Chapter 1: Test Drive

2013, Monster Island

Five V-22 Ospreys touch down on the main base of Monster Island. Exiting them are 100 14-year old boys & girls, each wearing the standard issue GDF uniforms. [1] While having child soldiers may seem very unethical, in the arms race against the kaiju, you need every advantage you can get. A year prior, 100 hundreds more underwent intense physical training, weeding out those that weren't up to this final test.

Aside from the future members, there are also guards stationed to keep them in line, as well as their eventual leaders, Grand Admiral Ironwood & GDF High Command Ozpin Maub [2], the latter of which is to oversee the test from the base alongside his advisor, Glynda Goodwitch.

"Attention!" Ironwood commands. All the recruits stand straight, saluting him, getting them focused on the task at hand.

(EM20 Jerry GZM/That one track Shin Godzilla & Evangelion share)

"I'm proud of you all. In just a year's time, 100 of you have managed to exceed my expectations for what it means to be a Global Defense Force soldier. Many of you have reasons to be here: loss of a family member, following in the footsteps of your mother or father, or seeking glory. Today, your final test to be part of the GDF will begin. You have one week to survive here," He instructed before spreading his arms, "on Monster Island!" He declared. "You complete that, you can apply for any of the GDF bases around the world. Before we continue, any questions?" He saw one girl raise her hand,

"Yes, you Cadet Scarlatina." He points at a girl with upper back length brown hair and rabbit ears on her head, [3]

"What happens if someone," She gulped, "Is critically wounded or worse. . . doesn't make it?" She inquired, timidly. This got them all on edge before Ozpin tapped his cane against the steel ground, silencing them.

"You aren't the first to ask such a question and won't be the last. In the case that a cadet is wounded, you can use the emergency satellite phone all of you will be provided with to call in for help. If this does occur, you will be airlifted back to the medical facility at our main base in Tokyo for treatment. But if you are deceased, then compensation will be delivered to any of your family members." Ironwood clarified. That got them all pacified, for the moment.

"This is why there's only one rule: you aren't allowed to kill or harm your fellow cadets. When out on the battlefield, you need to rely on your brothers & sisters out there fighting; you may think needing help is a sign of weakness but we are stronger together." He laid down the sole rule to follow.

"Next on the agenda is what you will be faced up against." He was handed a tablet from Glynda and displayed holograms of the various animals that lived on the island: Shockirus, aggressive giant boars, a multitude of big lizards, many of which are venomous, and 10 types of birds, just to name a few.

"Lastly, your gear & weapons. Enter the supply room and you will be ready to survive 7 days on Monster Island." He instructed. With that, they all entered the supply room. They were restricted to only carrying one or two weapons: a knife, pistol, and a bow & arrows.

Once they were all geared up, they saluted their superior officers before heading out into the island. After all 100 cadets left the base, the leaders entered the control room to monitor their business.


With Thomas Drake, he decides to try & go it alone, due to being too shy & nervous to interact with the others. He may have the spine for defending himself from threats, but trying to interact with people of his age, especially women, is an entirely different story.

He enters the woods and begins by setting up his tent along with getting a fire going. Having taken camping trips with his uncle in the redwoods of California, this isn't too hard. The problem is, the dangerous animals here would make a wolf or cougar flee. It isn't long before he has company.

He hears the sound of wings flapping towards him and sees a large eagle, not unlike a Haast's eagle, barreling towards him from the trees. Taking out his hand cannon of a pistol, he takes aim and just before the bird can deploy its enormous talons, he fires, aiming for its chest. The bird falls just feet away from him. Thomas approaches the wounded eagle and shoots the head, killing it.

Now comes the arduous task of plucking its feathers, skinning it, fishing out the bullets, and cooking it. The whole process takes nearly the entire day and George is exhausted, but the reward of eating a cooked eagle leg is worth it. As a bonus, he now has a set of talons he can use for extra offense.

After eating what he can and downing it with some water, Thomas puts out his fire, making sure his snares around the camp are set up in case he has any unwanted visitors during the night. Now that his campsite is secure, he turns in for the night.

While he may have survived for one night, what he doesn't know is that his life, along with 6 others will change.


At the same time with the IGS3, both sides have been busy planning & plotting. Many have gotten upgrades; Mercury has traded his bronze legs in for ones made of space-titanium/nanometal. Emerald has also gotten better with her psychic abilities; she's no Miki Saegusa, but she's getting there. As for the Levytitan, it was nearing completion.

Salem and the other leaders are outside the base, able to tolerate the cold of Mars thanks to being trapped in space for thousands of years while the others wear special heated suits to tolerate the freezing temperatures. She stands above a lake but not a lake of ice or water. No, in her time here she has constructed a pit of Dark mana from which she will birth her Creatures of Grimm. The viscous tar-like liquid bubbles as Salem stand above her allies,

"My fellow leaders, the time has come to make ourselves known properly. Our spies have heard that new recruits to the GDF are on Monster Island." She gave a devilish smirk, "I shall send out one of my mightiest Grimm as a demonstration of what they are capable of." She turns away and raises her hands high, chanting in Atlantean as a sphere of Dark mana coalesces above her. With a yell, she fires the orb into the pit.

"Sounds like this was a waste-" X1 snarked before he picked up a large surge of Dark Mana

After a few minutes, the whole lake begins to bubble & erupt as a huge form begins to crawl its way out. What they saw was a terrifying yet vaguely familiar Grimm

The creature stands 80 meters tall, and just as long, most of the length being a long muscular black tail with a set of vestigial fins clasped around a red fin. Four bone spikes are in the mid section and lead up to a large red sail-like fin on its back, not unlike a certain Spinosaur's. Small rounded scutes of bone act like chainmail. The body is robust with a wide chest lined with armor like a ribcage. There's a set of red gills on the neck.

The most notable attributes of the torso are the huge hulking arms with spiked shoulders, a spike on the back of the elbow, smaller ones on the underside of the forearm, and five sharp claws which it uses to knuckle-drag its bulk, akin to a gorilla's. However, it's the head that draws the most attention.

The skull resembles that of a Sperm whale's; literally, as there's no melon. The jaws are lined with two rows of spike-like teeth, one in the lower jaw & one in the upper jaw. The upper half of the skull is capped in a bony cap with a red Asian-style pattern and three pairs of eyes, the forward-most pair being the largest.

With a bellowing roar, it announced its presence to the leaders, Salem being proud of her creation while the others were mixed.

"A literal take on Godzilla's Japanese name. How. . . fitting." Xif commended.

"Doesn't appear to be all that mobile on land though." Vorticia criticized, seeing it only had two arms.

"But myself & Watts have found a work around." Saludo said. He tapped a button on his arm and flying out from a chamber was a robotic blue & white wasp. Inside the stinger was a green fluid.

"The Robo-wasp? [4] What can that thing do?" Yog wondered. "The serum is mutagenic. Under extreme stress, it will activate and this. . ." Saludo explained, gesturing to Salem for the name of the Grimm.

"Leviathan is the name." The witch said, stroking its bony head.

"The Leviathan will mutate, becoming better. At least, in theory." Saludo said. With a command, the Robo-wasp flew towards the Leviathan, injecting the mutagenic serum into its bloodstream.

"I shall have one of our ships prepared to deploy it." X2 said, about to have one of the Transporters ready.

"No. I shall have a Seer Titan take care of it." She snapped her fingers and another Grimm appeared. [5]

This one was like an organic version of the Martian tripods with long, spindly, red tentacles and a body like a crystal ball and a mouth like an Anomalocarid. Somehow, it was able to stuff the enormous Leviathan into its main body via its tentacles and Dark Mana compressing its form.

"Deposit the Leviathan near Monster Island & return home." Salem commanded her Seer Titan. The organic ship jumped into the air and flew through space towards Earth.

Her fellow allies are skeptical of how successful it will be but Xif has faith that Salem will prevail.


On the second night, things aren't going well for Thomas. He was running from an Entelodont variant of the giant wild boar. It wrecked his camp and nearly killed him, his bullets hardly doing anything to its bulky body, aside from peeing it off. To make things worse, it was raining hard

Not seeing where he was going, he ends up tripping on a root and sliding down one of the tunnels into the underground passages of the island.

After getting his bearings, he finds himself in a base but this one was different from the main one; looking more archaic & mystical at the same time with stone formations in the center; for what he didn't know.

"This place wasn't mentioned by Admiral Ironwood. But why though?" Thomas wondered out-loud. As he looks around the base, he sees a glow in the center. He finds a small stone pedestal in the shape of a heptagon with 7 glowing diamonds: Black, brown, orange, white, sea-green, purple, & blue. Each is the size of a quarter.

Finding the gems to be mystifying, Thomas reaches for one of them with his right hand, the black one darts onto his right wrist and ends up fusing into it! He screamed in pain, and tried to take it out but alas, it was embedded deep, and he only ended up scratching the surrounding skin; curiously enough, the reddened area healed in a matter of seconds. The teenager falls unconscious from exhaustion and pain but before he collapses, he hears two unknown female voices.


When George comes to, he finds himself still inside the cave and not alone. On both sides, are two 1 meter tall twin ladies that have tribal clothing, butterfly wings on their back, and antennae in their white hair. But they differ. The one on his left has her hair in a braided ponytail with red face-paint; the one on his right has her hair down past her shoulders and with blue paint.

He groaned, rubbing his head.

"Are you alright, sir?" The one on his right asked.

"Let's see: I'm on Monster Island and one minute I got a giant killer boar on my tail, and the next, I'm underground and have a black glowing diamond embedded in my wrist." He deadpanned. "So tell me: what's going on? Who are you?" He asked.

"We are the Voices of Mothra. I am Liana, and this is my twin sister Molana." She introduced herself along with her sister on his left.

"You have been chosen to be a Kaiju Warrior." Molana said, crossing her arms underneath her bust.

"Wait what? Please explain." He said, befuddled.

"That black gem on your wrist contains the souls of several Earth Defenders. With it, you can transform into them. The rest should be easy to figure out." She described, with George examining the device. He could hear faint voices in his head but couldn't understand what they were.

"But why me?"

"It was declared by our Sensei. Regardless, you want to fight Kaiju, right? Now you have the opportunity to do so on their ground." Liana encouraged, which filled Thomas with strength.


During the night, the Seer Titan was able to make landfall not far off the coast of Monster Island, not being detected by the satellites due to its Dark Mana cloaking it.

It dropped the Leviathan into the water, the colossal Grimm unfazed by being dropped several hundred feet into the water.

By dawn, the Leviathan made its presence known with a blood curdling, deafening roar.


That got the attention of everyone on the island, including those watching back at the base.

"What is that thing?!" One of the technicians shouted.

"Whatever it is, we won't allow it to interfere with the trial." Ozpin declared. He looks at Ironwood, "James, have the guarding navy ships to target the kaiju off the southern shore of the island. Glynda, scan through our database. We need to know what we're up against." Ozpin commanded, preparing for battle.

"Yes, sir." Both of them declared. Ironwood radioed in to the ship commanders to fire on the big black whale kaiju not far from Monster Island while making sure that they didn't shoot at the island itself.

The Leviathan was quickly besieged by battleships, cruisers, and carriers, the latter deploying fighter planes & choppers, even some Storm Sworder Zoids. [6]

The firepower of several artillery guns, missiles, and maser cannons was as usual, not really affecting it, aside from the latter stinging it. However, the birds circling it were far too fast for it to hit with any physical strike. However, it wasn't limited to melee combat.

The gills on the Leviathan lit up a harsh red and its mouth opened before blasting out a pillar of flames from its mouth, sweeping across the sky. While the fighter planes & choppers were toast, the Storm Sworders were far too fast for it. With the majority of its opposition taken care of, the Leviathan swims under the waves, heading for the fleet of ships.

At the same time, Thomas was viewing the battle from screens inside the underground base, which had switched on the moment the Leviathan made its appearance.

"Of course they would have no effect on it. I got to head out there and do something!" He shouts before looking at the twins, "Where's the nearest exit?!" He yelled. They pointed to their right where a tunnel was.

The teenager ran out of the tunnel into the outside. Hearing the bellowing roar of the Leviathan, he runs for the coastline where he witnessed several of his fellow cadets witnessing the huge Grimm crush a battlecruiser when it breached under it, splitting it in two.

All the cadets do is watch, a feeling of helplessness wash over them. . . except for one.

Out of nowhere, Thomas spear-dives off the cliff, the black gem glowing a vibrant neon blue. As he lands in the ocean, the neon blue glow intensifies.

It catches the attention of several watching, including the leaders of both sides of the conflict as they recognize the color belonging to only one kaiju.

(Gojira's theme- S.P version)

Erupting from the water are three rows of bone white dorsal plates with black centers and a faint blue glow. Soon the King of the Monsters, Godzilla, emerges with his classic roar.


He looked different from before with a body like his father yet with eyebrow ridges like how his old man did from the early 60s. His body still has that charcoal gray body with a tan underside. His eyes are yellow with red pupils. His mouth is lined with rows of large sharp, recurved railroad-esque spikes for teeth, and extra teeth on the palate. Lower jaw has a set of barbels, forming a sort-of 'chin'. The ears are short and round. His stout neck has a set of gill slits that can be covered over with throat armor, not unlike a Stegosaurus's. The dorsal plates have a set of short, spiked scutes that run from the back of his head to his tail. The limbs are bulky & robust, each tipped in four sharp claws. Lastly, his tail is long, muscular, flexible, and a small fluke near the tip.

Size: 100 meters tall, 150 meters long, & 55,000 tons.

Back on Mars, the IGS3 leaders, viewing thanks to Salem's psychic connection to the Leviathan Grimm, all stood up from their seats once Godzilla had made himself known.

"He has returned after 9 years of slumber." X1 said, fearful yet with undertones of anger.

"The King of the Monsters. . . ." Sisar whispered.

"Well Salem, you have wondered who Godzilla is; there is. And yet, he looks different." Vorticia said.

"Who cares how he looks?! All we know is that we are doomed!" Bisento wailed.

"Silence, roach!" Yog berated the sniveling bug.

Salem seemed to study Godzilla before she narrowed her gaze, "Let's see what you are capable of, oh God of Destruction." With a simple thought, she instructed her Leviathan to kill Godzilla. Unknown to her, this was easier said than done.

With a roar, Godzilla made the first move with a full-body tackle, knocking the beast down, both going underneath the waves. Here, the Leviathan may have the slight advantage in speed but Godzilla trumps it everywhere else.

With a bellow, the Leviathan rushed at Godzilla, decking him in the face with a punch before the atomic kaiju bit down on the left hand and crushed it. Rolling under the waves, he slammed his powerful tail, sending it careening far. Dazed, Godzilla grabbed its tail and tossed it towards the surface and body-checked the Grimm, staggering it.

Enraged, the Leviathan stopped playing around. It charged up its fire breath but this was also accompanied by a deep humming sound coming from Godzilla.

His dorsal plates & scutes, from the tip of his tail to the back of his head lit up a bright neon blue, his glowing with the same color, and wisps of blue flames trailed the sides of his mouth.

At once, Godzilla fired his signature atomic heat ray the same time the Leviathan fired its flame breath, both sides engaging in a beam clash. . . one that Godzilla won, blasting off one of the large shoulder spikes!

Infuriated & in pain, the Leviathan went berserk and it slammed its tail, creating enough lift to jump into the air and tackle Godzilla. The Grimm sank its huge teeth into his side, making the king roar in pain as blood was drawn.

However, this appears to have even more negative repercussions than at first glance.

(Bleach OST Jigoku Hen #4 Cometh The Hour Part B (Opus1)) [7]

The Leviathan Grimm backed up and began to howl in pain as blood red veins coursed through its body and horrifyingly, its body. . . began to mutate!

The body became a lot more bulky and it grew much bigger. The tail elongated and more sinewy, the fin at the end shrinking and being replaced with a large serrated blade as a row of spikes grew up out of the toughening skin, culminating in a set of large, chaotically spiked dorsal plates that had their tips stained blood red and white centers. A pair of legs grew from the body, with wide thighs & calves, three spikes starting at the knee up, and 4 splayed flattened toes. The arms shortened yet retained their muscle with four short, sharp claws; the remaining shoulder spike having been absorbed along with the dorsal plates.

But the most terrifying aspect was the head. It had shortened, the upper skull fusing even more with the body, and only a single pair of eyes remained. It reserves the large teeth in both upper & lower jaws, but are far more numerous.

In short, it appears contact with Godzilla's blood has caused the mutagenic serum to activate early, causing it to mutate into a Grimm version of the King of the Monsters! Even worse, it's even bigger than him- 120 meters tall, 175 meters long, & 70,000 tons!

With a more demonic version of Godzilla's roar it makes itself known to the world before setting its sight on Gojira.

While Godzilla has battled a mechanical version of himself before, the only one that most resembles is the ghost of his grandfather from 2001. [8] Nevertheless, he must still fight this abomination!

Grimm-zilla makes the first move by swinging its long bladed tail at Gojira, the blade itself glowing a vibrant purple as it slices across his head, creating a large cut. Grimm-zilla proceeds to thrash Godzilla with its bulk, barreling into him and smashing Gojira into nearby sea towers of rock.

Godzilla bites into his clone's neck, hoping to draw any kind of blood but all that came out was black ichor which made him recoil in disgust. Thankfully, he noticed that its wound wasn't healing. This beast may be bigger and look like but it can't fully replicate his abilities.

The Grimm's dorsal plates lit up a bright neon purple and its eyes glowed the same color. Godzilla charged up his own atomic breath, and both beams collided and to the bewilderment of the onlookers, the Grimm-zilla's beam overpowered Godzilla's, sending him hurtling back. While Godzilla gets up, he hears a voice in his head, and it's not Miki's.

'Hey, Gojira. Let us fight as one.' This voice was Thomas's, who was currently residing inside Godzilla's mind after the former transformed into the latter. Godzilla tried to brush it off but Thomas persisted.

'I know you've been at the helm, so to speak, of this fight but we are starting to lose. I know you want to live through this; so do I. So what do you say we work together to take this imposter down?' Thomas telepathically suggested. Godzilla would allow it. . .but would take over in extreme conditions.

Reinvigorated, Godzilla gets up. . . just as Grimm-zilla is about to stop his face. Godzilla counter attacks with a volley of blue fireballs from his mouth, knocking it back. Channeling his atomic energy into the end of his tail he slams it in the abdomen of his Grimm counterpart, knocking it back with an extra oomph, blue smoke around the point of impact.

Godzilla stomps on its right leg, breaking the ankle, and the Grimm howls in pain. It tries to get up, hobbling before falling over. Godzilla charges up once more, now with his dorsal plates having small arcs of blue lightning shooting out. He fires his Blue Spiral Atomic Heat Ray at Grimm-zilla, the black monster giving off one last roar before blowing up! All that's left is black ash drifting in the wind.

With a triumphant roar, Godzilla has won!

The King of the Monsters swims into one of the tunnels underneath Monster Island, before he mysteriously vanishes. . . for now at least.


For the leaders of the Global Defense Force, they are left pondering over what has happened. But it appears some have a clue as to what's going on.

"I want a full video file of this battle sent to my office's computer. I'd like to review the footage." Ozpin stated. With a nod from Glynda, the GDF must now answer some questions: Where has Godzilla been? Why did he mysteriously show up? And what was the origin of that black monster?

At the same time, the leaders of the IGS3 smirked as Salem had collapsed after her connection to the Leviathan/Grimm-Zilla was severed once Godzilla killed it.

"Seems like you are a bit shaky after losing against the King of the Monsters." X1 sneered. "I take it the same thing happens every time one of your precious Grimm dies?" He added, insulting her further.

"For the record, this has never occurred before. I must understand how. . .while also upgrading my Creatures of Grimm to ensure this doesn't happen; at least, not frequently." She is escorted out by one of her Seers, a much smaller version of the Seer Titan, this time resembling a jellyfish but still retaining the crystal ball head. However, she was stopped by X2

"Ah ah ah. Before you leave, we shall show you how alien invasions are done. . ."

1. Imagine them wearing the uniforms from the Polygon trilogy which curiously enough, fits in well with RWBY, especially Atlas.

2. Maub is Baum spelled backwards, the last name of the guy who wrote Wizard of Oz.

3. Faunus do exist on Earth; they are a sister-group to the Mutants from Final Wars. They do face racism which isn't helped from a certain organization. . . . that isn't the IGS3.

4. Robo-wasp is my name for the Robo-flies from the Tristar series since they look more like wasps than flies with that stinger.

5. The Seer Titan was inspired by the Herald, created by Deviantart user risgord.

6. I'm including Zoids in this series; for the most part, they are above stuff like the Super-X's but below the mobile bases such as the Gotengo.

7. The suggestion for this music piece is from Daizua123.

8. Even though I've already stated it before in the prologue, I'm making it clear here: Godzilla 3 fought Ghost Godzilla along with other Guardian monsters. More info will be provided once this incarnation of the Big G shows up.

Now if any of you are wondering about the connection between Kaiju Warrior & the Kaiju itself, it's different from the Titans of AOT; as already stated, the human that becomes the Kaiju resides in their mind. For some, this doesn't make sense but compared to what Singular Point does with its lore, I'm not bothered.

Next time: While Thomas starts training with his powers and is no longer alone with these powers, the IGS3 sends out one of their aliens as an example for how Salem should act.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or review. If you want exclusive knowledge, send me a note.

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