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The new 'first years' as they would now be called, clambered up the stairs, lead by 'Professor Marselle', as he called himself. The man in question had short, silvery-grey hair, with mysterious silver eyes. He was wearing navy blue robes that Alex considered very shmancy. They came to a halt when they reached two oak doors with golden knobs, the same Hogwarts symbol Alex had seen on her letter, engraved into them.

"The Great Hall…" Alex heard someone whisper. She turned and saw a boy with light brown hair and dark eyes looking at the doors in awe.

Alex had no idea what he was talking about, but she couldn't see anything that 'great' about two doors. However as they opened Alex's opinion changed in an instant. Four long tables were lined up each bearing their own individual pairs of colours. The roof of the 'Great Hall' was spectacular. High above their short heads was an exact mirror of the night sky above them, the sky as clear as glass and stars twinkling freely throughout the dark silk of the sky. Students from older grades were all chattering quietly amongst themselves and the murmur of conversation provided an eerie and magical aura in the room. But what really amazed Alex were the floating candles scattered throughout the air in the hall. Bobbing gently up and down, the flow motion reminded Alex of her home with her parents, and she became even more excited by the prospect of this new life.

At the back of the hall was a slightly elevated area where people Alex assumed were the professors were sitting at another long table. In front of them was an old ornate stool, with an even older looking pointy hat. Alex thought it looked like it could be carrying a disease but Jordan looked at it in awe and murmed,

"The Sorting Hat…" Alex was about to ask him what the 'Sorting Hat' was, but by now they arrived at the stool where the hat was laying and a lady who Alex could only presume was another witch.

"Welcome first years, I am Headmistress McGonagall, I hope you had a safe and enjoyable ride." She smiled at everyone, "Now I would like to…" Jordan and Alex looked at each other in displeasure as McGonagall went on to talk about some boring rules that were set by Professor Finneus, all of which were discarded by Alex and Jordan.

"Now for the Sorting Hat. Students will be called by Professor Marselle to come and sit on the stool. He will place the Sorting Hat on your head and we will wait for its decision as to which house you will be sorted into. I remind you that there are four houses. Gryffindor—" A massive roar from a gold and red decorated table cut McGonagall off. "Thank you." She sent a glare to the table that sent a few snickers around the room, "As I was saying. There is Gryffindor, your house head is Professor Hunter," More cheers as a very mysterious looking man stood up and, oddly enough, produced out of nowhere, a handful of playing cards. It was very old, and very easy human magic trick. Alex thought it funny that he would perform a normal magic trick when he could literally do magic. As if to prove her point, he then pulled out his wand in flash and made his cards begin to levitate and then disappear so quickly that Alex could hardly keep track of it all. That encouraged more claps and shouts from Gryffindor.

"Cool dude. A bit creepy, but cool." Jordan whispered to Alex. Alex thought she must have imagined it, but she could've sworn that Professor Hunter stared directly at the pair as soon as Jordan said it, before sitting down again. McGonagall visibly sighed as he did so.

"There is also Ravenclaw," She gestured to a silver and blue table and a few claps were echoed around the room, "Your house head is Professor Marselle. Hufflepuff," she gestured to a yellow and black table and on a count of three the entire table whooped—though not nearly as loud as the Gryffindor table—"Hufflepuff, your house is led by Professor Longbottom." A kind looking man with a happy smile jumped when she said his name. He quickly got up and bowed, then sat back down and refocused his attention to a small cactus that he had been tending to. "And finally Slytherin," The people seated at the table decorated in green and silver jumped up and roared almost loud enough to rival the Gryffindor's cheers. McGonagall tried desperately to talk over them, "led by Professor Caspor Lennox!" She pointed towards a creepy guy that looked like he was practically wrapped in shadows, who slowly stood up, clapped twice, then sat back down. The Slytherin table sat down awkwardly. No one made any sound. McGonagall coughed,

"Right. Now, the Sorting Ceremony!" The silence in the room was shattered and everyone cheered loudly.

"As I said, you will be allocated your house, by the hat. Let's get started. Professor Marselle?"

Alex was shocked, their fate in this school was depended that dingy disease carrying hat? Alex started to wonder if she was in a mental hospital and this wasn't real life. Maybe she'll spend all her schooling years here and after what seemed like seven long years, this magical experience will end with 'and then she woke up'.

Professor Marselle got up from his seat and walked over to the lectern that the headmistress had now stepped down from. More than a few students cheered as he got up.

"I hear he's an awesome teacher." Jordan whispered to her.

"Alright. Let's get things sorted!" He grinned and the kids around the hall laughed. Alex could tell that in his youthful days, he would've gotten up to lots of trouble.

"Right. Um…" He squinted at his papers, then reached into his robes and pulled out a pair of half-moon spectacles. They reminded Alex of the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, that Jordan had showed her.

"Ah yes. "D.C!" The peeved redhead that had scolded Alex and Jordan on the train got up and walked elegantly to the hat and set down patiently. The whole room held their breath while the first person to get sorted that year awaited her allocation. The hat pondered and deliberated. Finally, it yelled,

"HUFFLEPUFF!" Alex snorted and covered it up with a cough. From what she'd seen and heard, Hufflepuff was the nicest house. D.C. was not the nicest person. She walked gracefully towards the cheering table. Professor Marselle continued reading out names and Alex observed how each house reacted differently as they received a new member.
"Tate Golde!" Marselle called. A tall, skinny girl with long, shiny black hair and a brilliant smile strutted up to the hat and sat down readily.

"SLYTHERIN" The Slytherin table cheered quietly, but mostly clapped as Tate Golde strode towards them.

"Savannah Hill!" A blonde shortish girl ran up to the hat up excitedly and fidgeted with her robe as it decided.

"RAVENCLAW!" Yelled the hat. The Ravenclaw table cheered politely and shook her hand as she passed by them all.

"Alexandra Jennings!" Alex quickly jumped up nervously, all thoughts escaping her mind as she walked to the hat that held her fate for all of her school years at Hogwarts. Butterflies were swiftly building up in her stomach. She sat on the stool and looked up at the brim of the hat that she could see on her head.

"Hmm… aren't you different?" Alex jumped as she realised that the person talking was the hat.

"You talk?!" She whispered. The hat didn't respond. She then realised she shouldn't have been too surprised seeing as it had been shouting house names for the past 45 minutes. The hat spent an excruciating long minute deciding what Alex's house would be.

"Quite witty… stupidly brave… a good friend…" Alex couldn't stand it, and soon, she couldn't help but jog her leg up and down in anticipation. Finally, the hat murmured,

"Ah yes, I think I shall… GRYFFINDOR!" It yelled. The Gryffindor table exploded. Alex had to cover her ears, the volume of their cheers was so immense. Alex sighed heavily as she got down relieved and headed over to the excitable Gryffindor table.

"Ah yes, yes. Bravo." Professor Marselle clapped politely, "Connor O'Malley!" A kind looking boy with ruffled brown hair got up grinning. He walked over to the hat. Professor Marselle put it on Connor's head. The room waited.

"GRYFFINDOR!" Connor hopped down from the stool and joined the group.

"Philippia Squeaker!" A tiny little girl with medium length light brown hair hopped up and bounded over to the hat. Before the hat was even fully on her head it yelled out,

"HUFFLEPUFF!" She got up and skipped over to the Hufflepuff table who were making a hearty effort to cheer her happily, though they were not nearly as loud as Gryffindor. They began congratulating her and Alex overheard one say,

"Hey welcome to the house Philippa!" Philippa turned to glare at them,

"Do not call me that. I hate my name. Call me Pipsqueak or Pip. Otherwise the last thing you'll see is a flash of green." She sent them an adorable smile and turned back towards Professor Marselle. No one called her Philippia again. Somehow Alex didn't doubt that—whatever Pip's threat meant—she wouldn't hesitate to follow through with it.

Marselle continued this process. An excited first year came up, the hat made its decision, that house cheered as they got a newbie. About halfway through the process, Marselle called,

"Jordan Sparker!" Alex saw Jordan jump and she giggled. He winked at her, pointed to himself and then over to the table she sat at and gave her thumbs up. Then he jabbed a thumb behind him towards the Slytherin table and made a gagging sign with his pointer finger. Alex laughed again.

"Jordan Sparker!" Professor Marselle called again. Jordan ran hurriedly to the stool and sat down. A few people giggled. Alex waited for that hat expectantly.

"GRYFFINDOR!" Alex sighed for Jordan, and Jordan visibly relaxed as he headed to the excited Gryffindor table, winking and grinning at Alex as he sat down next to her. He gave her and excited hug. She was taken by surprise momentarily before giving him a quick hug back.

The rest of the night continued in a similar way. Finally, after the Sorting Ceremony had completed, Headmistress McGonagall stepped back up again, saying a few words, before announcing the commencement of the start of terms feast. At once, the long tables filled with every kind of delicious food imaginable. Alex and Jordan dug, Jordan especially taking a liking to every food he could find.

After great amounts of eating, a bit of magical disappearing on the food's behalf and another small speech, Headmistress McGonagall dismissed the houses, leaving them in the hands of their house prefects.

"Right! Move along guys!" Alex and Jordan shuffled along with the Gryffindor crowd, following the sound of the two loudest voices of their prefects. They got to the front and found leading their group a girl with shoulder length dark brown hair, tied in a ponytail, with vibrant blue eyes and a taller boy with short spiked brown hair, a firm expression and kindly brown eyes. A boy that looked about their age rocked over and wrapped an arm around the girls waist, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Shove off Blake! I'm doing stuff." She said, but she was blushing, and she didn't actually remove herself from Blake.

"I haven't seen you all day, Jeera. You and your prefect business." He said to the girl, Jeera, rolling his eyes. He pecked her again and they walked on, with his arm around her waist chatting happily. The rest of the conversation was lost on Alex, however, because her attention was then drawn to her surroundings. The ceiling was almost not visible it was so high. The cold stone walls were filled with flickering torches and colourful shifting portraits of great wizards and witches. Great stairways climbed higher up the enormity of Hogwarts. Some stairways had steps missing and everyone had to quickly remember to jump. Some stairways would abruptly begin to move, turning at a ninety degree angle or more turning whole groups of people in the complete opposite direction of which they were trying to go. It was all very fascinating. A sudden, shrill shriek tang out over the commotion and Alex watched in horror as she watched a fellow first year twist desperately as she fell through a hole in the stairs. With lightning fast reflexes the boy prefect had grabbed the girls hand before she'd fallen away and Jeera had untangled herself from Blake, and stopped the crowd before anyone else fell, her eyes darting for any other danger. The girl climbed back onto the stairs and sat there looking terrified.

"Thank you." She breathed finally.

"Are you ok?" He said. She nodded silently. Jeera turned back to the boy,

"Is she good Roka?" She asked, he nodded as he pulled the girl back to her feet.

"OK PEOPLE!" Jeera yelled to the peering crowd, "Everything is ok! Don't lean over the edge like that idiot, because, unfortunately, if you fall Roka here won't be right next to you to catch you!" An embarrassed looking boy stuck his head back in the crowd. "Alright! Watch your step, there's a hole here!" Jeera yelled, before turning around and walking forward again.

They reached an area Roka and Jeera called the Gryffindor Common Room without further incident and they told a password to enter the room to a painting of a fat lady with dark hair wearing a pink dress and her frame swung open to allow them to enter through a doorway. They then told all of the Gryffindors that the password to tell the Fat Lady was 'Ethereal Elixir'. The room was quite large. It had a few tables and chairs towards the right of the room, and a large fireplace surrounded by some comfy looking armchairs on the left. Straight ahead, was a large pin board and veering in opposite directions on the back wall were two narrow spiral stairways that apparently led up to their dorms.

"Alright guys! You'll be wanting to get to bed soon I would think." Jeera said, "Especially you first years! Big day tomorrow."

"Like McGonagall said," Roka added, "After curfew, you're not allowed anywhere but here in the common room and your dorms. Boys on the right! Girls on the left!" He said, pointing as he did so. A few Gryffindors had already begun to make their way up. Alex looked at Jordan. She was dead tired on her feet, and really felt that if she learnt anything else magical without sufficient sleep she would implode. She told Jordan as much and he chuckled, nodding in understanding.

"Ok, well. I'll see you tomorrow?" She said.

"Yep!" Jordan said, "Goodnight."

"Night." Alex yawned, and she trudged up to her dorm room. To her surprise, she found Bast already dozing there on a bed, which was one four poster bunk bed, of four others, two of which were already occupied. She also realised that all of her belongings had appeared neatly folded and hung up ready for her to use in the future. Alex shrugged, muttering about magic before changing into her comfortable pyjamas and getting into the bed that Bast was resting on. That night, she dreamed she was sitting at the bottom of a very giant and dark hat. A tiger wandered over and vomited a wand, that Alex then used to magically make Jordan appear at her side and they both started laughing.

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