A/N: Tomoe's prize for the COM drabblechap comp. Hope you enjoy!

Also written for the Diversity Writing Challenge, e9 - drabble novel with chapters under 500 words


Hansel and Gretel were lured into the woods with sweets, but Mami isn't that sort of witch. Rather, she's just the lonely girl trying every magic trick in the book to make some friends.

Then again, she's the girl who crawled out of a burning car and left her parents for dead, even if that's not well known.

She's too sweet to be honest, is what her classmates say behind her back. But she can't be anything better, anything less. Still, that sweetness, those sweets, will attract some sweet children as well, she hopes. No fake niceties like the ones who whisper behind her back, or the ones who do away with politeness completely and sneer at her face.

Then again, Hansel and Gretel locked the witch in the oven and ran so maybe there aren't pure sweet children after all.