Naruto Uzumaki was a tall man. He was expected to be at the age of 18. He stood at an impressive height of 6'2". He had spiky, golden hair, cerulean eyes, and three whisker marks on his cheeks. He wore a black jacket with a white shirt. The jacket was unzipped, letting you see the cyan fires licking out from the bottom. He wore gray cargo pants, allowing him to store multiple mini things.

Naruto was a fighter who had been in Tenji's army for 5 years. He and Tenji, however, were best friends. They had both met each other as children. When Tenji became the emperor of the Land of Sou, Naruto joined the army.

One day, Naruto was staring at the stars. all the others were asleep this night, but the blonde loved to sleep under the stars. They were such a mystery to him. Beautiful stars and gases, all laying upon the pitch black darkness in the sky.

As Naruto was reminiscing, He saw a multi-colored meteor fall from the Sky. It landed right near the Shinju Tree. The mythical tree was known as the God Tree. A God Tree seed landed on Earth from a meteorite several millennia ago, which grew by absorbing the blood soaked into the ground from countless battles. Many believed that the God Tree nourished the land and helped it thrive.

It was known that anyone who approached the tree was consumed by a demon spirit and died like a withered branch.

When the meteor crashed into the God tree, a shock-wave passed throughout the land. This woke up everyone in the Village. They went outside to see what the commotion was about. They saw a blue light going through the sky and assumed it was a star. They all went back to their house to sleep, all but Naruto.

Naruto saw that the blue light originated from the god tree. It was something suspicious. Naruto followed the blue light. When it finally descended to the ground, a Beautiful woman covered by blue light appeared.

She was a pale-skinned woman with delicate facial features. She had extremely long, sweeping white. she possessed white clear eyes and her eyebrows were cut very short and round and she wore a red shade of lipstick on her lips. She wore a high-collared hime-kimono. The kimono had thin black lines in a vertical pattern.

The woman looked up to see a blond man and was surprised to see no one else was there. 'Maybe they were all asleep, it is night time.' Yes, that was a reasonable explanation.

Naruto walked up to the woman and held out his hand "Hello, My name is Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto. It's nice to meet you." He said with a foxy grin.

She looked at the offered hand and shook it, introducing herself "My name is Kaguya, Otsutsuki Kaguya. It's a pleasure to meet you, Naruto." She said with a nearly invisible smile.

Right now, Kaguya and Naruto were having a conversation while they walked towards his house. He had offered her a house since she obviously didn't have a place to stay.

"Where do you come from Kaguya-Chan?" he questioned.

Kaguya looked thoughtful and said "I come from a different planet, beyond the stars."

"So you're from space? Is it as beautiful as it looks from here?" He asked her.

"No, It is much more beautiful." The white haired goddess said.

"So why are you here Kaguya-Chan?" The blond man asked.

"I'm here to guard the Shinju. I am its protector." The woman replied to her first friend.

Naruto blinked a couple times and nodded towards the woman with white eyes. He couldn't understand why she needed to travel through space to protect a tree. Maybe the tree was magical or had something powerful?

He shrugged his shoulder. The rest of the trip back was set in comfortable silence.

When they finally got to Naruto's home, which was near Tenji's, Naruto showed her to the guest bedroom.

after telling her that she could sleep here when she wanted to, he left to go to his own room.

2 Months Later

2 month's had passed since Naruto had taken Kaguya in. Kaguya had met Tenji the day after Naruto took her in. Naruto was a mystery to Kaguya. He was kind and caring to her, despite her being alien. He offered her a home and anything that she wanted, as long as it was in reason.

In that time period, the representatives had come into the Land of Sou to reclaim an area that supposedly belonged to them. Tenji begrudgingly agreed, knowing that his army couldn't fight against them.

Tenji attempted to prevent the outbreak of war by declaring that anyone who attacked the larger nation's representatives was to be executed.

Naruto broke this order when the bastards had tried to hurt Kaguya, who he had fallen in love with, and hid their bodies away.

After this Naruto had confessed to him, where he accepted the proposal. After that, they had made love to each other. Naruto still remembered the day clearly.

(Lemon Begins) Warning, Naruto and Kaguya will be different from canon

They were in front of the bed and Kaguya was had already set her lips on Naruto and they were both kissing each other eagerly, their lips moving in sync.

She pushed Naruto until he was sitting at the edge of the bed. She climbed on him and straddled him.

Naruto reached with his hands to her ass and have her backside flesh a rough grope. He grinned when she moaned hotly. Naruto kneaded her ass. Her flesh was soft, firm and he couldn't grab the entire ass cheeks with his hands. It was that big.

Kaguya gave a low moan as she began to slowly grind her crotch into Naruto's, smiling in satisfaction as he grunted. Kaguya moaned as the tempo of her movements steadily increasing.

Naruto began to match her movements with his own before smacking her right ass cheek a bit hard. She squealed and that was music to Naruto's ear. Naruto attacked the junction between her neck and shoulder with his lips.

Giving a shuddering moan, Kaguya did her best to respond but the sensations were quickly becoming too much. Kaguya's grinding became frantic.

Naruto grunted but gave a toothy grin as he felt his dick almost ripping his pants due to the friction caused by Kaguya's movements.

Kaguya's eyes widened. "fuck me!"

Naruto's eyes gleamed and his grin threatened to split his face in half. "As my goddess commands."

With an animalistic growl, Naruto grabbed Kaguya's robes and ripped them off, exposing her gigantic and gravity defying breasts, defined abdomen and waist, creamy and strong

looking legs. He licked his lips as he followed her red, erect nipples as her breasts jiggled due to her movements and pants. His eyes trailed down her stomach and then to where she was straddling him. He almost salivated at seeing no hair above her pussy. He could see her clit already hardening. He licked his lips again before he attacked.

Wrapping his arms around the godly White Haired woman, Naruto began to work his mouth over her neck, using his lips to kiss the supple flesh tenderly and roughly, making

Kaguya moan in approval.

The White Haired goddess pressed her chest into Naruto's smashing then lewdly as she began to settle her grinding pace in a more sensual and rhythmic pace.

Naruto worked up his way until he reached her lips and he started a battle of lips and tongues that had Kaguya moaning in bliss. He grunted as Kaguya's grinding became more forceful but it still kept its sensual and rhythmic pace.

He could feel how her juices were making the crotch area of his pants wet. He couldn't wait to get his dick inside of her and fuck her for all she was worth.

Naruto's hands reached Kaguya's ass once again and he began to knead as they continued to swap saliva, the two of them moaning at the very pleasurable sensations rocked their bodies.

Kaguya's arms wrapped around Naruto's torso and she began to lightly scratch his back. This made Naruto growl into their kiss, the vibrations of his chest doing wonders to

Kaguya's breast that were tightly pressing into it.

Ending the heated French kiss with a gasp, Kaguya continued to grind into Naruto's crotch. Her juices were overflowing by this point. "Let me get those pants off. I want to feel you directly." Kaguya snapped her fingers behind Naruto's back and the blond teen's leather black pants were gone.

Naruto's erection smacked into Kaguya's pussy lips, making Kaguya squeal once again since it also rubbed her clit as she continued her grinding, now faster since she felt the rod between her legs directly.

She leaned back so she could look down to where she was straddling Naruto so she could see the magnificence that his penis. She took a few second to admire his powerful chest and abs to.

Giving a grunt at the new wet and hot sensation on his cock, Naruto grinned when Kaguya's orbs of flesh were presented to him. "Yummy," he remarked before opening his mouth wide and taking one of her nipples into his mouth. He began to suck greedily on it.

Giving a long and shuddering moan, Kaguya wrapped her left hand around Naruto's head, pressing it further into her chest. She could feel him scraping her nipple with his canines, flicking it with his tongue and sucking it with his lips. It felt wonderful and she let him know that as she moaned without stopping. But she had enough foreplay.

She stopped her grinding, getting a confused look from Naruto who still had her tit shoved into his mouth but she smiled at him as she used her legs pushed herself up until she felt the bulbous head of Naruto's cock poking her entrance.

Naruto's confused look turned into one of understanding before his red eyes gleamed. Kaguya looked down at Naruto with a sultry grin on her perfect face.

"Now get ready for- AAAHHHH! Yeeeeeeshhhh!"

She didn't get to finish because Naruto forcefully shoved his rod into her without warning, almost causing her to orgasm right there and there. Instinctively, Kaguya began to use her wide hips to match Naruto's thrusts and she found herself jumping up and down Naruto's shaft, her ass smacking his balls with lewd, wet sounds as they started their round of rough sex.

Naruto released her tit to smirk up at her. He rejoiced in how her face contorted in pleasure, her eyes rolled back and her tongue hanging out of her mouth as she frantically fucked herself and got fucked by him with his cock. "You should be the one getting ready Kaguya!" he declared, smacking her ass, getting a squeal from her.

Naruto then attacked the breast he had ignored earlier until now with his mouth. He began to give it the same treatment as the other one but this time he used his hand to massage and knead that tit.

His other hand snaked towards Kaguya's ass and he began to help her with her movements so they could keep up a steady and fast rhythm.

This continued for a few minutes, Naruto never staying on the same breast or the same ass cheek for more than twenty seconds as kept interlocking in between them.

Eventually he reached with both hands to cup both of Kaguya's fleshy orbs so he could take both of her nipples into his mouth, He bit them and this caused Kaguya to give another squeal of pleasure as she dug her nails into Naruto's back, making him growl in an animalistic fashion.

And then the tempo changed. Kaguya began to rotate and move her hips back and forward before wrapping her arms around Naruto's neck and smashing her mouth into his and another battle of tongues began. Naruto's hands went into her ass and he groped it roughly and smacked it occasionally.

Kaguya ended the rough kiss so she could stare at Naruto with lust filled eyes. "Yes! Fuck! Yeah! Yeah! Yeeeeeessss! I'm almost there Naruto-kun! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me just like that! AH! AH! AH!" Drool began to leak out of her mouth after she frantically tried to form coherent sentences.

Naruto's chest swelled with pride as he witnessed the state he had taken this woman into. He licked the drool from her chin until he reached her mouth and shoved his tongue inside of her oral cavity.

He began to thrust more forcefully into her as he gave grunts as he knew he was also getting close to his own release.

After a few seconds of staying like that, Naruto suddenly gave a gravelly growl and his red eyes shone powerful lust.

He ended his making out with Kaguya and opened his mouth wide, revealing his sharp and two inch long canines that gleamed before he reached for Kaguya's neck and bit it.

Kaguya froze as she was hit with pain she didn't expect but the soon gave out to the pleasure she needed to get over the edge. And she came. She came hard.

As Kaguya's body twitched due to her orgasm, the walls of her vagina constricted around Naruto's cock, the pressure around his dick was enough make him cum and he shot his load into Kaguya's womb. As he grunted with each spurt of semen that came out of his dick, Naruto released Kaguya's neck. The White Haired goddess began to slowly gyrate her hips as she milked Naruto, moaning slowly and panting after her orgasm ended.