Leaf Village hospital

"Hey, where's Sasuke's room?" a voice demanded.

The nurse looked up to see the one looking down on her was Naruto Uzumaki, Konoha's resident 'demon'.

"I'm sorry, but Sasuke-sama isn't allowed any visitors." She replied with a sneer that pissed Naruto off. He pointed at her and shouted,

"What the hell? He's my teammate!"

"Naruto, keep it down, where in a hospital." Naruto looked to see that it was his sensei that was calling to him. He quickly ran to Kakashi,

"Hey Kakashi-sensei!" he called out "I like have a request!"

"No need, I already know what you're going to ask me." Kakashi said "I found someone to look after your training."

"But you're my sensei " Naruto slowly said with a frown marring his face.

"I've got some business to take care off," Kakashi explained "I don't have the time to look after you."

Naruto looked down on the ground with his hair shadowing his eyes. He gritted his teeth and clenched his hands and looked up at his sensei with a glare "You're training

Sasuke aren't you?" he asked.

Kakashi was surprised at the anger in the voice and with a calm look, he said "I have to Naruto, you saw what Gaara did to Lee."

"And you saw that Neji was one step away from killing his family, his own blood so tell me why can't you just train both of us?"

"Naruto, Sasuke needs my full attention for the entire month, he is currently injured and when he comes out of the hospital, he still won't be strong enough to face Gaara so he needs my guidance to heal his muscles and increase his skill set so he could come out of this match successfully or do you not care about your teammate at all?"

Naruto turned and walked away from his 'sensei' but he stopped and tilted his head to face him "'Those who break the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash' were your words 'sensei'." He quoted "You know the shadow clone jutsu and I know that because you used it in wave where you made almost as much as I can, so will it hurt to have one look over my training?"

He then put his hands in his pockets and strolled out of the hospital "I guess you would do anything for your precious Uchiha." And with that, he left the hospital leaving a shocked crowd and sensei who just later shrugged and went back to what they were doing.

with Naruto

Naruto was walking through the forest in rage. His chakra was swirling around him, destroying everything in front of him. He needed a way to train.

Naruto had discovered the secret of the Kage Bunshin no jutsu. The clone, when dispelled, would send everything it learned, back to the real person or clones as well, if they were there.

'Maybe I can combine them so that they transfer knowledge to each other every while, making them get the stuff easier. Sharing a bit of chakra should transfer the knowledge since they are made of chakra.

Alright, let's do it.' "Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruto exclaimed.

1000 shadow clones appeared in front of him in a poof of smoke. "Alright troops, you already know what we are going to do today and for the entire month! I want 200 clones to practice water walking! I want 200 of you to practice wind elemental jutsu! I want 200 to get more water jutsu! I want 200 of you to get a new type of Taijutsu and learn all of it! I want the last group to practice a Kenjutsu style! Is this understood soldiers!?" Naruto explained then shouted.

All the clones replied with a "Sir, yes Sir" with a dramatic salute.

'All right, I need to increase my physical powers as much as I can. I should get some weights to make me faster as stronger.' With that thought, Naruto went to Higarashi

Weapons Shop. he had been there to get the katana. The man had given him a blade called Benihime for free. however, the academy used to supply him with the needed weapons so he didn't go there much.

Later that day

Naruto was walking through the training ground that he was using. He was pretty happy with what happened in that store. When he walked in, he had seen that Tenten worked at the place. It didn't surprise him much since she was a weapons user. He had asked for weights and she showed him 2 different types. A Chakra Weight Seal and regular weights.

The difference was that the regular one never changed. The seal one however was able to be turned off lower or increase by just putting chakra into it. After he got it, he payed and headed back to the training ground after putting it on.

Naruto tried to pump in a bit of chakra, but do to his control, it was much higher. The weight difference caused him to immediately crash into the ground. Slowly, he was able to manage them.

Naruto started to run around the training ground. He was pretty slow at first, but ran faster and faster. After running around it 40 times, he finally collapsed

He was able to yell "DISPEL!" through his exhaustion. A thousand clones dispelled in a poof of smoke. Naruto didn't know why, but soon, darkness overcame him.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a forest with him in the clearing, right next to a house. The house was 2 stories tall and was colored in black and red. He approached the door to the house and went inside.

When he went in, a woman was sitting in the couch. The woman had long, Red hair framed a perfect, unblemished heart shape face. She wore a red kimono with blue foxes on it.

Underneath the kimono were D-cups and a perfect tanned body. It was just a little lighter than his but still, perfect. Going on, creamy long legs that ended in bare feet.

She had three whisker marks on each cheek.

Once he looked at her, the whisker marks and the foxes gave her away.

"Kyuubi." He stated

"Yes Naruto-Kun?" She asked back in a melodious voice

"I have a question for you, why did you attack Konoha?." The genin asked. He had learned not to judge before knowing anything. Kyuubi hadn't attacked Konoha for a very long time, so why then and then only? He would not judge by rumors like what happened to him.

"Listen to me carefully kit, and I'll explain it once and only once alright?" she asked and Naruto nodded giving her his full attention and the fox smiled. 'The boy isn't afraid of me nor is he doubting me' she thought and started.

"It all started 12 years ago kit, a masked man decided to attack the village and wanted me to do it for him. He had a power that could control me and he pulled me out of my previous container and controlled me with the Sharingan. That is a special power that you'll know when you're older and I'll explain it in more detail. But now to the issue at hand. He sent me on a rampage to the village and the Yondaime Hokage used a forbidden jutsu that cost him his life to stop me and seal me into a newborn child." she said as realization dawned on Naruto's face and he whispered.

"Me. "he said and the fox nodded sadly knowing his past and pitied the child. Naruto brought his knees to his chest and cried as the fox just sat silently letting him get it all out and cool off.

"Kit are you not afraid of me. I could kill you and get out of the seal now you know?" she asked and Naruto smiled at the fox.

"I'm sorry that you have to stay sealed because of me. You didn't do the attack because you wanted to, that bastard forced you and now you are all alone here. I'll be your friend and if you want to be free then kill me if you want no one would really miss me anyways." he said sobbing as the fox woman hugged him.

'This boy is different than the others. He believed me and doesn't hate me like those others in his pathetic species. Maybe he is the one that father said will change the world one day.' the woman thought.

"What's your name?" He whispered

"What?" She couldn't believe that this child just asked her for a name.

"I asked what your name is." He replied.

"My name is Akane, Akane Otsutsuki." She replied, using her 'father's' last name.

They looked into each other s eyes and slowly started to lean forward. Their lips finally met each other.

Lemon Warning Akane started unzipping his jacket and tossed it to a corner in the room as she continued to plant kisses along his neck and then sat up and began to straddle his waist. She reached down and ripped his shirt completely off and threw the remains on the floor. Naruto was about to protest saying that was his favorite shirt but never got the chance because she planted another fierce kiss on his lips while using her hands to travel his body. She could feel the muscles from years of hard work and training.

Naruto was now enjoying this fully. He couldn't remember the last time he felt this good as a matter of fact if he thought about it he's never felt this good. Akane suddenly sat up and continued to straddle his waist and took the shirt he just gave her off. Naruto watched as her two large breasts bounce free from there cottony confines and reached up and grabbed her left breast in his hand and gently began to knead it earning slight moans from the vixen on top of him.

Akane's senses were going wild she had never felt such pleasure in her life before even when she use to pleasure herself in his mind. "By Kami he's so good. I've never felt like this before. It feels like my whole body is on fire and we haven't even gotten past foreplay yet." Akane said to herself. But before she could think anything else she threw her head back and let out a loud moan as Naruto took her left breast into his mouth and began to suckle on it while still kneading her right breast with his other hand.

He continued to do this action switching breasts every few minutes until Akane got impatient and pushed him back on the bed.

Akane ripped his pants off leaving him in only his black and orange boxers and slipped out of the pants she was wearing. After that she seductively crawled over and on top of him while slowly waving her nine red tails. They started another round of making out and then Akane started trailing kisses down his neck again and stopped at his collar bone and bit into his neck drawing a little blood and earning a slight moan from Naruto.

Soon after a tattoo something like Sasuke's curse mark appeared on his shoulder where Akane was biting down at and it was the image of a Nine-tailed fox. Once she let go of his neck she savored the taste of his blood since it's been years since she's been able to cure her bloodlust. "Your blood taste good." She said licking her lips which caused him to get harder.

After that Akane continued to make her way down planting light kisses on his body along the way until she got to her prize. She got to the edge of his boxers and grabbed them with her long pointed teeth and pulled them off. Once she got them off she looked up at her prize that awaited her but what she saw made her eyes go wide with disbelief.

In front of her Naruto stood in all of his 11 inch glory. Akane was shocked and a little scared of the size of Naruto's dick but she was getting wetter and wetter by the second and smirked as she thought of all the things she could and would do with it.

Naruto was looking at her and smirked at seeing her reaction but that smirk wouldn't stay for long as it was soon replaced by a look of fear as he saw the evil grin that on her face. "My my. You have a big toy for me to play with." Akane said as she took his member into her delicate yet deadly hands.

She started pumping him agonizingly slow earning low moans and groans from her mate. She was going to make him beg for her to continue. And just as she thought it didn't take long. She knew even someone as strong willed as Naruto wouldn't be able to resist this kind of torture for long.

"Dammit you stupid fox quit torturing me." Naruto groaned out. He knew she was just teasing him right now but she didn't know just how much torture this was. At the moment he felt like he was in heaven and hell at the same time. But his thoughts would be cut short as he threw his head back and let out another loud groan as he felt Akane slowly lick him from base to head.

Akane kept this up getting the desired reaction from him but decided it was time to go in for the kill. After giving him one last slow lick she slowly took the head of his member into her mouth causing Naruto to moan once again. She slowly took more and more of his dick into her mouth and used her right hand to hold what she couldn't get into her mouth.

She slowly started to bob her head and swiveled her tongue around his head which left Naruto speechless. "Kami the things she's doing with her tongue should be illegal." His mouth was stuck in an O shape from the pleasure he was receiving as she started to speed up. They stayed like that for 5 minutes. Only the sounds of Naruto's labored breath and Akane suckling on his dick could be heard throughout the room.

"I'm... I'm gonna cum." He said in ecstasy. Akane on her part didn't want this to end yet and used the hand she was pumping him with to pinch shut the base of his dick which kept him from cumming. "I don't want this to end just yet Naru-kun. I want to enjoy this for as long as I can." Akane said looking up at him with lust filled eyes as she took him back into her mouth which earned another loud groan from him.

Once again they stayed like that for another six minutes before Naruto started begging. "Come on Kyuu-chan... please... you're killing me here." He said in labored breaths which caused Akane to smirk. She did love him but she never said she wouldn't torture him every now and then and since she couldn't torture him with pain she would torture him with pleasure. She let go of the base of his member and just decided to suck him until he came.

Akane sucked on him for a few minutes until she heard him again. "I... I'm cumming." He said once again. Akane on her part just sped up the pace she was going until she felt him unload his semen into her mouth which she drank gratefully. Once done she licked her lips to savor his wonderful tasting semen. "Mmmm... You taste so good Naru-kun." She said lustfully. After seeing her swallow his semen and lick her lips the way she did he instantly became hard again but it was time for payback.

Akane once again crawled on top of him but Naruto was prepared and flipped her on her back and pinned both of her hands above her head. Akane was surprised at this sudden turn of events she never expected him to be the dominate type but she didn't mind in fact she welcomed it. "If he wants to dominate me let him." She thought to herself.

Once he had her pinned he started to trail kisses down her body and stopped and sucked on her left breast before he continued his path down until he reached his goal. He let go of her hands and spread her legs to get a good view of his prize. He slowly brought his tongue and licked all around her pussy earning groans from the vixen. He continued doing this letting his tongue glide across her snitch every few seconds and looked up to see she was already out of breath.

Akane was surprised again he was using her torture against her and the sad thing about it was working. "Naru-kun please..." She whimpered in a low tone. Naruto looked up and smirked. "I couldn't quite hear that Kyuu-chan." He said as he slowly licked her pussy which caused her to shout. "You're going to have to speak up." He said as he continued to lick around her pussy again. "Please eat my pussy!" She said which caused him to smirk once again but he complied and started licking her pussy which caused her to throw her head back and let out a loud moan.

Naruto decided to push even further and slipped his tongue into her folds which left Akane moaning his name in pleasure. Akane wrapped her legs around his head as he continued his ministrations for a few more minutes before he heard her. "Naru-kun... I.. I'm..." She said. Naruto knew she was getting ready to cum so he stopped and licked her clit a few times. That was the last straw Akane couldn't hold it any longer and let out her pleasure motivated scream.

He gazed at the sopping wet vagina between her legs.

"You like what you see Naruto?" She slowly walked towards him with a sway in her hips. She pushed him down and crawled on top of him with her breasts swaying back and forth in the air.

She crawled towards Naruto until she was face to face with him. They stare into each other's eyes both filled with mad lust and love.

"Naruto I need you now." The kyuubi whispered in Naruto's ear only to stimulate him more.

"Alright." Naruto grabbed her and gracefully flipped her over so he was on top. He took a second to gaze over her amazing body, right underneath him.

"You have me where you want me. What will you do with that big dick Naruto?" She sexily asked with a grin. He centered his dick right in front of her hot womanhood. 'Here we go.' The kyuubi looked down nervously for once in her life.

Naruto slowly pushed forward entering the kyuubi. He groaned as his cock stretched her pussy, feeling the warmth. The kyuubi moaned in pain and pleasure as his dick pushed into her pussy. He slowly shoved seven inches in and stopped, the sensation was nothing like he had felt before. He could feel her pussy wanting to suck him in.

The kyuubi closed her eyes as pleasure and pain hit her at the same time. Naruto stopped and let Akane get use to the size.

"Fuck Akane." Naruto stated. With that Naruto tried to shove his cock as far as possible. Slowly he thrusts back and forth.

"You're so tight!" He stated and pulled back so just the tip was in, then shoved all twelve inches in her. The kyuubi went over and she lost control. The sensation of having

Naruto shove his full twelve inch dick inside her, sent her over the edge. She screamed as she let out her orgasm, as this amazing feeling overtook.

"I'm cumming Naruto!" She grabbed the sheets and squeezed. Immediately she screamed at the top of her lungs in pleasure as her juices flow out and covered Naruto's cock. He paused and starred at her, watching her pant and her chest rise and fall.

He could see sweat across her body and her long hair askew. The kyuubi quickly noticed Naruto stopped and looked up at him. They stare at each other, not saying a word. They felt something, a strange feeling as demon slits stared into human eyes.

Quickly out of passion the Kyuubi leaned forward and planted her lips against his. She desperately kissed him and he kissed back. Her arms wrapped around his strong back and held him tight. This was it, she was finally with the man she loved. There was nowhere else she would rather be than with him, right now.

She began to talk between the kiss. "Don't stop fucking me. I want all of you inside of me." She desperately begged.

Naruto complied and started thrusting again causing the kyuubi to scream. He found a good pace and thrust into her pussy. The kyuubi's hands squeezed the sheets tightly as his dick rammed its way to her womb. Constantly he fucked her, as he gritted his teeth. He stopped for nothing as he watched her squeeze the sheets.

Naruto thrusts at blinding speeds. Sweat fell from his body as he shoved his cock in her twat. The kyuubi tried to hold on as she felt Naruto's cock reshape her pussy.

Opening her eyes she found Naruto's bright blue eyes. They stare at each other and he leaned forward furiously kissing her. She felt amazing, she had the man she always wanted ravishing her.

"Naruto it feels so fucking good! Fuck me even more!" She screamed. He grabbed what he could of the kyuubi's breasts and squeezed harshly as he slammed against her womb.

Again he was reaching his climax. She could feel his cock grow, ready to erupt.

"Fuck I'm going to cum again!" He yelled.

"Cum inside me Naruto!" She yelled. With his cock pulsing he releases his semen, shooting several ropes of cum. The jizz jets straight into her womb, overflowing. He pulled out, shooting several more ropes of cum on to the kyuubi's body. The thick cum lands on her face, completely covering her.

Naruto finally shoots the last of his cum. He panted as he looked down at her covered with his cum. Quickly she wiped herself off.

"That was fucking amazing Naruto." She said.

"Yea it was." He replied.

"Come here." She sexily said and stood up.

Naruto stood up and walked up behind her. Slowly he rubbed his body against her back. His large manhood grinded up against her plump butt, moving up and down right between her soft cheeks. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pushed her into him.

The Kyuubi could feel Naruto's strong body grinding up against her naked back and up against her bushy tail.

"Look Akane I'm still hard." He said into her ear. She could feel his warm breath on her skin. Looking down to her surprise she found Naruto's dick still erect. 'He is just full of stamina.' Slowly she grabbed hold of his dick to find it still hard and throbbing.

"You really can fuck forever." She stated. Naruto grabbed her flipping her around and grabbed her plump butt lifting her up into the air. She was now spread eagle up in the air with his dick hovering before her womanhood. His hands firmly held her round cheeks.

"Your goanna fuck me in the air huh."

"Just trust me, I saw this in one of those make out series books." Naruto held the kyuubi in the air. She wrapped her arms around his naked back so he could balance. He lined up again. Slowly his cock entered her pussy gaining a soft moan from her. He pushed forward his cock moving deeper and deeper until all twelve inches were in her.

With his cock at her womb, he began thrusting widely. He pressed his body against her, feeling her naked body. The kyuubi had never felt this good, having Naruto totally destroy her was amazing.

"Fuck Naruto I think your dick is going to split my pussy!" She screamed. Naruto was full of lust, his mind was consumed with the sensations. As his pace quickened, he began thrusting at insane speeds. Screams left the kyuubi's mouth as his dick pounded up into her womb. He groaned from the great sensation but he couldn't stop. Akane could barely keep up as her tongue lolled out of her mouth and her eyes rolled into the back of her head full of lust.

The kyuubi's huge breasts bounced up in the air and Naruto was mesmerized. Her entire body felt numb and she was in complete bliss. She could feel the sweat run down her body as Naruto rammed forward. She couldn't believe the stamina he had. Fuck, he is such a stud.

She gripped his back tighter as she felt him nonstop ram into her. His fingers dug deeper into her plump butt as he slammed nonstop.

Naruto could feel he was reaching his limit but he wanted to keep going. Biting his lip he continued fucking her. Time went by of furiously fucking into the kyuubi's tight pussy. He never slowed down for a second for an entire hour. Akane felt she couldn't take it anymore. They were both nearing their climax.

"I'm goanna release it all!" He yelled, felling he was about to cum.

"So am I!" She screamed as Naruto's dick grew again. She wrapped her legs and arms around him, her naked body holding him tight.

"Just cum in me! Please, release your seed into my womb!" Naruto could feel her pussy clamp down around his cock and wouldn't let him go. He couldn't hold it any longer and they both orgasm together. Several thick ropes of semen erupt straight into her womb. Their juices mix together as he jets his cum into her.

The kyuubi could feel the warm substance overflowing into her womb. Her body gripped his skin and she grinned. 'Finally I can feel it. I can feel his warm semen in my womb.'

She loved the feeling of his warm cum inside her.

The kyuubi's pussy was overflowing with his cum. She gently let go of Naruto and slides down to the ground completely drained of energy. As Naruto stood there he felt even more ropes of his seed escape on to the kyuubi's body. Her body was covered with blobs of his semen.

Both had sweat running down there body and they were worn out. She quickly gulped all the cum from her body, savoring the taste. With a final rope of cum Naruto fell down on top of the kyuubi, his head landing right between her large breasts. He rested his head against her tits. They continued panting in silence.

Lemon end