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A slightly different afternoon.


The bell rang to signal the end of the school day. Tadano had begun to shove his school supplies into his bag when he felt a soft tapping on his shoulder. He looked up to see his best friend and possible crush Komi holding up a note book for him to read.

Would it be okay for me to walk home with you after school? Please?

Tadano could quite easily see the red hue to Komi's cheeks even if she tried to hide her face behind the note book. "S-sure." He replied with an equally red hue on his cheeks. He wasn't sure why exactly but didn't care that much about it anyways.


Ever since the duo left the school grounds they stayed silent. It wasn't an awkward silence. More of a somewhat companionable quiet. Neither knew what to say to the other without going red in the face or stumbling their sentences. They were both fully aware of their feelings for the other but were too scared to say it. At least until,

"Please" Tadano barely made out the voice of Komi over the sounds of the busy roads and shops and mutterings of passing people. "C... Can we?..."

Tadano looked in the direction of Komi's large eyes down towards were their hands were. Her hand slowly inching forwards. Realisation finally hit him. She... Komi wants to hold hands with... Me? He looked back into Komi's large curious eyes to see her starring straight at him with a dark red face.

Komi realised what she was doing a bit too late so she quickly pulled her hand back and started walking as fast as she could down the road to her house without looking back.

Tadano who was left still standing there dumbstruck, she really likes me too?, ran to catch up with Komi, and without thinking twice he grabbed her hand and intertwined his fingers with her's. "I'm sorry for being so slow Komi..." Tadano apologised as he dared to look at her. Komi returned his gaze with own, softer and cuter stare, a change to the usually curious and wide eyes. The duo realised they were starring at each other and quickly looked away to hide the awkward blush. Yet they still kept their hands locked together.


Upon reaching Komi's household they stood starring at the door, neither wanting to let go of the other. "Well, cya tomorrow I guess..." Tadano smiled at Komi.

Yes, goodbye.

Komi started walking towards the door before stopping to write on her notebook.

Thankyou Tadano for letting me join you this afternoon

and one last thing

Komi quickly ran up to Tadano and have him a tight hug and a quick kiss on his cheek before she sprinted into the house and up the stairs, leaving behind a very red and very stunned Tadano.

Although, unfortunately for Komi, her mother's squeal could be heard coming from across the road.


Thankyou so much for reading and I'm sorry if it's too short but I just thought I'd add a little something to this very empty FF category :P