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Chapter 2 - Escape

"I am the pillager of twilight - 'Arsene'! I am the rebel's soul that resides within you. If you so desire, I shall consider granting you the power to break through this crisis."

After taking a moment to look at herself in her new attire and looking at the new being that appeared, Yuri took a moment to think of the offer and gave her answer.

"Arsene, give me your power."

Arsene scoffed and said, "Very well."

Kamoshida who ran and was standing at the door to the cell and asked, "Who the hell are you...?! Guards!"

Suddenly the downed guards stood back up and Kamoshida shouted, "Start by killing that one!"

The guards suddenly exploded, their forms changing into small floating creatures with laterns and having a grinning pumpkin head. Kamoshida smiled, "You'll learn the true strength of my men!"

Suddenly, Yuri found herself in a fighting stance with the strange creatures and Arsene, being behind her, who told her, "Detest the enemies before you! Change that animosity into power... and unleash it!"

Closing her eyes and taking a breath, Yuri put her hand to her face, over her mask that appeared on her face, a blue flame burning at the tip. Suddenly, Arsene sent a black spell from underneath the floating creature, severely hurting it. In return, the creature attacked her back.

"Swing your blade!" Arsene shouted.

Following the command of her strange ally, Yuri shouted and ran forward, swinging her short sword and making the strange little creature explode into a black mist.

"This power of mine is yours!" Arsene told her. "Kill them however you want. Run wild to your heart's content!"

"Sounds like a plan." Yuri said, twirling the blade in her hand.

With that, she ran forward and slashed at the remaining creature that was left, destroying it in a single swing. Gasping for air after the fight, Yuri caught her breath and Sakamoto was just in shock about what he had seen, nearly completely speechless. Finally regaining her senses, Yuri looked at herself, feeling her mask.

'What is all this?' She thought, looking at herself. 'Why am I dressed liked this?'

"What was that just now...?" Sakamoto said, still shocked.

'That's what I want to know.' Yuri thought to herself before seeing Kamoshida walk up to her.

"You little...!" He shouted but Sakamoto ran and pushed him back to the ground.

"You like that, you son of a bitch?!" Sakamoto shouted, looking pleased with himself.

"Sakamoto, the key!" Yuri shouted at him.

Seeing the key ring on the ground, he asked, "You mean this?!"

Quickly, Sakamoto grabbed the key ring and they ran out of the cell. Right away, Sakamoto locked the cell door and breathed.

"OK, it's locked!" He said. However, they saw Kamoshida get up and looking angrier than he already was.

"Damn you!" He shouted.

"Hey!" Sakamoto said, looking at Yuri. "What was that just now? And... your clothes!"

Suddenly in the light of a blue flame, Yuri was back in her school uniform and both her and Sakamoto were shocked.

"Whoa, it went back to normal?!" He said, surprised.

Before Yuri could say anything on the matter, Kamoshida grabbed the bars and made both of them jump as he shook at the bars.

"You bastards!" He shouted.

"God, this's effin' nuts!" Sakamoto said, rubbing his hand to his head in confusion.

"Lets run, right now isn't the best time to talk about what happened!" Yuri said.

"Yeah, lets scram!" Sakamoto said, agreeing. "You lead the way!"

Yuri nodded, beginning to run from the cell and Sakamoto followed after tossing the key ring to keep Kamoshida from getting out. He groaned as he watched them from the cell, "Goddamn thieves! After them, don't let them escape!"

After getting a bit of a distance away, Yuri and Sakamoto took a moment to catch their breath. But Kamoshida shouted and glared at them, telling them they couldn't get away with what they did to him. However, Sakamoto wasn't having any of it and decided that they should get away. So they ran down a little ways but came across a broken bridge.

"Hmm." Yuri thought, putting her finger to her chin and tried to think.

"Think we can jump over it?" Sakamoto asked, looking at her.

"It's worth a shot," Yuri said, thinking. "I'm going to go first. But turn around when I do."

Sakamoto was confused til he remembered that she was wearing the female school uniform and turned around. Taking a few steps back, Yuri ran forward and jumped over the bridge. She turned and Sakamoto turned around, taking a jump over the bridge as well. Breathing, he gave a thumbs up and Yuri nodded, looking around. Down their right was a dead end, so their only escape was through the open door on their left.

She ran through the door and Sakamoto followed her to platforms in the water. She jumped across them, she was shocked, noting that she wasn't this agile before. While they were running, Yuri noted the hanging cages over the running river. When they reached the end of the hall, the door was closed but she noted a open and empty cell on her side. She entered the cell and looked around before a hole in the wall.

Kneeling down, she crawled through the hole while Sakamoto followed behind her. They came out the other end in another empty cell. Stepping out of the cell, she saw they were on the other side of the closed door and ran across a drawbridge, grateful there was a intact bridge to cross this time. Finally reaching a door, they hid behind some barrels as they heard some of the knights come in and look for them.

Sakamoto was really worried that the knights were looking for them and just wanted to get out of the castle. Yuri thought and ran through the door they were nearby. They ran up the spiral staircase and came upon a door. Sakamoto wondered if they were near the exit and Yuri opened the door.

"Nope, still in the dungeon." She said, and Sakamoto groaned.

Looking around, Yuri paled at seeing people in the hanging cages over the river. Sakamoto was just as shocker and worried if the person inside the cage was okay. She continued to run and tried to lead them out of the dungeon, passing other prison cells that had more prisoners and oddly volleyballs. However, they reached another dead end.

"Damn it." She whispered, nearly biting her nail.

Sakamoto groaned about how were they supposed to get out when they heard a voice, "Hey, you there. Blondie! Brunette! Look overe here!"

Looking around, Yuri and Sakamoto looked and saw a very unique looking creature. It was a anthromorphic and bipedal cat with a large head and black fur. He had white paws, a white tail tip, white fur inside its ears, and a white muzzle or where the muzzle would be. It had blue eyes and a yellow bandana around its neck while part of its face was covered by a black mask. Around its waist was a utility belt with two yellow buttons.

'What the...' Yuri thought, shocked at what she saw.

"What is this thing?!" Sakamoto said, more shocked then her.

Waving its paws, the creature asked, "You're not soldiers of this castle, right?! Get me out of here! Look, the key's right there!"

"We're trying to get the hell out of here!" Sakamoto angrily told the creature. "I mean, you obviously look an enemy too!"

"I'm locked up here, so how I can be your enemy?!" The creature said, shocked at the accusation. "Help me out!"

"A cat?" Yuri asked, looking at it. She thought, 'So cute...'

"I am NOT a cat!" The creature said. "Say that again and I'll make you regret it!"

Hearing the approaching footsteps of the knights, Sakamoto worried, "They're catchin' up already!"

Pulling his phone out, Sakamoto checked the signal and groaned, "Shit, there's still no service. Ain't there any way to contact someone outside?! How do the hell we get out?!"

Yuri thought and also checked her phone, not sure what to do. The creature looked at them and said, "Hey, you two. You want to know where the exit is? Let me out and I'll take you don't want to get caught and executed, right?"

"Can you really help us?" Yuri asked.

"I never go back on my word!" The creature said, smiling.

"This thing sounds like it's all talk." Sakamoto said, not sure about what it was saying.

"If you guys think you can get out on your own, then be my guest!" The creature said, not looking impressed with Sakamoto.

"Whadda we do?" Sakamoto asked, looking at Yuri, then looked at the creature, "You're seriously not messin with us?!"

"If you don't hurry, they'll catch you!" The creature reminded them.

"F-fine." Sakamoto groaned.

Yuri said, "We have no choice."

She grabbed the key and put it in the keyhole, turning it and opening the cell door. The creature hopped out and gave a big breath, tasting the first breath of freedom.

It smiled and said, "Freedom tastes so great!"

Sakamoto ordered, "Now, where's the exit, you monster cat?!"

Yuri rolled her eyes and put her hand to her face, thinking to herself, 'Seriosuly, Sakamoto... Settle down.'

The creature angrily looked at Sakamoto, "Don't call me a cat! I am Morgana!"

'So that's what its name is.' Yuri thought.

"Shaddup and hurry it up!" Sakamoto shouted. "You wanna be locked up again?!"

"A-all right, sheesh." Morgana said, looking nervous. "Follow me and keep quiet!"

Sakamoto groaned and decided they just had to follow Morgana. Morgana led them to a nearby drawbridge, and examined the statue of Kamoshida next to it. Yuri and Sakamoto looked confused at what he was doing. It was Sakamoto who was the first one to ask what was going on.

"What're you doin'?" He asked.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Morgana asked. "I'm lowering the bridge."

Then he turned to Yuri, saying, "You, Brunette. It seems like you pick up on things faster than Blondie over here. Try checking around the mouth of this mouth, ok?"

Yuri stepped up and felt around the mouth of the statue, noticing there were cracks along, as though it was a switch to something. She gripped the lower lip of the statue and lowered it, the drawbridge lowering and making a complete bridge for them to escape.

"How were we supposed to know to do that?!" Sakamoto shouted, shocked.

"Hmph, amateur." Morgana scoffed. "Come on, let's keep going!"

Running across the bridge, Sakamoto gasped and fell to the ground as he nearly ran into one of the knights. "A-ahh! Shit! Shit, it's them!"

In a flash of a blue flame, Yuri changed into the outfit she wore earlier and Morgana jumped over Sakamoto and scoffed, "Tch, you amateur!"

Then he turned to Yuri and said, "Hey, you! You can fight, right?! Let's go! Come! Zorro!"

Much like her, he summoned a creature from a blue flame, his creature was a overly mancho masked man in a black suit and cape, having yellow eyes and wielding a rapier.

Sakamoto was completely shocked, "Y-you got one of those things, too?!"

Crossing his arms, Morgana looked pretty confident and said, "Hmph, we will promptly shut them up!"

Yuri pulled out her short sword while Morgana wielded a oversized curved sword, while she recognized the pumpkin headed creature, but the other one looked like a pink skinned demon with a long tail, horns, and wings that was grinning.

Morgana groaned, "Damn Shadows... They've taken up intercept positions! It means they're holding nothing back and are serious to kill us! I'll back you up, so fight like your life depends on it! Let's go!"

Yuri ripped off her mask and summoned Arsene who used the same spell that it used earlier. Watching her attack, Morgana scoffed, "Hmph, I knew you were an amateur. This is how you fight!"

He summoned Zorro and cast a green colored wind spell, sending the pumpkin headed creature to the ground. He smiled, explaining, "Strike an enemy's weakness to knock them down! Use that opening to strike again! C'mon, let's hurry and get through this!"

In order to demonstrate it, he slashed at the pumpkin headed creature and destroyed it. Yuri ran forward and slashed at the other creature, destroying it as well. After the fight, Yuri felt stronger and felt as though she had gained a new ability to use. Morgana looked impressed with her and said, "Not bad. Your Persona's pretty powerful."

"Persona?" Yuri and Sakamoto asked at the both same time.

Sakamoto asked, "Y'mean that thing that comes outta you guys all dramatic-like?"

Morgana nodded, looking at him, "Yes. You saw Brunette here ripped off her mask when she summoned it, right? Well, everyone wears a mask deep down within their hearts. By removing that..."

But suddenly, Yuri changed back to her school outfit, Sakamoto was shocked, "She turned back to normal."

"Hm, it looks like you don't have full control of your powers yet." Morgana said, looking at her. "The transformation shouldn't normally dissolve like that. After all-"

"That's enough!" Sakamoto groaned. "This crap doesn't make any sense!"

"Can't you just sit still and listen for once, Blondie?!" Morgana shouted, groaning as well.

"Don't call me Blondie!" Sakamoto shouted. "My name's Ryuji..."

"Actually, there's no time for me to lecture you!" Morgana said. "You wanna escape here in one piece, right? Let's go! Oh, but before that... Take these. Use them carefully, ok?"

He handed Yuri some bottles of medicine and said, "Come on, we should hurry. It's not much further to the exit."

Before leading her and Ryuji to the exit, Morgana told Yuri that there was still a chance that they would have to fight again so she needed to keep a eye on her health. So he led them to another drawbridge, but Ryuji stopped them as he saw another prisoner, recognizing the track suit he was wearing and wanted to help but Morgana tried to tell that they couldn't do and the drawbridge lowered to reveal another knight coming at them.

Yuri changed into her other outfit, ready to fight with Morgana who had his curved sword out. She slashed at the little fairy-like creature that appeared while Morgana took out the other one. When they finished the fight, they ran to the entrance hall and ran to the other side of the hall.

Morgana caught his breath and said, "We're here."

"Finally!" Ryuji said, breathing in relief. "We're saved!"

Ryuji went to the door on the right side of the hall and tried to open the door, groaning, "It's not openin'!"

"Maybe cause that's not the door we need to open." Yuri said, crossing her arms.

Morgana nodded in agreement. But as usual, Ryuji didn't listen and looked at Morgana, "D'you trick us, you jerk!?"

"Don't jump to conclusions!" Morgana said. "Over here!"

He opened the door on the left side and led them into a storage room of some kind. Ryuji grumbled, "Where are we supposed to get out of here?! There aren't even any windows!"

"Ugh, amateur..." Morgana said. "This is the most basic of basics."

"A ventilation shaft?" Yuri asked.

Morgana was surprised and nodded, impressed with her smarts and said that they could go through that one at a time. So Ryuji climbed up and pulled off the metallic sheet, after he got it off, he asked about what Morgana would do. Morgana said he had something he needed to go. So Ryuji nodded, climbing to the shaft and crawling through it to get out. Before she left, Yuri knelt down to Morgana.

"Thanks for what you've done to help so far." She said. "By the way, my name's Yuri Saito. I hope we'll meet again. And be careful not to get caught again."

She softly and gently rubbed Morgana's head, causing him to purr and meow with a blush. But he shook and smiled, watching her as she climbed up to the shaft and crawled through it.

"Those two seem useful..." Morgana pondered to himself. "Especially that brunette, Yuri, if my judgement's right..."

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