Sasuke found his new living situation weird.

One, because of...that...his brother took him to a civilian village just to be away from Konoha until the fires of his cousin's deed dies down in the village.

While going to civilian school for a couple years, his brother and his colleague trains him and his flatmate Uzumaki Naruko.

Thankfully she's NOT one of his groupies, and is normal by standards...just that, she's an extremely tight tightwad looking for the cheapest prices possible, and only buying by the bulk when food is in season...and by 'evening prices' in fresh goods. The only time to convince her to buy rice is in autumn when they needed to gain weight for winter(what an animal mindset). But compared to other countries, Land of Fire's winter is just 'chilly', not the 'frigid, biting cold' northerners are used to.

However, eating fiber-rich veggies, as well as eggs-on-hot rice and fish make them full a bit longer before going hungry again...and in physical and chakra training as well as getting them used to basic punches and kicks in preparation for their future Konoha Academy Lessons.

Due to living with her, Sasuke learned how to budget.

Fresh goods are half-price at night, full-price by day for fish and other seafood. With the invention of sealing scrolls, it keeps food fresher than a fridge could for several weeks on end, and it saves on Electricity by 50%! a 950-ryo pack-of-three fish steaks could be 475 ryo at around 9 pm as such example. Freshwater fish in season or spawning fish that die afterward is immediately harvested and stored in scrolls just so they don't have to buy off a market.

Suggesting to eat in a Restaurant is a surefire way to make Naruko flip her lid in outrage. The only time she makes an exception at 'spending extravagantly' is if its their birthdays. But she would still cringe at the prices and reluctantly eat even if its delicious.

While she lets Itachi do their shopping on miscellaneous, she does her own. Her reign on money is only at food. Not everything else. Her clothes and shoes were bought in second-hand shops that are still in good condition.

Well, in food budget they saved up on money alright...

But when they were ten, the ANBU finally allowed them to cook on the stoves...when they return home to Konoha.

In Konoha where Naruko lives in a veeery isolated place...

'Uwaaaa! What a cute house!' Naruko squealed as Fukurou built her a two-floored house near a river with an irrigation system with a wooden river block, and dug trench that leads to a small pool. Indeed, Fukurou built a cute house for her.

'Well, thanks to a jutsu I could make instant houses since I'm not a carpenter you know. And its all wood, no concrete or clay tiles.' said Fukurou. 'Hokage-sama paid for the furnishing too, but its impossible to install electricity or plumbing here so you'll be relying on oil lamps for lighting and this irrigation system I built for water. Just that you'll be doing your laundry and bath outside. As for gas, its a stove that takes gas from gas tanks that can last a year since its only you living in here.' he explained. 'As for the no-grass grounds, you might want to garden with no pesky weeds in the way.'

'Alright!' Naruko squealed happily. 'Thanks a lot Fukurou!'

'Call me through Hokage-sama if there's maintenance troubles alright?'



'So she's finally returned home though understandably, no love for our people...obviously.' Sandaime mused as Fukurou reported to him. 'How is she?'

'No thanks to merchants here and finding books written by an extreme tightwad in the public library, she took being a cheapskate to the extreme and its all in there.' said Fukurou, putting a scroll on his boss' desk. 'She also discovered how to cheat with electricity through Storage Scrolls so we don't have to use a fridge. Keeping the fridge on is mostly 80 to 90% of our electricity bill...her words not mine when its a bit less than that.' he snorted. 'Not sure of a fridge's actual percentage of an electric bill's cost though. Not only that, Sealing stuff in scrolls maintain their freshness since there's apparently no time passing in a jutsu scroll. We experimented and checked, and a salmon we stuffed in there for six months stayed the same on the day we plucked it off the river post-spawning. It never spoiled.'

'Now that's an idea.' Sandaime chuckled in amusement.

'You wouldn't believe her level of cheapskateness...and since she's never known the comforts of air conditioning and a heater, she's too used to living without it so her living with no electricity is just fine. Gas and water are essentials though but she'll do her dang best to get cheaper if she could.'

'Oh dear...'

'Well, thanks to that she has big savings...incase of a hospital bill but even then she'll go to outside hospitals rather than risk getting overcharged here...'

The old Hokage twitched before smirking.

'Ohhh rest assured that she won't have such worries here.' he said. 'You and that boy are new to Konoha I changed through hard-ass new policies. Remember that tattoo I had you get?'


'Ticket to getting fair prices in the markets who passed the T&I. Those who don't have any, gets the price hike treatment. I now control the Merchant Guild and changed the management by force, and controlling the amount of products sold to ensure only their family benefits, not being made to buy-by-proxy by the inkless. I also changed the Academy and the worries.'

Fukurou found himself shivering at the man's unnerving smile. If price hikes were the punishment of those who overcharged Naruko, he wondered what else did the man do...he'd have to ask around.


Itachi was way ahead by using his Sharingan and asking questions before wincing.

Hokage-sama sure pulled everything roughly, running a dictatorship. Clearly no more Mr. Nice Guy...on the civilians who had no 'Merchant Approval Seal'. Many civilians appealed, only to be denied each time and doors slammed shut.

The hospital personnel changed considerably. And Tsunade-sama was called back to train 'approved medic candidates' who would not deny a patient regardless of financial issues. Any medic who did so, will be taken into questioning and their sentence will depend on their answer.

Then there's the Academy.

His old teachers gone, replaced with new people at that, and curriculum changed that Academy Students have really rough physical and survival training, and more physical as of three years ago. Chakra Training only began when actual Shinobi Lessons started upon a student's fourth year in the Academy. Discipline was stricter as well that anyone who doesn't take things seriously are 'talked to' and depending on the student's answer, they're either reprimanded with a warning or expelled. Those who feel ill are excused and taken to a doctor and given an excuse slip.

As for Village Security, it got all the more stricter. Even the Village Barrier changed.

Did it have to take the mistreatment of the Yondaime's Legacy to make all this possible?

But for now, as he's the Head of his Clan...he has(shudder) responsibilities he must do.

One: he's his brother's legal guardian and Sasuke is his heir.

Two: he needs to...get married and pop out the next generation.

Three: ensure the mistakes of his family will not repeat. Ever.

Three things to do but three difficult things.

He sighed in exhausted resignation.


Market Price Standards:

Bottled Condiments such as soy sauce, miso paste(put in jars), vinegar, mirin, cooking sake are always below 300 ryo. Refill packs are 198 ryo.

Sauces put on food are typically over 300 but never going beyond 350. Mayonnaise 200.

Salt, sesame seeds, and sugar are super cheap, along with powder flavorings. Seaweed is extremely cheap. 90 yen a pack.

This is if you live solo that an 8 oz bottle is sufficient for your use every two weeks. But if your family is big, understandably the bigger the bottle the pricier.

Fish price depends if its fillet or as a steak. Fish steaks in a pack of three is 950 ryo, half-price happens at night. Fish fillets are 700-below depending on the specie.

A pack of large prawns are 1300 but can go upper due to size or specie. Shrimp is 500 ryo.

Shellfish vary but only the rich can afford the 'big ones'.

Meat is always sold in 100g packs and price is determined by these packs.

Curry Roux depends on who manufactured it. As low as 88 to over 250 ryo a pack.

Tea depends on the quality. It can go as low as 120 a 700 ryo one for a supply of tea powder.

Rice is always sold in 10kg packs. 3000 ryo a pack.

Packaged vegetables can go as low as 198 to 300...depends on how much is stuffed in a pack or how its cut.

Eggs are 100 ryo a pack of ten. 120 a dozen.

For one Uzumaki Naruko, her groceries are always below 10000 ryo if she can help it. Because there's rent to consider back then but now she has no rent so all she has to consider is her gas supply, and miscellaneous expenses such as clothes, toiletry, etc.

As for her meals, well...being a true blue cheapskate...she only eats rice for breakfast as Tamago Kake Gohan, or Onigiri flavored with finely minced ingredients, a sheet of nori and topped with aonori. Lunch and dinner would always be vegetables and mushrooms, and a piece of fish or few pieces of shellfish with miso soup. And all dishes are often in hotpots or simmered as she has no patience for grilling or frying. That was it. Groceries really last her a good long while as a result while keeping her stomach full but while she's checking out her new home...

...she got a visitor.