Situational update

Supergirl Lost

I said a lot of things in my little rant yesterday. I called out the person who copy pasted my work, went on a pretty heavy rant and resorted to name calling quite a few times. It was unprofessional, though I feel that given the situation, it is excusable to some degree. A few of you talked me through it (more than a few of you, actually. I got a lot of PM's, which I wasn't expecting). A particular thank you to lauriverfanboy.

The person on Wattpad has since removed the story, thankfully, after a few back and forth exchanges that explained things.

Some of you know who this person is, so I ask that, as the matter is settled now, this situation be forgiven, if not forgotten any time soon.

I would also like to address that, several of you made a point not to let one person's misdeeds ruin my writing. It won't, it was never going to. It left me rattled, I won't lie, but I will continue to write. I've also decided I will be doing a sequel to Supergirl Lost sometime in the future, though I have no timeframe for when that may be.

Thank you to all of you that have supported this story for as long as you have, and I'm sorry that these two updates gave you hope of more immediate content, I know I am always disappointed when I see similar notifications pop up in my own feed.

So, I guess this will (hopefully) be my final addition to Supergirl Lost.

Be safe out there, people.