Hello, my name is Australia Warning- its rated either T Or M

I am looking for a story, it is possible it has been deleted but id like to know for sure. I never had a accont on here so didnt get to save it.

its from a few years ago, possibly between the years 2012-2016 not entirely sure as its been a long time since i found it, which is why i think it was deleted.

it was a series of like drabbles but the one set was a part one and part 2 of Astrid worrying about being pregnant(outside of wedlock) and she hasnt had her Moonblood so she worries, but in the second part she feels her moonblood come and is excited to go change her leggings because she is not pregnant

and i also wanr to know if the person with the story on tumblr whos tumblr name was how to train your spicey dinosaur had a fic thar was in his/her archieve that i loved a hiccup ran away but comes back and astrid finds him and they slowly fall for eacher and have sex in the woods and then he goes and fights the red death.

i doubt either will either can be recovered,