I love Kate Todd, Jenny Shepard, and Diane Sterling, so even though a) Kate died long before Hollis showed up and b) parts of this fic are set during periods in which both Kate and Jenny and then Kate, Jenny, AND Diane are dead, I am ignoring their deaths for the simple fact that I love them and I want to. So, there's that. Anyway, please enjoy the five times Hollis Mann wasn't Gibbs's type...and one time she was.

Tag to season 4, episode 7 Sandblast

It was quiet in the bullpen as Kate glanced up to sneak a peek at her coworkers. Or rather, the one coworker still in the vicinity. Ziva was working quietly at her desk, typing away as she no doubt attempted to find something that would make Gibbs happy whenever he returned from...wherever he'd gone with the blond Army colonel they were sharing the investigation with.

Tony'd disappeared to God knows where, and McGee was likely downstairs helping Abby, so Kate took a chance and set her pen down.

"Ziva." she spoke loud enough for the other woman to hear her but not enough that anyone nearby would. The Israeli woman looked up, tilting her head curiously at her coworker.

"Yes, Kate?" she questioned.

"What do you think of Colonel Mann?" the brunette jumped straight to the point, folding her arms on top of her desk. Ziva's dark brows furrowed as she considered the question.

"I think she is very capable. She works very hard and does not make excuses for mistakes nor does she accept them. She is very much like Gibbs, I believe." she finally answered. "Why?"

The question wasn't necessarily odd, but it sounded more like something Tony would've asked. Though Ziva herself had been thinking about the blonde and the way she and Gibbs acted around each other for awhile.

"I just...it's weird. Gibbs is different around her. He's almost...nice to her. He's never nice to anyone when we have joint investigations, not even Fornell. And they're loosely defined as friends." Kate answered, sounding genuinely confused.

"Perhaps he has a…" the Israeli frowned, doing her best to ensure she got the American colloquialism right. "A thing for her?" Kate made a bit of a face before chuckling a little.

"I don't know. I mean, I know we joked at the crime scene that he'd found his fourth ex-wife, but…"

"But what, Kate?" The gruff voice nearly made the two agents jump, both their heads snapping to the side so their gazes could land on their boss, who was thankfully alone. Or not thankfully. They truly weren't sure whether it would be better or worse if the colonel had been with him.

"I, um, we were just…" the brunette stammered, her face turning red. Gibbs glared darkly at them, even Ziva nearly cowering under the intensity of his gaze.

"We were just discussing your strange behavior around Lieutenant Colonel Mann." Ziva finally answered, deciding there was no point in trying to lie. Kate groaned, dropping her head on top of her folded arms.

"What the hell are you talkin' about?" Gibbs barked.

"You're nice to her." Kate replied bluntly, her voice muffled by the fact that her head remained on top of her arms to avoid seeing her boss's expression.

"So I merely...suggested you might have a crush on her." Ziva added, quickly dipping her head to begin writing in a file, a wise decision considering the scowl that colored Gibbs's face.

"I do not have a crush." he snapped. "Don't get crushes."

"Okay." Both women accepted quickly, Kate finally venturing to lift her head. Gibbs continued to glare at them as he made his way to his desk, setting his coffee down much harder than necessary and sitting down.

"She's not really your type anyway." The words were quiet, likely not intended for anyone to hear, but both Gibbs and Ziva heard anyway, the latter's eyes widening as she lifted her head to see how their boss would react.


"I just mean…" Kate laughed nervously, as she tended to do in these situations. "She's blonde." Gibbs raised an eyebrow at her, still glaring.

"She has a point, Gibbs." Ziva piped up to help her friend out. "Every woman you have dated since we have known you has been a redhead. And as far as we know, all of your ex-wives have been redheads." Gibbs's scowl deepened, and despite the situation, both women began to fight a laugh at how obvious he was being.

"Don't have a type." he grunted. "Doesn't matter if I did anyway cause I don't have a crush on 'er."

"Who's got a crush?" Kate had to try very hard not to laugh at the consternation on Gibbs's face as soon as Hollis Mann's voice floated across the bullpen.

"Nobody." he growled, downing the last of his coffee and tossing the cup in the trash. He stood, storming out of the area and to the elevator, leaving a slightly bewildered, slightly amused Army Lieutenant Colonel behind.

"What was that all about?" she questioned, looking between the two younger women in the room.

"Oh nothing." Kate smiled, ducking her head to continue her work.

Hollis Mann may not be Gibbs's type...but he most definitely had a crush.