Disclaimer: Agnes Grey, all characters, places, and related terms belong Anne Bronte and BBC Radio.

Be Thou My Vision

Open the Eyes of My Heart (Sight)

There is no heavenly chorus or a bolt out of the blue; the lady is deemed insignificant ("Just the governess," Mr. Hatfield responds dismissively to his question); yet Mr. Weston's gaze lingers on Miss Grey.

Rain Down on Me (Hear)

"I believe it is raining, Miss Grey"; Agnes doesn't know which she is more startled by: Mr. Weston knowing her name or his speaking to her at all.

Hold My Hand (Touch)

Before there was the returning of her glove, later he gathering prim roses for her, and then his gift of bluebells – hands brushing for a heartbeat; this time, however, Mr. Weston clasps Miss Grey's hand for a long moment and gently presses it when he bids her farewell.

One Step Closer (Smell)

Agnes inhales sharply when Mr. Weston draws nearer, confessing there is only one lady in the world who will suit him for a "friend," and the scent of Edward surrounds her like an old companion.

God Gave Me You (Taste)

"Mrs. Weston," Edward breathes, the name rolling like honey off his tongue, before his new wife leans in, meeting him halfway for a sweet kiss.