AN: This is my second fanfic that I wrote myself so please don't judge it too harsh. This starts when Harry is eight years old.

I had been abused by my so called relatives for as long as I can remember. All I heard when I was there was Freak do this, Freak do that, Freak did it, and Be happy wwe took your miserable ass in and didn't just through you out on the streets. But now I was done. I was done trying to be the good guy. Why should I try to be something when it causes me pain? But now I was going to be the one causing them pain. I started planning to get my revenge while I pretended I was still there slave, I was outside in the garden when I heard a voice coming from the ground. It was a snake.

§Will you stop that you stupid human?§ The snake said.

§Stupid human?§ I asked it angrily. §I'll show you you stupid snake.§ I continued as I picked up a big stick.

§You can understand me?§

§Yes, you filthy snake.§ I spat at it.

§I'm sorry. I had not realized you were a speaker.§

I stopped and looked at it, §A what?§

§A speaker. A magical human that is able to speak to snakes.§

§Really, magic. If you can show me how to use magic I will spare your life.§

§Of course, master.§


§A speaker can control snakes and when we are given a direct order we must obey it.§

I smiled at it, §What other things can I do as a speaker?§

§You can extend a snakes life beyond its natural limits, master.§

§Please call me Harry.§ I told it. §I think this will be a good thing for both of us.§

§I do as well Harry.§

AN: That's my first chapter. I know it's not very long, but I'll try to make my chapters longer as go on.