A/N: warning, discussion of faunus race is discussed in this chapter. I had this conversation planned for a while but realized that it kind of correlates with what is going on in the world today. I didn't put it in there to get my political view across or anything like that. It's rather for the sake of the characters and their development. I hope no one gets offended because that was not my goal. Just wanted to give people a fair warning if they're not comfortable with that kind of thing. Thank you for putting up with my ancient updates and poor grammar. If you're still reading i appreciate you still reading my mess of a story.

Mission 5: Bullies suck

"Cmon Johnny boy, lighten up. You just need more practice under your belt, and then you can smash his face in." Dante put a comforting arm over Jaune's sulken face as they recalled the events that happened during their combat class. Jaune had ended up having a spar with Cardin Winchester... and let's just say it didn't go too well. Not only that, but Pyrah had taken notice of Cardin's consistent bullying of Jaune since the first week of school. She wanted to wait till Jaune at least told them before deciding to help, but it seems he was being stubborn and did not want to speak up on the matter. Pyrah was getting frustrated more and more with his reluctance to confine her and the team. She wanted to wait, but she couldn't take it anymore.

"Jaune, Cardin has been bullying you since the first week of school! You know you can count on us right?" Everyone looked at Jaune surprised except team JNPR as they knew about his constant problem as well.

"Bullying? Well that changes everything. Let's break his legs" Nero suggested. He went to take a bite out of his cookie but it was quickly snatched by the red hood girl next to him who smiled mischievously as she ate said cookie. Nero glared at her and reminded himself to guard cookies around Ruby in the future.

"Yes! I've been waiting for this opportunity!" Nora cheered getting out of her seat only to be pulled back down by Ren.

"Woah guys calm down, no one is breaking any legs. Besides, name one time he's bullied me!" Jaune said. Nora smiled and opened her mouth to start, but Jaune put his hand up stopping her. He didn't need her retelling all the events

"Ok maybe he's been a jerk to me, but he's a jerk to everyone!"

"Still doesn't mean you should let him get away with it, you have friends you know" Weiss chimed in.

"Aww Weiss, you do have a heart" Yang smiled at the heiress proud of her caring side. Weiss rolled her eyes at Yang's goading but focused her attention back on Jaune.

"She's right ya know, you don't have to shoulder all this yourself."Pyrah added.

"Look y-" Jaune stopped mid talk as he heard a loud yelp coming from across the cafeteria. The rest heard it too and looked as well and what they saw caused disgust and anger. It seems team Cardin was bullying a faunus girl. Cardin had the girl's rabbit ears held tightly in his hands as him and his teammates mocked the girl.

"Please let go, i-it hurts!" the girl pleaded.

"See i told y'all they were real!"Cardin laughed along with his team.

"Disgusting, I can't stand people like him." Pyrah said.

"Agreed" Blake said menace in her voice. Dante could see she was trying to control herself, unlike a certain white haired person across from her. Looks like things were gonna get crazy, and not in the good way.

"Nero." Dante warned seeing the look on his face.

"Yea i can't stand it either." Nero moved to get out of his seat, the others looking on as it seemed they were about to have a confrontation on their hands.

"Yea breaking legs it is!" Nora cheered. She moved to get up only to be stopped by Ren once again. He didn't need a hyper Nora sending 4 men to the hospital.

'Wait Nero!" Ruby said. She didn't like it either, but if things got too violent then Nero would be in big trouble as well.

"Keep it to two limbs, anymore than that is overkill" Yang said smiling. Weiss couldn't help but scoff at that, but deep down she hoped he did exactly that. She didn't like Cardin Winchester at all.

"Oy vey" Dante groaned. He had to stop him before he did more than just break a few legs, and besides… their grandmother would kill them. Dante moved to follow Nero.

"Kid wa-".Dante stopped as he saw someone he didn't expect to see right in front of the Winchester group. Nero had stopped too, they weren't expecting to see him here.

"Would you look at that" Dante chuckled.

"Would you move? You're blocking my way." A cool voice said. Team CRDL turned to the voice and saw it was none other than the oldest son of Sparda...Vergil. Vergil had come down here to grab food from the cafeteria only to come upon this sight. He looked towards the boys and then the one holding the girl's ears in his hands. Vergil couldn't understand why she was taking this sort of treatment. This pacifist nature made no sense to him. If someone pushed, you push back.

"Can't you see we're hanging out with our friend." He pulled on the girl's ears causing her to yelp in pain. His teammates laughed at her yelp as they went back to hurting the poor girl.

"So be it." He grabbed the arm that was holding the girl's ears putting force into it. Cardin yelped and let go of the fanus girl. Cardin flaied bumping into the faunus girl causing her to fall back, luckily someone had caught her. She gasped and looked back up and was surprised to see what looked like a duplicate of the man in blue, except he was in red.

"Hey beautiful, you alright?" The girl couldn't help the blush that had come to her face. He was human, but still called a fanus like her beautiful. She nodded affirming she was alright. She brought her attention back to Cardin who was still holding his arm in pain.

"Cardin!" One of his teammates yelled. He went to move to attack Vergil. The sparda brother easily saw this attempt and sidestepped the punch. He put his foot out tripping the young man.

"Hey!" His other two teammates went to move but one had his shoulder gripped by Nero who was glaring at him.

"Chill out, yea" Nero said. The young man looked to his other teammate and saw he was doing the same to the other, these guys were crazy strong.

"Hey hey, no need for a fight." Dante walked up to his brother and put his arm over Vergil's.

"Let go Dante." Vergil said, still looking at the struggling Cardin.

"You let go first, or will I have to explain to grandma why you broke a dude's arm. We both know we don't want that."The two stared at each other in anticipation. Vergil relented and let go causing Dante to let go as well. Cardin grabbed his arm in pain, he looked at Vergil still furious over the humiliation he suffered. He charged towards Vergil but was stopped by Dante

"Hey man, sorry for my brother. How can i make it up to you, and Nero… let them go." Dante ordered. Nero let go of the two who rubbed their shoulders. They went to pick up their other teammate who was knocked out from earlier.

"You can make it up to me by letting me break your brother's face in." Cardin voiced seething with anger.

"Okay, how about a date with Livie Day?" Cardin looked at him wide eyed. Livie Day was the really hot upperclassmen. Cardin has been trying for weeks to figure out how he could get a chance with her, and this guy did!?

"You're lying!" He stated.

"I got her number right here." Dante took out a piece of paper showing the girl's number with a lipstick mark on it. "Im supposed to go on a date with her this weekend but… I suddenly fell ill and have a stand in, i wonder who that could be."Cardin looked between Dante and the number still angry, but he couldn't miss out on an opportunity like this. He snatched the number and looked down at it in anticipation.

"You telling the truth?" Cardin asked once again.

"I already let her know i couldn't make it." Dante showed him the text message he just sent. His scroll chimed signaling he had just got a text back. Cardin read the message, it read "is he cute?" Cardin pocketed the number immediately after that.

"You better tell her I'm cute, or else… you're gonna regret it." Cardin said before motioning for his team to leave with him.

"Well, confrontation avoided." Dante said relieved. Vergil might have sent those guys to the hospital eating out of a straw for the rest of their lives.

"You really give him that girl's number?" Nero asked watching team CRDL walk away.

"Yea unfortunately, but it's fine. There are plenty of women in the sea, it's worth it if we can keep the peace." Dante said.

"Like your one to talk about keeping the peace." Nero scoffed. He walked away from his brother back to the group.

"Hey! I can keep the peace… Sometimes but that's not the point!" He was about to follow but stopped as he almost forgot about the cute girl he had just saved. Said girl was picking up the remains of her lunch. Dante bent down and helped her, he rose up and smiled at the young lady. She gave him a timid smile back.

"You ok?" Dante asked.

"I'm fine, thank you so much. Was that guy in blue your brother?" She asked looking at Vergil who was now sitting far away from everyone else eating the cafeteria food.

"Yea Mr. Grump is my brother, why you ask?"

"Could you thank him for me, it seemed like I may have caused him trouble in defending me." Dante couldn't help the chuckle that escaped his mouth.

" I'll pass the message on. Names Dante, you?"

"Velvet, thank you again."She smiled at Dante and went out of the cafeteria with her food. He walked back to the chattering table that housed his friends.

"Nice job there hero." Yang winked. Dante gave a mock bow, before taking his seat among the group.

"I agree, thank you for standing up for her and without the need for much violence." Pyrah commented.

"I still say we should have broke their legs." Nero scoffed. Ruby smacked his arm for the comment.

"What? It's true."

"Well were supposed to be on our best behavior, so no breaking legs… well at least in public" Dante joked.

"Commendable indeed." V commented. Blake nodded in agreement, she was glad they did something. It took all of her strength to not jump in herself… she couldn't afford to bring any attention to herself.

"Good thing i stepped in... Or else Vergil would have made things worse."Dante grimaced thinking about the consequences that would have came with that. No way he's getting chewed out by grandma for something as small as that group.

"I suppose he deserves some thanks as well, he did stop them." Pyrah stated.

"Yea i wouldn't say that. They were just in Vergil's way, that's pretty much it. They challenged him and they paid the price." Nero said.

"Sounds just like him, the brute." Weiss stated. She was staring daggers at Vergil who was just sitting by himself. She knows she should just forget about him and the past incidents but… something about the way he just looks down on her got under her skin. Even if people talked back to her, she has never experienced a person who looks upon her like she was lower than them. She's a Schnee for crying out loud!

"You done staring there." Yang said to Weiss. She looked to Yang and ignored her and went back to glaring at Vergil. Yang merely shrugged her shoulders and decided to leave her be. Teasing her would only incur her wrath upon Yang.

"I don't think that. It may not seem like it, but i think in his own way, he wanted to save the girl just like you guys." Ruby commented. Dante along with V stared at Ruby smiling. Nero raised his eyebrow at that. He and Dante knew Vergil could have his moments, but he could count the number of times he's been somewhat nice on his fingers, and he's not sure nice would be the best way to describe "Vergil nice".

"I don't know Ruby, he looked more bothered by the whole thing than willing to come to her aid." Ren stated.

"I think that Vergil has his own way of caring. He may say this, this and that but… i don't know, deep down inside, he cares. Or else he wouldn't have saved me and Weiss!" Ruby countered.

"You know… you're a really good kid Ruby, hope you stay that way." Dante smiled at the young girl. She rubbed the back of her head embarrassed a bit from the compliment.

"That's my sister always staying positive. But a more important question… Cassanova." Dante looked over at Yang hearing his nickname for her. He brought his arm down on the table and rested his palm on his hand smirking at the girl.

"Yea beautiful." Dante responded back.

"What did you give him to make him leave like that? Cash?" she asked.

"Nah nothing like that, i just set him up with a date this saturday."

"Really and how'd you do that?"

"Oh well, originally it was for me, but i decided to give it up to save another. Hold your tears, I know it was a selfless act." Dante mocked. The group excluding Weiss who rolled her eyes couldn't help but chuckle at Dante's joke.

"Funny, so you sure that girls gonna be happy knowing she's being set up with Cardin instead of you?" Yang asked.

"It's fine, 10 minutes with him and she will come back to me."

"Ha! Look at you Mr. Popular." Yang teased.

"Well i could cancel all future appointments for you, if your interested." Dante smirked, he knew she wouldn't take it, but flirting with Yang was fun.

"And be part of your endless harem, i don't think so."

"Oh come on, give me a chance. Im a nice guy, i don't bite." He winked back at Yang. She gave a low growl back smirking at the boy.

"This tiger's got fangs, you sure you can handle me." Yang folded her hands and rested her chin on the front batting her eyelashes at the young man. It has been a long time since she found someone that could give flirt back just as hard as her. Most guys just end up going red as a tomato with her.

"That's it, i'm out! If i hear anymore of this, ima puke." Nero complained. Ruby followed his lead and made a gagging noise at the two.

"Agreed." Weiss said getting up as well. The others merely chuckled as they saw their friends leave the table. Pyrah chuckled a bit from her friend's antics but stopped as she saw motion of another leaving as well. She looked to her right and saw it was Jaune. He looked downtrodden leaving the table.

"Oh Jaune." She really hoped he could just trust in them

"Ruby i dont think trying to give Prof. Oobleck sugar will make him any faster than he already is." Blake explained. They had just gotten out of Prof. Oobleck's class and he was an… eccentric teacher to say the least. And once again Jaune had been tormented by Cardin during class. The result ended up with both being lectured by Professor Oobleck. They weren't sure how long Jaune was going to put up with this but they hoped he'd ask for help soon or resolve the situation. Most of the group divided up aside from Blake, V, Weiss, and Ruby. Pyrah decided to wait behind for Jaune after he got out

"But he was super quick, he might even be faster than me! Imagine if he was on a sugar rush! He'd be faster than light speed!" Blake chuckled at the young girl's cheerfulness. At first she found it a bit annoying but now it's a bit endearing. Seemed V thought the same thing as he chuckled along with her. Weiss rolled her eyes at the comment. She was getting better at understanding their young leader. Even she was curious about what would happen if they actually decided to give their super fast teacher a sugar rush. She's never felt her hands cramp so hard until that class, it was difficult to take notes with him.

"I'm sure the world would not be ready for that." V added.

"So Ruby, I say we should go to the library to stu-" Weiss began.

"Woah would you look at the time i promised Yang id… do a thing with her." Weiss sighed knowing where this was going. She pulled out her scroll and showed her one of Yang's social media pages.

"According to this, she's currently in the gym, and i know you have never attempted to step foot in there with her. So pray tell what's the excuse now?" She put her hands on her hips waiting for the next excuse. Ruby looked towards V and Blake for help but they merely smiled back at her, amused at the situation. Ruby sighed and walked over to Weiss defeated.

"You're right Weiss, i guess i should study more." Ruby admitted. Weiss smiled at the young girl, she thought she was going to have to chase her down again like last time. She was thankful that Nero was actually willing to give her up to her during then. At least he knew when Ruby needed to study as well.

"So where should we start?" Ruby asked. Weiss nodded and started listing off the subjects they needed to cover, specifically Oobleck's class. She was looking down at her fingers counting off what needed to get done. Ruby looked toward V and Blake and gave them a wink giggling mischievously. Blake winked back at her leader while V nodded back at her. Ruby sped off leaving V, Blake, and the still mumbling Weiss.

"And then we round it off with Grimm studies and we should be done. Lets go Ru… by?" Weiss looked around for where Ruby went. She looked to Blake who only shrugged while V pointed to the ground in front of her. Weiss looked down and sighed realizing what just happened. Ruby's infamous petals littered the floor meaning she had escaped her once again. Next time she's using force and not taking no for an answer.

"It was a valiant effort Weiss, but maybe a different approach will get the girl to come study." V suggested. He used his cane to flick up one of Ruby's petals as he quickly examined it. He found it curious on where exactly the petals she produced came from. He quickly flicked it deciding that would be a mystery for another day.

"What are you gonna do now?" Blake asked Weiss.

"Well might as well study without Ruby. Would you like to join me? Mr. Tattoo is welcome to join as well." V chuckled at her nickname for him.

"I'm fine Weiss, but i'll come study with you next time. Maybe i'll even drag Ruby with me, come up with a lie or something so she can't escape." Blake joked.

"Alright, i'm assuming you will be hanging out with Mr. Tattoo over here then?"

"Um… i guess." Blake said looking towards V who merely shrugged. It had actually just dawned on her that it was just her and V.

"Well i won't keep you. And if you see Yang, let her know she needs to study as well." Weiss sighed before taking her leave towards the school's library.

"So i guess we're hanging out now." Blake stated to V.

"Indeed it does." He motioned for her to walk as they both continued walking the hallways of their school.

"Did you have anything planned for the evening?" Blake asked.

"I was going to wind down from the day in my room but unfortunately our leader has a… guest at the moment. I would not want to intervene on the two of them."

" Sorry to hear that, at least he gave you a heads up. Can't imagine you'd want to see any of… that."

"Agreed, thank you for the thought. What about you Blake?"

"Nothing much, was probably gonna start a new book today."

"Oh and what is this book?" V asked, curious. It was hard to find people who shared the same love for fine literature.

"It's Different Paths by Kali Rey."

"Ah i've read some of his works. I appreciate how he flawlessly adds philosophy into his stories. He brings forth a lot thought provoking questions into his work." V explained. Blake looked surprised. She hadn't realized that V enjoyed reading like that, she was also surprised that he even read books from Kali Rey. V chuckled at the surprised look on her face.

"Your surprised I read as well? I don't blame you, not many people our age are not that interested in novels."

"Yes but i'm really surprised you read work from Kali Rey." V looked at her strangely for that before remembering who Kali Rey actually was.

"Oh I forgot, he's a faunus author, that matters very little to me. Who they are does not change what they write. Though unfortunately not everyone sees it that way."

"Yea." Blake said looking a bit miffed. "People don't seem to understand that w-, they aren't any different from us. I couldn't imagine not enjoying some of the books i've read that have come from faunus authors." She finished. Blake hoped he had not catched her slip up. V nodded in agreement, though he did take notice of her immediate stop in speech. He had known for a while that Blake was a Faunus, if not for her bow then Griffin would have told him immediately. Actually he had wanted to ask her about it, but he had not got a chance to talk to her in private till now.

"Blake, i wanted to talk to you about something. May we move to a more private spot?" V asked. Blake nodded, she was confused but at the same time curious as to what he wanted to know. Blake decided to lead V to a secluded part of the school, a spot she would sometimes come to when she needed some peace and quiet.

"Alright V, so what did you want to ask?"

"Ok, please don't overreact, what i'm about to ask is a bit personal." Blake narrowed her eyes suspiciously at him, just what could he be talking about?

"Why the bow?" He asked, pointing to her accessory. She touched her bow and looked back at V weirdly. Why the hell did he want to know about her fashion choices?

"Well that's an odd question. First time a guy has asked about my choice of fashion."

"No, I meant why hide your natural features behind the bow?" It did not take long for the young woman to realize what he was insinuating. The actions she took the second V finished made that clear. Blake had pushed the young man into the wall. A blade was shoved near his neck. Her eyes were alight with suspicion, anger and fear at V.

"I can see that you are not happy, but most people would find having a knife at their neck quite rude." He joked. This joke garnered the blade etching closer to his neck. He could feel the blade on his skin now.

"Who sent you, and how much do you know?" She asked voice deathly quiet.

"No one told me, anyone with a perceptive eye could see how your bow twitches at times. You've done a pretty good job at hiding it, but not good enough." Blake widened her eyes at that revelation. She thought she was doing a good job of hiding it, but it seems her biology has betrayed her. If a student like him was able to figure that out, then who else knew?

"And you're sure no one sent you!? Don't lie to me!"

"I can assure you, I was not sent by anyone. But now I'm even more curious as to why anyone would be looking for you?" Blake looked at the man narrowing her eyes, judging to see if he was telling the truth. She sighed and decided to let go of him putting the knife away back into her black stockings. V rubbed his neck as he propped himself off the wall. He looked towards Blake watching as she sat down against the wall, face filled with sadness and guilt.

"I'm sorry… i can't have too many people knowing what I really am. I thought you might have been a part of a group looking for me." Blake said.

"Don't worry, no harm done. Though the knife to the throat was a bit much." He chuckled. He leaned against the wall staring down at the faunus.

"So who's the group looking for you?" V asked. Blake looked back at him apprehensively before looking away once again.

"I'm sorry, i can't tell you that."

"Fair enough, but remember you did have a knife to my throat." Blake winced at the statement. She had truly messed up there.

"But i won't force you to tell me that, we all have a past after all." V smiled to the young girl who nodded wistefully back.

"But I still want to know… why hide the ears? Are you not proud of being a faunus?"

"It's not that, it's just that… all my life i've been judged for 'what i am' rather than 'who i am'. I don't want 'what I am' to define how people see me. I know it seems selfish but-".

"No need to explain further, thank you for sharing that with me. I can understand why, you're either gonna be taken with disdain by others, or be treated specially by others, right?" She nodded smiling a bit at V. She was glad he understood her.

"But i'm gonna take a guess and assume you haven't told your teammates?"

"No, they don't know. Please don't tell them." Blake pleaded.

"I won't, but i hope you won't come to regret this decision." Blake nodded once again. The two sat in a comfortable silence before Blake broke it chuckling for a bit.

"Ya know it's funny. I just told someone i barely know one of my deepest secrets."

"This person also put you in a position to come out with the truth. I don't think you would have willingly said anything about it in the first place if i hadn't." V responded back.

"True, but it does feel a bit better that i was able to tell someone." Blake smiled.

"Well hopefully in the future you will be able to share maybe just a bit more?" V hinted at the other deep secret she was hiding from him.

"Enough of my secrets, what about you Mr. tattoos." Blake mocked using Weiss's nickname for him.

"Ah we all have our secrets, but find out mines and then I'll let some skeletons out of the closet." Blake glared knowing he was toying with her but she couldn't argue back at the logic.

"Yea toots beside, his secrets aren't even that interesting." Blake stared wide eyed at Griffon. She had gotten used to the bird popping up every now and then but… not like this. Instead of the usual big bird avian, it was instead replaced by what looked like a dark sparrow. She would have found him cute if it wasn't for the foul mouth coming out of it.

"V… is that Griffon?" Blake asked, unsure of what she was looking at. She held her finger for the bird to jump on which he did surprisingly.

"Yes, my semblance also allows me to change their form if need be. I had a rather… 'stern' talking to from Ms. Goodwitch about him scaring the students. So I was able to compromise by changing him into this. He can stay out longer now, as long as he's quiet." V stressed the last part out staring daggers at the bird who was enjoying the one finger rubs Blake was giving to his head.

"Yea yea, oooh. Right there toots, that's the spot."

"Despite the voice at least he's somewhat cute now."

"What!? I was great before. You guys are just too ugly to appreciate me." He mocked.

"But that foul mouth ruins it." Blake motioned for him to go back to V. The foul mouthed avian left Blake's finger to sit upon V's shoulder.

"Well now that we had that knife to heart, how about we talk about that book?" V joked. Blake scoffed, rolling her eyes at him.

"You're never gonna let that go huh?"

"You can have your turn when i try to slice your neck with my cane." That comment from V had earned him a jab to his side. The young man laughed… in pain but laughed nonetheless. He found Blake interesting and was glad he was able to get her to open up to him. He only hoped this friendship could continue. There were troubling times coming, and he knew this, but for now he would enjoy this moment.

"Why is this library so packed today?" Weiss quietly said to herself as she walked along the various tables occupied by students. She had come here to study but saw there were alot of students here today. There must have been a big test coming up since she noticed a lot of them seemed to be upperclassmen since she could not recognize some of their faces. Though she did pass that faunus girl that was being bullied earlier in the library studying with what looked like her teammates judging by the conversations. She paid them no mind and continued to try and find a table to study at. Normally the room would be a good alternative but she knew her teammates, and knew nothing could ever get done in their actual dorm room, specifically because of certain yellow and red headed sisters.

"I swear if i dont fin-, viola." Weiss perked up at an empty spot. She had finally found a free spot that no one was taking up. She moved to take a seat, her books in hand. She pulled back the chair but stopped as she also heard the chair opposite from her being pulled back as well. She looked up to see who it was. The second she saw that glimpse of blue, and that white hair that was close to her features, a scowl immediately garnered her face. It seems the same was thought of Vergil as he too glared at her displeased, but then again when did he ever look pleased Weiss thought. The two stared down at each other for what felt like an eternity glaring at the other. Passersby who saw this did their best to avoid their gaze and continue on, they did not want to be in between whatever was going on with the both of them. Vergil pulled his seat and sat down first putting down his notepad and what looked like a book on Grim terminology. Weiss also sat down and put her studying materials on the table, her eyes never leaving his and vice versa. The two kept this up before looking away and down to their studies. Weiss was not willing to leave this spot that she found and Vergil was not willing to leave either, he found it and was not gonna give it up to this pampered heiress.

"I'm surprised he even studies, he should just find some gargoyle to brood over." Weiss thought. He seemed like he already knew everything possible with the way he carried himself. She found some satisfaction in knowing he wasn't as knowledgeable as she perceived him to be. Though now she found it difficult to study as she now had her biggest enemy since coming to this school staring right at her. Nonetheless, she needed to make sure she was actually able to understand the notes that were covered in today's class. A good bit of time had passed as Weiss and Vergil continued their studying. Weiss was able to fill in the holes in what she missed during Oobleck's lectures. She swears she's gonna lose her hand before the year is over. Taking notes in that man's class was tiring. She was suddenly broken out of her thoughts as she felt a presence near her, Vergil did too as they both looked up in surprise at the faunus girl from earlier at their table.

"Oh hello, sorry didn't mean to disturb your study group." Velvet said.

"This is most definitely not a study group." Weiss seethed.

"Agreed, now what do you want girl?" Vergil asked coldly. The girl gulped fidgeting a bit. She hadn't expected someone who had stopped her bullies to be so intimidating. His brother was a bit of a flirt but, he still seemed a lot more approachable.

"I just wanted to say… thank you for earlier today. You stopped them when you didn't have to, and for that i appreciate it. I'll make it up to you if you let me?" Velvet gave him a small bow of her head before looking back at the blue twin.

"No need, leaving me be is a gift enough. Just next time stand up for yourself. You're a faunus, not some weakling." Vergil finished. He turned back to his books as he had nothing more to say to her. Weiss raised her eyebrow weirdly at that last statement, he implied something in that statement and now she was curious.

"Oh um… ok. Thank you again, i'll leave you alone now." Velvet gave a small bow of her head again and waved goodbye leaving just Weiss and Vergil by themselves once more. Weiss knew she should have gone back to studying but… what he said was still bothering her. From the way it sounded, it seemed he was calling the faunus strong and humans weak.

"What did you mean by your last statement?" Weiss asked Vergil. The man sighed looking up at the girl trying to gain his attention.

"I thought we had a silent agreement to ignore each other."

"Yea but my curiosity has gotten the better of me. What are you even doing here anyway?"

"Even i have to study sometimes. I'm no fool. Besides, i wouldn't dare go to my room at the moment." Vergil drifted off to his twin brother's occupation of their room. "If that's all you wanted to know, the-"

"What did you mean by that faunus comment earlier?" Weiss narrowed her eyes at Vergil waiting for his response. He looked at Weiss weirdly, wondering why she had decided to focus on that comment.

"I meant what i said, she was a faunus, not some weakling."

"So you're implying that humans are weak and faunus are better?"

"Well faunus are a race of many talents that human beings don't have. Is it not right to say they have a certain superiority over humanity?"

"They're also a lot more trouble than they're worth, especially with groups like the white fang causing trouble." Weiss could not believe the way he was talking about his own race like that. Vergil couldn't help the slight chuckle that came from his mouth, he never realized the disdain this girl held for the faunus population.

"I forgot for a second who you really are. The Schnee company has a lot of trouble with the White Fang. They've been trying to ruin your business for a while, not that you can blame them. The way they treat the faunus that work for them might as well be modern slavery."

"You laugh but don't realize the trouble my family has gone through with this group."

"And can you blame them for how they react? The faunus are people that were ridiculed and hunted because of who they were, and when they fought back human beings had trouble in winning the war against them. But as we know, grimm respond to negative emotions, and the war was bringing about a lot of that. Thus the peace treaty came." Vergil brought his hands together looking at Weiss, watching to see if she was getting what he was saying.

"Humanity realized they were on the losing side of the war. This treaty was supposed to bring about change but instead humanity took advantage of them. Used their talents and brushed them off to the side. Till this day they are still mistreated and exploited. They've tried the peaceful route, and that has gotten them nothing. So now once again, they fight back. Your Schnee dust company does an avid job of that. Can you really blame the White Fang for taking actions like that against your company?" Weiss's face spoke volumes. Vergil could see the anger in her eyes, but he also noticed something else… guilt.

"You think i don't know all that." Weiss took a deep breath trying to control her emotions. She didn't need to explode in a library. "I came to this school to hopefully better the Schnee name and show others that there is some good to who I and my family are. I do not approve of what my father does, if I could. I would abolish the whole practice."Vergil carefully watched the girl speak. He found it intriguing to hear what she thought. He's heard stories about how the eldest daughter Winter was disowned by their father, their mother nowhere to be seen and the only ones to take up the business being his youngest son and the daughter right in front of him. For once he found this conversation with her amusing.

"But I can't at the moment. I need to get stronger and gain more power before I can even think about that. And this school will help me do just that." Vergil smirked amused at that statement. Seems even she desires the power to change something. "So excuse me for the way I think about the fanaus." She sarcastically said.

"Ever heard-the action of a few does not represent the many?" Vergil asked.

"Yes but when you lived my life… i have to be weary, cause it could then cost my life."

"So could hunting Grimm."

"At least i'll see the Grimm coming, i wont see the White Fang coming."

"I can understand your hate but… i feel it is being misplaced. 'Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable'. The powers at be allowed this to happen and now they're feeling the consequences of their actions… or rather their kin." Weiss looked down contemplating the conversation they had just had. Weiss knew her distrust and hate for faunus kind was not right but… she's almost lost loved ones right in front her eyes, thank god that nothing bad happened but… she could have been short family members many times because of them. She looked back up at Vergil still staring her down, probably waiting for a response.

"This is probably the longest we've talked without trying to rip each other's heads off."


"Well my mood to study has been ruined." She packed up her things and moved to leave.

"It was you who started the conversation princess." She stopped and glared back at the smirk on his face.

"Same nickname used by your brother. You're just like Dante you brute." The smirk on his face fell as she said that. Seemed he hated being compared to the other twin. She left before he could get a word in smirking at her small victory. That smirk soon fell as she thought about the conversation she just had. Was her anger really misplaced? She shook her head of those thoughts, she would save that for another time, for now… she needed to see what kind of trouble her partner was getting into. For Ruby trouble might as well have been her middle name.