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Supergirl lost

Chapter one: Playing With Portals

Standing in the DEO, a blonde and a red head quietly converse with one another, staring at the screen showing the face of Queen Rhea of Daxam. The Queen had made her demands, and Earths response was that it wouldn't make a deal. Now it was Supergirl's turn to deal with this. Challenging the queen to a trial by combat, known as Dakkam-ur on the Daxamite home world. Supergirl, as earths champion, would fight Rhea who would represent the Daxamites in combat. If supergirl lost, Earth was doomed.

"I have to go Alex." Kara said to her sister. "If I forfeit the challenge then earths people are enslaved. If I die…then at least I bought you some time to organize yourselves." Kara couldn't look her sister in the eye.

"Kara look at me. You're going to win. No matter what. Because you have something to fight for, worth fighting for. Fight with your heart and mind and you can't lose." Kara stood straighter at the conviction and hope in Alex's voice.

"I have to go. Will you come with me Mon-El?" Kara asked. Hopefully she wouldn't have to kill Rhea, but if she did, it was best to have Mon-el close so he could take control as the King.

"Of course. And no matter what happens, it has been an honor." He bowed his head. She nodded, heading towards the window before flying off towards the meeting point. Rhea beamed down just as she got there.

"Rhea end this now. We don't have to fight." Kara pleaded, but the woman was having none of it.

"Never. You might have poisoned my son, but I will never quit until you lie dead at my feet." The queen got into a fighting stance and Kara did the same. Speeding towards each other, Kara got the first hit. It echoed off the high-rises around them and Rhea went flying back, collapsing on the ground. Charging again, Kara took advantage of Rhea unfocused state and hit her again and again, Rhea countering every so often.

The buildings around them shook and the Daxamite ships attacked again.

"Mother you dishonor yourself before the gods with this shameful display!" Mone-el shouted.

"The gods find honor only in my victory!" She snapped at him.

"Mon-el! Go be a hero!" Kara shouted at him. He nodded and flew towards some warzone. Turning back towards Rhea, she noticed that the older woman was tiring quickly.

"This doesn't need to end in bloodshed!" Kara shouted above the sounds of explosions going off down below.

"It was always going to happen this way! When Krypton exploded the shockwave sent shards of your world to Daxam, destroying everything! We were forced to flee because of your peoples hubris and now you will lose because of yours!" She charged Kara again, and again Kara Hit her full force in the face, catching the woman's eyebrow.

"Your planets soil poisoned me. I have carried kryptonite across galaxies! How does it feel to be so weak." Kara could only fall to her knees as her power left her body.

"I am a merciful queen however and I will let you live, but not on this planet." Kara's eyes widened and a portal generator was transmatted down to the fighting grounds with the push of a button on Rhea's guards sleeve.

"You will be sent to a random planet, Likely at a random point in time. My own scientists aren't sure where you'll end up." She said with an amused smile. Kara began to crawl away, the strength in her body fading rapidly in the presence of kryptonite. The Daxamite guard planted his boot on her back, causing her to cry out in pain. She remembered the lead dispersal system button in her boo and grabbed it. she fumbled for it as the guard turned on portal with his gauntlet while bodily picking her up. Standing in front of the portal, Rhea basked in her victory.

"I have won, and there is nothing you can do about it. You'll hear from some distant backwater planet about the conquering of earth and the enslavement of it's people. You have lost." Rhea hissed in Kara's ear as the blonde swayed on her feet, the portal behind her swirling with energy. Kara fumbled for the remote.

"Goodbye Kara Zor-el." Rhea said as she pushed her into the portal. Kara's eyes snapped open as she felt the portal pulling her in. she fumbled for the remote button and pushed it, watching in satisfaction as a second later Rhea began coughing as the lead in the atmosphere filled her lungs. Kara closed her eyes just as Rhea began turning to dust and she began falling into portal, her resistance and energy depleted, she accepted her fate.


"There's still a job to do." The star-spangled man out of time said to the billionaire playboy in a metal suit. Tony stark nodded as Thor helped him up. Flying up to the top of the tower with Steve rogers, Hulk grabbed Natasha Romanov, and Thor grabbed Hawkeye. Landing on the landing pad they walked onto the floor overlooking the smoking ruin of downtown New York. On the floor was a man in green and gold garb, bruised and crawling towards the stairs. He looked up when a shadow covered him and saw the forms of the avengers, all looking really pissed off.

"I think I'll be taking that drink now." His accent doing little to cover up the nervous energy flowing out of him in waves.

"Yeah, on behalf of the people of New York, I rescind my offer." Tony said professionally. Natasha pointed the scepter Loki wielded at him, ready to drive it through his heart if he tried anything. She was about to when she heard a loud boom above the tower, and a swirling sound like a tornado coming from the roof top. Thor and Tony's eyes widened and both men flew out through the window, intent on stopping whatever was happening. Natasha kept her eyes on the God and Hulk snarled at him whenever he even twitched. Steve just had his shield at the ready.

Outside the tower, hovering in place, Thor and Tony were panicking as they saw another portal above the tower. It was smaller than the last and nothing could be seen on this side, unlike the last portal where they could see space on the opposite end.

The portal sputtered, widening and shrinking rapidly before it spit something out. Both men were so shocked they didn't even react when the body of a woman went hurtling past them. Thor recovered first, swinging Mjolnir downwards to race after the unconscious person.

Thor was too late as the woman impacted the ground, leaving a crater in the concrete where she lay. He thought her dead until a beam of sunlight shone upon her, and she took a shallow breath. His eyes widened, and he took her to the roof, having seen many species in the nine realms that could heal using solar rays. Tony met him on the top of the tower.

"What the hell! Is she another wave? Some kind of backup plan Loki might have had?" He asked. Thor shook his head.

"No, Loki was confident his plan would work and likely did not have any plan in place should it fail. This woman is something else entirely." Thor said lowly. Tony nodded, watching in fascination as the skin that had been damaged in the fall began to heal itself. Several cracking sounds came from within her body, likely broken bones, and Tony felt nauseous at the sound.

"What do we do with her?" Tony directed at Thor. The blonde god shook his head.

"I do not know. Give her to your shield as she is an alien, unknown. Maybe they will know." Tony nodded in agreement.

"I'll call nick, let him know what's going on." Tony said as he began hovering off the roof and into his penthouse.

"What are you?" Thor asked aloud, staring at the crest upon her chest. Picking her up, he walked through the roof access door and took her gently down he stairs.

When Tony got back into the penthouse, all eyes were still on Loki, but Steve looked away and towards Tony.

"What's going on? Are we under attack again?" Tony could see that Rogers was worn, but still ready to keep fighting.

"No. Well, I'm not sure. A blonde girl just came through the portal, cratered the ground, and Thor is with her on the roof while she's unconscious." Tony summed up. Steve's eyes widened. The door to the roof access banged open, and Thor walked in with the girl, laying her down on a torn up couch facing the sun. Her head seemed to naturally turn towards the bright rays, her facial features relaxing.

"If she's some kind of danger, Fury should know." Natasha said, ever the loyal soldier. Hawkeye nodded his head in agreement.

"Way ahead of you Romanov." Tony said as he walked towards the nearest working phone. The one he planned to use had been smashed by what looked to be a giant fist.

Thor glared at his brother before he hit him across the head, knocking him out. Loki slumped to the ground.

"I must contact Asgard, alert them of this development, and have someone come to collect Loki for judgement." Steve nodded, and Thor flew out the window. Bruce banner came in, apparently having wandered off so that the Hulk could calm down.

"Who's the blonde?" Jabbing a thumb towards the mystery woman on the couch, her face only had light bruising on it now.

It was Natasha who answered.

"Another portal opened and spit her out. We have no idea who she is, but Thor she's she's not human." She summed up.

Tony walked back into the room just as a Thor returned with several Asgardian soldiers, and judging by Loki's paling face, they were taking him home for judgement. The guards advanced, and before he could move, slapped a restraint around his neck that prevented him from speaking. Binding his hands, they held him up right and Thor glared at him.

"Allow me to finish here, make sure everything is okay, then I will join you back to asgard." The soldiers bowed at Thor's orders and escorted Loki out of the room.

"So what do we do with the woman?" Steve asked.

"I have seen species a species similar to her before. I noticed it when a beam of sunlight hit her face. As long as she is in the rays of the sun, she'll heal. Let her lay there." He looked at her a moment. "Wherever she came from, she was unconscious before coming through the portal." With that, he walked out the room just as Tony came back in.

"I've called fury. He's sending a chopper to pick her up once cleanup is done or at the very least, semi-organized. You'll also be going with her once everything is taken care of." Tony explained quickly.

Hawkeye and the black widow nodded easily, figuring this was what Fury was going to do anyway once he heard about the woman. Speaking of; her breathing had improved in the last few minutes because of the exposure to the sun.

It took a few hours, and by that time everyone knew who the avengers were and what they had done. Some were criticizing their actions, others were praising them, and others were just happy to be alive. Thor and Loki had used the tesseract to return to Asgard, the other avengers were there to see them off. None were worried about the unconscious girl because several shield agents had been dispatched to guard her while she slept until a chopper could be requisitioned to take her to a secure facility.


Nearby, A man in a dark room was talking with a group of shadowed people.

"Where are the avengers?" A man with a foreign accent asked.

"I'm not currently tracking their whereabouts." A man with an eyepatch responded. "I'd say they've earned a leave of absence."

"and the tesseract?" A shadowed woman with an English accent asked. The man with the eyepatch's patience was wearing thin.

"The tesseract is where it belongs. Out of our Reach." He responded coldly.

"That wasn't your call to make, director." The man with the accent said.

"I didn't make it. I just didn't argue with the God who did." The man with the eyepatch responded.

"So you let him take it, and the war criminal Loki, who should be answering for his crimes." The unnamed man said. It wasn't a question, because he knew that's exactly how the director did things.

"Oh I think he will be." The man with the eyepatch said. he moved to turn off the monitors but a voice from the Asian world council representative stopped him.

"I don't think you understand what you've done, letting the avengers loose on this world. They're dangerous." The English woman spoke.

"They surely are. And the whole world knows it. Every world knows it." He said passionately.

"Was that the point of all this? A statement?" Asked an American man.

"A promise." The director said. He moved to turn off the monitors but a voice from the Asian world council representative stopped him.

"What about the reports of another portal opening after the battle and a girl falling through it?" Came the unexpected question. The director thought for a moment.

"A young woman did fall through the portal, unconscious, and was carried by Thor to the top of Stark tower where she began healing in the sunlight, as Thor said she would. As of now she is under heavy guard while she is still unconscious until we can ascertain who she is, where she came from, and how she survived the fall." The director explained.

"Is she a threat?" The Asian representative asked.

"We're not sure yet. Thor was unable to tell us what she was before he had to leave, so she's been classified as an 0-8-4. Only she can answer those questions now." The director explained. This time he was able to turn off the monitors. Taking a deep breath, he focused on the current task as hand. Pulling out his phone, he dialed the watch team on the girl.

"Prepare to move her. I'll direct you where to take her over a more secured line." He ordered.

"Yes sir!" and the line went dead.

A helicopter was landing several minutes later on the landing pad, the man with the eyepatch stepped out, a shield agent walking up to him.

"Director Fury." The agent gave him a salute.

"Update me." The dark skinned man said getting straight to the point.

"Sir, every field test we've done on her has been unable to penetrate her skin. Attempting to get an IV going has only resulted in bent needles. The only way were able to get anything to even say were doing anything positive into her has been through her mouth." The agent in charge summarized. Fury looked at the man and glanced at the woman still on the couch through the window.

"Alright. Load her into the chopper. Get Clint and Natasha, they should be back in the building by now." The agent rushed off to fulfill the directors orders.

Walking over to the unconscious girl, he stared at her as she breathed in deeply and exhaled. The doctors told him it was nearly impossible to tell how long it would be until she woke up and what kind of mental capacity she would have when she did.

A doctor came up behind him and began preparing the woman for transport. From what he could see, the woman was made of solid muscle, and watched in fascination with the doctors when they strapped an oxygen mask to her face when it became covered in a thin layer of frost.

The agent sent to find Hawkeye and the Black widow in tow returned, the people he requested in tow.

"Nick." Both Clint and Natasha greeted at the same time.

"You'll both be coming with me to a secure location where we can keep this girl. From harm or from doing harm. For the time being you'll both be assigned as overwatch for her." Fury explained. They nodded in understanding.

"May I ask where you intend to hold her?" Clint asked. Fury looked at the archer and considered his request. His next words were laid out carefully.

"We'll be taking her to a secure facility that I'll tell you about later. Upon arriving you'll be briefed about other things inside, away from prying ears and eyes." He looked around suspiciously with his one eye. The assassin pair nodded, heading toward the chopper as the unconscious blonde was being loaded on. Fury got in the last empty seat and they lifted off.

Several hours later, they landed on a small landing pad and unloaded everything. The two doctors were the only ones to get off, the pilot and co-pilot took off.

"The only reason I trust them to leave knowing where we are is because they've been here before." Fury said to the assassins.

"Where even are we, Nick." Clint questioned. The director just nodded towards the doors. Walking over, a mechanical voice sounded.

"How was the flight from Istanbul."

"Choppy. I would've preferred to drive." Fury gave the challenge code. A buzzing sounded and the doors opened up to a small room. It turned out that the small room was an elevator, and it was very cramped with the gurney, two doctors, a director, and a pair of assassins, but they made it work with a little bit of effort.

Arriving down at the bottom floor, the director squeezed out first and greeted the armed guards quietly.

"The other patient arrived earlier and is ready to begin the operation." The first guard said.

"Thank you. The doctor who will be working on him will be here shortly. I'm here for another reason." Fury explained. The second guard looked over the director's shoulder.

"Was she captured during the invasion? Will we be taking her in as well?" He questioned. Nick looked at the man for a brief second.

"No. She isn't an experiment. She's still alive and will be taken care of, monitored of course, until she heals and then we will begin asking questions." He explained. They nodded and left to begin preparing a room for her. Turning back to the small group, Fury told everyone to sit tight for a few minutes. It didn't take long for Clint to get impatient.

"So what else do you need to tell us? And what the hell is this place?" He questioned.

"This is the guest house. A place I set up because I knew the world would need the avengers. Its purpose is to…bring them back if the worst happens." Fury said carefully.

"So who is the 'patient' that's already here? I heard the guard tell you that he was ready for the operation. None of the avengers were killed." Natasha asked. Fury looked at her first them studied Clint before he spoke up.

"I can't lose the one person that best represents SHIELD. I can't lose my one good eye." He said, and watched the realization dawn on their faces. He often refered to Agent Coulson as his 'one good eye.'

"You're going to bring him back from the dead?" Clint murmured quietly.


"You're playing god, Fury. And you aren't god." Natasha said as she stormed away. She loved Phil like a father, the same way Clint did, and so she had hoped that Coulson's death brought the man peace. Now his body was being desecrated in some sick project. Clint chased after her.

Nick looked to the doctors as the guards returned.

"Take the girl and follow them." He ordered. They dutifully obeyed, and he watched impassively as they rounded the corner and disappeared from sight.

He relaxed slightly, and walked to the elevator to greet the doctor that would be operating on Coulson's body, when he saw the proximity alert on the nearby computer.


So, this was a weird idea, am I right. In all seriousness though, I've had this on my mind for a while now. I'd really appreciate any feedback though so I can improve on it in the future. Also I know that the times don't really add up but this is fanfiction so…I can do whatever I want. :P . Also also, for anyone wondering why this is in the avenger's category, the avengers are the predominant characters, Supergirl being the only one from her universe. It therefore felt weird having this story in the Supergirl category Thanks for reading, and I'll see ya next time.

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