RWBY: Age of Titans

Prologue 2: My story begins

July 6, 2006

Seattle Harbor- Pier 66 [1]

It has been 2 years since Operation: Final War. The most recent kaiju incursion was back in February, with Gamera defeating a kaiju dubbed Zedus, a reptilian kaiju who's origins are unknown, but an examination of his remains is being conducted by the Japanese government. [2]

That was five months ago, and Japan is slowly recovering. Thankfully, Seattle was one of the cities not targeted during Final War, but being a coastal city has put them on edge.

Today, those fears are about to about to be justified. For now, all is calm.

Down on Pier 66, a family of four are walking on it.

The father is approaching his 40s and has black hair with some gray strands in it. His eyes are blue and he wears glasses. He also has a bushy beard and mustache. His attire consists of a dark blue work shirt, revealing hairy arms and a watch on his right arm, khaki jeans, and gray walking shoes. His name is Anthony Drake.

The mom is in her mid-30s and has long brown hair. She has blue eyes that are protected by a pair of sunglasses. She wears a long sleeve floral shirt with dark brown khaki jeans and brown sandals. Her name is Julie Drake.

She is currently carting a stroller that carries a her barely two year old daughter. The toddler is awake revealing her blue eyes like her mommy and she has a few tufts of brown hair. The rest of her small body is covered by a blanket. Her name is Kathie Drake.

The final member of the small family is the seven year old son who has short black hair and dark green eyes. He wears a short sleeve black t-shirt with blue denim shorts held up by a black leather belt and white running shoes. He carries an instant camera around his neck, suggesting that he likes photography. His name is Thomas Drake.

The family are out for an afternoon stroll, both parents having gotten off work.

However. . .

"Anthony darling, do you still think it is safe for us to be out? Especially so soon after the recent kaiju attack in Japan?" Julie asked, concerned for her children.

"Julie dear, it is fine. Besides, look at the various other people out and about." Anthony said, acknowledging the other citizens on the pier, like the fisherman for example.

Kathy looks up at the sky and saw a rainbow. She babbles and points at it.

"What is it, Kathy?" Julie said in a cute baby talk manner. "Reinbo." She babbled out, not quite able to say rainbow.

They all look up and saw the rainbow.

"Well I guess if you are happy, Mama's happy." Julie said, smiling.

"Hey, we should take a picture of it." Thomas said, bright-eyed.

"Alright, son." Anthony stated.

Thomas grabbed his camera, pointed it at the rainbow and then took the picture. The developing photo slid out. However, a gust of wind blew the picture away and Thomas chased to catch it, his parents keeping an eye on him and telling him to be careful.

Just before, the picture could go off the pier, he managed to catch it. He began to fan it and as soon as the picture was visible, his whole life is about to be turned upside down.

There was a sudden eruption of water on the other side of the pier and everyone on it turned and saw the enormous form of kaiju burst out of the seawater!

The kaiju is in fact Ebirah, the giant lobster. However, the outward appearance is different from the 1st individual, meaning that this is a different specimen.

The exoskeleton is a much darker red, with a rough rocky texture, similar to basalt. The rostrum is longer and sharper. Eyes are set in the skull and bright red. Antenna curve back. While not visible, the underside is a lighter red, almost pink. The six legs used for walking end in sharp points. The telson has a paddle shape, similar to Eurypterid. Most notable attribute are of course the asymmetrical claws. The left claw is long, rectangular, thin, and razor sharp at the end. The right claw is long, rectangular, and huge with the upper half ending in a large hook. He's a massive 50 meters tall, 100 meters long, and 60,000 tons!

His high-pitched shriek pierces the sky and with his presence announced, everyone begins to flee the pier in panic!

Unfortunately, Ebirah's left claw cuts through the pier, sending wood splinters flying and even worse, separating Thomas from his family!

"Daddy! Mommy!" He cried out, scared with tears welling in his eyes.

"Come on, son! Jump to me!" His dad urged, arms outstretched.

"I don't know if I can make it!"

"Baby, daddy will catch you!" His mom yelled, holding her squealing, crying daughter, trying to calm her down.

Thomas ran and just as he was about to jump, Ebirah's massive tail slammed down on the pier, ending the lives of Thomas's family!

Thomas froze on the spot, his tears falling fast and hard. Just before he passed out from shock, the last thing he saw was Ebirah's hulking form lumbering across the pier. [3] [4]


Ebirah continues along the Seattle coastline, demolishing parked boats and trampling anyone unable to get away in time. Unknown to many, Ebirah is being controlled from an anonymous source. His command: send a message and you will be rewarded.

An hour later, help has arrived in the form of the local police and a SWAT team. They have instructed to evacuate civilians to the nearest bunkers and also distract Ebirah in the chance some citizens are trapped in the creature's path of destruction.

The police head off to locate people heading into the city while SWAT start to follow Ebirah's trail of destruction from to start to it's current location.

The officers manage to locate and escort several citizens to multiple bunkers, and even a few staying above ground to protect them in case the colossal crustacean makes his way to them.

Meanwhile, the SWAT team begin following the lobster's path of destruction starting at the pier. One of them spots Thomas passed out on the other side of the pier. The gap separating them from him is too far to jump. The squad commander calls for a medical chopper and that they have an unconscious youth on the pier and notify them of their location on Pier 66. Estimated time of arrival: 2 minutes at the most.

A medical chopper arrived with a stretcher that was lowered down along with a medical officer. He gives the boy a once-over for his vital signs. He calls out, "Kid's ok! He's just passed out!" The medical stretcher retracted into the chopper, Thomas and medical officer on board. The chopper is on-route to the Virginia Mason Hospital and Seattle Medical Center.

The SWAT team follow the trail of destruction and soon manage to see Ebirah, approaching the Edgewater Hotel.

Seeing as the lobster kaiju moves very slowly and ungainly on land, the squad of 20, 19 armed with carbines and 1 armed with a sniper rifle as their main firearms set up a plan: while 10 of them will fire on Ebirah, another 10 will make their way to the hotel and evacuate any civilians trapped inside.

The distraction begins with their sniper, who has perched on a roof of a nearby building takes aim with his scoped long-range rifle, locating a spot to fire. He aims at a joint on the left arm and fired. . . only for the round to bounce off the arm and Ebirah doesn't notice it at all! He changes his aim to the eyes and fired again, this time getting the kaiju to acknowledge being shot at.

Annoyed at being shot at, Ebirah begins locating where the gunfire is coming from. It spots a human on the harbor and begins marching towards them.

"Open fire!" The leader calls out.

They open fire with their carbines, aiming for the joints. Once Ebirah gets too close for comfort, they tactically fall back, just as the other squad of 10 manages to evacuate any civilians from the hotel. Ebirah, having lost sight of the puny humans, looks around confused. It then received new orders: move on and continue northwest.

It continued onward and arrived at Myrtle Edwards Park. Just as he spotted the Seattle Space Needle in the distance, he was hit from above and hit with more bombardments. He looked around and saw that at last, the conventional army arrived. A battalion of tanks, planes, military choppers, made it after hours of travel!

They opened fired on the colossal crustacean, aiming for the joints. Unfortunately, they are unable to land a considerable dent in Ebirah's armor after only half an hour of military engagement and retreat Ebirah's exoskeleton relatively unharmed.

Now only a miracle can save Seattle and one is on its way at speed of Mach 3.


(Play Iron Man: Armored Adventures Theme)

Speeding across the North Pacific Ocean, is an entity that has been told by its creator to save the people of Seattle. Refurbished with new weapons for combat, he's more than an android. . . he's a hero.


Ebirah emerged on the shoreline of Bainbridge Island, which is across Elliot Bay. Its orders have bee to reach the Olympic Peninsula, demolishing anything its path to get there.

Unfortunately for him, the miracle arrives.

A silver blur suddenly does a flying drop kick to the face, sending Ebirah back towards the water, momentarily dazed.

The silver being landed on the beach, kicking up sand.

He's a robot on a mission.

Made of metal with high tech ammunition

Trapped on the edge of an endless game

His Robotic life will never be the same

In a dangerous world he does all he can

He's Jet Jaguar!

Jet Jaguar!

To many, especially to the kids, this robot is Jet Jaguar!

Just like Ebirah, he's got an upgrade from Goro Maki, his creator. His general build is more athletic, like a martial arts fighter. His wide mouth is covered by a battle mask and the sides of his antenna.

Jet Jaguar takes a combat stance, his internal systems scan Ebirah and look for strengths and weaknesses. He make note of its aquatic nature, sturdy armor, and powerful claws. He sees minor pockmarks on the armor where the military fired on it, and the slow speed out of the water.

Ebirah gets up from the sudden and unexpected hit, shaking its head. It looks and saw Jet Jaguar on the shore, in a martial arts stance. Ebirah instinctively knew what this meant: a fight. If a fight is what this metal man wanted, it shall receive!

Ebirah screeched into the air and slammed its big pincer into the water, sending a spray of water upwards.

Jet Jaguar made no gesture which angered Ebirah. With a mad shriek, Ebirah surged forward, intending to impale Jet with its sharp rostrum.

Jet Jaguar widens his stance. The robot grabs Ebirah by his giant claw and then does a judo throw on the kaiju, slamming him into the sand. He repeats this a second time, throwing the lobster into a nearby empty building.

Jet Jaguar sees the lobster kaiju's underbelly is exposed for a moment. He unveils a new ability: a pair of double-barrel machine guns pop out of his shoulders! They spray a barrage of automatic bullets on Ebirah's underside, managing to chip away at the weaker under armor.

Ebirah gets a lucky hit in when his huge paddle-shaped tail swats at Jet Jaguar's left leg. This stuns him for a moment, his guns retracting into his shoulders. Ebirah gets up and grabs Jet Jaguar by his midsection with his massive right claw and slams him down on the sand.

The heart of his powers within him

No force will make him give in

It pins him by having its legs keeping him still, in a makeshift cage. He does a one-two punch: first a slash with its left claw on the chest followed by a bash with its right claw, denting the armor.

This sets off an alarm to Jet's systems, warning him of hull breach. He can't allow that to happen. He must save these people. For Seattle. For his creator!

When he's backed into a corner of


He takes the heat to next degree

He's more than an android believe what you see

He manages to grip his right hand around a leg. Then, the coils around his lower arm light up blue and travel up to his hand. He releases a temporary surge of electricity, into Ebirah, shocking it!

This forces Ebirah to let go of its prey, shrieking in pain. Jet Jaguar unveils another new ability: a dull yellow curved blade, one on each wrist. With them, he makes a quick slice to the underbelly followed by an uppercut slash, the lobster kaiju's big right arm comes falling off.

Ebirah shrills in pain. Jet Jaguar grabs the severed claw and taunts his opponent with it, opening and closing them like a pair of scissors. He tosses the claw into the bay, the impact of it making a splash.

He draw his right wrist blade and electrifies it. He rushes at the wounded Ebirah, impaling him straight through the head!

He's Jet Jaguar!

Jet Jaguar!

He's Jet Jaguar!

Jet Jaguar!

Jet Jaguar!

Ebirah suddenly ceased moving, except for some twitching.

Jet Jaguar then increased his height to 60 meters and 30,000 tons. He lifted the carcass and activated his rocket jets in his feet and took off, dumping the body into Salish Sea that's between Vancouver Island and Olympic Peninsula, and flew back home to Japan. [6]


3 weeks later, a funeral is held for those that died at Calvary Cemetery.

Thomas, wearing appropriate attire of a black suit, with a white undershirt, black dress pants, and black shoes, attends the service.

While he may have physically recovered from the incident, his mind is another story. Witnessing a Kaiju-sized lobster stomp his parent and little sister has devastated his mind, and often has nightmares of the incident.

Thankfully, his uncle has taken him in. Standing behind him, hands on his shoulders as a sign of comfort, is the uncle. He has dirty blonde hair that is long in the back and put in a ponytail. Eyes are a dark brown. Like the rest of the men present, he too is dressed in black. His name is Adrian Anderson. [7]


Over the course of Thomas's life, he makes a decision: he wants to fight kaiju. His uncle, wanting him to feel better, acknowledges this and trains him. First, with physical exercises each day. When not working his physical muscles, he is working his mental muscles, learning about the kaiju: what they are, where they come from, their strengths and weaknesses, etc.

Over time, his physical state changed: He grew to 6ft and 160lbs. He gains a lip-length brown mustache and short curly beard.

Fast forward 7 years to late July 2014, Thomas and his uncle are on a plane, leaving Seattle Airport and is island hopping: from Honolulu and then to Tokyo. Why? Thomas managed to pass the entrance exam to enter the main Global Defense Force (GDF) Academy in Tokyo, Japan. Why there instead of the one on the Olympic Peninsula:

Japan is a magnet for kaiju.

It has the best classes and instructors there

Multiple nations send recruits there, making it a melting pot.

Prof. Ozpin, leader of the GDF, is one of the nicest men alive as he had visited Seattle to oversee the construction of the GDF base in Washington State and Thomas got a chance to meet him.

As Thomas drifted into sleep, his main though is: 'Military life, I'm ready.'

Author Notes:

The Pier 66 is real and is reference to Ebirah's debut year in Ebirah, Horror of the Deep/ Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster.

This one is a reference to Gamera the Brave, which debuted in 2006.

The concept of this scene is a reference to a similar scene from Pacific Rim: Uprising, where the female protagonist lost her family in a similar fashion.

If there's one thing I learned from Marvel and DC, most of the noteworthy characters have little to no family and said family often is dead.

The long stream of X's is what I'm using when I am indicating a scene change.

I'd like to thanks Daizua123 for helping me with this combat scene as he was great and complimented my writing.

Adrian Anderson is a fusion of Duncan Macleod from Highlander and Macgyver from the 80s TV show. He combines Duncan's martial arts skills, Mac's ingenuity, and a SEAL officer's training. The name is a fusion of Adrian Paul, Duncan's actor, and Richard Dean Anderson, Mac's actor.

I'll upload the data files on Ebirah and Jet Jaguar onto Deviantart.

I apologize for the long hiatus, but there are two valid reasons:

College. I'll leave it at that.

As I've previously stated, whenever me and Daizua123 complete a section of Skull Island Fauna, I'll do a prologue chapter. Next one will be next year, since I'm going into my Fall Junior Semester in about 10 days.

Next time:

Fall of an empire, a Shadow is cast into the stars, a guardian mourns his failure.

Interstellar entities make a deal with the Shadow Queen

The priestesses of the Divine Moth begin preparations for the next Kaiju War.

I own nothing except what I created. Until next time!