Ch 2

The First mAyA wand

The first recorded mAyA wand came before MUSCA understood that there were other magics, and caused one of the few permits to use magic outside of the statue of secrecy that were granted before the rise of MAGIC as a government entity.

These journals are reproduced with the permission of the crafter's family. Melanie Mingo is credited as the 'mother of mixed magic wands' as she is the first known person to specialize in magic wands where the users other magic interfered with the wand matching process. Once again the journal excerpts only deal with wand crafting and the leads to the person crafting the wand, in our best educated view.

Journal 1

Anne received a surprising letter today, delivered by a hawk no less. The girl showed none of my talent for curses and rituals, despite being good with her prayers and offerings. However, a 'school for witchcraft and wizardry' up in Massachusetts has offered her a position. It would explain the strange happenings around her. The books and ingredients going through the air into her hands when she calls out. John and I have decided to send her, despite my better judgement. She cannot bring her wand home over breaks, and cannot perform magic outside of school.

I hope that Anne does have some sort of power, even if it cannot be brought out by making the correct offerings.

Journal 2

Anne is not the only gifted one it seems, that has caught Ilvermorny's eye. A letter came for Delphin today, along with his sister's letter for what she needs next term. I worry though. Anne has stated multiple times that she's excited to go back to Ilvermorny, spouting off theory that I can only guess at, as much of it flies in the face of the rules I know for setting curses, blessings and other rituals. Delphin though is gifted where his sister is not, and I fear if the trend continues Anne will turn bitter towards her brother. She already complains about keeping the altar and following the right rituals. She claims I shouldn't be offering my cures out to people not like us, that it will expose us. One minute she can be bright and animated about all she is learning, and the next she's critical of my own abilities and things to make money while her father runs his trapping lines.

Journal 3

It was not Anne I needed to worry about. Delphin did not find a 'good match' according to his and Anne's letters. The school is having him rotate through wands now, as some are being made by local wandsmiths, while the children are in school. Delphin is struggling with the course work, as some wands don't respond as well as others, and some only like certain types of magic.

Its destressing to poor Delphin, going from being able to do things with plenty of study and preparation to struggling to do anything no matter how much he studies.

Journal 4

Delphin is the opposite of Anne when it comes to talk of Ilvermorny now. While Anne lights up, Delphin becomes surly and resentful. Anne's success, alongside his struggles have bled into his rituals. He is nitpicky about doing things just so, believing himself to be cursed so that he cannot be as good as Anne in his school endeavors. He tells me he dreams of a wand he can call his own, and has taken to playing with straight sticks, imagining them to be the answer to his wants.

But wands sound more complicated than the pieces of wood we may use when carving or making. Both Anne and Delphin describe a certain feeling when holding them. Anne's is euphoric and familiar. Delphin uses other words when describing his wand usage. Strange, temperamental, angry, prickly, despondent, sad, and unwieldy. They say the wands are made of wood, a magic core, and glue that follows the magic core.

I wonder, could I make a wand for Delphin?

Journal 5

I asked Anne to send me some more information on wand crafting. I don't want to go into this blindly, as Delphin has described all sorts of mishapps he has dealt with when using wands that really don't suit him well. A few papers arrived today from Anne, copies of notes one of her instructors thought would be interesting. They gloss over many things, probably to prevent students who are interested from trying without guidance. There are many dangers listed, from wands blowing up, to sudden magical discharges before becoming inert.

Looks like something to try out doors first. After I find a suitable magic core.

Journal 6

The answer came to me in a dream. A wolf howling at the full moon in a mangrove swamp. It's the night of the new moon tonight though. I shall plan ahead to try and get the fur from this beast, and find some mangrove wood to combine it with.

Journal 7

I had a premonition while gathering herbs in the mangrove swamp today. A tree Delphin used to sit under is in just the right spot to be hit by the moon through its phases. I hurried home and grabbed bits of cloth, before tying it to parts of the tree that might produce good wood for the wand. The more I think about it the more I believe I must come at this from a religious perspective. I will need all my luck and wits to produce something for Delphin.

Journal 8

John has set traps around the tree tonight. I'm starting a brew of healing elixir with some of the sap of the moon soaked mangrove, and a small makeshift altar to make sure everything goes well.

I had to leave my trap lined sanctuary. I heard a howl in the distance and went to investigate, as the moon would set soon. A rangoru had found itself caught in a hunter's trap, with metal teeth instead of a snare. I kept my wits about me, and pulling out a healing potion and a charm and approached using a soothing voice. The beast calmed as I approached, and allowed me to free it from the trap and took the elixir from my hands before flickering into the night. It left fur and a bit of skin in the trap though. I gathered what I could and fled back to the tree.

Journal 9

The last night of the waning crescent is tonight, and it is the night I will make Delphin's wand. I have cut the branches, spun the fur into long strands and even melted the bit of skin with fat to make a glue. I have drilled holes into the mangrove sticks and filled the hair through. I'm waiting for the wood glue to finish setting, so I can carve and sand the wands. The more I got into the process the more I've felt the wands pull away from me. The wood was teeming with life when I first cut it, now it seems alien. I hope they will help Delphin.

Journal 10

I have spent days finishing the wands, waiting for Delphin to come home for the summer to test them. Carvings of the swamps and varnishes decorate the handles. One in particular seems almost still familiar in my hands. I've carved a Rangoru in mid-flicker under the moon, with mangrove branches all around the grip.

Delphin is all a flutter with his Rangoru carved wand. Anne is upset though, she keeps saying that Delphin shouldn't have his wand at home, even though it is now tucked away under his bed until they go back to school.

After the discovery that Melanie Mingo created a wand MUSCA investigated her home. She was declared an untrained witch, someone who must have had training from her parents enough that she didn't trigger the accidental magic sensors MUSCA was employing at that time. Her integration in the community was deemed too much of a risk, but obliviation on a mass scale us unfathomable. Eventually MUSCA gave Melanie a permit to allow her to continue her wandless magic practice. When Newt Scamander performed the mass obliviation of New York and Triggered the creation of MAGIC (when non-wizardry users pushed back against MUSCA's demands on how magic should be used), manuscripts from old wand makers were re-evaluated for evidence of MUSCA interfering with other magic types. In this case Mingo was a practitioner of the religion Hoodoo and produced mAyA magic (leading to the popularization of the term Voodoo for the magic until a better term was coined, especially since mAyA magic is as varied as the traditions that surround it).

Mangrove wood remains popular when making wands in areas where large amounts of mAyA magic is seen, as wizards with both tend to take to the wood well. This is not to say that all mangrove wand users are mixed magical users, but when a tricky customer comes along from a mAyA background they are a go to troubleshooting wood.