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A slightly different evening.

(Three-shot, if you call it that...)

The walk to school has always been hard on Komi. Everywhere she is people are staring at her. Not to mention being at school itself. All her classmates watch her from when she walks through the front gates until she leaves through the front gates.

The only people that don't are her closest friends. They mean a lot to her considering how hard it is to meet people without being able to speak. And her meeting those friends is all thanks to Tadano.


The boy who had helped her ever since she joined the school. He was the only person who understood her and was patient enough to listen to her explain her situation. The first person to greet her with a smile every morning. He meant a lot to Komi but ever since yesterday, would he treat her differently? She even made sure to arrive early in order to prepare herself to meet him.

"Oh, hey Komi."

Tadano was already sleeping on his desk. He smiled at her with a slightly viewable blush on his cheeks. Komi froze at the doorway. This was unlike him to be this early. No one else is even here yet.

"'Morning... Tadano..." Komi sweetly whispered in reply while she moved towards him.

"Oh! I almost forgot to say thankyou for everything yesterday Komi," Tadano looked into her eyes as he reached his hand out towards Komi's hand. "And I'm also sorry for not being able to properly respond to... y'know... that." Tadano began to weave his fingers between Komi's.

"You... almost passed out." She whispered with a smile as she let Tadano lock his fingers with her's. "I'm sorry about... being too sudden..."

"No no don't worry about it." Tadano quickly added.


Najimi burst straight through the classroom door before Komi or Tadano could move themselves apart. "Well well well, what have I run into here?" Najimi 'casually' strolled up to the other two before staring directly into Komi's eyes. "So how did it go."

Tadano locked his eyes with Najimi. "You knew didn't you?" Najimi looked away while Komi ever-so-slightly nodded.


The rest of the school day carried out normally, except for a few glances between the two new lovers plus blushes whenever being caught starring. There were a few people who caught onto the blossoming romance and started either spreading the news or beating up Tadano out of sheer jealousy.

Later on, after the end-of-school Bell went off, Tadano felt something soft and warm grab his hand. Turning around he found the wide-eyed Komi staring back at him with a notebook in hand.

Could we please walk again today?

"Haha, sure!" Tadano laughed as he guided her out to the busy streets. "Although I think you should so using the notebook around me."


"Because I prefer hearing your voice instead." That remark certainly left a red tint on Komi's face.


Well that's all folks! I apologise if the chapters are to short (kinda meant to be this length though) or the characters are too OOC. And incase you couldn't tell, I cannot use prefixes. Otherwise thankyou so much for reading this pile of trash! ;)

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