyanda

A/N: So the only issue i have is having to power scale down Vergil, Dante and Nero since there so damn crazy powerful. Ive basically limited them to Qrow's level, but they will get stronger. Especially since i'm not giving them all their devil arms right away. Just gonna leave it to the basics for them. As far as pairings go because that's also the other main reason im doing this lol, is Dante/Yang, and Nero/Ruby. I really want to do Vergil/Weiss as i am siding with that but Vergil/Blake is sounding really great to me as well. If i do Vergil/Weiss i will want to incorporate an OC character i have in mind but i'm still not sure at the moment. If you guys have any suggestions i'll gladly take them. Just a fair warning, at the end of the day i will decide who is with who, and as far as when they will get together. Some could take time, others could hit it right off, but no one will be paired up by the end of the 1st book i can promise that much. Hope yall have a great Day/Night.