A renowned magus family in Japan, the Tohsaka Family has two daughters.

They intended to have only one child as was custom of a magus family as there can only be one heir.

They already have a daughter named Rin, currently a year old. However, too many night-time loving eventually led to another conception.

The couple worried about the future of the younger child given her heritage. Their house at its current power, can only protect one child while the other has no protection whatsoever from unscrupulous families far more powerful than them.

Fears proven true when Tohsaka Sakura was born with 40 circuits capable of 30 units per circuit...and its a horrifying EX Rank while she has no elements, but a Sorcery Trait of Immortality of all things!

Thus the parents had no idea what to do.

Their eldest Rin, has 40 circuits with an output of 20 units, and an Average One.

However, as if hearing their worries, Death appeared before them, terrifying the couple.

Peace, humans. said Death. For you hold my master.

'Y-your master?' Aoi stammered out in fear.

Yes...her past life died at a young age of 17 years due to a civil war while unknowingly uniting my three treasures that made her Master of her own Death which is what it means to be a 'Master of Death' when one gathered my three treasures. Death told them. Until she decides how she wants to die, she can never truly die. She will keep getting reincarnated each time her body dies by natural causes. Until then, nothing can truly kill her. No method will ever work unless she wished to. If you worry about magus traditions, amorality and politics, rest assured that nobody from the magus community outside your family will know her existence. She may as well be invisible to any magus not of Tohsaka blood...until age 17 under my protection as a freebie. You can keep her safe within that time, that I guarantee. and Death vanished.

'Dear...' Aoi gulped. 'Can we really keep both our girls?'

'If so, yes.' said Tokiomi. 'Sakura may learn sorcery but she can never go to Clock Tower. Ever.' he said firmly. 'For her own good. Rin will still be our family heir in regards to our sorcery and Sakura is free to do as she pleases as long as she does not disgrace the house...I'm sure she wouldn't as we are both good parents, but a precaution.' he said. 'Once the girls are 7 and 5 respectively, return to your family's home so that they may have a happy childhood without a magus snooping around. And it will be war soon.'

With that, they raised their two girls together.

However, when Sakura was two...

She has this look of disbelief and incredulity...and when shown affection, she clearly could not understand nor comprehend being loved. She was shocked!

And she was clearly wondering what was she supposed to do when Aoi tried breastfeeding her. In fact, she closed her eyes with her hands! She wouldn't breastfeed from embarrassment and needed 'a little nudging' to make her breastfeed.

'Sakura, do you remember your past?' Tokiomi asked his toddler daughter carefully who's a reincarnate of someone else.

'...I do.' said Sakura. 'I never thought that...adults would give a damn about me and actually care for a change.' Aoi looked horrified while Tokiomi's eyes widened. 'I was an orphan. My parents are murdered by a wizard who has delusions of grandeur and a damn bigot whose prejudice and bias is as big as Everest itself. I got saddled with my mom's human relatives who are the types why you should NOT die if your relations are pieces of shits for people.' she said bitterly. 'I grew up knowing I'm hated, scorned, and made their abused housemaid and nearly-starved most of my life. My uncle hated anything magic which he deems as freaky and my aunt is jealous of mother and took it out on me when I found that out later in life as mother was everything she wasn't. Beautiful, smart, magical and married a good-looking rich husband. I...I never knew what's it like to be loved like this...' said Sakura awkwardly. 'W-what am I supposed to feel and think if I was loved for a change?'

'O-oh dear!' Aoi choked out, hands over her mouth from the horror that was the reincarnate's past.

'Forget the past.' said Tokiomi kindly. 'You're our daughter now. The past should stay where it belongs.' he said, patting her head.

'T-thank you...dad.' said Sakura shakily with a sad smile. 'For all the crap I put up with from start to end, I want something good for a change. And, uhm, I used to be a boy so seeing mom's er...' she said, looking very, VERY awkward. 'I once had a girlfriend but I never got to see hers and seeing mom's thing all of a sudden...can't I have a milk bottle instead?'

The couple exchanged looks.

That explained why breastfeeding her was so troublesome. Sakura was once a boy and still a virgin.

'But dear, as a baby you breastfed from me though you're a blind newborn back then.' Aoi told her daughter...whose expression was comically priceless and sembled a tomato before fainting. '...should we worry about Sakura's marrying prospects if she's a boy at heart Tokiomi?' Aoi giggled at her daughter's reaction.

'...that's a bridge we'll cross someday.' said Tokiomi wryly. 'And she's clearly a virgin if she thinks what should be something natural is something to be horrified about. It'll be a challenge raising a reincarnate who's older than she looks.' he mused, scratching his head.

'But she never got a happy childhood which is what she wants.' said Aoi. 'She wanted the chances and choices denied to her. At least our relatives aren't horrible incase something DID happen to us...' she stammered out.

'Well, you know full well something will happen to me...so your duty is to stay alive.' said Tokiomi, pecking his wife on the brow. 'Getting orphaned again might be the final straw.'


Thus for quite a while, Sakura lived a peaceful life with her family, until one day...Tokiomi called the girls over.

'Rin, Sakura,' said Tokiomi, 'Next year, I will participate in an event called the Holy Grail Ritual.'

'Holy Grail Ritual? What's that?' Rin asked her father.

'Its a ritual wherein seven magi summon Ghost Liners, the most powerful familiars to fight for them.' said Tokiomi. 'These Ghost Liners are called 'Servants'. We summon them using artifacts directly related to the kind of Servant we want to summon who belong in seven classes of Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Berserker, Caster and Assassin. Once there's one winner in this battle, the Holy Grail will appear to the winner, and grant them a wish.' he said. 'The founder of this ritual are three families and one great magician, our ancestor Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. The founding families are we Tohsaka, the Matou and the Einzbern Families so we are obligated to participate. Daddy will be fighting with his Servant, so you girls will go to your mother's hometown for your safeties.'

'Ehhhh?! Why can't we watch?!' Rin whined.

'Because its not above enemies to blow up our house just to defeat a rival, that's why its dangerous to stay.' said Tokiomi to Rin. 'That's why you cannot stay. So Rin, you will begin the transitioning into inheriting the family Magic Crest as of today until next year wherein I'll leave the rest for the Church to do so incase I lose.'

Sakura sent Tokiomi a knowing look. She knows full well what her father meant by lose.

He might die.

'Well, is there anything you girls would like to ask before you move next town over?' Tokiomi asked his daughters.

'Father, what are the magical subjects magi can study other than the family trade?' Sakura asked their father. 'We should purchase many books from basics to mastery so we can begin studying.'

The Tohsaka greatly excel in the Conversion of Power, which they focus in Jewelcraft.

'Hooo? Eager to study now are we?' Tokiomi smiled. 'Then I will list down subjects and your job is to choose.'


In katakana was written:



Bounded Fields*




Elemental Magic








Material Alteration

Mental Interference*

Time Manipulation

Spatial Manipulation

Magical Inscription




Magical Augmentation










Black Arts

White Arts

'Wah! So many!' Rin gasped out, wide-eyed.

'There are many more but sadly, some arts are lost in history through war and destruction.' said Tokiomi. 'Thus many magi created their own styles as a result and their own history.' he told them. 'So what will you girls pick? Daddy will purchase them all.' he said. 'However, those I marked with stars, are a must-have requirement all Magi worth their salt knows, alright? So you must learn them along with subjects you chose.'

'Uh...why not buy everything?' Sakura piped up causing the parents to balk. 'Neesan and I may want this and that but what if our kids want something different to work with in the future, a future where we can't buy any more books because we ran out of money at some point?'


'...she has a point but wouldn't that be expensive...?' Aoi croaked out worriedly.

'Well, magecraft is an expensive venture to begin with.' said Tokiomi. 'Its why many magi who don't have business skills often do freelance work to fund their craft. And Sakura, we own a lot of commercial spiritual lands, so you should not worry about our family running out of money, not to mention we have magical patents from Clock Tower and we get from them annually hundred millions. And we hardly overspend unlike some reckless families we can name, you should not worry.'

Well, Sakura has well-pointed out worries as money doesn't rain forever on them as there will come a time when it will all stop, leaving their family destitute. Thus Tokiomi planned on leaving Aoi the deeds and required paperwork for her to deal with, with Sakura's help in order to manage their properties and keep money coming. He determined Sakura's trustworthiness through spells and she passed. This is of course, kept secret from Rin as one day, Aoi will be the one to teach Rin how to manage their house, even if Sakura is loads better at it.

Thus through many channels under different names to conceal this, he bought books concerning subjects from basics to mastery. Well, things not in the family workshop just yet of course. Some books there were 'trap books' incase somebody snooped around without approval of the Tohsaka Head. And as Rin is to be the family head to inherit his workshop, Tokiomi told Sakura to build her workshop elsewhere as only Heads and Heirs can enter the Family Workshop, with the Magic Crest as Key to safely get in it and traps will kill others without it.

He also built a Library to contain the newly-purchased books, which the two sisters can take from anytime for a week wherein the books will automatically return to their placing in the shelves to be fair between the two girls, and he started training them in the basics...before the ladies of the house retreated away.

But it bothered Rin how her mother and sister behaved while at their grandparents' place. Gloomy.

'Sakura, you and mom haven't been cheerful since we left home.' said Rin, as she and Sakura practiced basics together.

'Neesan, battles usually mean death to the loser.' said Sakura to Rin's horror. 'Father has a strong Servant because he said so, but the problem are other Magi.' she told Rin. 'And western Magi are far crueler with no morals or conscience to speak of. And unlike us and those sponsored for by the Association, father is admittedly a mediocre magus who raised his spells and abilities to make up for our shallow lineage. The Tohsaka are only 200 years old. The only reason we're renown is because our family founded together this Holy Grail Ritual in the first place. Otherwise we're nobodies not even worth noting by the Association. To increase our fame, we have to be great magi ourselves without getting slapped by a Designate as father warned us of.'

Rin gulped.

To be a Sealing Designate, you must have a truly incredible work that cannot be replicated by a first-rate magus.

The fancy wording of Clock Tower is just an excuse. Anyone who saw through these flowery words, especially with latest happening basically meant 'unless you're from a Family of Lords, you're not allowed to be anything more special than them' and highly amazing works must be able to be replicated by anybody but plagiarism is out of the question lest you earn the community's disdain for being a copycat who cannot come up with their own work.

The only thing that allowed this nonsensical law to get through, is also for protection and secrecy of Magecraft and put a stop to the Philosophers who would do any means, even countless casualties included to further their craft that even the humans and laws would notice or worse, the Counter Guardians would notice. The Hermits on the other hand, are kept under watch until 'it's time'.

'But Sakura, father won't die.'

'Well, anything can happen. Mother knows it and I know it and even father knows it. Its only you who doesn't.' Sakura shook her head as Rin huffed indignantly. 'For mother, father is going out to die which is why he prepared for our future so we can become proper magi and for you to become proper heir. Once he dies, we'll lose the connections he's made. The only thing left to us are our businesses. We won't be able to obtain special resources anymore until we're old enough for the tower.'


Rin thought Sakura was sometimes 'far away' and can even say surprising things. Things that often shock their parents on some occasions.

She was far 'too old' for her age.

Yet while more powerful and talented than Rin, Rin was heir because she was an Average One, and compatible with the Magic Crest while Sakura was 'rejected' by it when implant attempts were done on them as infants. Thus it was Rin's duty to make their house prosper as Magi, while it was Sakura's duty to make their house prosper by either numbers, finances or connections. While put out that Sakura was the better magic user, Sakura would say that it was her own impatience and easy-to-get-distracted tendencies that make her screw up. So when Rin learned to calm down, she was just as good as Sakura all along.

And Rin got reminded of the lesson by their father.

'Rin, in order to control mana, you must first control your mind.' he said. 'Lose control, and the mana will rebound back to your body. Too much power in the wrong form will harm not only you, but those around you as well. Strive to consistently maintain the proper flow. That is the Tohsaka Family Precept. It means to be in control and elegant at all times.'

Rin will learn what Sakura learns at some point, just that it was more important for her to become a proper House Head first while juggling elementary school at the same time. Rin, being seven, goes out to school while Sakura being only five, stays home.

However, one day, Rin approached Sakura who was studying business management books. Magic by day, business by night due to her family duties. 'Sakura, a minute.'

'Huh?' Sakura blinked.

'I need your help.' said Rin, wearing a big...something.

'What's that round thing on your neck?' Sakura asked her curiously.

'Its a mana detector father gave me as an early birthday present.' said Rin. 'I'm gonna use it to find Kotone...a lot of kids from my school disappeared...funerals without bodies in coffins too...' she stammered worriedly. 'And Kotone never came home today!'

'Izzat right...' Sakura frowned. 'Alright, I'll come. Just so you know, mom will chew us out for this, OK?'

'I know but I can't stay still knowing she's in danger!' Rin cried.

With that, the two sisters took a train ride to Fuyuki City...and Fuyuki City is a creepy place at night.

'...this is...Fuyuki at night?' Rin gulped as it was too eerie. 'It's scary.'

'With the serial killings as you say happening, nobody'd dare be out too.' Sakura said wryly. 'What does the detector say?' Rin took out her pendant as it glowed and was spinning nonstop.

'Its spinning over and over...it means there's mana traces all over the place.' said Rin.

'You take the lead since you know how to use that thing.' Sakura told her. 'I'll watch our back. We're essentially following a psycho who kidnaps kids, so we have to be careful. And watch where you're going or you might make a noise and get them onto us.'

'R-right...' with that, Rin took the lead, going into creepy alleys where the detector reacts...until they saw a man holding a little boy in his hands...and the detector pulsated.


'Shhh! Be quiet! We stalk.' Sakura whispered cautiously. 'That could be a first-rate for all we know, we'll be dead too so be quiet!' and they quietly stalked...until they found their man.

'It's him.' Sakura pointed out to a red-haired guy wearing a white shirt, purple jacket and jeans. 'And neesan, you pant too loudly. Pant quietly.'

And so...

They came to an abandoned underground bar eventually.

"Typical." Sakura thought as they carefully went downstairs where the man went.

She still remembers the spells in her Hogwarts days. So she can fight if needed.

Upon getting there, Rin gasped as among the unconscious children, the girl she called out to was there.

'Kotone! Kotone!' she cried, shaking the unconscious, yet wide-eyed girl awake.

'Neesan, they're under hypnosis.' said Sakura. 'We need a way to wake them up somehow.'

'Hey, you girls lost?' came the friendly question from the kidnapper who was somehow behind them when they swore nobody was here when they got here! How'd he get children so fast?

While Rin panicked, Sakura scanned him immediately.

This guy is no magus, yet somehow he's an ordinary human capable of using a Mystic Code. The bracelet he's wearing. Thus she attacked from behind, electrocuting him.

'Uwaaargh!' and he was out cold.

'Neesan, destroy his bracelet! I'll look out!' Sakura instructed.

'But how?!'

'Overload it! The kids might wake up if its destroyed. He's no magus but he was given a Mystic Code solely for kidnapping kids!' Sakura swore to Rin's horror. 'Why would they help a freaking serial killer?!'

'That's what I'd want to know!' Rin growled as she gave it all she got in overloading the bracelet until it shattered, effectively dispelling the magic in the unconscious kids, and they fled the bar...just in time for a patrol car to pass by...

'Well, all's well that ends well.' said Rin as from afar, they watched as the police took the kids away. 'But what about that guy?'

'Ah, I read about Stun Guns and I turned my magic into something like that.' said Sakura with a grin. 'That dodo-brain won't wake up for a couple more hours. Let's go home. Whoever supplied him might find us here.' and they ran away, heading to the safety of the park to rest.

'Haaa...we managed to do something...' sad Rin, exhausted from their ordeal.

'We should be glad we didn't meet the supplier at any rate.' said Sakura, 'Or we're done for.'

'Yeah...he's probably a serial killer employed to help a magus that uses children as sacrifices for their rituals...talk about sick.' Rin choked, going green at the idea. 'He's really not a magus?'

'Nope. No magic circuits at all. I scanned him. We were really lucky.'

Soon, their mother found them as they were near the main road.

'Rin! Sakura!' Aoi cried in relief. 'L-Let's go home...Fuyuki is dangerous right now!'


'Sakura, what happened?' Aoi asked as Rin spent up her mana and got sleepy, so they could talk.

'Rin told me her friend never came home. So she asked me for help finding her.' said Sakura. 'Normally, I'd put my foot down but if I did, not only will this cause a rift between us as Rin will see me as an uncaring jerk, but also lose her innocence if someone close to her died. So I came to watch her back. She has father's early birthday present helping us out...and we were really lucky too.' Sakura sighed before frowning.

'However, that serial killer famous in TV lately...somehow he has a magus helping him out. He's a normal human wearing a Mystic Code that he uses to hypnotize children. Neesan overloaded it into shattering while I attacked him from behind to stun him. Once the bracelet was destroyed, the children woke up. Another stroke of luck was a patrol car passing by. We think a magus happily employed him to get children for rituals.'

'Its possible...I'll tell your father about this. Do you have an image of him?' Sakura summoned an empty piece of paper, and used Nensha to print the photo of the guy, color included.

'He's still alive. I didn't kill him.' said Sakura, giving the paper to Aoi. 'I can't kill him in front of Rin. She should not know yet how truly scary death is.'

Aoi was grateful for that.