Hello and welcome to my first Persona fanfic. I had so many ideas for this, first making it a HP/P5 crossover with the Golden Trio becoming part of the thieves, but I couldn't think of how to make it work or make sense. So I saw fan art of P5's protag as a female, and thought maybe I could try to do something similar to P3P expect not have the female character not just be a feminine version of the male character. Just gonna have to wait and see what happens.

Summary: A shy young girl is arrested and transfers to Shujin Academy where she discovers to enter a mysterious world and the power to steal and change hearts. Aided by her new friends and a strange creature named Morgana, this girl will uncover the truth of a strange conspiracy and try to free herself and the world from the masks that they are forced to wear.

Pairings: We'll see

Disclaimer: I don't know anything expect the MC. Persona 5 and everything within the story belongs to Atlus, my only property is Yuri.

Mask of Revolution

The world is not as it should be.

It's filled with distortion,

and 'ruin' can't no longer be avoided.

These who oppose fate and desire change...

From time to time, they were referred to as Tricksters.

You are the Trickster...

Now is the time to rise against the abyss of distortion.


There was a tense feeling in the night air as a helicopter flew to a large casino within the city of Tokyo, within the grand casino, all the participants were worried and concerned as the alarms were going off and security was running around, looking for something. Hidden above the casino patrons, a figure jumped from the pillars, chandeliers, and railings, hiding in the shadows and moving from every hiding location to keep themselves hidden. The patrons were concerned there was something unknown and dangerous in the casino.

When the security guards came into the room to find their target, something hopped onto a chandelier, turning and revealing itself against the moon light through a skylight, it was a young woman, wearing a thief-like attire with a mask over her eyes and carrying a silver suitcase. One of the casino customers saw her standing on the chandelier, which got the attention of the security guards who notified the rest of the guards.

Making sure the guards got a good look at her, she turned and disappeared, jumping onto another chandelier, she heard a boyish voice over a radio, "Good. Now get running!"

"This is our only chance!" A boy's voice said on the radio.

A girl's voice spoke, "Stay calm! You can get away now!"

"We'll retrieve the briefcase on our end." Another girl's voice said.

Suddenly, there was a gurgled transmission, "suspects... not... confirmed... hold... your... positions..."

The girl's voice wondered, "Hmm? What was that?"

"Don't worry about us!" The boyish voice spoke. "Just concentrate on getting away!"

The woman nodded, running and jumping on the hanging displays as well as getting the attention of the guards, heading toward a balcony at the end of the path. While she ran on the hanging displays, the boyish voice said, "But I have to say, showing yourself above that crowd earlier was an excellent move. Nice work as usual, Dragon."

However while she was running to the other side of the room, shouting, "There she is!" 'Damn it.' The woman, Dragon thought, running to the balcony at the end of her path. As he began to run again, the boyish voice spoke again, "Ok, the enemy's focus is on her. Looks like the rest of us can slip away."

As soon as Dragon reached the balcony and hopped over the railing, two of the guards tried to block her path, changing into imposing masked creatures, one appearing behind her. The girl's voice from before said, "Take 'em down, Dragon!"

Dragon smiled, nodding and jumped on the creature, ripping the mask off and the creature changed into a bull/human hybrid machine. Getting into a fighting stance, Dragon wielded a short sword in her hand as a weapon. Standing to face the monster in front of her, the girl's voice spoke, "Comparing power levels... No threat. Get 'them, Dragon!"

Nodding, Dragon held her mask which lit with blue fire and summoned a tall winged being behind her who used a strange power, once the monster was defeated, the boyish voice said, "Good, you defeated them with ease!"

"More of them?!" The girl's voice said, shocked. "Be careful!" As more appeared, Dragon dodged a attack, jumping back to a higher floor. The voice said, "Dragon, behind you! Go through that door!"

Looking behind her, Dragon ran through a fire escape door, heading into a storage area. The girl's voice said, "You should be able to get out that way! Hurry!" "Dude, can she even hear us?!" Another boy's voice asked, Dragon kept quiet, thinking, 'Of course I can. Idiot...' "Don't worry, I'm picking up everyone's voices." The girl's voice said. "Just go, Dragon!" Dragon nodded, just happy to know the others are safe.

She ran through the room, into a dark hallway, hiding behind a corner as she saw through a window one of the guards tried to find her, keeping quiet as the guard spoke, "Where'd they go?! Damn it! I can't confirm the intruder's location." 'Alright, their focus is on everyone else.' Dragon thought. 'I hope they all found a safe place to hide and escape.' After seeing the guard leave, Dragon began to run but she had to stop as the girl said, "Up ahead! Stop!"

At the end of the hallway, there was another guard looking for her as well, the girl's voice said, "This is bad! Hide, Dragon". Waiting behind a storage box, Dragon looked and saw the guard, the girl's voice whispered, "You'll never get away if you just keep fighting. Hide in the shadows and sneak past when you see an opening!" Dragon nodded and almost impossibly moved to the different shadows in the room, getting closer to the guard.

She listened in on the guard talking on his walkie, "Hey, are you sure she came this way? ... Understood, I will continue the search." Waiting til the guard ran past her, the girl's voice said, "Now's your chance! Run for the stairs!" Dragon stepped out and ran up the stairs, carefully running to the window of the control room, looking inside and seeing the workers were busy trying to find her. Since they were busy, she ran past the control room who were also looking to find and get her companions.

She ran up the stairs of the fire escape, getting followed by the guards who were catching up on her trail. Finding a door, she entered to find that she was at the entrance, with her exit point being straight ahead of her with a large space between her and her destination.

The girl's voice said, "Something wrong? The exit should be up ahead."

"You mean, through there?" Dragon asked, the voice said, grumbling, "That's just how it is. After that commotion, the bottom floor's completely closed off. Can you make it?!" Seeing as the distance between her and her pursuers was getting shorter as the guards slowly inched toward her with their guns out, Dragon said, "Gonna have to."

She jumped onto the railing, running on the railing to the huge stained glass window on the other end. Looking at the guards, she said with a smile, "See you later!" before jumping to the window, crashing through the glass into the sky. The girl's voice said, "What a showoff. You're so reckless, you know that?"

Landing on the ground as the glass pieces fell around her, Dragon stood and gasped as a dozen lights and armored police appeared, she thought, 'Damn it!' "Enemies, here?!" The girl's voice shouted, shocked. "These readings... It can't be!"

"What's wrong?!" The boy's voice asked, worried. "What happened?!" "An ambush?!" The girl's voice noted. The boyish voice said, "Dragon, can you handle this?!"

Hearing the order of the police to capture, Dragon ran to a fire escape ladder jumping up and grabbing a rung and hoping to climb away as well as having a smile on her face, but there was police forces who were waiting at the top of the ladder and hit her with a ladder, causing her from the ladder.

As she fell to the ground, the police surrounded her to hold her down, one actually holding her down. One knelt to her, saying, "Didn't expect to find some kid. You have your teammate to thank for it. You were sold out." 'What?' Dragon thought, confused and groaned as she was cuffed, then getting taken to the police station and changed out of her thief outfit, getting her mug shot taken and going to a interrogation room for questioning.

However, when she entered the interrogation room, Dragon was given a needle with a strange liquid in it and she was knocked out. Looking at the unconscious girl in front of them, someone spoke, "Guess the drug was too strong... Wake her up!"

Getting water splashed on her after being drugged, Dragon gasped, now wearing a school uniform, which included a black blazer with a beige colored turtleneck shirt along with a red and black pleated skirt which had a pair of black carpi-length leggings underneath and black shoes and looking badly beaten.

With the mask off, it was seen that Dragon was a lovely young woman behind her bruises, she had shoulder length dark brown hair tied back into a braid and light blue eyes, a hair pin with the design of a white feather was in her hair, clipped near her right ear. Though her braided hair was now a mess due to her many injuries and bruises while her hair pin was tilted and nearly falling out. She tried to gain her bearings, looking around, her surroundings being too hazy as a person said, "No dozing off."

At that moment, Dragon realized that she was cuffed and unable to move from the chair. Seeing her trying to move with her hands cuffed, the man said, "You still don't get it, do you? Give it up!", giving her a hard kick to the face and having her fall to the ground, still being cuffed and coughing.

The officer put his foot on her head, "Come on, cooperate. Or what, you want another shot?" 'Another shot?' Dragon thought and saw the needle then looked around, seeing the camera and wondering if the video footage could used for something. Looking at the camera, the officer teased, saying, "Huh? What about the camera? Are you thinking it can be used for video evidence?" He picked up Dragon by her hair and she kept quiet.

Angered by her silence, the man said, tossing her to the ground, "Didn't you hear my question? Answer!" He kicked her in the stomach and she coughed violently, gasping for air.

Taking a clipboard, the officer went over her crimes, "Obstruction of justice, blackmail, defamation, possession of weapons... Manslaughter too, yeah? Talk about the works. To think that all those crimes were led by a punk like this. And you seemed to be enjoying every second of it, huh?"

Dragon thought, 'Was I having fun? I can't remember. Everything is so hazy.' "You should know your place." The officer said, shaking his head.

Getting her hands uncuffed and tossed onto her bottom, Dragon rubbed her wrists and looked as she was handed the clipboard, the officer told her , "Sign here. It's a confession under your name." "I understand." Dragon said, taking the clipboard. Before giving the pen to her for to sign, "Don't expect to walk out of here in one piece. We're going to make you understand... One must take full responsilibity for their actions..."

Taking the pen, Dragon signed her name as Yuri Saito. 'That's right, my name is Yuri Saito.' She thought as she handed the clipboard back.

Outside the interrogation room, a woman from the Prosecutor's Office appeared, having long grey hair despite her youthful look along with reddish brown eyes and wearing a black business suit, walking to the interrogation room. But the detective outside stopped her, saying, "Excuse me, but this area's off-"

"I'm Nijima from the Public Prosecutors Office." The woman said. The detective questioned that, "The Prosecutors Office? What bussiness do you have here?" "Just let me through, it's urgret." Nijima said, rubbing her nose. "There's something I need to confirm with the suspect." "Nijima-san, I believe this case is no longer in your jurisdiction." The detective pointed out to her. "Besides..."

Another detective appeared, walking up behind her, "Are you Presecutor Sae Nijima? There's a call from your director. Hurry and get it over. To be frank, you're being an inconvinence." Sae pulled out her smartphone as she heard it and put it to her ear.

"I thought I ordered you to stand by." The director said with a sigh. Sae retorted, "I'm responsible for this case, yet I'm not even allowed a interrogation?!" "I'm calling because I knew you'd bring it up." The director responded.

"I will not be convinced unless I can confirm it for myself." Sae said, determined to figure whatever it was she needed to. "This is MY case."

"Good luck to you then." The director told her with another sigh. "I wouldn't be expecting much though."

After she put her phone, the detective said, "Ah, Prosecutor. I forgot to mention something important. Your time will be cut short. We can't permit you to talk with her for long." Sae sighed upon hearing that, the detective added, "It's for your own sake. Her methods are unknown. After all, we don't even know if it's safe to simply meet and speak with her."

"I understand..." Sae said, nodding her head. Then she went to the interrogation room, entering.

Stepping into the room and seeing the condition of her client, Sae sighed, sitting at the table and said, "I didn't execpt it'd be you. You'll be answering my questions this time." Looking around, she saw the needle that was used on Yuri. She whispered, "Those bastards..."

"Can you hear me?" She asked, leaning forward. "It seems you've been through a lot. Almost anything can happen here and I can't stop them. That's why I need you to answer me honestly. I don't have much time either. What was your objective? Why did you cause such a major incident? I didn't think it was a prank from the get-go, but I couldn't assemble a case for prosecution. It's because I couldn't figure out the method."

"Of course you couldn't..." Yuri said, weakly. Sae smiled, "True. There's no way I'd be convinced of such a... 'world' just by reading the reports. It seems you're coherent. When and where did you find out about that world? How is it even possible to steal another's heart? Now tell me your account of everything. Start from the very beginning."

Putting a hand to her head, Yuri closed her eyes and suddenly heard a young voice talking to her as a blue butterfly appeared, "You are held captive. A prisoner of fate to a future that has been sealed in advance. This is truly a unjust game... Your chances of winning are almost none. But if my voice is reaching you, there may yet be a possibility open to you. I beg you... Please overcome this game... and save the world... The key to victory lies within the memories of your bonds - the truth that you and your friends grasped. It all began that day... when the game began half a year ago... For the sake of your world's future... as well as your own... you must remember..." 'That day, half a year ago...' Yuri thought.

-April 9th, 20XX-

Waking up as though she was having a long nap, Yuri looked around as she was sitting on the train to her new home, Shibuya. The voice on the radio saying that the next stop was the last stop, and the passengers needed to transfer here for the subway lines. Yuri was wearing a pair of half-rimmed glasses and sighed, thinking about something. Her mind flashed back to a night where she saw a drunken man tried to assault a woman and she called out for help.

Yuri barely touched the man who fell to the ground and hit his head, but in his drunken stupor, the man threatened to sue her and she was arrested. Shaking her head, Yuri overheard some school girls, "What? Are you for real? A mental shutdown?"

"It's the truth!" Her friend said. The person said, "To a person though? That's gotta be a joke. You really love all that occult stuff, don't you?"

'People experiencing mental shutdowns?' Yuri thought. 'That's odd. How is that even possible? Well, it doesn't matter.'

So after witnessing that, the train stopped in Shibuya and Yuri got off, looking at the map on her phone for directions to where she would be staying for the year. Stepping into Shibuya Crossing, Yuri saw the people who were walking through the scramble crossing and was awed. She thought, 'This is so much different from my town.'

Then she heard something and looked at her phone, seeing something odd. It was a app icon of a eye with a star, it was red and black with the black almost exploding around the eye, suddenly the app got bigger. Confused, Yuri tried to tap it but nothing seemed to happen til she heard and saw all activity around her come to a stop. Scared, Yuri began to shake and saw a blue flame in the distance which changed into a winged creature with fiery red eyes and mouth smile at her, before seeing herself with a crazed smile and yellow eyes.

Suddenly, all activity started up again and Yuri stopped shaking, as though what happened was only a vision. She looked back at her phone and saw the app, now to the small size. 'What the?' Yuri thought. 'I didn't install this. Better trash it.' So she pressed the app and placed it in her phone's trash.

'That was weird.' She thought, heading to the subway and stepping on the train. Yuri kept quiet, looking out the window at all the passing buildings she saw til the train stopped at Yongen-Jaya. Yuri held her school bag as she stepped out of the train and walked up to the back streets of the area. Looking around, it seemed the area was mostly full of alleyways with various shops around. Yuri looked at her phone and thought, 'Okay, from today on, someone named Sojiro Sakura will be my caretaker. Let's see, his home should be in the back street of the residential area.'

Putting her phone away, Yuri walked for a bit and saw a officer. "Um, officer, excuse me?" She said nervously. The officer looked at her, asking, "Yes?"

"I'm looking for this address, can you please give me directions?" Yuri asked, showing him the address and trying to be polite.

"You want to get the residence at this address?" The officer asked, Yuri shyly nodded. The officer thought and said, "It's in a alley a bit further back. Take a right after that apartment with the stairs." "Thank you." Yuri said, bowing and turned to walk.

She walked down the street and saw the apartment with stairs that the officer told her about, Yuri thought, 'So this is the apartment with the the stairs. So, turn right just past here.' She walked a bit further and turned right, her ears hearing something between two people. She kept to herself and walked to a two-story house. Looking at the nameplate, the kanji read 'Sakura'.

'So this must be his house.' Yuri thought. Taking a breath, she pressed the door bell but after a few minutes, nothing happened. Yuri thought, 'Is he not home? It doesn't seem like there's anyone home but I don't recall hearing he had others living with him.'

"Looks like no one's home." A voice said, making Yuri jump. She turned and saw a delivery man, she asked, "Do you know where I can find Sojiro Sakura?" "Yeah, Sakura-san's usually at his cafe around this time." The deliveryman said, Yuri asked, "And where is his cafe?" "Well, Leblanc's in the back alley so I should make my other deliveries first." The deliveryman told her. Yuri thought and nodded.

'I must have past it while walking to Sakura-san's house.' She thought, walking out of the alley and down the street, pasting the officer and turned left. She walked down the alley to a cafe with the banner that read 'coffee&curry Leblanc'. 'It looks like this is Leblanc.' Yuri thought, taking a breath and grabbing the handle of the door, stepping into the cafe.

The cafe was a quaint little shop, the shelves behind the counter filled with containers of different kinds of coffee beans and there were some on the counter along the cash register and a yellow phone. A middle-aged man in a pale pink shirt, pale khakis with white loafers, and a black apron was holding the newspaper while most of the booths were empty with a elderly couple in the middle booth. A TV near the kitchen area was on, the host on the show said, "A public transit bus was driven an opposing line with its customers still in it! The citizens can't live in peace if this keeps up!"

'There's no real peace...' Yuri thought as a elderly man spoke, "How frightening." "What could be going on?" The elderly woman asked. "Didn't something similar happen just the other day?"

However, the middle-aged man was focused on the crossword puzzle, "Hmm, vertical is... the name of a shellfish used for farming pearls..." Yuri kept quiet and tried to speak, but the middle-age man saw her and said, "Oh, right... They did say that was today." He tossed the newspaper on the counter and stood up.

The elderly couple also stood up, the elderly man said, "We'll be going on. The payment's on the table." "Thanks for coming." The middle-aged man said, the elderly man said, "This place is in the back alley, so there's no worries of a car crashing in here." "A what now?" The middle-aged asked, confused.

The elderly man said, "There's been a string of rampage accidents, you know. I just hope that none happen around here." 'A string of rampage accidents?' Yuri thought. 'Could it be connected to the mental shutdown thing I heard earlier?' "It's none of my concern." The middle-aged man said. The elderly man laughed and said, "We'll see you next time." Yuri stepped out of the way as to let the elderly couple leave and looked at the middle-aged man.

With a sigh, the middle-aged man scratched his head, "Four hours for just a single cup of joe." Then he looked at Yuri, he asked, "So, you're Yuri?"

"Yes, sir." Yuri said, bowing. "My name is Yuri Saito." Standing, she asked, "Um, do you know where I can find Sakura-san?" "Yeah," the middle-aged man said. Then he smiled, "I'm Sojiro Sakura. You'll be in my custody over the next year." "Then, please take care of me." Yuri said, bowing again. Sojiro looked surprised and said, "I was wondering what kind of unruly kid would show turn, but you're the one, huh?"

"Have you been told?" Sojiro said. "A customer of mine and your parents know each other and- well, not that that matters. Follow me..."

He led her to the back and up the stairs to the attics, which was cluttered, dusty, and filled with junk. Yuri sweatdropped, Sojiro said, "This is your room. I'll at least give you sheets for your bed. You look like you wanna say something." "Well, no offense, but I wasn't expecting it to be this big." Yuri said. Sojiro said, "It's up to you to clean up the rest. I'll be leaving after I lock up each day. You'll be alone at night, but don't do anything stupid. I'll throw you out if you cause any trouble."

Yuri nodded, Sojiro said, "I got the gist of your situation. You protected some woman from a man forcing himself on her, he got injuries, then sued you, right?" "Right..." Yuri said, quietly and looking down. Sojiro sighed, "That's what you got for sticking your nose in a matter between two adults. You did injure him, yeah?"

"That's wrong!" Yuri said, suddenly angry and crying with her tears running down her face. "I barely touched him! He was so drunk, he fell and hit his head! But he was so drunk... this happened to me..." She quieted down, and continued to let her tears fall til they stopped. Thought a bit taken back, Sojiro calmed himself and continued, "Well, now that you've got a criminal record, you were expelled from your high school. The courts ordered you to transfer and move out here, which you parents also approved. In other words, they got rid of you for being a pain in the ass."

However, Yuri kept quiet, looking down. Sojiro sighed, feeling bad for what he said, then continued, "It's best you not talk about anything unnecessary. I am in the restaurant business, you know." Yuri nodded, Sojiro told her, "Behave yourself for a year. If nothing happens, your probation will be lifted." "Probation, huh?" Yuri said. Sojiro nodded, "It's the word that applies to you. Your sentence lasts until next spring, right? That's why you're gonna be here for the coming year. Cause any problems and you'll be sent straight to juvie. We'll be going to Shujin tomorrow."

"That's right." Yuri said, looking at her uniform. "I'm already wearing the school uniform. So the name of the school is Shujin?" "Shujin Academy-the school you'll be attending." Sojiro said, nodding. "We'll introduce ourselves properly to the staff there. There's rarely a place that'll accept someone like you, you know. What a waste of my Sunday..." Yuri looked down again and kept quiet, feeling bad. Sojiro scratched his cheek and said, "Well, your 'luggage' arrived, I left them over there." He pointed to the box of her stuff on the floor.

Afterward, he headed back downstairs but not before patting her on the head. Taking some time to calm down, Yuri looked around and thought to herself, 'So, from today for a year, I'll be living here... Sojiro-san could at least have cleaned up the attic a little. Better check the storage that was sent.' She checked the box on the floor, and found her clothes, and basic necessities. So she decided to change into more comfortable clothes, wearing a creme yellow shirt with a off-the-shoulder neckline, a silver unzipped coat, dark blue jean pants, and brown sneakers.

Looking around, Yuri breathed and rolled up her sleeves, starting to clean up the attic. She mopped the floor, cleared all the dusts, cleaned the sheets on the bed, cleaned off the table and the sofa, even opened a space to place her luggage. By the time she finished, Yuri looked outside and thought, 'Looks like I've been cleaning for a while. It's already late.' She saw Sojiro come from the stairs and he looked shocked.

"What the heck?" He said, surprised. "I heard you making all sorts of noise up here but I didn't think you were cleaning." Yuri looked embarrassed. Sojiro looked around and nodded with a smile, "Actually, the place doesn't look too bad. Thought it's natural you'd want to keep your room tidy. Why don't you go to bed for tonight? You don't have anything better to be doing, right? I'm going to close up shop and get out of here myself."

"I won't be the one looking after you if you get sick from staying up too late, you got that?" Sojiro said. Yuri nodded, looking at him. He turned and left, Yuri breathed, thinking, 'Well, this is going to be my room for a year. Might as well as get changed and go to bed.'

Changing into a faded white long sleeve shirt and a pair of rose red lounge pants and letting her hair down along with putting her glasses and hair pin on a box next to her bed, Yuri laid on the bed. 'First, arrested, then, the trial...' She thought. 'And now a criminal record... I just can't let go of that... That day... I had to head home early...' She closed her eyes and thought back to that day.


Running home down the street, Yuri stopped for a moment to catch her breath. 'Maybe I should have stopped to get a drink or something.' She thought, before hearing someone.

"Just get in the car." The gruff male voice ordered.

"Stop it!" A woman shouted.

Yuri bit her lip, thinking, 'I know I shouldn't but I'm so close.' Taking a deep breath, she walked down the street as the voices grew louder.

"How dare you cross me!"

"Stop it! Let me go!"

Yuri saw a bald man with a goatee, looking drunk, holding a woman's arm and trying to force her into a car. The woman struggled against his grip, "No!" "Don't give me that shit!" The man said, Yuri was looking worried cause the man was obviously drunk and bothering the woman who clearly wanted nothing to do with him.

"Ow! P-please, stop..!" The woman cried. Yuri groaned, 'I can't stand by and ignore this. I have to help!'

She ran toward them, the man scoffed, "What a waste of time... You think you're worth causing me trouble? Huh?"

"I-I'll call the police!" The woman said, scared.

"Tch, call them if you want." The man scoffed. "The police are my bitches. They're not gonna take you seriously." 'What does this man think he is?' Yuri thought, looking worried.

"No..." The woman sobbed. "Stop...!"

Hearing the sirens, the drunk man groaned, "Someone called the cops, huh? Get in the car! Incompetent fools like you just need to shut your mouths and follow where I steer this country!" Then he saw Yuri, who was looking scared. He said, "What're you looking at? Get outta my face! This ain't a show. Get lost, kid." He turned to the woman, "See? This is all because you're so damn slow!"

-End Flashback-

Opening her eyes and sighing as she looked at the ceiling after recalling the memory, Yuri heard her phone beeped and she grabbed it from the box that she set next to the bed as a table. She looked surprised as she looked at the screen of her phone. The strange app she had seen earlier returned to her.

'That's the strange looking app I found this morning.' She thought. 'The icon looks so creepy, almost like a eye. I thought I had deleted it though.'

So she put the app back in her trash and yawned, rolling onto her side and falling asleep.

There's the end of the prologue. Since this is my first attempt at trying to write a written version of a game that can clock at 150 hours max, I may need some help for where to end a chapter, so how long would you like this story to be? A single chapter covering the Social Links and about two chapters to cover exploring the Palaces and fighting the bosses? Or several chapters to explore everything?

Btw, the name I chose, the name Yuri has several meanings along with the meaning 'lily', like 'reason', 'exist', and 'to help', depending on the kanji and in Buddhist religion, the water lily symbolizes resurrection, purity, spontaneous generation, and divine birth. Her last name, Saito, the first character of the kanji for it conveys purity while the second character means wisteria, and the wisteria symbolizes endurance, longevity, exploration, releasing burdens, and victory over hardships. So take the meanings of the names in your way.

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